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Kara’s eyes opened just enough to realize that it was morning. A long sigh left her lips before she scooted away from the center of the bed and back to her side. The weight of the mattress shifted under her, signaling that her husband Jake was also stirring. She tucked herself back into her blankets, yawned and tried to will herself back to sleep.

“I have to confess something.”

One side of her mouth lifted in a smirk when she heard her husband’s wide-awake voice. “Do you now?” she answered. Her eyes remained closed, but her senses slowly began to awaken as she waited for his confession.

“I’m horny.”

She chuckled softly. “Are you now?”

“Yeah, but you’re tired.”

“Yes, I am.”

“What time did you get to bed last night?” he asked. Kara heard him turn toward her as she thought about the time.

“1:30 I think, or 1:15 this morning, something like that,” she admitted.

“I was getting tired, or I would have made it.”

“It was a Friday night. I didn’t want to go to bed early,” she told him. She could easily go back to sleep if she wanted, and if he’d stop talking. Inside she smiled, and decided she’d make him work to get her aroused. She was very tired, after all.

“I was listening to you snore and ….” “Oh and that had to have been attractive,” she told him.

He laughed. “You don’t look horny though,” he confessed to her.

“No, I’m not. You’ll have a lot of work to do.”

“Well, I think first your ass is cold,” he said and rolled to his side. Kara felt the blankets shifting and soon her backside was greeted by his warm front. “You’re actually pretty warm,” Jake told her.

She laughed. “Yep.”

“Well, how about a back rub.” Jake began to run his hands up and down her back and over her shoulders. mersin esc He massaged the muscles and sighed saying, “This would be easier if my penis wasn’t in the way.”

Kara coughed back a chuckle and rolled her eyes. “I’m sure.”

“No, really it’s in the way.” He ran his hands down her back and then stopped because of his arousal, she assumed.

“So you have a little shelf back there?” she asked.

“Yes, a little shelf. We’ve talked about your shelves before, haven’t we?”

Kara smirked and thought to herself, “My shelves aren’t little.”

Jake left her back alone and proceeded to run his hands down her left thigh and calf muscle. The effect worked wonders on Kara’s sleepy body. She sighed and purred as he slowly began to bring the resting joints and tendons, muscles and flesh to a more alert state. She rolled onto her back as he pushed the blankets off her.

The air was warm so the loss of heat from the blanket went unnoticed as she stretched her body. Jake waited till the long stretch was over before taking her other leg into his hands. He rubbed her lower calf muscle, the arch of her foot, the front and back of her thigh. His hands caressed her hips and he told her how much he loved them. She smiled and stretched again; finally Kara opened her eyes and looked down at the end of the bed where her husband sat cross-legged.

She still wasn’t truly horny, but she knew it would only take a few more well placed and thought out caresses to get her aroused. Her feet came up, first the right and she rubbed Jake’s erection. He moaned softly and for the first time his hands stopped massaging the skin beneath his palm.

Kara smirked, and moved her other foot to the back of his cock. The toes curled across the front of his shaft, while the arch of her left foot cradled the thick tool. She heard esc mersin him moan as his hands moved to continue rubbing her upper left thigh.

The tips of her toes slipped across the sensitive head of her husband’s dick. She frowned at the awkward angle, but refused to hurry the moment. Instead she forced herself to continue, denying both of them the pleasure of a real deep fuck.

As her feet rubbed and fondled him, Jake rested one hand on her hip, while he slid the other to her pussy. He slowly petted the soft curls as she ran her toes down to his balls and played with the hairs of his sack. A soft groan escaped his lips, as a moan of pleasure left hers. Jake’s fingers slipped between the folds of her sex, finding the slick flesh and teasing the moistened skin.

Kara stopped playing with his balls and cock; her legs opened wider and for a moment she let herself feel his finger moving and pressing against her sensitive nub. Jake’s other hand slid to each swelling lip of her pussy and as he massaged them, he used the fingers from his other hand to rub her clit and inner lips. Her hips rolled toward his tender touch. He slipped one finger into her slick opening as she returned her attentions to his shaft.

The arch of her left foot moved somewhat awkwardly up and down his rod, as she pushed and prodded the front of his dick, feeling the swollen veins under the ridges of skin. He echoed the rising passion she was feeling, telling her how good it felt. She smiled, continuing to tease, as he brought her closer to a gentle swell.

Again her feet stopped moving as the feelings skating through her began to build. She knew she was close and when Jake drove his finger in deeper, and brought his other hand up to her left nipple she knew he was very much aware of it too. He pinched the hard bead and Kara shuddered mersineskort against his palm.

He rubbed and pinched as she came and when the small orgasm was over Kara went back to stroking and teasing her spouse. She felt Jake’s arms relax as she rolled pre cum from the tip of his dick, down the head and across the ridged tip. He groaned softly as she moved her toes down the full length and back up again. The heel of her foot pressed gently against the base as she nimbly worked the skin of his member.

Jake pushed two fingers into her pussy, curled the knuckles and rubbed the flesh that was soaked with her juices. Her hips again rolled and lifted from the bed. Her moans were deeper than before and she knew that the pending climax would be greater than the last. She curled her feet around his cock and began to stroke him harder and faster. Though the movements contained no true rhythm, they drove her husband to a frenzied need.

He pushed her feet away, moved between her thighs and whispered in her ear, “A foot fuck only goes so far.”

Kara laughed, reached between them and guided his cock between her lips. Jake thrust into her as she wrapped her legs around him. He pushed deep giving her every inch and then drew himself out, leaving only the head before driving further in. Their lips touched, their tongues tasted and when his cum filled her tight center, Kara’s climax spilled free.

She felt him shudder and shake; each spurt of his seed was forced into the crevices of her sex. Her liquid silk blanketed them and mixed with his. The moisture seeped from her sex and left a wet spot on the bed. Jake pumped in and out, hoping to get another rise, not only from himself, but to stir her into another climax as well. He paused and she blushed. “You have to pee don’t you?” he asked.

Kara giggled. “Yeah, I do.”

Jake’s laughter followed. He rolled off and swatted her ass as she climbed out of bed. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too,” she answered as she darted across the bedroom toward their bathroom.



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