Catherine looked upon her son with the lust that had been building up inside of her since his return from college. His chest had broadened, his waist had narrowed as his thighs became massive. She had glimpsed his manhood by accident she was duly impressed. Watching him stretch as he came out of the pool caused her to become weak in the knees. Licking her lips she looked at the mirror for her image as she was about to take out some juice to the pool area.

Her breasts were still very firm with the sway of a woman in her thirties. The top of her suit barely covered the nipples with barely there pieces of material. She has bought it just last night on a whim. The multi colored fabric afforded her nipples room to become erect. They were long when excited about the size of a pencil eraser. They were very excited because of her sons stretching shadowed his cock in his trunks. She took her fingers and twisted her nipples for more emphasis. They responded immediately. Seeing the bottom of the suit now in the mirror almost made her back out. It had been two well placed triangles covering her pussy without hiding anything.

Having Charles here she knew he was unhappy he had been free speaking with her last night. He had yet to find a woman or a girl that he wanted to make love too. He was a virgin, well not for much longer if she had anything to do with it. Her long legs were tapered at the ankles with a slim ankle bone. Standing at almost six feet she was a beautiful, breathtakingly so woman. Her body was a work of art. Long graceful arms, her neck was erotic. Her long waist length hair was falling about her shoulders. Her face was without creases. She was every boy’s wet dream. Her size forty DD’s were the envy of all of her friends. Pink puffy nipples swollen now with anticipation she stepped out of the door.

His body was well developed since he went away for school. School was easy for him always was. He found working out a better way to end frustrations sexually than trying to get into girls panties. They seemed so infantile from what he listened to with his buddies. The crap they had to put up with to get some pussy made him shy away from going after them. He wanted to be educated in pleasing a woman before actually having a woman. Laughing at this he turned to see his mother approaching him with the most revealing bikini he had ever seen. His cock stirred so quickly he didn’t have time to turn before he knew she had busted him. He decided he would just walk towards her and help her not hide his desire for her mature body. Realizing that he was turned on by his mother didn’t seem odd at all, after all she was always open with him.

Catherine always walked around practically nude for him. She always shared her sensuality with him he was raised with seeing her in all stages of undress. They had never touched sexually but he knew that he was of age to appreciate her now so he came home for the Spring break to be shown the ways of pleasing a woman. She understood his frustrations as he talked yesterday. How he would become so hard some nights that he couldn’t sleep. How masturbating wasn’t making him relax any longer. He was in need of an older woman to show him the pleasures of pleasing a woman. Why not come to his mom? She was always offering him bits and pieces of sexual advice. His closeness with his mom was something his pals envied all though they didn’t know that she was this open with him.

His pals went on with life stumbling in making love, he was going to become a lover he was sure of that. So his pals asked him to go to Florida with them but he knew he was going to come home. Learn first hand about a woman’s desire. He was going to be showed proper ways of making a woman cum. He was going to explore to his hearts delight the many nuances of a woman’s body.

“Here let me carry that for you mom.” Charles said without taking his eyes off of her body.

“Thanks son. I was sure your thirst was building after that swimming you did. Do you swim everyday?” Catherine asked as she smiled into his eyes. Only once looking down to see his erection.

“Yes. Before classes and late at night when I’m to excited to sleep.” He answered pouring her some juice.

“I can tell your body has become quite magnificent son.” Catherine replied as she sat down across from him.

Her pussy lips were now outside of the thin material as she sat down she opened her legs to afford him the view. He sat down causing his own suit to conform to his erection. They drank in silence for a little while both aware of the changes that were going to happen with them.

“Mom your pussy lips are very full I like that. I think it’s sexy.” He smiled as he leaned closer for a better view.

Catherine opened her legs even more so he could see the whole of her pussy. She was very wet it showed on the darkened material.

“When a woman is excited she will become wet like I am now.” His mother spoke quietly. ‘She will have a wonderful feeling inside of her pussy. istanbul escort As she gets more sexual she will know this sparks the desires of her partner. Like I can tell your trunks are looking so very painful dear. You can remove them if you like.” She replied matter of fact.

