I couldn’t believe it when Sarah came bursting into the lounge giggling. My younger sister was supposed to be already in bed.

John, Pete and I all tried to reach for the remote at the same time but it was too late to stop her seeing the mass of writhing pink flesh on the TV screen.


Me and the guys had come back from the pub and despite the amount of beer we’d drunk we managed to be quiet enough not to wake my parents or my little sister – or at least – so I thought!

Pete had borrowed a porn film from someone and my house was the only place we could go to watch it so we’d settled ourselves down with the lads on the sofa and me in an armchair staring at the screen with the sound turned off. No one said a word. We didn’t even look at each other during the first couple of scenes which were pretty standard fucking sequences but by the time the film’s orgy scene was in full swing the only thing audible had been our collective breathing. I think we quickly realised that all we were going to do was get frustrated by making ourselves horny and wishing we were alone so that we could wank ourselves furiously while the lucky bastards on screen did everything imaginable to each other!

Sarah looked like she’d been out too and from the look of her I’d guess to a party. She had a short summer dress on with thin straps over her shoulders and was carrying her little sandals. Normally her shoulder length blond hair was in a tangled mess but tonight it was combed out straight and she had makeup on which I never saw her wearing. She looked great. The guys had made remarks many times about how she was starting to become really fuckable but I had always dismissed their talk with the same references to the “stupid little girl” since I could only really look at her as the annoying, spoilt bitch that got her own way all the time with my folks.

Standing at the door giggling she said, “so you perverts are watching dirty movies coz you can’t get girlfriends is that it?” No one answered – we all felt a little uneasy, not only were we horny as hell from watching the porn but because my sister was bound to tell everyone she could about catching us.

The sight of Sarah had killed my erection and I could feel a slight damp patch in my boxer shorts making me even more uncomfortable. I had to try to turn the tables because John and Pete were just sitting there, dying of embarrassment, so I said – “Actually we got the tape to show at a party and we wanted to make sure it was the real thing – wanna watch it with us?”

I don’t know what made me ask and the guys were staring at me in disbelief but suddenly Pete found his voice and said, “Yeah, come on Sarah – you can tell us which bits turn the chicks on!”

The attention was now on her and as the three of us stared at her I realised that she’d been drinking – something she rarely does. She was shifting her weight uneasily from one bare foot to the other and as the cocky look drained from her face she said ” I’ve never seen a porno before – is it gross?”

“You’ll love it!” John said “it’ll teach you everything you need to know to keep the guys happy!”

She didn’t seem too keen but walked into the room, closing the door quietly and sat on the floor in front of the sofa with her back leaning up against it between John and Pete. They looked at each other and then at me as Sarah said, “Ok, put it back on for a minute but give me the remote.”

I pressed play and handed the controller down to her on the floor and sat back transfixed by the screen. The first image to come onto the TV was a close up shot of a completely bald pussy with a really thick cock sliding in and out in slow motion. Sarah gasped causing me to look down at her – she had drawn her legs up against her chest and had her arms wrapped round them hunched up looking over her knees. The camera pulled back to show a man fucking a young girl with dark hair who was on her back spread-eagled on a table with another man gently stroking her forehead as she sucked his cock. A blonde woman was kissing the girls breasts and occasionally reaching down to rub her clit as the fucking went back to normal speed and we got to see how hard the guy was pounding into the girl’s kadıköy escort cunt.

“That must hurt” Sarah said, “It looks so big”

“No way, she’s really wet, and besides she loves it! You missed the earlier bit where the blonde chick was licking her clit while she was getting fucked – she must have come about five times at least.” John added.

“Do you think they know each other before they make the movie? Or did they just meet on set and end up fucking and sucking total strangers?” Sarah’s question brought us back to our senses – typical chick stuff wanting to know all about everyone instead of just enjoying the flesh!

“I bet they know each other real well” Pete said ” It would be really horny to make a movie and then watch it together, replaying all the things you did to each other – don’t you think?”

I looked over at Pete as he was talking, not sure if he wanted an answer or not. When I heard Sarah mutter “yeah” softly I realised that the video was on pause so I looked back at the screen. Sarah had stopped the film on a shot of the blonde staring directly up at the camera with a cock in her mouth. Her tongue was just visible against her top lip where it had flicked across the head. She was absolutely gorgeous.

Sarah was mesmerised. After a minute the lads and I exchanged looks, no one knowing what to say. John broke the silence “have you ever sucked a guy’s prick Sarah?” I couldn’t believe he was asking her that. Suddenly the whole situation became surreal. I had never even discussed boyfriends with my sister and I was pretty sure she’d never even been kissed properly let alone been giving blowjobs!

