I had been looking forward to the weekend at the retreat. It was advertised as a comfortable guest house with large well maintained gardens and close to a mature woodland which had a small stream running through it.

I had been stressed at work and also getting over a bitter divorce and was needing a break so I could recharge my batteries. I was fifty five and now, all alone. One evening, I stumbled over a web site which was advertising a weekend naturist retreat for men and it was only a couple of hours away by car. Great, I thought, and signed up that night. I didn’t really give it much thought that it would be just for men. I had never been on a naturist event before, so this was going to be an experience.

Finally, the day arrived. I finished work on the Friday and just set off straight for the retreat. It was easy to find and very secluded. The views were spectacular. I parked the car and walked up to the front door. It opened as I lifted my hand to knock. I was startled to see the man in front of me was naked. I shouldn’t have been surprised, it was a naturist event. The host, who introduced himself as Mark, shook my hand and invited me in and took me to my room, which I would be sharing with someone else who was still to arrive.

Mark gave me a hand towel, to use when I was sitting down on any of the seats. Seems reasonable, I hadn’t thought of that. He suggested I settle into my room, get undressed and then come down to meet the others.

I sat on the bed and looked out the window. The grounds were magnificent and there was a long grassy banking with a stream at the foot of it. Mature trees cast a shade over the grass. A perfect place to sit, I thought to myself. I turned my thoughts to plucking up the courage to undress and go downstairs. I took my clothes off and folded them in the chair beside my single bed. There was a lovely deer antler which served as a hanger for my shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was carrying a few pounds round the waist but still looked attractive for my age. I took a long breath, a final glance out the window and walked towards the door and down the stairs. The voices were coming from along the corridor so I followed the voices and found myself in a huge kitchen. I smiled and introduced myself.

There were seven men, some sitting at a large table and others standing. All were nude and all of us over forty. Our host, Mark, was at the stove, cooking our supper. He waved to me and invited me to sit down. I placed my towel on the bench and sat down. One guy, who introduced himself as John, shook my hand and poured me a glass of wine. We were just waiting for our last guest, the one who I was sharing a room with. He arrived just as we were sitting down to our meal. He dashed upstairs and returned naked, and took a seat on the bench beside me. He introduced himself as Ronnie and apologised for being late, ‘train trouble’, he explained.

The evening went well, we had retired to the lounge where a wood burning stove lit up the room with a low light. I relaxed on a chair and sipped on a brandy, listening to the music in the background. This was lovely, I thought. Good company and, as the brandy lightened my mood, a little erotic. Here I was with nine men, all of us naked and I found it liberating and exciting. I hadn’t been with another man since I was a student thirty years ago and that was just a grope. This was something I had never experienced before and I was enjoying it. There were two couples and the rest of us were single. I watched one of the couples as they sat beside each other, holding hands and chatting. They looked perfectly at ease. I wondered how many more couples there would be before the weekend was over. I was aware of a stirring in my groin as I thought about it.

It was almost midnight and I was feeling quite tipsy with the brandy. I needed to go to bed. I thanked everyone for a most enjoyable evening and went upstairs to bed. I had only just settled under the duvet when Ronnie walked in. He smiled as he made his way to his bed, in the opposite corner of the room. He got into bed.

We chatted casually, he explained he was gay and had come to the retreat to experience some freedom from inhibition. I told him about my divorce and that I also was here to relax and experience something. As he spoke, I was casually stroking my cock, aware that I was quite turned on at the thought of being surrounded by so many güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri naked men. I told Ronnie this, how I was nervous and excited at the same time. I told him about my one experience with a guy where we just touched each other’s cocks one drunken night when I was a student. He asked me how I enjoyed it. The more I thought about it the more excited I became. I had never had the inclination or opportunity to be with another man, until now.

Ronnie was very interested in that one experience of mine. He explained that he was also single and was hoping to meet someone on the weekend retreat. A wave of excitement ran through my body. I had honestly not thought about guys sexually in all that time. Not until now. And I thought about what this weekend might bring. Ronnie broke the ice and came right to the point. ‘Would I like a back rub before going to sleep’?

I hesitated before answering. Was I sure I wanted to do this, knowing he was gay and looking for some fun. Yes, I decided. I was excited and wanted this. ‘Okay’, I whispered to Ronnie, that would be nice.

I sat up and pulled the duvet under me and lay down on my front. Ronnie straddled my back and started to massage my shoulders. I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass as he worked on my back. Ronnie was strong and in good shape for someone who was just a few years older than me. It felt wonderful to feel his hands on my back. As he massaged me, he said he had viagra with him and would I like one. I’d never had viagra before but what I had read, they do help to sustain a hard erection.

‘Okay’, I whispered to Ronnie. He stood up and took the packet out of his bag and offered me one. I took it with a drink of water from the bottle at the side of my bed. Ronnie also took one and it was at that moment I realised I was going to be having sex with a guy. I felt dizzy with excitement as I thought about it. Ronnie told me it would just take twenty minutes to work and that he would massage me.

