There was an element of both anger and hatred within the gaze, his slender figure in such a position that none could refute the cold silence which echoed from him. He watched each man, each woman with a bitter stare but few noticed his envious watch in the dim light of the room. Alone, he stood in distaste as couples were formed in the night’s warm glow, his bitter nature perpetuated with the loneliness which both his heart and his groins felt. Each couple was met with a scorn, so violent and furious it could have formed from the pits of hell. He thought himself alone, unloved but his stance and his frown was the mere reason for his stone heart, his search for a release conflicting with his envious rage. He wondered if people noticed him. He wondered if there were others like him that stood, leaning against the bar with hatred boiling within them, watching the couples as he did and falling deeper in the abyss of loneliness, lacking in the vivacious emotion which circulated the room.

He considered leaving the place, believing that there was no future nor was there the potential for a relationship within the cold, modern bar which was far from his scene. The dim lights, the sound of music resounding from the large speakers and the constant need to shout were a mere inconvenience. He thought this place to be degenerate but the barman continued to serve him drinks, regardless of his refusal. His shoulders were tense, his spine in pain as he shuffled his position in an attempt to escape the arthritic pain which was forming from his lack of movement. In his hand, the small glass of scotch lingered, untouched for the last few minutes. It was a fine, acquired taste but one that he did not appreciate as he sometimes did, the alcohol becoming the root to his lonesome depression but unable to stop himself, falling to sweet temporal pleasure of intoxication, hoping it would offer him an escape from the realities of his monotonous life.

Instead, it left him feeling the fool. The night was long and painful, more and more people filing into the bar and he was often shuffled from place to place as couples sought to liven their relationships with dancing and romance, both of which he had none of. His own drinking brought a number of curious, if not disapproving looks, much like his loneliness did. His small stature left him at a disadvantage, unnoticed at times whilst his short brown hair and chocolate irises caught the attention of those sensitive enough to appreciate his toned but fine figure. Some attempted to advance upon him, two blonde women whom were giggling like schoolgirls but he soon cast a glance that showed he was not interested. A large man of six foot soon came next but he thought himself to be dominated with the conflict of height and he apologetically moved from the man but gave no exact reason as for his refusal.

The night was much the same as others had been; his scotch glass continued to remain full and he was alone close to the end. Men and women had advanced upon him but few caught his attention. Whether it was his standards that brought him loneliness or his continued need to feel protected that made him a lone soldier, he did not know. Alone, he stepped from the bar and moved towards the door but a man caught his attention in the distance, his last glance into the bar which was now brimming with couples offered him the chance to see the tall, slender blonde which stood alone at the bar, his frown much the same as his was. For a moment, illegal bahis there was the element of indecisiveness and doubt, standing at the door with the cold winds blowing his short strands of brown hair all over the place. He paused and closed the door, attempting to find his route towards the blonde man.

Moving from place to place, it took him a long period of time to fight through the crowds, finding the blonde man standing alone but not looking at people in particular. He seemed distant, as though lost in thought and the expression was beautiful. His soft lips were curved into a frown, oceanic blue irises capturing the essence of innocence which aroused him. He strode towards the man and sat a few seats apart, not wishing to seem too eager. He looked at the man; he had not noticed the average man a few seats from him, still lost in his thoughtfulness. “Would you like a drink?” He asked the blonde man, smiling as the man turned towards him and gave him a mischievous grin. “If you wouldn’t mind.” He said and the two men ordered drinks. “I apologise. I’m James.” The blonde man said, James, it was a nice name if not common. The brown haired man responded as he took a slight sip from his scotch. “I’m William.” He said and James outstretched his hand.

The contact was simple but it brought a soft, sensual pleasure as William took the hand and shook it in his firm and confident manner, smiling as he did so. As the two parted hands, the silence fell inwards, awkwardness settling in. It was William whom spoke first, his timid voice almost inaudible over the music. “Do you come here often?” He asked. William did not think so, he would have been certain to have noticed such an attractive man as James if he did. James shook his head in response. “No, first time here.” That did intrigue William, was this to be the man’s first homosexual experience. From the look that James was giving him, he doubted it. He cast a glance at the man’s lips, at his figure and how his shirt was tight against his chest. William’s eyes moved lower, towards his thighs where tight denim jeans hooked at his crotch…what was beneath that zipper, William wondered to himself, unaware of the absent expression that had formed on his face.

The two conversed for a time, learning on one another’s interests, occupations and so forth but William’s failure to notice him earlier left him at a disadvantage. On most occasions, it would take hours for William to ask a man to return to his home but the barman shouted last orders and William sighed. He did not know the man well enough nor did he know his sexuality. William would have to take a chance or James would have to make the first move. “Are you here with anyone?” James asked in a beautiful accent that he could not recognise. William responded with a glimmer in his eyes, hoping that this meant a mutual attraction between the two. “No, I’m alone tonight. I was heading out before I noticed you.” Shit, he thought to himself. He had said too much. He lowered his head in shame, unable to meet the potential disgusted expression on James’ face.

However, whilst William had his head down, James grinned in mischief and pleasure. William had noticed him, James thought to himself. That was quite a compliment, James was attracted to William but he did not want to seem too forward. It was not often he came to bars and taverns, he preferred his books and his job. William raised his head after a short period of time and saw the delighted expression illegal bahis siteleri on James’ face which brought an equal smile on William’s. The two sat in silence, taking their time to ponder upon their next words, drinking their drinks and waiting to see who would make the first move. Surprisingly, James spoke the first words after their awkward question and William perked up in delight. “Would you like to come to my place for a drink?” It was an offer William could not refuse but he did not want to seem too eager. He nodded in a gentle but confident manner and the two left the bar, heading towards James’ home.