“No, but it looks really lovely” she replied as if in a daze. She was still staring at the screen as the tape had rolled on to show the blonde working on the guy’s cock with her lips, then licking up and down his shaft, then bobbing her head up and down with her cheeks sucking in and out as she kneaded his cock head with her beautiful mouth. The cum shot was amazing. The girl hadn’t taken her eyes off the camera for a second and as she increased the tempo with her mouth, her hand became visible pumping up the guy’s shaft.

She rubbed him faster and faster and her tongue began to flick back and forth across the head of his cock as her saliva dribbled down it’s length and over her hand. The film slowed, her eyes brightened and with one short stroke while she pulled her mouth away leaving just her tongue resting on the tip of his cock, he shot his load. The cum spurted in slow motion up her tongue and onto her lips. As he pumped his jets of sperm she opened her mouth and it splashed into her mouth then onto her face and chin. She squeezed a drop from the tip of his cock and plunged her mouth down over it, winking at the camera as she did so. Sarah pressed stop on the tape and we all concentrated on hiding our erections

John wasn’t giving up. “Did you like that?” he asked her, adjusting the front of his trousers quickly before she turned round to reply.

Sarah had her arm on the sofa now between the two lads, half turned around as she said, “I never thought I’d enjoy watching something like that.”

“Did it turn you on?” Pete asked

“I guess so,” she replied. “I can’t stop wondering about what you said about them watching it together afterwards, getting off on all the things they’ve done with each other.”

“What about the lezzie bit? Would you like to see the girls touching each other”?

This was going too far. I was looking at my sister leaning against the sofa, inches away from my mates only I wasn’t looking at her in the usual way. I still had a rock hard erection and Pete and John weren’t helping by getting my little sister to talk about lesbian sex. For the first time I noticed that her dress was ridden up with sitting on the floor. I could see her tanned legs, her knees pointed towards my chair, legs folded underneath her. I could see as she breathed that her breasts were really pert. There was no way she could be wearing a bra with that dress and yet her tits seemed to hold the top up on their own. I wondered what they looked like, and what üsküdar escort they felt like. I wasn’t paying attention to her reply.

“It just seems really rude – I’m not sure I could do it with another girl”

“Yeah but would you like watching them do it?” Pete persisted

“I guess it would be pretty sexy – the whole thing was much hornier than I thought it would be”

I was staring at her now. The guys were leaning down helping her up. “Why don’t you sit up here with us – It’s much more comfortable.” John said. Sarah raised herself up onto her knees. Pete took hold of one of her arms and as he pulled her up she twisted round and sat down, half on his lap with her legs pointing at John and me behind him in the chair.

Sarah leaned back. She was now lying across Pete’s lap with her feet touching John’s leg. My heart was beating like never before. The atmosphere was incredible, no one spoke, we all breathed heavily. I looked across at my young sister and she stared right back into my eyes. I wanted to say something but just sat there and watched as Pete’s arm came across her waist and slowly stroked her stomach through the flimsy cotton dress. She closed her eyes and seemed to moan softly – almost in submission. I had the biggest hard-on of my life and I owed it to looking at my own sister.

John had not been idle. He was rubbing Sarah’s feet and ankles, very slowly moving them apart. His hands then moved up to her knees and as he stroked them she moaned again and nestled her head against Pete. John couldn’t wait. He slid his hands up Sarah’s lags to her thighs and as he pushed them apart I got a wonderful view of her white panties. The crotch was tight against her pussy.

I could see every fold clearly but was mesmerised by the darker, damp patch that had appeared and seemed to present a target for my gaze. I shifted myself forward in the chair so that I could easily see round John and was rewarded with my first glimpse of my sister’s breasts. Pete had unfastened the tiny straps of her dress and his hands were now kneading her soft tits before my very eyes. As his hands caressed all around them from her stomach up to her shoulders I saw that they were truly fantastic. Even lying as she was on her back, her breasts stood upright and firm with soft tiny nipples that were hardened by Pete’s touch.

I desperately wanted to touch her but daren’t. John was slipping her panties down and positioning himself to get his mouth between her legs. Pete had leaned over and was kissing her passionately while fondling her breasts with one hand. I couldn’t see his other hand until it appeared beside her head holding his cock, glistening like some sort of torch.

I had to make a decision – I could sit here and torture myself watching my friends fuck my younger sister – I could wank myself off while they had their fun together – or I could join in and run the risk of being branded a pervert for the rest of my life.

It is not considered acceptable to fuck your sister!

