Jessica and Michelle have been friends since high school. Now in their late 20’s, they had been through many things together. However, neither had ever considered what they would go through together on this night.

Michelle had been dating her boyfriend for almost 2 years, and things weren’t going well. It was a relationship that probably should have already ended, but for whatever reason hadn’t as of yet.

They got into a heated argument on a Friday afternoon, and Michelle decided that she needed to get out of the house for the night. She called Jessica to see what she was doing. “Nothing” was the basic answer. Michelle explained they had been fighting and wanted to come over and get drunk. Jessica thought this sounded like a great idea, so Michelle packed up some booze and headed for Jessicas house.

The drinking began upon arrival, and before long both were laughing and having a good time, forgetting about the troubles of earlier in the day.

After a couple of hours (and several margaritas each) Jessicas phone rang and it was another friend of hers named Amy. Amy invited Jessica over to an impromptu party that had started at her house one street over. She explained there were several people there and everyone was having fun.

Jessica told Amy that Michelle was over and they were already drowning the days sorrows in Tequila. Amy said to bring Michelle as well, and to bring bathing suits because the hot tub was going strong. Jessica asked Michelle if she wanted to go, and Michelle agreed. They grabbed booze and bathing suits, and walked to Amys house.

Amys party was a good one. There was over 20 people there, and everyone was having a good time. The booze flowed freely, and most everyone was beyond drunk.

Around 9:00, a guy named John took an interest in Michelle. He began trying to talk to her with usual chit chat, but Michelle cared very little about men that evening. The fight with her boyfriend was still fresh in her mind. The more John tried to talk to her, the more irritated she became with him.

“Jess, this guy keeps hitting on me, and I’m not really in the mood” she said to her friend.

Jessica replied “You want me to run blocker for you? I wouldn’t mind it a bit because I think he’s fucking hot anyway. You can do what you want and I’ll do him!”

Michell laughed. “You would do that for me?”

“Yeah, I’ll take one for the team to protect you from the evils of the hot guy. I wouldn’t do this for just anyone, but I will for you because I love ya.”

Both got a good laugh out of this and agreed that Jessica would run blocker for Michelle against John for the rest of the evening.

Michelle felt better knowing Jess had her back and knocked back some more drinks. Jess kept drinking as well, so both were getting very drunk.

Every time John tried to move in and talk to Michelle, Jess slipped in and took over the conversation.

At some point during the night, Jess had slipped off somewhere and John saw his chance to talk to Michelle alone. She was sitting on the couch by herself. John came and sat next to her.

He said “I’ve been wanting to talk to you all night, but haven’t really had the chance”.

Not halkalı escort sure what to say, and very drunk, Michelle searched for words. “I , uuhh, I’ve just been hanging…”

Before she could finish her half constructed sentence, John leaned over and kissed her. It wasn’t a regular kiss. It was a hard, deep passionate kiss. Something in Michelle instantly melted at this kiss. It had been a long time since she’d been kissed like this. She instantly knew that she liked it, and she missed it. She let out a very small moan and began to kiss back. John began to kiss her harder and lightly but firmly pulled her hair. Michelle had never had her hair pulled like that before, and it set off something she didn’t expect. She REALLY liked it. It made her instantly hot and wanting more.

All of the passion missing in her relationship with her boyfriend seemed suddenly to erupt inside of her. Within those few seconds, she already saw the possibilities of what could be that night.

On cue, Jess came walked up and interrupted the moment.

“There you are” she said. “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Michelle snapped back to reality and quickly got up and walked away as Jess started talking to John.

Michelle was confused by what had just happened. She felt things she didn’t expect, was drunk and wasn’t sure what to do about it. She stumbled to the kitchen to make herself another drink. She got her drink and was downing it fast while talking to some other people. As she stood there talking, she saw Jess leading John by the hand out to the hot tub.

Michelle felt a twinge of something in her stomach. Jealousy? Curiosity? Alcohol? A combination of them all? She wasn’t sure what it was, but it was an uneasy feeling. After a few minutes of contemplating these feelings, she decided to go out to the hot tub to see what was happening.

Jess and John were the only ones in the hot tub, or even in the back yard. Everyone else was either inside, or had begun to go home. Jess and John were sitting together in the hot tub, and Michelle sat down across from them.

Jess had a confused look on her face, she wasn’t sure what was happening. After a few seconds of silence, Michelle said “John, you should kiss her like you kissed me. That was a really good kiss. She needs to feel it too.”

John grinned and looked at Jess for approval. She grinned back and he knew it was okay. He kissed her as passionately as he had kissed Michelle, and it affected Jess in the same way.

Jess immediately moaned and returned the kiss. Things quickly began to spiral out of control. Hands began to explore, bodies began to move. Then Jess maneuvered on top of John and began to grind on him.

Really turned on by this display, Michelle wasn’t sure what to do. She felt like an intruder on a private moment, but was it really private? They were in the hot tub in full view of anyone that happened to be there.

Then the little devil that lives deep inside of each of us was suddenly turned loose in Michelle. For reasons she couldn’t explain, she slipped over next to John and Jess. She leaned in taksim escort and kissed them while they were kissing each other. Then she said softly into Johns ear “You should take her inside. She told me earlier that she wants to fuck you tonight. Looks to me like she still wants to”.

