A nice day at the nudist beach Part 1I was at Casuarina Beach, a legal nudist beach just outside Darwin Australia. Let me tell you what happened. I was relaxing, just tanning on a towel taking it all in. This is not your normal nude beach. Lots of people come here just to get their rocks off. Solos, men, women, couples, gays straights, triples, you name it, they are all here. A lot of the action is going out in full view often with voyeurs openly wanking on, sometimes fully clothed people just walk down the beach for a better look! Lots of men just walk up and down the beach, their erections proudly bouncing in front of them to give everyone a better look. Nobody cares..I had been touching myself and a little bit of pre-cum has oozed out. Along came this guy. He was tanned and muscular. He has bakırköy escort got a long circumcised dick about 5inches on the slack and big balls. He is making his way up the beach passing a little too close to people to be regarded as discreet. Clearly he is a bit of an exhibitionist (like most of us) and also a bit of a voyeur and wants a closer look (a little like most of us) at people he passed by. As he got to a metre or so from me I comment ”nice cock”. “Thanks” he says, “yours is nice too, do you mind if I join you?”“Sure, sit down over here” I reply. He sat down and then gently reached over and fondles my ball sac. “Mmmm nice little shaved balls, they fit neatly in my hand” he says. I get an instant erection. “Nice six inch dick you have there” he beşiktaş escort compliments me “good and thick too”. He enjoys playing with my foreskin and say he wished he had one too. He began stroking it and caressing my balls. My hands have been busy too and I have been caressing his hairy balls too. Although his scrotum hangs down lower than mine, I soon discover his balls are average sized, like mine. He likes my nice tight nut sac.I start sliding my other hand up and down his penis. It is a really nice suntanned one about 7 or 8 inches long but quite thin barely an inch and a quarter in diameter I think. This tends to accentuate its actual length. I comment “I wish I had a nice long one like yours.”He thanked me for the compliment and said ”I wish mine beylikdüzü escort was as thick as yours. Yours is actually a bigger cock and a better shape to please boys and girls”. ”Thanks” I said feeling really good. A couple of solo guys nearby were watching with interest and I noticed them both erect and masturbating furiously. This turned me on and “Stan” continued masturbating me. Surprisingly he came first shooting two medium volume shots all over his chest plus a small dribble on my hands and dripping on to the sand from his hairy balls.He leaned over to suck my shining cock. It was really sensational. It was my turn to come next and my balls pumped for all they were worth. I didn’t want to cum in his mouth, I wanted to come all over the hot sand so they guys looking on could see it. And I did. It was great, about 6 good strong spurts and about 10 or more hard spasms. I collapsed panting. After a minute or so he thanked me, got up and collected his gear and walked off down the beach. The solo guys nearby started cuming shooting into the air and I enjoyed their performance too.



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