James’ home was decorated in an old fashion, beautiful teak and oak furniture a common feature whilst the beautiful marble fireplace was a touch that offset the older design. William was stunned, in awe of James’ wealth. He was glad that he had been taken here, in comparison to the small flat which William owned, this was a mansion. “Do you like it?” James asked timidly as the two moved around the home, William being given a guided tour and shown the bedrooms, the study and the bar in his saloon. It was such a large home, he wondered if there was a deliberate intention in having shown William the bedroom. “It’s beautiful.” William responded after some time as the pair moved to the bar, James serving up two glasses of fine scotch.

William’s timid nature set in as he sat in silence, watching James from the corner of his eye. He could not help but look at the fine figure of a man whom was apparently rich. It seemed James noticed the cautious glances and the two sat, their eyes locked on one another. It was a moment of suspense, William was hesitant but James seemed much more confident and his beautiful soft lips found themselves pressed against William’s, a soft pink tongue rolling across the surface of his lips in a gentle manner that was sensual and arousing. Before William could react, James had pulled backwards and looked upset. “I’m sorry; I’ve wanted to do that since you asked me for a drink.” William’s heart leapt in delight, his trousers becoming tight at the number of possibilities that could be had. William grinned, responding in a fashion that brought the two in a beautiful embrace of lovers.

William’s lips were now pressed against James, their tongues timid and cautious as each one attempted to find an entrance into the other’s mouth. It was awkward at first, the mutual attraction causing problems. Both wished to be dominated but James’ stronger, muscular frame gave him the advantage as he placed his hands upon William’s spine and pulled him close, William’s tight crotch pressed against James’. James found an entrance into William’s mouth and began exploring his mouth, their saliva mixing with one another as James licked, teased and touched each nook which he could find in William’s mouth. It was delightful…arousing…sexual. James was in heaven, he explored, not wanting to break the kiss which had brought him to the peak of arousal.

It was William that broke the kiss, looking at James with lust filled eyes. The chocolate irises met the blue, William going onto his knees to kneel before the denim jeans that now seemed tighter around the crotch. William smiled in delight and James offered a nod of approval as William began to unfasten the buttons on the jeans, the button popping loose after seconds of trouble, the zipper soon fell to the bottom and William pulled the trousers to half mast, looking at the canlı bahis siteleri black boxers which hid the beautiful, long treasure that was James’ penis. He gripped his fingers along the waistband, slowly pulling them towards and releasing the large penis from within. William gasped in delight at its size, at least seven inches, thick and pulsating with its red tip. James looked embarrassed but William rose upwards and kissed him on the shoulders, whispering soft compliments. “Your penis is so large. I want to suck it. I want to lick it. I want you to cum in my mouth and groan in delight.”

James moaned in pleasure at the mere insinuations of what William would do and his warm breath fell against William’s face, watching William move onto his knees again. William was teasing him at first, a small pink tongue licking the tip, touching the end where small amounts of pre-cum dribbled onto William’s tongue. He lapped it up before he moved lower, licking the swollen testicles below, the thick blonde hairs like a maze which his tongue sought to fight through to get to the large balls which he sucked on, hearing a groan of approval from James. He sucked harder, licking the balls with a lashing tongue and James jerked his hips in surprise at the pleasure to be had, moaning William’s name and telling him what to do, begging him. “Please, taste me.” James begged.

William complied but took his time. His tongue lashed across the tip which brought more pre-cum from the end, delighting William that he was doing such a good job. The tongue rolled along the shaft, licking each part and coating it in a thin layer of saliva. William’s hand fumbled with James’ testicles as he opened his mouth and placed the tip of James’ penis in his mouth, licking it timidly. “Oh…William!” James cried out, enticing William to go further. William placed another inch into his mouth, now bobbing his head and licking the penis in a faster mouth while his hands caressed the testicles beneath. To William’s surprise, James moved his hips and pushed his cock deeper into William’s mouth and it pressed against the back of his throat. Both William and James let out a gasp and moan of pleasure as William was now determined to make James cum.

He licked the penis from end to end, lashing across it and sucking it with effort. James was bucking his hips, moaning and groaning William’s name from time to time. William’s mouth was brimming with a penis and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh could be heard. He played with James’ balls as he heard James moan that he was close. “I’m…so…close.” James gasped as he tossed his head backwards and he bucked his hips into William’s face, grabbing his hair to make him work harder. William played, sucked and licked with great pleasure, moaning in pleasure. He heard James moan, louder and louder he became before he cried out. “I’m cumming!” He screamed as the hot cream liquid spurted from James’ penis into William’s mouth in a thick load, filling William’s mouth.

Several drops fell from William’s lips as he gulped the semen down his throat, rubbing the penis with his hand to finish the job. James came in shorter spurts, landing on William’s face. William grinned and he rose and James began to lick the cum from William’s face, placing some on his lips so that the two could kiss and taste the juices of their attraction. The pair kissed, more passionate whilst James’ cock was pressed against William’s leg, pausing in the kiss to ask one question. “We could do this all night, are you willing to go all the way?” William asked curiously, the only response being a beautiful and passionate kiss as the two explored one another’s mouth, arousing each other with their masculine moans of pleasure…



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