It was happening. I had finally told Emma that she could invite her former patient over.

It had been two weeks since she had jerked him off and then told me about it, and she had been texting back and forth with him occasionally. Those texts…often came up when we were in bed together. But tonight was finally the night we had set up for him to come over to have a few drinks.

His name was Aaron, and apparently this particular situation was something he was familiar with. He told Emma that he had been previously been the bull for two different couples, so he was ready to join us whenever we were ready. I had been a little hesitant to give him the okay to come over with us, but eventually my libido won out over any second thoughts I had, and Emma texted him to set it up.

I didn’t know what to expect. I had never seen Aaron before, only heard about him and his…endowment. Despite my considerable nerves, I was also dangerously aroused already and it was only 6:30 pm. Aaron was coming over at 8, but Emma hadn’t let me orgasm since we set the evening up, 5 nights ago.

Finally, the doorbell rang. Emma was resting on the couch in a blue dress with a plunging neckline that put her considerable cleavage on full display. She had curled her long blonde hair after she got out of the shower early, and used a light touch with her makeup to accentuate her large blue eyes. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she stood up and went to the door.

“Hi Aaron! I’m so glad you’re here!” I heard her say from the entrance way. The door shut and I nervously grabbed my beer and headed to join them.

As I entered the hallway, I was caught off-guard by his appearance. I had pictured Aaron as a tall, muscular jock-type, but instead found someone who was perhaps 5’8, with short brown hair and a decidedly average physique. As I walked in, he stuck out his hand and introduced himself with a slight grin as he looked up at me.

“Hi, you must be Jack! I’ve heard so much about you already. I’ve really been looking forward to tonight and getting better acquainted with you and your wife.”

“I’ve been…I have been too.” I stammered. Truth was, I couldn’t believe that this was the man my wife had been telling me about. Could it really all be true, or has she been accentuating some of the details for me?

We walked into the living room together, and as I moved to sit on the love seat next to Emma, she stopped me.

“Jack, would you mind getting me a drink? I’m really craving a whiskey and coke.”

“Make that two.” Aaron smiled as he walked over, and he sat down on the love seat next to Emma.

I moved to the kitchen and poured their drinks. My hand shook a little as I poured them, knowing they were alone together in the living room. My mind raced with possibilities, but I couldn’t rush. For some reason, I wanted to give them some time alone together.

When I did emerge with our drinks, I immediately noticed Emma stifling a giggle, and I also spotted a blur of motion as Aaron’s hand moved away from Emma’s thigh. I pretended not to notice, and I meekly passed along their drinks and then sat on the recliner.

“So…what do you do for work, Aaron?” I rushed to fill the silence that had permeated the room.

“Oh, I mostly work in sales. I’ve been bouncing around looking for a good company, but I haven’t found anywhere that fits just right yet.” Aaron replied easily. His casual confidence certainly didn’t seem out of place for a good salesperson.

“Ugh, who wants to talk about work!” Emma groaned. “We spend most of our lives working, why devote more time to it? Let’s talk about something interesting.”

Seeking to gain more courage, I raised my glass for another sip, and found myself taking a bigger gulp than expected. However, after my brief coughing fit, our conversation became more and more natural. My frequent trips to the kitchen to refill our drinks certainly helped with that, but Aaron did seem to be a genuinely decent guy.

As we finished our fourth drinks (or were they our fifth? I couldn’t keep track anymore,) we had become much more comfortable with each other. One minute I noticed Aaron’s hand on Emma’s knee as we laughed over some shared joke, and with each passing minute it seemed to slide farther and farther up her leg. Once he reached the halfway point, Emma found a brief silence in the conversation to address the elephant in the room.

“So guys. Why are we still just chatting? We all know what is going to be happen tonight.”

My face flushed red. We had initially planned on talking privately to decide what we wanted to do before we initiated anything. The truth was, I was feeling really comfortable with Aaron. He was funny and surprisingly nice, and we had quite a bit in common. That must have been what had indicated to Emma that we were going to continue with our plans, but still. She was taking charge faster than I expected.

“Why don’t we lose some of our clothes? That illegal bahis might make things a bit easier. Aaron, could you unzip me?” Emma asked.

