A Night At The Club 3After The ClubPROLOG: Details of Main Sex SceneAs you slowly sink back down onto the futon, Terry looks over at us and laughingly says, “Dick, I need dick! Better yet, WE need dick, … Now!”Laughing, we put our drinks down, undressing as we cross the room.I pull Terry to her knees, turn her around, and sink my hard dick deep into her ass. She moans, smiles, and lowers her head to the cushions of the futon. At the same time, Jason pulls you up, and sitting on the futon, he lowers you down onto his throbbing cock, cowgirl style.You wrap your arms around his neck, kissing him deeply as you ride your ass on his hard pole.I look over and for the first time, contrasted by the paleness of your bouncing ass cheeks, I notice Jason’s cock. From what I can see as it slides in and out of your griping ass hole, it appears to be about 10 inches in length and about 4 – kars escort 41/2 inches around.I find myself amazed not only by the ease at which you’re taking it, but also by the pleasure you seem to be drawing from it. But then I remember that the entrances to the body are elastic and will expand or contract to accommodate whatever is going into or coming out of it. Perfect design!Terry stops pushing back onto my dick long enough to lean over and kisses you, then announces that she wants to try something a little different. We all stop moving for a moment to hear what she has in mind.She has Jason lay on his back on the floor with his cock still buried deep in your ass. She then crawls off the futon with my cock clenched tightly in her ass and mounts you in the 69 position.We all laugh as it becomes apparent that Terry just can’t get enough of your sweet kastamonu escort pussy. Then, as she lowers her dripping cunt to your grinning face, her head dips between your splayed thighs and with a lustful moan, she starts licking that part of Jason’s cock that is not yet swallowed up by your clinching ass hole, working her way from his balls to your ass hole and then her probing tongue disappears into your pussy, lapping at the juices collecting there.As I push deeper into her ass it forces her pussy down against your face and she grinds herself into your open mouth. You gently bite her engorged clit before flicking it with your tongue, sucking hard to extract more of her cunt juice. Terry stops eating you just long enough to cry out, “Oh shit, oh shit, Pam, Paaammmm, oh fuck, that’s gooooood!”For what seems like forever, the only sounds in escort bayan the room are “uh’s, ahh’s, slurp, slap, squish, grunts and moans, and the soft music coming from the recessed speakers.” The smell of heated sex blends in with the light fragrance filling the room.Suddenly, Terry throws her head back, pushes her overflowing pussy into your face, clinches her ass as tight as she can around my pounding cock and screams, “Oh my god, too much, too much! I, I, oh my god, oh my god, IIIIIIIII’mm commmmmingggggg! Too good, too much, can’t take anymore, I’m coming, coming, AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!Her orgasm triggers everyone else and just as if it had been timed we all come together. Everybody explodes and there is a deluge of cum and pussy juice everywhere. To keep from crushing you as we collapse, I grab Terry by the tits and roll off of you, keeping my cock buried in her ass.We all lay there, drained and exhausted. Asses full of sperm and mouths full of cunt juice, you and Terry look at each other and suddenly break out in laughter. Grinning like two cats that just caught a fat mouse, licking your lips, the two of you kiss and say, “Wann’a switch?”



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