A salemans life.Ive been a salesman now for twenty odd years its a job I enjoy doing and I also enjoy the freedom it gives me when driving from town to town and being my own boss its always nice meeting different people but I never thought that one day I would meet a man who would change my outlook on the sexual side of life, you see ss far as sex is concerned Ive always been faithful to my wife even though Ive known for many years about her desie to make love to another woman, but no matter what we always enjoy our time spent together in bed in each others arms even if it meant me doing somethings which many men might consider rather kinky or even taboo like when she insists on me wearing her bra and panties whilst making love or even her stocking and suspenders I knew it made her happy and feel as though she were with a woman but as far as I was concerned that was as far as it went, I mean Im not or at least I didnt consider myself gay in any way but that of course was about to change.I had had a few bad weeks, sales had been down but now they were picking up and one day something happened, I had just secured a rather large deal and feeling happy I decided to call it a day türkçe bahis and head for home, as I drove along the motorway I saw a sign for a Welcome Break and thought why not its early and I could do with a coffee and also I needed to relieve myself, as I walked hrough the entrance I noticed the toilet sign and went in, I entered a cubilcle and pulling down my trouses and underpants sat down, it was then I noticed a hole in the portioning wall, it was something like four inches square which allowed anyone to look through which for some reason I did and what I saw made me shudder, it was black, huge at least nine inches long, I could see the lower half of the man whom it belong to standing facing the hole his jeans and white undies pulled down around his ankles his black legs smooth and shinny, as I looked he started pulling the foreskin back and forth exposing a huge mauve head which glistened, as I stared through the hole this monster came closer and closer then the head slid through followed by the shaft, to this day I do not know why I did not pull away it was as though I were hypnotised even more so was the fact that as I looked down I realised I taken hold of it in youwin my hand and was rubbing it the same way the man had done, for several seconds I rubbed the cock until suddely it was gone and I dont know why but I actually felt a twang of disappointment and realised I had enjoyed doing it, seconds past and then a finger appeared in the corner of the hole and as though under a spell I stood up moved to the hole and pushed my own cock through for the man on the othe side to touch as I had touched his or so I thought, I felt his hand holding my cock then something incredeable happened, I felt the warmth and the dampness of a mouth and realised he was actually sucking me off but more to the point I was enjoying it, it didnt take long for my balls to burst open and fill the mans mouth with my seed and there was nothing I could I do for I felt as though I was welded to the spot, the man kept on sucking as though nothing had happened he just sucked and sucked even as my cock started to soften he sucked on it, eventually I pulled back and sat down I didnt realise how nice it was to have a man do what he had just done to me and I hadnt realised it wasnt over for all youwin giriş of a sudden tha big black fat cock reappeared through the hole and again I took it in my hand and started to wank it, as I did so a piece of toilet tissue appeaed through the hole, I took it and written on it was suck it like I did you, I threw the tissue in the pan and obediently got down opening my mouth as i did so and slowly I let the big black monster enter my mouth, like magic my lips sealed around the shaft and I started to suck, my tongue started to lick the swollen mauve head it also played at trying to get into the slit at the very end, I dont know how long I sucked on that cock but every suck was a delight and I didnt want it to end but then it happened I felt this hard cock start to move in my mouth and as it did I tasted for the first time in my life aother mans cum as it ran over my tongue and filled my mouth, I had tasted my own many times when licking my wife out after a heavy session but never another mans, there was only one word to discribe the salty flavour in my mouth and as I felt it run down my throat, delicious, like the man in the next stall I kept sucking until he also pulled back.On coming out of the cubicle I saw the man disappear out into the main area of the services and after washing my hands I too walked out, forgetting the coffee I walked back to my car and drove away happy and more than content.



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