My jaw dropped open as she stood and turned her back to Aaron. Rather than be shocked, he kept his cool as he grasped her zipper and tugged it down. As I looked on, he met my eye, and with a wink gave her ass a playful squeeze as she slipped her dress off. Emma’s lingerie was clearly purchased especially for tonight, and she gave a quick spin to show it off to the both of us. Her bra was thin and light, with only a few carefully placed strips of fabric to prevent her nipples from being clearly visible. Its deep red color matched her thong, which showcased the curves of her ass extraordinarily well.

“Stand up boys, and remove your shirts and pants.” Emma commanded. I was already unbuttoning my shirt as I stood, I was so excited, but Aaron stood up slowly and stripped off his shirt. I slipped off my belt, and as I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down around my ankles and kicked them off, my head was buzzing. Was this the alcohol, or my own arousal at what was about to commence?

Aaron’s pants were still on, and he addressed Emma now.

“You do the next part for me.” He commanded, gesturing at his belt.

I looked on in wonder as Emma dropped to her knees and undid his belt and pants. Slowly, she pulled his pants down, and I could only stare as my wife revealed the largest bulge I had ever seen. Aaron had clearly chosen to wear underwear that put his package on full display, and Emma’s face was right next to the fabric straining to contain his cock. She tore her eyes aware from his bulge to glance over at me, and glancing down, I blushed to discover that I had a clearly visible erection already. I had tried to wear my most flattering boxer briefs, but it was readily apparent that Aaron’s bulge considerably out-sized my own.

Emma looked up at me, her bright blue eyes shining with excitement.

“Are you ready for this honey? Are you ready to see why I need to be with other men?”

I flushed again, but I nodded, and she grinned at me.

“Well, let’s start with you.” Before I could protest, she had put her hands on my hips and yanked my underwear down. My erection bounced at the sudden motion, and all 3.5 inches of my hard-on were out in the light of the living room for everyone to see. Aaron coughed politely in the silence.

“It’s okay Aaron, we all knew he had a small dick coming into this.” Emma smiled, and my cock twitched as her words stung my ego in the cold air.

“Yeah, I just didn’t realize it’d be…like that. Wow. I guess that explains why I’m here.” Aaron said, struggling to contain a laugh.

Emma did laugh.

“Yup, that’s exactly right.” And with one smooth motion, she grabbed his boxer briefs with both hands and tugged them down. His cock swung free as she pulled them down, and I gaped as his cock flopped out next to my wife’s face. It had to have been 6-7 inches, but it was hanging down, clearly still flaccid. His dick looked like it was double mine right now, and he wasn’t even hard yet. We stood facing each other a few feet apart, with my gorgeous wife in-between us.

Emma’s eyes were glued to his cock, but she finally tore them away and stood up.

“Well, first things first, I want to do a side-by-side comparison and measurement.” She grabbed a measuring tape from the nearby side table. “You need to get hard, mister.” She spoke to Aaron.

“You’re going to have to put in a bit more work to get me hard, or don’t you remember?” Aaron quipped back.

“Fine then!” Emma reached behind her back with her hands while standing, and unsnapped her bra. I gasped as she revealed her breasts to another man, and she turned to face him. All I could see was her admittedly gorgeous backside as she pivoted to Aaron.

“Does this help? You don’t have to just look. Touching is fine too.” She smiled. Aaron grinned back and slid her hands up her front, and Emma moaned as he moved. I could only look on, but my view was very limited. I let out a small cough of my own.

Emma turned her head back. “Oh, right. Little Jack wants to be able to see too.” She turned around, and now she ground her ass onto Aaron’s groin. Aaron’s hands reached around her, and now I could see his hands cupping her breasts, tugging gently on her nipples, as she moaned and backed her hips sensually back and forth against Aaron. I could see his cock hanging down between her thighs, and as she brushed her ass against him, it was beginning to stiffen. I reached my hand down to touch my erection, but as soon as I did, Emma spoke suddenly.

“Hands off until later, Jack! We don’t want you to play with yourself and cum too early in the night. You get to wait until Aaron is fully hard.”

Finally, she backed off his cock and turned to face the middle. Aaron and I now stood facing each other, only a few feet apart, and Emma was in-between us looking down on illegal bahis siteleri our cocks. Sure enough, he was fully erect after the teasing Emma had given him. Looking down, there was a clear size discrepancy. I had been fully hard for the past five minutes at least, but my erection was clearly pathetic compared to Aaron’s. His dick was much longer than mine, and significantly thicker as well. I was amazed it could get hard at all, and I was still agape as Emma surprised me by dropping to her knees and turning towards my diminutive package first.

