“Do I really want to do this?” She asked herself silently as she gave her naked body a long look in the mirror as it steamed up slightly from the heat of the shower. Her tits weren’t overly large, but were a good handful with perky nipples that came alive when her boyfriend touched her body. It didn’t matter where he touched her; it could be just a light brush of his hand across the small of her back.

She sighed, wishing her body were more like the models she saw in the magazines, but happy that her curves were healthy and more importantly that her boyfriend thought she was beautiful. She loved the way he made her feel and always wanted for him to feel the same way. That is exactly why she had let him try shoving his cock in her ass. She had never really been that interested in it, but knew that he was so when the time came and they were lying in bed kissing each other frantically, both wanting each other, she told him to go ahead and do it. Wow, what a sensation that was! She twisted her face up to remember it. And now here she was standing with the hot water streaming over her body touching herself thinking about trying it again.

Not the same way as before of course. She would make sure of that. She had felt silly getting online looking for “how-to” pages but found so many of them she laughed and thought that maybe a lot of people were doing it wrong to begin with. She began by rubbing her breasts and as her nipples got tighter and tighter she worked her escort ataşehir fingers down between her legs and between the lips of her pussy. She felt the familiar wetness as she closed her eyes and pretended that it was him slowly sliding his fingers around in her juices, making her wet by sliding his fingers in and out of her. Her fingers moved in and out as she let out a small little gasp and moan. She braced herself against the wall as she worked her fingers gingerly over her clit bringing herself almost to the point of orgasm. She then took a deep breath and began to work her fingers around her asshole, dipping the very tip inside. The next time she went a little further and then continued until she was more comfortable with different positions and how changes in pressure caused her more or less sensation. She smiled to herself and thought, I can do this. I am actually enjoying it. She kept working both holes and found herself shaking and moaning loudly uncontrollably as she felt herself cum harder than she had in a long time.

As she got out of the shower, she giggled to herself and wondered if her boyfriend had heard the noise from the living room where he was watching tv. She shrugged and decided that it would just be a tease if he had. She dried her hair and wrapped her towel back around her.

“Come with me if you want to live.” She said breathlessly as she grabbed his hand and pulled him off the couch. He looked up and saw the crooked little kadıköy escort bayan smile she smiled that made his insides jump. He felt himself harden against the zipper of his pants. How she could get him revved up and ready to go like that all the time was beyond him. He just knew he liked it. And now he really liked that she was dragging him towards their bedroom. He started to unzip his pants as they reached the doorway to the bedroom, but she stopped him. She dropped her towel and guided his hands to her tits and gently squeezed them with her own. She leaned her head back slightly and let out a small gasp. Smiling, she dropped to her knees and started caressing his aching cock through his pants. He groaned as she unzipped his pants and began stroking his shaft while flicking her tongue across the head of his penis. His breathing quickened as she took him all the way in her mouth and moved her tongue around it. She took as much of it as she could in her mouth and stroked him harder. As her pace quickened so did his breathing. He finally lifted her off the floor and laid her down on the bed. He began kissing her body from her legs up to her stomach to her breasts. She had never liked to have her pussy licked but she loved to have his fingers inside of her and even more so his hard cock. It was perfect to her; the perfect size, shape, length and oh the things he could do with it. And now she was about to tell him to shove it in her ass.

He couldn’t escort bostancı believe his ears when he heard it. Had she really said it? He began stroking himself in anticipation as she said it again. “Go slow and easy.” He circled the head of his cock around her tight little asshole rubbing the juices from her pussy and her spit as he pushed the tip in. He looked up at her face to see her reaction. She had a smile from ear to ear encouraging him to explore further. He began to work himself in inch by inch, pulling out and going back in; trying hard not to explode right then because it felt so damn good! He couldn’t believe he was fucking her ass again! His pace quickened and she joined him, moving her hips around telling him to speed up or move around. He was definitely turned on by her telling him what to do.

She was loving this! Way better than the first time for sure. God his cock felt good in her ass. She was so close to orgasm, but didn’t want this to end. She knew he was almost there too by the way his cock jerked ever so slightly in her asshole. She looked up at him and almost shouted for him to fuck her hard because it felt so good. Instead she pulled him down to her and whispered in his ear, “Fuck me like you mean it you sexy beast!” and with that he couldn’t help himself anymore, and pumped away into her ass as she screamed out in pleasure and began bucking her hips up into him. He couldn’t take it anymore and began cumming all over in her asshole.

He pulled out and laid next to her running his fingers across her stomach. She kissed him like she had never kissed him before and cuddled up into him before telling him that they should go take a shower. He smiled and felt himself getting hard all over again…



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