Charles took his thumbs and raised his hips a little pulling them off his cock slapped his stomach. His cock was nestled in some dark hair. Not much he normally shaved his pubic hair for the look pleased him. He also didn’t want loose hair to get in his lovers mouth. Catherine was amazed by his girth the beauty of his cock was making her squirm now.

“May I see your pussy without the clothing mom?” He asked earnestly.

Catherine smiled at his impetuous request. She sat forward without speaking and then stroked his cock with her hand. She left her suit on. He would have to know that he would get what he wanted but in due time. His cock was so hard she knew he was in pain but also knew that he would be more excited before he came. It felt like a velvet pole, long with such a rigidity she was pleased by this. He was of a good size but he would know that the cock was only a tool as would be his tongue. They would together be a team to bring a woman to orgasms. He leaned back so she could have his manhood at her own desirous speed.

“Son a woman wants some mystery before the clothing comes off. You will see your mom in due time so be patient. A patient man is a fucked man darling.” She smiled at his eyes as she played with his cock.

Charles smiled at that thought being fucked.Being inside of this woman with his cock made him almost cum right then his mother knew he was becoming way over the top. She let go of his member so he could pull back on the passions he was feeling. She sat back winking at him she spoke softly.

“Son take your cock and jack off for me. I want you to show me the ways you enjoy best. Also before you are with that special woman you might need to jack off. To bring your own orgasm under control. Pull back from becoming the main interest. We all know a man will have an orgasm, not all women though cum so easily.” She said sincerely. “I want you to feel free to jack off in front of me when we are alone like this.” She added with excitement in her voice.

Charles seemed to not be embarrassed by this and took his rock hard cock in his left hand. Looking at his mother she moved her legs apart for him. Seeing this inspiration he was able to feel the cum bubbling up like a brook. Stroking from bottom to the head without hesitating he made the strokes long with the head being wrapped harder with each motion. Then he took his right hand and started to squeeze his balls without looking away from his view of his mothers pussy lips with the thin material covering a bulge he knew had to be her clit. The thought of seeing that clit caused him to speed up knowing that his mother was watching him stroke himself made him hotter. That indention between her legs caused his breath to catch in his throat.

Catherine watched this with great sexual interest his hands were moving at piston speed as he made himself cum so close. She noted he would cum to the abyss then he would slow down to bring himself back to the pleasures of feeling his cock in his hand. As he worked his cock for her eyes she leaned closer his view was temporarily out of his sight. She took her middle finger sucking on it so hard he was amazed by this. Their eyes locked he was waiting for her to do whatever she wanted to do. She worked her finger up under the chair and through the strips of the material she was at his anus. He stopped for a second wandering what was she going to do. Then he felt her push into his ass and he went out of this world just as his cum shattered his mind and body. What was she doing to him? He wasn’t able to focus on anything his body was convulsing as he flew out into sub space. Catherine knew this was his first trip so she kept up the finger fucking his tight ass. Some of his cum had splashed her face she didn’t mind he was flying.

As she watched he returned with such an amazing look in his eyes. She felt so wonderful for him knowing she was the one that caused him to lose the fight and fly off. He sat there with his cock semi hard his cum all over his chest on her chin, he smiled weakly.

“Wow! What in the world happened mom?” He hoarsely whispered.

“You went into sub space. Now just sit there take it in.” She whispered back to him.

They sat there like that for a little while as he regained his body. Finally Catherine stood up and took her suit off as she waited for him to come back and refocus. Sitting there both naked as the day he was born was such a thrill for Catherine. Her clit was engorged by the sight of his cumming playing in her minds eye. She closed her eyes as he was starting to come back into the present.

Charles’ eye looked upon this woman seeing her naked he noted avcılar escort the engorged clit getting excited again he wanted to touch it. Reaching over to her pussy he brushed it very timidly. Catherine knew he was exploring her woman’s body. She adjusted her legs to give him more of a visual. As she knew he would he got out of his chair and sat by her. Seeing her naked for his eyes he felt like weeping.

