He hadn’t been sure whether it was a good idea to do this again. Not after how the last shoot between him and Arabella, not with how it had ended. He knew it wasn’t a good idea. Had sworn not to do anything like it again, stick to what he knew, safe from the kind of distractions he had endured with her first shoot. Safe from any chance of a repeat of what had happened when they had both watched as they had orgasmed, had climaxed together so explosively. The thought alone gave him shivers thinking on it. Which was why this was a bad idea.

The problem was, as much as he knew it was a bad idea, he had caved and given in. It was why he was watching her finish setting up the background for yet another shoot. He had been reluctant but allowed himself to be convinced and cajoled into a repeat. He had been adamant at first. No more after there last encounter. But she…..well she had been convinced him it was for the best.

They would be able to resist better, now the tension had cleared. They would be better prepared for the day ahead and be able to resist any temptation. Plus hadn’t the first shoot, despite their distractions turned out well? It had. He knew that, had been proud and pleased with the shots they had taken. She had been more than happy, delighted with it, even knowing he had a whole lot more shots of her they knew would never be used for their original purpose. Endless shots of her laid out naked touching herself which he totally hadn’t spent a lot of time staring at since.

Best not to dwell on that. Not when they were getting ready to start again. She was finishing dressing the set. A Christmas themed idea this time given the time of year. Less a mythical creature and more a classical holiday theme with her dressed as a typically sexy little elf from the north pole. The set was dressed with props, lots of seasonal colour with reds and golds prevalent. She wore a sexy little red dress, white fur trim, which showed of her slender legs bare from the thigh down. Just the hint of red lace around the bra beneath the bodice.

She had included props again and dressed the set in the background once again. A typical Christmas scene really. A decorated tree, candy canes, presents, toys, food and drink. It had all been prepared ready for the shoot as before. Ready for her to work her way through that initial phase of fun playful shots before they delved deeper into the far more fun exotic side of things. It would kill him he knew that already.

The bed where she had ended up last time was dressed again festive sheets, the top laden in tinsel with lights strung up in the background. She would make her way back towards it and undress and he would record every moment of it. He could remember last time what had happened. He could still feel the heat there between them unspoken perhaps but there lingering in the background. He wasn’t sure he could resist it again, he wasn’t sure she could or would either. Still he had agreed to do it. Which likely was a bad idea but far to late to change now.

He finished prepping his camera, checked the set up for the lights, made sure he was as ready himself as he was ever likely to be and then just kept an eye on Arabella. Watching as she moved around sorting out her own last few props making sure she had everything she wanted for the shoot close at hand. Then she had just glanced back at him and smiled a little.

“All ready?” She murmured brightly.

“Yes I think so if your all ready as well.” He agreed just raising the camera up as she moved around to position herself.

“We’ll start of simply just take some full body shots, the outfit, framed against the background with the tree, and then go from there.” He explained quietly waiting as she moved into position before they finally began once again. She posed for him. Simple, elegant. Her body framed perfectly with the red little dress hugging her figure, her hair tumbling out from under her little hat just flirting playfully with the camera, a teasing smile on her lips as she looked back.

He directed her a little, just the odd word or two, an added suggestion here and there. She needed little, reacting impulsively to the presence of the camera working close by to just act out as normal playing with presents, sampling some of the food and drink just playing up her role as he worked away moving around her once again to take a selection of shots from different angles.

Happy, busy, a range of emotions as she unwrapped one of the mock presents she had created, sampled some mince pies, tasted a glass of wine, decorated a tree eyes alight with pleasure. Just your usual busy Christmas elf as she moved around the tree that glowed and sparkled in the background.

He looked at her, followed her, through the camera clicking away recording it all, trying not to be distracted by her, which he failed at although he was at least capturing good shots again. The simple truth was that by now she captivated him. He couldn’t look away especially not when the dress eryaman anal yapan escort fluttered around her bare thighs every time she moved let alone when she dipped forwards.