Besides, Sarah had been drinking, tomorrow she’d regret this and if I did anything with her she’d probably tell our parents. God I was frustrated. I watched John’s head moving between her legs and as he clamped his mouth down on her pussy I lost my view and had to content myself with watching Pete trying to manoeuvre his cock into her mouth.

That’s when it hit me. I couldn’t join them but I could get off on my sisters body without running the risk of getting into trouble. I got up from the chair –no one noticed – and went over to the cabinet in the far corner. In the cupboard I found what I needed – our camcorder and a tape – perfect! I loaded up and went back over to the sofa.

The smell of sex was overwhelming. Sarah’s dress was bunched at her waist and I could now see the few soft downy hairs on her pussy mound. John was eating her for all he was worth although when he saw me approach with the camera, his movements took on a more staged appearance. He spread the lips of her cunt and displayed it for the camera like it was on show.

He looked into the lens as he descended on her clit, lapping and licking making her whole pussy dripping wet with tuzla escort a mixture of her juices and his saliva. He lifted her legs so that I could film her ass and tickled her asshole with his finger as his hands under her cheeks spread her legs further apart. I moved up her body, filming her wonderful tits being mauled by Pete and then focused the camera on her face as he had shifted round to kneel on the floor with his cock buried in her lovely young mouth. She opened her eyes and looked directly at the lens.

Her face seemed to change as if she finally was getting what she wanted. I wasn’t sure if it was the attentions of John between her legs or my filming her in such a position but she suddenly came alive. Still looking into my camera she lifted herself up to rest her head on a cushion and put both her small hands around Pete’s thick, hard cock. She ran her mouth all around the head and started to deliberately dribble spit onto him. Pete groaned and squeezed her breasts together. I moved angles again, just in time to film John pushing his cock slowly into her.

He seemed to be taking it slowly and carefully despite her wetness and almost offered her cunt up to the camera as he pushed home the last couple of inches. He started an easy rhythm holding her ankles to spread her legs nice and wide. I zoomed in on the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her and John pulled back so that I could film the head of his cock pushing it’s way into her tight pussy again. I could see amongst the juices spread around her crotch that there were occasional flecks of blood and nearly burst my trousers at the thought of how tight my little virgin sister’s cunt must be.

With each thrust from either of the guys, Sarah moaned slightly. John pumped away at her pussy and Pete started to fuck her mouth almost in synch. I decide to concentrate on her face for a minute since I figured that Pete coming in her mouth would be the shot to get and was rewarded by my sister gripping the base of his cock in both her little hands and controlling his rhythm.

She looked into the lens, I felt directly at me, and she licked and sucked and teased Pete until he started to buck and groaned “Oh – yes, oh – yes, make me come you fucking cunt!” she pulled her lips away just in time and opened her mouth. His cock twitched and jerked and a thick stream of cum shot at her some going into her mouth some missing and spurting onto her cheek. “Mmmmmmmm!” Sarah moaned softly and after sucking every drop from his prick she stared right at me through the camera lens and licked all around her mouth grinning and tasting the warm cum.

John had slowed his movements to watch her sucking Pete but now he speeded up and gripped the cheeks of Sarah’s ass as he pounded into her. Now his fucking was more brutal, Sarah closed her eyes and let herself be pounded by his hard cock, Johns fingers dug at her buttocks and he constantly rubbed a finger over her asshole, making her jump and meet his prick even deeper.

Pete was urging his pal on whispering, “Fuck her Johnny boy – fuck the little slut!” Sarah was whimpering now, her body seemed like that of a rag doll as John used her tight little body on his cock and worked himself towards climax. I was filming Sarah’s face and her tits but when I heard John grunt “unnnnnggh!” I switched the camera angle just in time as he pulled out of her and shot a heavy stream of spunk onto her stomach. He pumped his cock with his hand until all his cum had oozed onto her body and as he did so I watched Sarah open her eyes and smile at me tracing patterns in the spunk on her tummy.

I suddenly felt very guilty. Not for my camera antics but for the way I had been feeling about my sister. I couldn’t get away from the fact that I wished that I had the guts to fuck her like the other guys. I would never look at her in the same way again and I wasn’t sure what would happen now.

When I stopped filming, Sarah stood up. She seemed to be in a daze as she slipped her dress back over her shoulders. It stuck to her stomach where John’s spunk had been but she didn’t seem to notice. She kissed the guys on the cheek and said she needed to get cleaned up and go to bed and walked unsteadily across towards me. My heart was beating so loudly I thought she would hear it.

All she said softly was “I’ve got to go to bed – can you give me the tape so I don’t have to worry about what happens to it?”

Meekly I said “sure sis” and handed it over. I thought I’d never get to see my handiwork again – but I was wrong.

To Be Continued…



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