With that prompting, John took Jess by the hand and led her to the back bedroom and closed the door.

Michelle was suddenly alone again, but with a belly full of strange feelings she didn’t know what to do with. Passion, lust, and wanting were all raging inside her, but she had sent her potential outlet off with Jess.

Michelle staggered back to the kitchen and mixed herself another drink. There were still a few people left at the party, but not many. She stayed in the kitchen talking with some of them, but always thinking about Jess and John in the back room. Had she done a bad thing? Would her friend be mad at her in the morning? Many questions ran through her mind, and many feelings still ran rampant inside of her.

Michelle didn’t know how much time had passed, when she saw John walk towards the bathroom. She needed to go check on Jess.

The bedroom door was closed, so she lightly knocked on it. She heard a moan in response and opened the door.

“Jess, it’s me. Just checking to see if you’re ok”.

“mmmmm, that was soooo good” was the response she got from Jess.

Michelle walked in and sat on the edge of the bed to talk to her friend. Jess was obviously still very drunk, but hadn’t lost her senses.

“That was awesome. I haven’t had sex like that in a long time.” Said Jess

“Well honey, I’m glad you had a good time.” replied Michelle.

Jess muttered a few more words, then rolled over and quit talking. Michelle knew she had passed out. Michelle covered her up and sat in the quiet for a moment.

Those few moments of quiet allowed Michelle to think about the entire evening. How drunk she was, the things that had happened with John, the feelings she felt, the fact that her friend had just had fantastic sex that she had set up.

As she was laying there thinking about all of this, John slipped back in the room. He kind of startled Michelle, but not too badly.

He looked at Jess and said “Is she okay?”

“Yeah, she’s fine. Just out like a light. I think she had a really good night.” Michelle chuckled.

Michelle stood up to leave the room, but as she stood, she was met with a kiss from John. It was the same passionate, deep kiss that he had given earlier, and it got the same response from Michelle as it had earlier: She instantly melted.

When John felt that she liked it, he pulled her hair again during the kiss and the dam of passion within Michelle broke open. Passion and lust came flooding out of her in a way that hadn’t happened in years. At that moment, nothing else in the world mattered except for the raw passions coming out of her. Any last thoughts of resistance immediately faded away. The fact that Jess was passed out on the bed right beside them was irrelevant.

John sensed that she wanted this to happen, and kept going. While they were still standing, John spun Michelle around and şişli escort began to nibble on her neck and ears while still pulling her hair.

“I’ve been wanting you all night” he whispered in her ear.

A moan was the only response she could muster. This all felt too good and there didn’t seem to be any words that would be appropriate to what she was feeling.

As he was stood behind her, she felt his erection pressing into her ass, and she began to press back against it. They were soon into a full grinding motion. Pressing against each other, each feeling the others arousal.

Michelle couldn’t take it anymore. She stopped grinding, stood up straight, but didn’t turn back towards John. She simply slipped the straps of her bathing suit, lowered it, stepped out of it, then bent over the bed.

John quietly slid his trunks to the floor and took position behind her. He slowly rubbed his cock along her slit. She was very wet, wanting and ready. His cock easily slid into her pussy. As he entered her, she let out the loudest moan yet.

He slowly started stroking her. Long, slow deep strokes getting as deep inside of her as he could with each stroke. He felt her orgasm quickly start to build, but he didn’t change his pace. She began to moan and buck, but he stayed with the slow deep thrusts. This drove her crazy.

She wanted more, harder faster, but he wasn’t co operating. She unknowingly reached up and began to play with her clit as her orgasm approached.

He felt her orgasm start and gave one deep hard thrust that set it off. Her pussy clenched down around his cock and her hand furiously worked her clit. He felt her wetness running down his leg. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever witnessed.

When she finally regained her senses, she looked at him and said “your turn, how do you want it?”

He rolled her over on to her back, then set her ankles up on to his shoulders and entered her again. Once again he started with slow strokes, but soon began to pick up the pace. He began to fuck her harder and deeper, and she began to moan again.

He felt her orgasm building, and his building as well. He started pumping fast and furious, and Michelle let out a guttural “fuck me, fuck me harder” as her orgasm began.

Her orgasm set off his orgasm. They both had a violent orgasm, the kind you feel at your core. Spent, they both lay there motionless for several minutes.

Finally, Michelles senses came back to her and she began to chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” John asked.

“Well, I got in a fight with my boyfriend, went to Jess’s house to get drunk, wound up over here, tried to avoid you all night, got Jess to fuck you, then I fucked you in the same bed that Jess is passed out in. I had no idea what kind of day I was going to have when I woke up this morning.”

She was silent for a few seconds before she added “I just fucked a guy that she fucked just a half hour earlier. She’s passed out right next to us. This is without a doubt the weirdest day of my life”.

Michelle rolled over and kissed him, and then said “Thanks for a wonderful experience, but I have to get myself put back together and make sure Jess is ok.”

John took that as his cue to leave. He put his shorts back on, and left the room closing the door behind him. Michelle then turned on a small light, found her bathing suit and started putting it back on.

Then she heard a very groggy voice coming from Jess: “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life”……..



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