Beth heard the click of the lock as Andrew closed the door to the hotel room. Noiselessly, Andrew walked across the carpet until he was stood behind her, close enough for her to feel the touch of his breath upon her neck. Still she stood, motionless, looking out over lush, rolling fields. She was almost certain that he could hear the thunder of her blood as it pounded through her and that he could feel the tremble as she anticipated his very first touch.

Andrew had discovered her as she had logged into an internet chatroom one evening. He had captivated her with his imagination and the graphic descriptions of how he would make love to her. In fact, rather foolishly, she had e-mailed her telephone number to him. Within minutes he had rung her had spent hours telling her how he was going to caress and torment her until she begged him to make love to her.

They had rapidly expanded their shared fantasy, Andrew pushing her to become more and more wanton and sluttish, until barely a day went by without Beth caressing herself into a shattering orgasm, with Andrew listening and encouraging her. On Andrew’s instructions, she had bought a hard rubber plug and learned to insert it into her anus. She had protested at first, but now she found herself yearning for the feeling of fullness it gave her.

She had even, in the course of a particularly intense ‘phone session, managed to push her whole hand into her tender pussy. The sight, in her bedroom mirror, of her spread and her pussy stretched around her wrist had made her cum so hard that she thought she would pass out.

Now Beth was embarking on another step in their relationship. He had posted her the key to this hotel room, with a note detailing when she should arrive and how she should dress to wait for him. Beth found herself obeying, as though he had somehow tapped into a deep well of submission.

So now she stood, her body tightly laced into a stiff corset beneath a black silk dress. Her breasts were cradled, the nipples uncovered to rub against the silk. She had shivered in anticipation as she rolled the stockings up her legs and slipped the black silk thong over her pussy. Normally, she would be smoothly shaven, but Andrew had ordered her to let it grow for weeks so that he could take care of it personally.

Andrew rested his hands upon her hips and pulled her gently against his body. His lips were warm as he brushed them over the base of her neck and his tongue flickered against her skin, tasting the musk and salt that flavoured her. Beth sighed deeply, almost groaning as she relaxed against him. Andrew slid his hands further around her body, so that she was enveloped in his arms and his fingers splayed over the gentle curve of her belly. His lips nuzzled and caressed the silky skin of her neck, caressing the nerves and sending delicious sparks of pleasure through her body to tingle deep within her.

Andrew slid his hands over the silk of her dress, feeling the hard stays of the corset that bound Beth’s body and made her breasts jut outwards. His palms curled beneath her bosom, cupping the firm globes and gauging their swollen tautness. Beth could feel the heat of his caress and her nipples swelled and hardened even more. She sighed again as she felt the ripple of pleasure passing through her body. Her pussy and bottom tightened, squeezing against imaginary cocks and she could feel the dampness seeping though the bush of hair to soak into the silk of her tiny thong. The material was already sodden and clinging to her as she oozed sweet juices onto the cloth.

Andrew gripped Beth’s breasts tightly, squeezing them so that her nipples pressed against the silk of her dress, then releasing his hold. Still kissing the base of her neck, he unfastened the button and slid the zipper slowly down her spine. Taking the silk between his fingers and thumbs, he lifted her dress from her shoulders and then let go, so that it fell in an icy cascade around her ankles. Beth glanced down and saw her nipples, hard dusky rose points, thrusting erectly over the edges of the cups in her corset. She watched as Andrew took hold of them and pinched, hard, sending illegal bahis thrills of pain straight to her soaking wet pussy.

She felt his hands loosening her corset, letting her breasts spring free as he unfastened the restricting garment. Now she was almost naked enough for him to take her. He knelt behind her and kissed the base of her spine, licking slowly and gently as he rolled the silk stockings down her legs. The material of her thong was stained dark from her pussy and Beth knew that Andrew could smell the muskiness of her oozing pussy. He hooked his fingers beneath the elastic around her waist and slowly drew the soggy material down her legs, peeling it away from the sodden bush. Beth was totally naked, and so aroused that she was helpless to resist his caress.

She felt the tips of his fingers slipping between the cheeks o her bottom and her breath caught in her throat as he ran the tip of his tongue along the cleft and swirled it over the puckered ring of her anus. Involuntarily, her anus opened beneath his inquisitive tongue and he thrust it gently into her. Beth shivered from head to toe as though her whole body had been electrified.

Andrew stood and took Beth’s hand, leading her into the bathroom, where a warm bath steamed gently. He helped her in and, as she lowered herself into the scented water, unbuttoned his shirt, removing it and his trousers. Beth could not help a sly peek at his cotton briefs, mentally measuring the length and girth of his semi-hard cock.