He smiled at her, laughed with her and continued to shoot as she ate and played, danced around or else paused to talk through different shots, positions and angles that might work bouncing ideas of each other as they fell back into that easy rhythm they had previously established together.

They paused for a break giving him a chance to change the card on the camera and for her to grab some water and prepare for the next part of the scene.

“Can I take a look?” He heard her ask from beside him. “Of course.” He replied giving her room to look as he scrolled through the first shots he had taken. They were both quiet as they flicked through the different pictures until he came to the end.

“They look good, even like this. I love the way you work, the way you capture it all. Even like this in a rough form. Before you’ve had a chance to play and edit them. I knew this would work. We work well together even if I didn’t get to check out all the pictures last time.” she added smiling as she bumped her shoulder into his playfully.

He hadn’t shown her the full results of the last shoot that was true enough. Not that final last few. He could barely manage to look at them himself without the full memory of it, that need and desire exploding out once again. If he looked he invariably needed to enjoy himself again just to drain that tension away albeit temporary as it soon returned. Like this very moment as she sauntered back to the bed in question and leaned forward resting her hands on the top.

Like the rest of the sets they were using it was richly decorated. Tinsel was entwined around the headboard, along the botton, wrapped along the sides. More was scattered on the bed itself along with ribbons and lights the duvet itself all festive themed as well. The lights worked well spirals of colour reflected of the different props scattered around. None of which could distract you from Arabella, or maybe that was just the fact he couldn’t keep his eyes of her.

He barely had to direct her, she was well versed in what to do and he just took plenty of shots from different angles. They could go back and choose and select what worked best when they started editing. For now it was enough to shoot her and watch as she moved. Watch her hands push over the bed, watch them reach back and playfully tease the hem of her dress to flash the glimpses of the red lace that covered her legs as she smiled or pursed her lips, or played the innocent elf.

Then she was just crawling up onto the bed moving around into different positions showing herself of. He captured her on fours just playing with her dress again, flashing more lace, or sliding her hands along the length of her thigh. He followed her as she lay on her back stretched out relaxing amongst the tinsel, wrapped it around herself as she moved. As she rolled over onto her front to gaze back at him seriously one moment, playful the next, teasing and provocative as she found a candy cane and began to lick and suck.

There was a wicked gleam in her eyes as she did. They both knew they were thinking of other things at that moment. He was hard enough it wouldn’t have taken much effort to just free his erection and guide it straight to her lips. He had a feeling she’d have happily accepted it. Of course it would mean they wouldn’t actually do any work but he could have managed with that. Instead he thought she was just pushing him to see where his patience might snap. He wasn’t entirely sure himself yet but knew it was straining his control to be this close to her.

Then of course she pushed herself up and half lifted the hem of her dress teasing the glimpse of her perfect rear, her bare thighs as he continued to shoot. She turned around on the bed and lifted it higher again now showing of the lacy clad rump as she arched her back and half looked over one shoulder smiling one moment, looking coy and innocent the next. Inch by inch that dress slowly rose up, and inch by inch she bared more and more of herself once again.

He swallowed hard and continued to work, he knew what lay beneath it all, the knowledge almost made it worst in some ways. He knew the full temptation that was there. The dress continued to rise smoothly until she tugged it up over her head shrugging herself free of it and playfully tossing it back towards him as he took picture after picture.

She continued to pose, hands gliding over her body, smoothing out her Santa hat. He was sure she was watching him even when her head wasn’t entirely turned in his direction, just the corner of her eyes always aware of where he was and what he was doing. Making sure that he saw everything she did, the way her hands teased across her figure now wearing just that hat and her lacy underwear.

Finally he paused again needing to change the battery and camera ankara escort card before they resumed. It gave her a chance to take some water and stretch a little before they continued. Once he was set he took a deep breath and glanced at her again.

“All set?”

