Mistress Emma thanked the customers for their business and then went over to Mia. Mia was worried that her Mistress was still angry with her, but Emma’s face was calm and collected, she didn’t show any anger.

Mistress Emma leaned over Mia and said, “Good job my pet, you made your first sale.” Her voice was music to Mia’s ear, especially with the sensual tone that Mistress Emma spoke with.

By this point Mia’s orgasm had completely finished and she was just laying on the floor in a puddle of her juices. Henry had left as soon as she finished, with a distinct bugle over his pants, and the rest of the store seemed to have gotten over Mia’s demonstration. They didn’t pay her any attention but Mia could see a couple of people trying to steal glances at her in her messy state.

“You can answer calls for the rest of day Mia,” Mistress Emma walked away from her to grab a mop and bucket, her curvy hips sway with each step. Mia slowly got up and felt her head spin a bit, but she made her way to the back office and started to rest. She couldn’t tell if the orgasm had made her head spin or if it was Mistress Emma’s beautiful body.

As Mia was sitting in the back she rested her body but her mind was racing. She couldn’t believe that she had just squirted in front of a store of strangers. Mia was also so proud of herself, she had obeyed Mistress Emma and it looked like she might have impressed her Mistress, or at least made things better with Emma. She also couldn’t help but think about all of the things that Mistress canlı bahis Emma could do to her in the future.

Maybe Mistress Emma would just put her on display for all of her customers, naked and testing all the toys that she sold. Or maybe Mia would just be Mistress Emma’s fuck toy that she could lend to anyone, like Henry. Mia’s pussy was sensitive from the orgasm she had earlier but she could feel herself getting aroused yet again. She was stunned by the power that Mistress Emma had over her body and mind.

Over the next hour, Mia tried to answer the phone and help customers, but she found that she couldn’t focus. Mia wanted for commands from Mistress Emma, she wanted to hear her sensual voice and see her beautiful face. She also wanted permission to touch herself or Mistress Emma to make her cum. Mia was in desperate need of a release.

As Mia hung up on her third call, she sighed, the customer had sounded annoyed because Mia could barely focus on the call let alone help them with their question. Soon after, Mistress Emma came into the office, she looked amused but also devilish.

“Are you having troubles with the calls?” Mistress Emma stared at her with such intensity that Mia could feel her muscles melt and relax. Her whole body reacted to Mistress Emma’s presence, which Mia loved.

“Yes, Mistress.” Mia felt a little embarrassed that she couldn’t focus on this one task.

Mistress Emma sensed that Mia was distracted, “What’s the problem?”

Mia fidgeted in her seat and muttered, “I bahis siteleri can’t stop thinking about you and I can’t focus because I want you.”

Mistress Emma smiled wickedly again and started to order Mia around, “Get under the desk, I’ll help you focus and I’ll show you how to take a phone call.”

Mia didn’t even question Mistress’s commands, she hurried to sit under the desk, ignoring how cramped it was. From under the desk Mia could see Mistress Emma’s long toned legs, and saw her take off her panties.

Mia’s heart started to beat ten times faster as Mistress Emma started to sit in the desk chair with her legs spread wide open. Mia couldn’t blink because Mistress Emma’s bare pussy was exposed right in front of her. Of course Mistress Emma’s pussy was perfect to Mia, the color and puffiness were so pleasing to the eye, and Mia just wanted to taste it so bad.

“Why aren’t you eating me out, my pet? I need you to stimulate me while I answer calls.”

Mia didn’t need to be told twice. She gently moved forward and took a deep breathe of Emma’s pussy smell. The smell was so enticing that Mia didn’t notice herself starting to lean forward into her Mistress’s cunt. Suddenly, Mia realized that her nose was almost touching Mistress’s lips, she paused and tried to refocus.

Mia wanted to taste her Mistress so bad that her whole body started to feel hot, but she also wanted to please Mistress Emma. So she started eating out her Mistress the same way she would want to be eaten out.

Mia started bahis şirketleri out slow, with her tongue coated in saliva, licking from the bottom of Emma’s pussy to her clit. As soon as she reached the top, the phone rang and Emma started talking to a customer. Mia ignored the conversation and kept licking her Mistress’s pussy with long strokes of her wet tongue, focusing on her clit.

When Mia was satisfied with how wet Mistress had become, she started licking in between Emma’s pussy lips and all the folds of her hooded clit. Mia was hypnotized by the taste of Mistress Emma’s pussy and couldn’t help but keep licking everywhere she could taste the sweet pussy flavor. Mia soon found that the flavor was best inside of Mistress’s pussy.

With more vigor, Mia started digging her tongue deep in Mistresses pussy searching for more of those soft ridges and wonderful flavor. She could vaguely her Mistress talking on the phone, Emma sounded calm and collected, but her hand found Mia’s head and pushed her further into Mistress’s cunt.

Mia happily went deeper in her pussy, she started flicking her tongue and desperately eating out Mistress Emma. She felt Emma grip her hair hard, and suddenly Mia’s mouth was flooded with new wonderful juices. Mia quickly drank Mistress Emma’s waterfall of arousal, loving how she had just pleased her Mistress. Mia couldn’t be more satisfied with herself.

Mistress Emma started to end the call with her customer and when she hung up the phone, she addressed Mia, “Good job Mia, you almost made me lose my focus. Now its your turn to try taking a call like this.”

Mistress Emma had the most devilish smile across her face as Mia realized that the next phone call was going to be the hardest one of her life.



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