Andrew dipped his hands in the water and lathered them with an expensive cleansing bar. Once he had them covered in slippery, scented, foam he reached out and began to caress Beth’s breasts, cradling them in his hands and brushing the balls of his thumbs across her hard, pointed nipples. Beth sighed and abandoned herself to the enjoyment of Andrew’s skilled caress.

Slowly, Andrew bathed every inch of Beth’s body, his hands sliding sensuously over her damp skin, dipping beneath the scented water to caress her belly and stroke the front of her thighs. She shivered as his fingers wound their way through the bush of soft curls concealing her tender pussy. Andrew’s fingers closed gently on the hard nub of Beth’s erect clit and he stroked the base slowly, teasing her.

Gently, Andrew helped Beth out of the bath, wrapping her in a soft robe, and led her into the bedroom. Laying her on the bed he gently patted her dry, carefully blotting every drop of water from her body. Then he went back into the bathroom, returning a few moments later with a bowl of steaming water, shaving soap and a small black leather case. Opening her robe wide, Andrew pressed gently but firmly on the soft skin at the inside of Beth’s thighs, easing them apart until she was spread wide. Moving along the bed, he slipped a couple of pillows beneath her neck and shoulders, lifting her head so that she could watch and by looking at the mirror beyond the foot of the bed, she could see herself spread for him.

Andrew took a washcloth and dipped it into the water, then used it to slowly dampen the soft curls over her pussy. Beth bit her lip to keep from giggling as he lathered up an old-fashioned shaving brush and began to work the rich suds into the hair and skin between her thighs. Slowly he used the brush to lather her, the soft bristles caressing her mound and, occasionally, flicking across her engorged clit.

Now that he had her lathered to his satisfaction, Andrew opened the lid of the black leather case and took out a gleaming straight razor. Opening it with a practised flick of his wrist, Andrew tilted the blade, so that it caught the light and Beth could see the edged steel glinting wickedly. Beth swallowed nervously and tried to catch Andrew’s gaze as he reached down to smooth the skin taut with his free hand. She felt the coolness of the blade against her skin and heard the steel whispering as it swept through the softened curls. Each sweep seemed to take forever, as Andrew shaved her with steady, confident strokes, leaving smooth skin behind. Beth could see his hands in the mirror, the strong fingers pulling her skin taut as the gleaming metal swept illegal bahis siteleri over her skin. The lips of her pussy were revealed, pink and tender, as the curls fell away. She could see his fingers pulling them tight and the swollen mound where her clit was pressed against its protecting hood. Beth groaned as she watched the blade sweep down and felt it kiss and scrape along the length of her clit beneath the hood.

She felt his fingers pressing into the cheek of her bottom as he opened the cleft between her buttocks and deftly used the blade of his razor to flick away the few stray hairs there. Looking along her body she could see the point of her clit, peeking from between the lips of her pussy and, lofting her gaze, she could look into the mirror and see the lips of her pussy leading from her clit to the tightly puckered bud of her anus. The thought slipped into her mind that the arrangement looked like an exclamation mark and then she stopped thinking for a moment as Andrew ran the tip of his finger along the cleft of her bottom. She whimpered as he pressed gently against the opening of her anus and then trailed just the tip of his finger between the lips of her pussy, until he could stroke the tip of her aching clit.

Andrew dipped the cloth in the water again and squeezed out most of the water, before wiping the last traces of lather and hair from her skin. As he took the bowl and other tools back into the bathroom, Beth lifted her head to look upon his handiwork. Her pussy was completely bare and her clit was hard and erect. She lowered her head back onto the pillow and waited for him to return.

When Andrew did return, he had discarded the tight briefs and was now as naked as she was. His sturdy cock was swollen and erect, jutting out above his shaved balls and a shiny purple, where the head was filled with hot blood. He stretched out beside her and took her breast in his hand, capturing the nipple between his finger and thumb. Leaning over, he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth, while he squeezed the stubby point, pulling and twisting until she gasped into his mouth.

Beth reached down between their bodies and curled her cool fingers around the base of Andrew’s cock, feeling the heat of the blood racing through his veins. She cupped his balls in her hand and hefted them, feeling the weight of their load in his hairless sac. Andrew released her nipple and slid his hand lower, over the curve of her belly, until he could probe the entrance to her pussy with his fingertips. As his finger slipped into the hot bubbling passage, Andrew released her mouth, leaving her gasping from the caress of his thumb against her clit.

“Feel how hard you’ve made my cock.” Andrew ordered her, “Just imagine how it will feel in your hot cunt and your tight arse.”

“God yes! Oh Andrew, fuck me! I want you!” Beth moaned in reply.

Andrew said nothing, but slipped a second finger into her pussy, alongside the first. Slowly he worked the length of his fingers in and out of her pussy, curling them slightly to scoop the sweet juices out of her pussy, so that they would slide between the cheeks of her bottom and moisten the tight ring of her anus. Beth closed her eyes as Andrew stretched her pussy. She tightened her hand, curled around the base of his cock, and began to stroke him slowly, feeling him harden in her grasp.