After a few minutes, I offered to massage him and he rolled over the bed to lie face down. My cock was getting very hard as I looked at his body. He was quite hairy and had lovely shaped legs. He was in great shape for sixty. I felt my balls stroking his ass as I massaged his back. My hands gripped each leg and squeezed the muscles. He rubbed his ass in turn to my movements and this just got me harder. The viagra must be working, I thought. I asked him if he would like to turn over and I would rub his front. He moaned and turned round onto his back. He looked fabulous. I ran my fingers over his hairy chest and down his arms, my cock resting on his. I sat up and looked at him. He had a slim waist and a gorgeous cock. I gasped as I looked at it. It was quite long but not too large. Just a perfect size, I thought. The viagra must be working for him too. His cock sat completely erect. The foreskin was pulled back and he had a large purple well-shaped head which looked like it was pulsating. I could see the purple veins standing out. I hesitated as my hand moved down his chest and over his firm stomach to finally grip his cock. He gasped as my hand wrapped around his cock as I squeezed it. Slowly I rubbed it, watching his erection shudder as I rubbed. This viagra was really working. I had never had or felt such an intense erection.

Ronnie had his eyes closed as I rubbed his solid erection. He moved his hips in time with my hand. My other hand reached up to stroke his nipple. I leaned down to lick his other nipple. He moaned and another wave of excitment ran through me. My tounge teased his nipple and I started to trace my tongue down his chest and finally down to his cock. I licked the tip, tasting the precome as it oozed out of his cock. Very slowly I took the tip into my mouth, still rubbing it. He pushed gently, thrusting his cock further into my mouth. I moaned loudly when his cock was fully in my mouth. The tip was slightly down my throat as I tried not to gag. He ran his hands through my hair as my head bobbed up and down. Just when I thought he was close to coming, he stoppped me. ‘Not yet’, he said. I was disappointed. This was the most erotic experience in my life and I didn’t want it to end.

‘Build up the sexual energy’, he said, ‘it can lead to really intense orgasms’. That made sense, I thought, as he rolled from under me and told me to lie down. My cock was standing up and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri throbbing. I moaned, willing his hand to grip it. Slowly he ran his hands over my chest. My nipples are really sensitive and he quickly realised by my reaction. He teased each nipple with his mouth and my nipples quickly stood erect. I groaned with pleasure, rubbing my groin into his, feeling his long slender cock rubbing against mine. His head moved down to my cock and slowly he teased the head into his mouth. My cock wasn’t as long as his but I was thicker than his. I looked down and saw my cock slipping further and further into his mouth. He was an expert and knew exactly how to excite me. My cock throbbed as his head slowly moved up and down. I moaned and said I was going to come. Immediatly he stopped sucking my cock and lay down on top of me. ‘Save the sexual energy, it will be much more intense later’. I groaned, I needed to come but I was intrigued by what he was saying. Maybe he’s right and the more sexual energy we build up the more spectacular it would be. I would go along with that. I stopped thrusting my cock against his groin and wrapped my arms around him.

I nibbled his ear and nuzzled my lips against his neck. He was sensitive there so I teased him with my tongue. He had one leg wrapped around mine and his cock rested against mine. I could feel it. I gripped both cocks and rubbed slowly. He moaned in my ear. I rubbed our balls and gently squeezed them. Wave after wave of excitement ran through me. My cock was still throbbing and more erect than it had ever been. It felt so nice to feel both cocks in my hand.

Ronnie asked me to roll onto my stomach. He knelt behind me and stroked my ass. He got up and walked over to his bag and brought out a bottle of lube. I watched his cock throbbing as he walked back to the bed. He looked fantastic. God, I had never felt so turned on. I thought briefly of my ex wife, wondering why I had never felt like this with her.

I lay on the bed as I felt Ronnies hands stroking my ass, slowly his finger gently moved towards my asshole. Very slowly he inserted it, gently so as not to hurt me. He kept the rhythm as his finger fucked me. This was something I had never experienced. After a few moments, he inserted another finger. I relaxed as he slowly worked his fingers to loosen me up in preparation for something I knew was going to come. Mmmm, I was in another world. Here was I, lying naked face down with a guy bringing me to the heights of pleasure – and I was loving it. He kept a slow gentle rhythm as he finger fucked me.

I was ready. I really wanted to feel that long slender cock inside me. I had never thought of such a thing before but now, well, I really wanted him. I rolled onto my side and pulled my knees up. He lay on his side behind me. One arm was around my chest, teasing my nipple. His other hand was guiding his cock towards my asshole. I thrust my ass towards him. He was rubbing his cock over my asshole and it felt delicious. I was so excited. I felt the head of his cock thrusting against my asshole. Very slowly he slipped his cock inside me, centimetre by centimetre he pushed deeper and deeper. I was moaning into my pillow. His hands went to grip my thighs and he kept thrusting deeper and deeper with his cock. Slowly he kept the rhythm going until his cock was completely inside me. He stopped thrusting and lay there with his cock deep inside me, lying still. I could feel his cock pulsating inside me. I squeezed my asshole around his cock. It was a perfect shape and size for me and I shivered as I thought of feeling it explode inside me.

