We have been spending so much time staying in (not that that hasn’t been great,) so we decide to go to see a movie at a local theatre. We walk hand in hand to the ticket counter, and decide to see something that is not a new release. Less chance of the theatre being crowded that way. We get our tickets, and go in to find our seats. It is absolutely deserted in there. Just you, me and rows of seats. We choose a cozy dark spot in the back. Before we sit, you lift the arm rest between our seats to remove any barriers between us. We snuggle up close together.

I ask you, “What are we seeing again?”

You reply, “I have no idea.”

We laugh, and you move closer to kiss me. I respond to your soft, sweet lips on mine. My body reacts immediately. I feel the familiar stirring in my loins. You have such an effect on me, and I sense that you are having the same feelings. I sigh softly, while you explore my mouth with your lips and your tongue. I move my hand, sliding under your arm, and down to your crotch until I am feeling the hardness growing under your clothes. I stroke you softly. We hear a few other people come into the room. We back off a little, still sitting very close together.

You mutter, “Damn it!”

I laugh at you, and tell you, “Be patient, Baby. The lights will go down soon.”

You reply, “Yeah, but will you?”

Smiling, I tell you, “Yes, sometime today, certainly.”

We hold hands, and wait for the movie to begin. We talk small talk. It’s good to be with you. We have such a strong sexual attraction for each other. We have just met in person so recently, that we have spent a lot of time in the bedroom. No complaints here, but it is still good to get out of the house a little. Suddenly the lights dim, and the previews start. There are no people sitting within about 10 rows of us. You put your hand to my face and pull me to you.

You kiss me and say, “Want to try this again?”

My response is to kiss you back and return my hand to your still hard cock. I stroke you and imagine having that beautiful hard cock inside me. I moan and hope it wasn’t too loud. I almost forgot where we are. You are smart enough to wear elastic waist shorts. I slowly move my hand under your shirt, and move down until I am sliding into your pants with my hand. I make skin to skin contact. You shift in your seat to allow me access to your balls. I stroke there first, and I hear your breathing change. I move to your cock and hold on tightly while I move my hand up and down, increasing the pressure. I alternate between your cock and your balls. I don’t want you to cum. This a teaser for later activities. I do this for a while, then remove my hand.

I whisper in your ear, “I’ll finish this later, Baby; any way you want?”

You say, “Any way? I’m going to hold you to that.”

We start watching the movie; it’s actually pretty good. All of a sudden I feel your hand on my leg, the inside of my thigh, to be exact. I look at you, and you have that adorable grin on your face. I instinctively close my legs, and you gently coax them apart by applying pressure on my leg. I comply and scoot down a little in my seat and spread wider for you. You move slowly up my thigh, trailing your güvenilir bahis fingers softly. The feeling is incredible, while I wait for that first touch. When you reach my center, you are expecting to have to slide your hand inside my panties, but find that there are no panties.

You lean over and whisper, “Well, you bad girl, you.”

I whisper back, “Only for you.”

Your fingers graze the outer lips of my pussy, and I can’t sit still at all. I’m having a very hard time not moaning out loud. You finally spread my lips with your fingers and feel the wetness you have created. You stroke me all over up and down. Then I slide further down in the seat, and your fingers enter me. You explore me thoroughly. I want you to touch my clit so badly, and I want you to avoid it at the same time. I know you can make me have a screaming orgasm, and I can’t scream here! You touch it anyway. I am going crazy. You get me almost there, then suddenly stop. You kiss me and put your tongue in my mouth.

When you pull away, you tell me, “I’ll finish this later for you, too. Any way I want, remember?”

I groan softly, and tell you, “You are such a tease! But I did say any way you want, and I meant it.”

You stick the hand that was just driving me crazy into the popcorn, and you pop a few pieces into your mouth. You look at me and smile while you lick your fingers thoroughly.

You smile and say, “Mmmmmmmmmmm, good popcorn.”

I laugh at you softly, and lean towards you putting my head on your shoulder. We hold hands and caress each other occasionally, rubbing legs or hands, but avoiding what we really want. The tension is building deliciously. We watch the rest of the movie. I’m not sure how well we are concentrating on it, though. We hold hands on the way back to the car, not saying anything, just knowing we are both desperate to get to someplace private. When we get into the car, you take my hand and kiss it and hold it while we drive back to my house. When we get to the house, it is deserted. The kids are all off at friend’s houses. What a break. I can’t wait any longer to have you. I lock the front door and put on the deadbolt, so no one can surprise us. I tell you to light a fire in the fireplace, while I get some blankets. A storm has just started brewing outside, almost as strong as the one brewing inside. I can hear the rain start, pounding strongly on the roof. I see bolts of lightening through the window and hear the thunder start. I love to make love all through a stormy night; and in front of the fireplace, with you, is going to be perfect. I gather lots of blankets and pillows for lots of plush comfort. I arrange them in front of the fireplace. I return from the kitchen with some glasses, and a bottle of wine that I had chilling. You have the fire roaring by the time I do all that. I hand the wine to you to open.

I tell you, “Guess what? We have the whole house to ourselves all night. The kids are staying over at their friends’ tonight.”

You give me your biggest grin, and say, “Really! Well, let’s take advantage of that.”