Andrew pressed the tip of his finger against the dark opening of Beth’s tight arse and slowly pressed it against the tender ring. Beth gasped and, almost without realising, bore down a little. Andrew’s finger slipped easily inside her and Beth groaned as she tightened her fist around the base of his cock. A second finger and she moaned quietly, her head thrashing from side to side as he slowly eased his fingers deep into her bottom, then opened and closed them like a pair of scissors, stretching her slowly and gently.

Andrew knelt between Beth’s thighs and spread her gently, pushing her legs further and further apart, until her bottom was raised and open in front of him. Lowering his head, Andrew ran the tip of his tongue slowly down the furrow between the lips of Beth’s canlı bahis siteleri pussy, flicking it against the hard nub of her clit so that she cried out. Then he slid it lower, until he could circle the entrance to her bottom, before he thrust his tongue inside her, tasting the bitter spiciness.

Rising, Andrew pushed Beth’s legs back until her knees were pressed against her soft breasts. Beth reached down and hooked her hands behind her knees, pulling them back and opening the cleft between the cheeks of her bottom. Andrew guided the blunt head of his cock along the length of her pussy, sliding it into the hot wetness and then easing out of her pussy with his cock wet and slimy from her juices. Watching her face, Andrew pressed the tip of his cock against Beth’s arsehole and gradually pressed it into the hot tightness. He watched as Beth opened her mouth in an almost silent scream, while he slowly pressed the head of his cock into her virgin anus. He looked down and watched as the swollen knob stretched her tender arse, burrowing deeper and deeper until the rim of his cock head was almost past her ring. He eased off a little, letting her grow accustomed to the feel of his cock head stretching you and leaned forward.

“How does that feel, my darling slut?” Andrew murmured into her ear.

“Oh God it’s so big that it hurts, I think I’m going to tear open if you go any deeper.” Beth sobbed in reply.

“It’s too late to stop me now.” he murmured, “but you can choose fast or slow.”

“W-w-what do you mean?” she stuttered.

“I can ram it in hard and fast, it will hurt but it won’t be for long, or I can ease it deeper and deeper, which won’t hurt as much but it will hurt for much longer.” Andrew instructed her.

“Oh God, just ram it in my arse you bastard!” Beth cried out as Andrew’s cock jerked as he imagined driving it deep inside her.

Andrew took a deep breath and lunged forward, driving the head of his cock past Beth’s last line of resistance. She screamed, almost passing out as she felt the delicate, tightly stretched membrane split and tear. Andrew felt a warm gush of blood over the shaft of his cock, smoothing the way for the head to slip deeper inside her. Beth’s eyes widened as she lunged upwards and felt his hardness penetrating her tender bottom and filling her with hard manhood. A tear ran down her cheek and there was blood on her lip where she had bitten into it in an attempt to stifle her scream. Her chest heaved as she gulped air furiously, fighting down the burning pain in her rear entrance.

Andrew waited, the tip of his cock buried deeply inside Beth’s rectum. When her sobs subsided, he began to rock his hips, moving the tip of his cock deep inside her. Beth shook her head violently as she felt her abused bottom tightening and stretching over the blunt tip of his hardness. Desperately she bore down, in an attempt to force his cock out of her tender, aching, passage but all she managed was to open herself so that he could thrust his cock deep inside her more easily.

Slowly Andrew thrust into her, watching her expression change as the burning became a deep warmth centred on her tight arse. Without even an instant’s warning, a shuddering orgasm wracked her body and her pussy gushed wetly as she cried out in pleasure and relief. Her bowel and pussy clenched, almost cramping and Andrew could hold back no longer. His cock stiffened into a hard rod and then began to pump ropes of gooey cum into her bowels.

She felt the stinging splashes of his seed filling her and oozing out of her arse to smear her thighs with a mixture of cum and filth. They both grunted like rutting pigs as he pounded her arse with his thick, hard cock.

“Fuck me, cum in my arse.” Beth begged, “Fuck me like the slut you’ve made me into.”

“Yesss! Feel me buggering you and cumming in your arse. ” Andrew hissed, “You’re my slut now and you belong to me.”

With a final thrust, that brought a shuddering moan from her lips, Andrew pinned Beth down with his cock, feeling their juices oozing between her buttocks. Slowly he eased his cock out of her bruised and bloody anus, smeared with his cum and streaks of her faeces and then lay beside her.

“You’re no kind of a virgin now, ” Andrew murmured, into her ear, “You’re a slut and you’re my slut.”

“God yessss!” Beth replied as she laid her head upon his chest.



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