Ronnie wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his hairy chest against my back. His cock was buried deep inside me and he was perfectly still. ‘Let’s build up to a climax and then stop, just one last time and then we’ll both come together. Let’s try it’, he said, you’ll love it.

‘Okay’, I replied, my hand gripping his wrist. I relaxed further and felt his cock slowly moving in and out, he still held me in his arms and he slowly thrust that cock deeper and deeper. I knew he was almost coming and I knew he would stop so I stopped thrusting my ass and let him stop when he was ready. ‘Your turn next’, he said and turned me over to face him. He wrapped his strong arms around me and kissed me. Our lips met and I felt his tongue tease my lips. I kissed him passionately, his rough güvenilir bahis şirketleri stubble tickling my face. We ground our cocks together. I wrapped one leg around him and held him close to me. His mouth crept towards my neck and he kissed me, teasing my neck with his tongue. He moved his hand down and started to wank me. Slowly and firmly, he rubbed me, teasing my nipple with his other hand. It was only a few moments when I felt myself throbbing and about to come. Ronnie was aware of how I was feeling and he stopped rubbing me. I lay still as I let my body recover. I was absolutely turned on and rampant. What did Ronnie have in mind.

Ronnie got up and went to the bathroom and washed his cock. I got up and did the same. I had a nice tingly feeling in my asshole as I walked. Ronnie’s cock had felt fantastic inside me. My ass was still covered in lube and it felt nice as I walked. Ronnie stood at the side of the bed and wrapped both arms around me. ‘Let’s come now’, he said. ‘YES, I murmured in his ear.

I reached for his cock, which was still erect. I teased the head with my finger, rubbing the precome over the head. I knelt down and held his cock. I studied it and it was gorgeous. It throbbed in my hands and I traced my finger over the veins. I placed my mouth over his cock and gently slid it all the way into my mouth. Ronnie groaned as I sucked him. I rubbed his foreskin over the head and kissed the tip, slowly letting it slide to the back of my throat. I cupped his balls with one hand and rubbed his foreskin with the other. In and out of my mouth, slowly and passionately.

He lay on the bed, on his back and told me to straddle him. I lowered my cock towards his mouth and gripped his head with my thighs. I tòok his cock in my mouth and started to rub him faster and faster. He did the same, he inserted one and then two fingers into my asshole and thrust them inside me. ‘I’m going to come’, I gasped. ‘So am I’, he replied. I slowed down my hand rubbing his cock, slowing down so I could catch up. I was so turned on that I was really sensitive to what Ronnie was doing to me. As I felt my climax begining to stir, I rubbed Ronnie faster and faster. I could feel his breathing get faster and he tapped me to let me know he was almost there. One final stroke and we were both coming together. I felt the first spurt as he shot his come to the back of my throat. I tried to swallow as he spurted. He kept spurting warm spunk into my mouth, eight times he ejaculated and I shared every moment of it with him. As I’m pumping his cock and swallowing his load, some dribbled out of the side of my mouth. At the same time, I felt myself reach the point of no return and as soon as I felt Ronnie come, I did the same. Ronnie knew exactly how to do it and he gripped me tighter and pumped my cock into his mouth. I could feel him swallow as I felt wave after wave of orgasm run through me. I thought I would never stop spurting, it seemed to go on for ever. Now I know what Ronnie meant about saving the sexual energy. I had never come like that in my life. I sucked Ronnies cock which was starting to deflate a little, only a little. I felt the same too. Spent but still throbbingly hard. I wondered if we could keep this going for a second round.

It was late and tomorrow would bring new delights, I was certain of that. I got off Ronnie, giving his cock a final slow kiss and went to the bathroom to wash myself. Ronnie did the same and we stood there, washing each others cock. I had no idea viagra worked like this. I wondered if I could sleep with this erection. Ronnie gave me another long lingering kiss, stroking my cock as I stood there stroking his. My mouth covered his nipple and my fingers teased the other one. ‘Let’s leave it until tomorrow, he said. Let’s make it as erotic as we can’.

Disappointed, I lay on my bed for ages. I couldn’t stop thinking about what we had just done. I could hear Ronnie sleep but I still had loads of thoughts going through my mind. I loved every second of what we did. I’ve never felt a man inside me before, and it was the best feeling I had ever experienced. I could still taste his come in my mouth and I loved the salty taste of it. Suddenly, all of the stress seemed to just melt away. I had met Ronnie and, although he’s older than me, I was definately attracted to him. I liked this sexual energy he talked about. Certainly, I had never been so turned on in my life and had the best orgasm ever.

My last thought before dropping off was, did Ronnie have more viagra? The weekend had only just started and I felt sure it was going to be the experience of my life.


If you enjoyed this, let me know and I’ll write about what happens the next morning.



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