“Oh mom how beautiful you look like this.” He said tenderly. ‘I feel scared I might do something wrong.” he honestly said.

“Oh telling a woman she is beautiful is never wrong sweetheart. So you are back now.” She smiled placing his hand upon her pussy lips. ‘Go ahead touch me ask me what you want to know?” She added smiling broader.

His male fingers were gentle as he opened her lips to see her pearl. His eyes were basking on the beauty of a woman’s special sexual secret to most men. Seeing the skin surrounding the tip of it made him smile as he touched her more sure of himself. The hood parted like the Red Sea he laughed at this thought. This woman was so beautiful. His reactions were playful without shame. Seeing her wetness dripping out of the sensual hole caused his own cock to leak. Brushing her legs open more he was afforded the view of a woman that was very aroused. Instinctively he bent down and took a lick of the wetness and fell in love with the taste of a woman at that very second. He knew he would never get enough of this sensual liquid.

Catherine was smiling as she felt his explorations. As his tongue licked her pussy juice she gasped loudly he seemed oblivious. She would have to teach him that sounds were part of the journey. Taking her own long fingers she opened herself more for his eyes. He seemed to become so full of excitement not knowing what to do in what order. She knew the scent of a woman in lust was as evocative as it was for a woman to smell her man. He was sending off his scent it wafted into her senses without interruptions. She wanted to know what he knew naturally so she let him explore his mother’s pussy to his delight. They were in no hurry sitting like this seemed natural to them. Outdoors, sun bathing them they laid here with sexual desires being ignited.

“You may put your fingers in my pussy if you want. My pussy will grab them so don’t be surprised by this.” She laughed at his eyes.

Charles did slip his finger inside of her without any effort he thought he needed to place another one when he did her pussy did grab them causing him to almost pull them out. She flexed her muscles and milked his fingers so he could know that his cock would be stroked inside this hot, wet, dark hole, he was feeling without any embarrassment. Placing his fingers inside of her he noted her clit seemed to grow again. Bending down for that delicious wetness he licked her aroused clit as he pumped his fingers inside of her.

Catherine was pleased with his natural knowledge. He was going to become quite the lover she felt pride in his accomplishment. Knowing that his cock would be snaking its way inside of her made her cum showering his face with her warm cum. He didn’t stop or hesitate he lapped up this unexpected shower with gusto. Looking down at his face she saw that he was soaked making her cum again with her pussy tightening around his fingers which he had placed three inside of her now. She wanted him to stick that talented tongue where his fingers were playing. She took her hands and pushed his face down further onto her pussy hole.

Removing his fingers his tongue took precedence she was shocked by the mere touch of his tongue surrounding her hole. It made her weak with desire for him. He seemed to know what to do with his tongue and buried it deep. Lapping it with quite a lot of vigor. He seemed to understand that she needed this more than the delicate licking. He was learning the intricacies of the male tongue. The rough surface was exploring the inner walls of her vagina. A little to the left made her pussy shiver. Yet, when he took his tongue making it go upwards she squirmed as her nails dug into his hair. His tongue was easing into the rhythm of entering and exiting with long strokes her pussy became more wet.

Taking his hands he easily lifted her buttocks off the seat and he allowed his tongue to drape down inside the crease of her pussy to her anus. Her excitement made him want to be more aware of her desires. He might have been a virgin technically but he knew the technical moves that born lovers knew with oral sex.

He had done this with only her, yet he knew any woman treated right would be his after this treatment he felt empowered by this knowledge. Not abusive but he was now in his mind a lover not a fighter. Drinking her cum as he caused her to cum in succession only made him harder. He had forgotten he was hard in his excitement in learning this delicious pussy.

