This story is fictional, all characters over 18, and contains a little roughness. There’s also a hint of reluctance at the beginning, but consent does come around. Enjoy!


I was nineteen, fresh out of high school and taking classes at the local community college in Northern Virginia.

I frequented DC often and on this particular hot summer day, I got something more than I thought I would.

I found myself at a cafe, sitting outside sipping on an ice cold lemonade wearing my tight fitting tank top, my shortest jean shorts, and my lace up boots.

I notice something strange out of the corner of my eye, a full leather man walking around D.C. My groin stirred, but I thought, “it’s so fucking hot, he must be sweating buckets.”

He walked confidently, like he owned everything around him, including the whole city, but as he disappeared around the corner, he quickly left my mind as quickly he came into it.

I got up from the table and walked to the leather store. It had been turned into a regular adult store but still had a room in the back for leather gear.

I walked in, nodded to the shirtless hunk at the counter and strode right to the back. As I’m thumbing through the leather pants, looking for the smallest size that would fit me, I like nice and tight leather, I hear someone walk through the door, but I mind my own business.

I’m digging into these pants on the rack, bent over, ass all hanging out. It’s okay, men can look, doesn’t bother me.

I jumped up suddenly, hitting my head on the rack when I feel a hand run up my thigh and under illegal bahis my shorts, “hey! What the fuck dude?”

Once I finish rubbing my head from where I smacked it on the rack, I turn to see that leather man from before standing in front of me, “thought you’re offering.”

He steps towards me, I back up and find myself against the rack of jackets.

He grabs my wrist, spinning me around and pulling my arm up my back, “arggghh what the hell are you doing?”

“It’s simple, I’m taking what I want. This snake in my pants found its prey and well, he needs to empty himself.”

“Ugh fuck, what are you doing?”

He grabs my other wrist, holds them together and ties some rope around them, where the hell did he get that?

“Dude, fuck…”

Before I can finish my sentence, he pulls me up by the hair and says in my ear, “call me dude one more fucking time instead of Sir or Master and I’ll remind you of your manners by whipping this bouncy ass until it stings to walk around. Now, take this snake like a good little fag boy.”

He pushes me back down, “ugh, stop, let’s talk about this!”

He smacks my ass, hard, “what, you’re telling me you aren’t a little fag boy who likes when a real man fucks him? Shame.”

“No, I mean, yeah, I do, but not here, not like this.”

He smacks my ass again, harder this time, “where’s those fucking manners boy?”

“I mean, fuck, Yes Sir, I am a fag boy who likes when a real man fucks me Sir.”

He puts his hand on the small of back, pushing my wrists upwards, and I hear him unzip his pants, “so what you’re saying boy, is that you’re illegal bahis siteleri a little fag boy who enjoys being a fuck toy for real men, and judging by those boots, leather is something you enjoy?”

“Yes… Sir,” with extra emphasis on the Sir.

“Good boy. Now, stand up,” he says as he pulls my hair again.

He get right in my ear, “I’m a real man, dressed in full leather, and I’m horny as fuck on this hot day. I want this cute little ass of yours, now the question is, are you going to let me have it?”

“Um, what if someone walks in?”

He pulls my hair tighter, “Sir?” I finish my sentence.

“I know the hunk at the desk, he’s another one of my fuck boys. There’s a sign on the door that says this area is closed. Enough with the stalling, are you going to be a good fag boy and give me what I want?”

“Yes Sir,” I grimace through the pain.

“Tell me boy. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me Sir.”

“That’s right fag boy. Of course you do. Now bend over and don’t move.”

He pushes me down, bending me in half almost. I feel him pinch my shorts in the back. He snips a hole in them and rips them open.

“Now, normally I fuck my fag boy slaves bare and breed them to remind them who they belong to, but since we just met, I’ll be nice.”

I hear a foil wrapper, then he spits and I feel his cock head against my hole, he grabs my wrists with his left hand, and shoves himself all the way in me.

“ARGGGHHH FUCK! God damn!”

“What fag boy? Problem?”

“I thought you were going to be nice.”

He smacks my ass, twice, canlı bahis siteleri hard again, “nice meant wearing a condom. Now shut the fuck up or I’ll gag you.”

He pulls mostly out of me, and slams forward again.

I groan, but he doesn’t seem to care. He continues to pull back and shove his cock as far in me as he can go.

After a few of these, he lets go of my wrists, and puts both hands on my hips and begins his rough fuck. He’s thrusting hard, deep inside me and it feels like he’s torn me in half.

His breathing gets heavy, grunting a little louder, he suddenly pulls out from me, rips off the condom, grabs my wrists and pulls me around to face him.

He pushes my shoulder forcing me to my knees, “take this fucking load fag boy.”

He strokes his cock a couple times and thick ropes of cum start shooting all over my face.

He grunts and rubs through his orgasm. Once he’s done, he begins to rub the cum over my face, scooping it towards my mouth and pushing his load into it.

Once he’s satisfied, I can feel the cum left over starting to dry. He zips up his pants putting his python away. He leans down and shows me a piece of paper.

He slips it into my pocket, “if you want a real man who deserves your willing fag boy ass anytime, call me. I got room in my cage for your sweet ass.”

He then turns around and walks from the door.

Before he closes it, “Sir, what am I supposed to do with my hands tied and a hole in my shorts?”

“My fuck boy will come in and untie you in a few minutes. As for the shorts and the dried cum on your face, you can hope no one notices that you’ve just been fucked and used. Bye boy.”

With that, he leaves. I wiggle my arms trying to get free, but the rope is wound tightly and well. I fall backwards on my ass and just wait, hopefully that guy comes back here before someone else does.



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