“Let’s start small and get bigger.” She laid the edge of the tape measure at the base of my penis, and stretched it out along my length. I couldn’t see how long it was from the angle her head was at, and she had pulled it off and wrapped it around my girth quickly. After she finished, she unwrapped it and turned to face Aaron’s monster; she must have wanted to finish with me quickly so she could touch Aaron’s dick again. I couldn’t see again as her head blocked my view, but she spent more time handling his cock, and it looked like she may have spent a moment cupping his balls as she went to wrap the measure around his cock.

Finally, she stood up again.

“Well, we have our measurements! First off, the runner-up…Jack, you measured in at 3 and three-quarters of an inch long, and a girth of 3 and a half inches!” I flushed at the humiliation of these numbers. They were both smaller than what she had told me the last times she measured me! Had she been rounding up to spare my feelings as we explored this fetish together?

“And Aaron, the clear winner…you measured in at 10.25 inches, with six and a half inches of girth!” My mind boggled at the numbers, but looking down you could see the facts clearly written between our two erections. My cock twitched again, and a drop of pre-cum had formed and was starting to drip from the tip of my penis to our rug. Emma turned to me, and she didn’t fail to notice how aroused I was.

“Jack, come on now…this was what I was worried about. You’re about to cum and I haven’t even touched you yet! You should be thankful your wife was prepared for something like this. Give me a second, I’ll be right back.”

Emma walked to the kitchen quickly, and I heard her open and close a cabinet quickly, and then the sound of our freezer opening and closing. She came back out holding an ice pack from the freezer and a box. She set the ice pack on the ground, and opened the box. Aaron and I could only look on as we watched my topless wife opened the box, and pulled something out.

“I stopped by that sex shop last week to order something. I was planning on buying in-store, but I ended up having to order custom. Fortunately…this just arrived today.”

She opened up her hands, and revealed a small black device.

“This is called a chastity cage. They’re for men who can’t control themselves, like you Jack! I went in and asked for the smallest one they had, but they didn’t have anybody for someone your size. Fortunately, the sales associate I had was able to order one online, and it arrived yesterday!” I looked on in shock as she unlocked it with a small key and opened it up.

“The only downside is that you have to be flaccid to fit in here, Jack. So that’s what the ice pack is for!Now stand still.” She set the cage down, and grabbed the ice pack. Wasting no time, she grabbed my butt with her right hand as she used her left to place the ice pack over my erection.

“Hey, that’s really c-cold!!” I yelped, and Aaron snickered as Emma held me in place. Emma’s hand on my ass kept me from squirming away, so I suffered the cold without any true chance of escape.

“That’s the point, and just remember that if you weren’t such a premature ejaculator we wouldn’t have had to do this!” Emma laughed, clearly taking joy in torturing me, holding the ice pack against my rapidly deflating dick and balls. When she removed the pack, my dick had mostly retreated inside of my body, with only the head poking out, and my balls had shriveled up almost entirely. Emma put down the pack and grabbed the cage.

“Maybe you should have gotten a smaller one.” Aaron remarked as Emma placed the cage over my shrunken balls. I heard a sharp click as it locked over my barely visible tip. You could clearly see half the cage was empty.

“This was as small as they had online. It said the cage was for little dicks, it’s only for 1 and a half inches and below!” Emma exclaimed.

“It’s going to grow in a bit, just give me some time!” I tried to defend myself.

“I bet that’s what you’ve been telling yourself since you hit puberty, eh Jack?” Emma laughed and I felt my insides twist in a perverse pleasure at her words.

Emma stood up between Aaron and myself again.

“Let’s go to the bedroom now that we’ve got the small fry locked up.” She said to Aaron, and as she turned to lead the way for the three of us, Aaron’s hand flashed out and slapped her canlı bahis siteleri ass. She turned back quickly and gave Aaron a flirtatious smile, and he shrugged casually, as if to say it was her fault for showing her ass to him.