His enjoyment was so intense with this oral sex he had almost forgot about the intercourse şirinevler escort until his mother grabbed his cock. She had maneuvered herself so she could orally please him too. The first time her mouth smothered his cock he felt an electric shock coursing up his spine. His own mother was sucking him off his mind was disconnecting. Fear had entered his mind for the fact he might go off again and he wanted this moment to take forever. They laid there with her on the bottom sucking each others genitals into so many stages of passions. He didn’t worry about his cock not pleasing her she was enjoying this as much as him. She was releasing as much or more cum as he was. He listened for her moans to know that he was doing what she enjoyed.

Not even realizing that he was pumping into he mouth he just seemed to know she was going to swallow his cum when he let it blow. Her fingers going inside of his ass was making him pump harder into this wet mouth he knew as his mom. Tonguing her pussy was mind blowing seeing her clit jerk when he flicked it with his tongue. He was becoming over loaded with sights and sounds and scents of desires gone into another realm. The sensations were mind boggling them both. The knowledge of what they were experiencing was something they both knew was prohibited. Right now they could of cared less. It was a mother teaching her son to become a lover for life.

Then as he was about to cum down her throat she relaxed her throat. He would slip further down as he did she swallowed and it massaged his cock so wonderfully. He shot her throat with his white hot cum bathing her throat with his seed he lifted off again. She massaged him with her throat muscles as he flew above them. Knowing his youth would make it where he could finally fuck her she kept up the assault on his love muscle.

Finally he rolled off of her as she watched him breathing erratically she snuggled into him as he tripped out.Bringing him to another blast off made her smile. Knowing that his cumming was brought off by her made her feel so close to him. His hands eventually seemed to reattach themselves to the end of his arms. He pulled her close to him as he did he sensually kissed her full lips. Pulling her over on top of him she allowed him to place her above his hard cock. He took her hips placing them centered he placed his cock to her wanting dripping, hole. He plunged his cock into her like a spear aiming towards the heart of an animal. He pierced her pussy with an easy going manner. He knew what to do with his cock so he entered her pussy allowing the feeling to flood his memory for all time.

Her pussy received him fully with so much wetness she was tight around the noble head. Noticing they both had chills they melded into one another like they knew from the first moment last night it would. His coming home was meant for this. He would take this away from here for his life’s enjoyment. He knew that pleasing a woman would eventually please him. Holding a woman’s sexuality in his hands, and tongue was more essential than the mere fucking. His hips made them both bounce on the tall grass. His body commanded hers without his releasing hers she would be horribly denied. In one fell sweep he was on top without falling out he brought her ankles to his lips and kissed them. Stretching his arms out he spread her open for the assault he was going to give her. The constant pounding was being more aggressive he knew somehow she wanted it hard. Slapping her pussy harder made her splash up at him he tried to catch some in his mouth but couldn’t. Making her ankles rest on his shoulders he took his hand and cupped it around the piston pumping cock. The free flowing juices gathered in his hands and he brought them up to his mouth tasting their mingled juices. He growled loudly, causing his mother to laugh.

His rigid cock was hitting her insides causing her so much pleasure she lifted off without trying. His eyes looking into hers he knew she was soaring. Slapping her pussy harder he felt his immediate release and he didn’t want to hold back any longer. His cum burst into her with enough force she was lifted off the wet grass.

His hips kept their rhythm perhaps by memory because he was flying with his mom. They were locked together as they experienced their first orgasm with him buried to the hilt inside of her.

That was their first time but since then they were lovers in many places. It was Christmas and Charles was coming home bringing her a special gift. Lingerie was their weakness he bought all of her lingerie he was pleased to recall. This was her special gift sitting beside of him. They were so much into one another that thinking of her would make him become hard instantly. He had dated girls after getting back with his mothers approval. Yet he always came home to her. He knew she would be wearing his most favorite lingerie, her scent would be wafting up to his nose. The house would be decorated with candles, lights, and holly everywhere. The fireplace would be lit in their bedroom they shared. She would fall to her knees as he walked inside. She would take him out of his chinos and suck him off before they spoke. Thinking of this made him weak in the knees. He would gather her up and take her into the living room place her under the tree undress her and make passionate love to his mother.



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