“Ready when you are. It shouldn’t be to bad this time, it isn’t like this is going to be something we’ve not already seen before.” She smirked smiling at him briefly before she returned to the bed ready to continue. He shook his head, grabbed the camera and went back to work.

She was ready and waiting poised and with just the hint of a smile on her face as he started to click the camera once more. He took several more shots just to find his rhythm again and then gave her the slightest nod. She smiled running her hands across her body up to her shoulder and started to slide the straps down her arms, first one and then the other.

He mostly remained behind her though occasionally changed position to capture other angles. He recorded the delicate lace bra slowly giving way as it slipped loose, as she just held it against her breasts before reaching back to pinch open the hooks and slowly tug it free.

Her face ran through several more expressions, serious, sultry, lips parted with the hint of a smile, a full laugh as she held an arm across her breasts and tossed the bra back towards him. He felt it catch his shoulder, had to reach to remove it, felt it warm to the touch, the scent of her on the fabric. He carefully set it down and continued as she slipped down onto the bed facing him cleavage on display amongst the tinsel, before she rolled back around onto her back and covered herself once more.

He caught a fleeting glimpse of a nipple, that delicate pink tip already hard, almost groaned as he remembered how it looked the last time he had enjoyed her like this, glistening wet after he had covered it. He couldn’t dwell on the thought, partly as he had work to do, partly as he didn’t trust what he might do. It was already hard enough as her fingers dipped down once more to catch the lace of her panties and start to push them down.

She teased and toyed with the camera, her fingers edging underneath that last layer of fabric brushing against herself pushing them down tugging them up. He swallowed hard each time she moved treated to more and more of a teasing glimpse of what lay just beneath. They were tugged aside and her palm slipped along her entrance teasing again before pulling back. Then she rolled slowly back over.

Looking away from him she raised her hips lifting her rear towards him and he found himself moving closer again stepping forwards. Her hands massaged the cheeks of her firm round behind and then slowly began to push them down over that bare flesh as he looked on shooting it all. Pale skin firm and toned, was bared at first and then the lace continued to fall down slipping free of her bottom and falling down her thighs.

He caught a glimpse of her sex the bare lips and then she rolled again onto her side now still half looking at him with a teasing smile as she flexed her leg and reached down to strip the panties away completely now naked and bare. She held them for a moment flashing another smile before he found them sailing across towards him blinking as they hit the camera and fell to the floor in front of him.

He ignored it as best he could and focused on capturing her laying there naked……bare…….it was hard enough to concentrate as it was. She was still on her side, one long leg bent and drawn into her body, her arm crossed over her breasts pushing them up higher. She smiled and licked her lips the hint of colour in her face.

“See it isn’t to bad. Nothing you haven’t seen before.” She murmured softly a wicked gleam in her eyes as she smiled at him.

He shook his head continued to shoot, watching as she rolled around in tinsel and held the sheets against herself. The shots they used would be more left to the imagination, although he knew he was capturing plenty of her just naked as she moved around, but then again last time he had done far more anyway. She moved with a fluid grace until she was resting back against the headboard.

Her fingers twined around the bars, as she knelt there, just naked and bare leaning back to pull her breasts up higher her thighs spread just slightly to give a teasing peek at what lay between them. He sucked in a breath and took several shots capturing it. Her eyes fluttered, she licked her lips she playfully bounced on the bed.

Tension frayed his nerves, hunger, desire, need clawed at him incessantly. He continued shooting as she slowly turned around and grabbed the bars again leaning forward her back arched. It was a beautiful shot simple and elegant, the lush pale line of her back, the soft firm swells of her ass as she bounced again enough to make him want to spank it, feel that muscle flex under his fingers as he squeezed and enjoyed the feel of it. She half turned her head watching etimesgut escort him.

“So have you thought much of before?” She murmured softly so it took him a moment to register it.

“Before?” He replied feigning ignorance.

“The last shoot what you saw, all that happened…….” She continued.

“Of course, I had to edit and finish the photos for you.” He continued giving nothing away.