Emma strode out in front of us, each step causing her butt to bounce bewitchingly in her crimson thong, heading towards our bedroom. Aaron followed after, and I trailed in the back meekly, getting more and more used to the cage. I don’t know when she decided that this would be a good idea, but for some reason I was feeling more and more aroused by Emma’s dominance. My cock was warming up slowly, and I looked down to see I was almost filling the cage now. I walked into the bedroom and sat on the chair in the corner of the room. Emma and Aaron sat down on the bed. Aaron’s cock had started to droop a bit now, and Emma looked at me coyly.

“Well babe. I hope you’re ready, because I sure am.” She dropped to her knees, and turned to Aaron’s lap. She stretched her hands out and wrapped them around his cock, gently stroking him up and down. I could see everything from my corner, and as I looked on, she guided his dick towards her mouth. My cock finally swelled to the full size of the cage, and I moaned at the pleasure and pain I felt at being constrained like this. Aaron’s dick swelled in kind as Emma licked the head of his penis, giving gentle licks to the underside of his tip before pushing forward and sucking his head into her mouth. I leaned forward for a better view as she pushed farther and farther down onto his cock, before pulling back up. Instinctively, I reached down and my hand was frustratingly met with my cage. My wife was sucking another man’s dick in front of me, and I couldn’t even jerk off to the sight!

Aaron’s dick stiffened more as she sucked it, and Emma looked over at me without stopping. I had never seen my wife look as hot to me as she did in that moment, topless, her shapely breasts uncovered and swaying with her every motion, and with another man’s massive cock in her mouth. I glanced down and my dick was straining against my cage, and I had another drop of pre-cum leaking out the tip of the cage.

Emma stood up suddenly and swept her thong to her ankles, kicking it away. Aaron was fully hard now, and I couldn’t believe what was about to happen, that anything this large could belong to anyone, that it was about to enter my wife. Emma pushed Aaron gently to the bed, and he laid down, his 10 inches standing up in the air like a redwood tree.

“Look at that Jack. This is what I need, a real dick. This is something you could never give to me.”

She opened the side table, and grabbed a magnum condom. She must have bought those specifically for tonight. We hadn’t worn condoms since before we got married, and I had never in my wildest dreams attempted to try on a magnum. Emma climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, and then turned to face me. Aaron looked up and gazed at my wife’s ass and pussy. She lifted her leg over his torso and slid forward along his abdomen, and Aaron’s dick stood up straight against her stomach. His cock was so large that it reached past Emma’s bellybutton. After showcasing just how far inside her Aaron’s dick was going to go, Emma unwrapped the condom. Emma threw the wrapper to the side, and then rolled the condom down. It had to stretch to fit around his head because of his girth, and the condom didn’t reach the base of his cock. It stopped around 8 inches down; I couldn’t believe that even this massive condom couldn’t cover his cock.

Emma raised herself up on her knees. She rubbed the tip of his dick against her clit. Her pussy was visibly wet already, and then she moved to position the tip against her.

“I might never feel your little dick again, Jack.” I moaned, and Emma sat down slowly. The tip of Aaron’s cock spread her pussy as she pushed down, and Emma let out a sharp cry.

“It-it’s so thick!!” She gasped, and eased herself down another inch. “Holy shit baby, he’s so fucking thick!”

The effects of the ice pack had long since worn off, but I couldn’t grow anymore inside my 1.5 inch cage. I desperately wished I could jerk off as I watched Aaron’s cock sink deeper and deeper inside my wife.

“I think he’s 4 inches deep now baby. Every inch now is going to reach places that have never been touched before by a man.” Emma panted out.

“I don’t think she’s ever been stretched like this either, she’s fucking tight too!” Aaron grunted.

I groaned in my chair, and more pre-cum leaked out of the cage. Emma continued sinking onto his cock slowly, moving her hips and groaning as she did. Finally, she reached the base of his cock, and all ten inches were inside of her. She reached down and cupped Aaron’s balls, and began to massage them.

“Wow, I didn’t think I would be able to take it all! Sorry I’m going so slow Aaron. I need to adjust to real cock. You’ve seen what I’ve been working with, this is all so very new to me.” She began to move her hips slowly, and she slowly spread her knees farther apart so I could see how Aaron’s thick cock was filling her up, stretching her perfect pussy. She moved her hand off his balls so I had a better view, and began to rub her clit.



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