“You know that wasn’t what I meant.”

“Hmmmmm” he made a non committal sound moving around the bed to take more shots.

“I thought of it……the way you looked at me, how you looked, so hard and aching before spilling over me. I thought of you since, imagining what you might do to me, of you enjoying all those photos. You have haven’t you? Thought of my breasts, how they feel.” She continued to speak voice soft and low her hands dropping to squeeze her breasts as he continued to take pictures.

“Or this……how I feel, how I taste perhaps.” She continued this time her fingers stroking across her belly, down between her thighs, a soft moan escaping her lips as she teased herself.

“Ara……” He began before she cut him of.”

“Don’t……don’t humour me, or try to evade the question just give me a simple answer.” Her eyes were open now guarded, watching him proud and defiant. He was captivated, he couldn’t look away even as he continued to take more pictures.

“Do you want me? It’s simple, just answer, forgetting anything else would you take me right now?” She murmured and he had a feeling it had been hard for her to ask, to dare to just speak it outright. Whether she was nervous, or worried about the response he wasn’t sure.

He licked his lips let the silence develop as he closed and rubbed his eyes before he opened them and focused on her.

“You know I do.” He replied simply.

It was silent again for a moment both of them watching each other.

“You want me…….you’ve looked back at those pictures haven’t you…..enjoyed them…..?” she continued.

“Yes…….you know I have, how you looked, remembering what happened, wanting more.”

“So what will it take for you to take what you want? Do you want to watch some more, I think you enjoy watching me but don’t you think touching would be so much better?” She was assured again now, confident alive and playful as he watched and shot her.

“I know that I want that. I want you touch me, to tease me, to taste me.” She murmured again hands lightly caressing and stroking her own soft curves.” I want you to just take me here and now and forget about anything else.” her fingers dipped inside herself stroking while he followed her every move.

He shuddered watching her, feeling her breath on his face. She shuffled closer bare inches separating them now. She licked her lips shuddered as her finger found a sensitive spot, her breasts rising again. “I wonder what it will take for you to break, to take what you want. I mean here I am, naked, and very wet for you.” She teased again.

He continued to shoot snapping shots of her even as she moaned her hands gliding across her body one squeezing her breast, the other still just edging inside her body until she withdrew it gleaming wet. She brought it to her lips, flicked her tongue out, tasted it. He groaned and pounced. The camera dropped and he crushed his mouth down against hers plundering it tasting it, rich and sweet as lips and tongues pressed eagerly against one another.

A noise escaped her lips, half moan, half growl he thought, then they were both just toppling backwards until she hit the bed and he fell on top, the weight of his body pinning her to it. He kissed her, lips and teeth kissing, nibbling exploring her exposed skin trailing from her lips, to her neck and across one shoulder.

He felt her hands grip his shoulders slide across his chest and start to tug at the shirt he wore lifting it up even as he pushed himself up enough for her to tug it over his head so he could pause long enough so that between them they could throw it aside. Her hands found bare skin then, nails lightly taking across his flesh.

His hands dropped to his waist tugging at his jeans popping open a button and drawing the zip down. In front of him she grasped them and tugged even as she leaned up and kissed his chest pausing briefly to suck at his nipples. He groaned again trying to stand to kick his jeans away desperate now to be rid of anything that was coming between taking her.

As ever it was her clever quick hands that did the best work stripping the jeans down just allowing him to kick them of. He barely needed to move and she grasped his boxers as well thrusting them down so his erection hard and eager spilled free. Even as he stripped them completely away he felt her hand grasp his shaft. Slender soft fingers wrapped around the length and squeezed lightly trailing from the base to the tip.

He was throbbing with need and as good as her touch was it wasn’t nearly enough. Naked as well he guided her back so she was stretched out on the bed and pinned her there his body covering hers settling between her thighs as she spread them wide and gripped his hips. He lined himself up pushing and grinding against her as they both sought to find that perfect angle.



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