You reach for my hand and pull me down beside you on the blanket. The fire crackles and glows. We sit on the blanket and you pour the wine for türkçe bahis both of us. We take a sip, and then you move to take my glass. You set the glasses aside. You move in and pull me to you. You run your tongue down my neck while you move to pull my dress over my head, leaving me in only in my bra; no panties, remember? I reach to pull your shirt over your head. I lean in to kiss your chest, and move up to your neck. We are taking our time; no need to hurry. I reach to take another sip of wine. A little of the wine drips down my chin and falls to my still contained breasts. I move to wipe it away; you swiftly, but gently grab my hand, and stop me from cleaning the wine from my body. You reach behind me and unfasten my bra. I spill from the bra and you see my erect nipples. You throw the bra aside, and move your mouth to mine. You lick the trail of wine with your tongue, moving down slowly, down my neck and chest, until you reach my breasts. Then you lift one breast with your hand and circle the nipple with your tongue. I put my hand on your head and pull you closer.

I tell you, “Baby, that feels so good.”

You stand long enough to remove the rest of your clothes, and you quickly return to me. You start to suck on my nipple, and I move my hips involuntarily. You are turning me on so much. My soft moans tell you that your actions are very much appreciated. You increase your sucking and bite down gently. I gasp. That just shoots sparks of pleasure straight through me. You lay me back and begin to move your hands over my body. You move back to my waiting mouth. I want to kiss you so much. You know how excited I get from your kisses. I suck and nibble on your lips, and you on mine. Then I suck on your tongue, and wrap mine around it. Your hands continue to explore my body, rubbing and touching, pinching my nipples occasionally. I reach to touch you, too. You are soooo hard! I love feeling that. I stroke you and caress your balls. You move your hand slowly and deliberately up my thigh. I spread my legs, waiting for you. I want your touch; I need your touch. You get to the wet, hot pussy that is there for you.

You stroke me and say, “Baby, you’re a little wet. How did that happen?” You wink at me.

I tell you, “Well, I met this hot, sexy guy, and ever since then, I’m just wet all the time.”

We laugh, and you continue to drive me crazy with your touch. You start your way down my body with your mouth while your hands still caress me. You kiss and lick your way down my body. I am soooo hot for you. You climb between my legs and I open wider as your tongue makes the first contact. I am moaning now and telling you how good you make me feel. My words encourage you on. You take your time exploring my pussy inside and out with your mouth, giving an occasional flick to my clit with your tongue. I can’t take any more. I need to cum so badly.

I tell you, “Please, Baby, make me cum, pleeeaase!!!”

You decide it’s time. You move your fingers inside me to find my g-spot. You press on that area applying firm, steady pressure. Then you move to concentrate on my hard clit with your mouth. You begin to suck. The combination is incredible. I feel like I’m going to explode. The feeling is incredibly güvenilir bahis siteleri intense. I can’t control my sounds and movements. The heat in my belly is so strong. I call out your name and reach to grasp some part of you as the release comes. The waves are endless, and more pleasurable than I can remember experiencing before. I can’t believe how long this is lasting. As I start to recover, you move to face me.

I tell you, “Hold me, Baby. That was incredible!”

You kiss me, pull me to you and hold me, while I recover; small moans still escaping from my lips.

Then I tell you, “Lay back; I want to kiss you and touch you.”

You do so. I kiss your lips, then move down your neck. I stay there licking and sucking. My hands are caressing your belly and chest. I move down with my mouth, and I reach your nipples. I run my fingers over them, then lower my mouth to take one between my lips. I suck and run my tongue over it at the same time. I gently nibble on first one then the other. I move my hand down while I’m doing this and reach your cock. I touch you lightly all over. My pussy is still throbbing from the wonderful orgasm you gave me. All of these sensations together are unbelievable. I love touching you. You are breathing faster and letting out low groans. I move to get between your legs. I can’t wait any more I want you in my mouth. I explore you completely with my tongue and lips, all over your groin, from your lower belly to your waiting cock, to your balls, and lower. I take you in my mouth and suck and lick you completely. I get up and look you in the eyes. You can tell I have something in mind. I tell you to turn over and get on your hands and knees. You lift your eyebrows and give me a questioning look, but you do as I ask. I lean in and touch your ass with my tongue. You take a deep breath. I press harder with my tongue and reach beneath you to stroke your cock at the same time. I lick and press my tongue on your ass. You are going crazy.

Then you turn over and tell me, “Remember, you said I could cum any way I want?”

I stroke you and say, “I remember; just tell me what you want, Baby.”

You look at me and say, “I want you to slide your wet pussy onto my cock. I want you to sit on me and ride me.” The thought sends new chills of excitement through me.

I tell you, “Okay, Baby. It would be my extreme pleasure.”

You say teasingly, “Only if you want to, really.”

I reply, “I want to very much.”

I move over you, and take your cock in my hand. I guide you to the swollen entrance of my pussy. I look you in the eyes as I lower myself slowly onto you, moving up and down, adding more of your hard cock with each stroke. Finally, you are all the way in.

You groan, “Damn it, Sweetheart, you are sooooooo tight. This may not take long.”

I lean forward and you lift your head to take my nipple in your mouth as I ride you rhythmically, my clit pressing into your body. The feeling of your sucking mouth and the stimulation of my clit have me cumming in no time. I grab your hands and writh on you, moaning and throwing my head back in absolute pleasure. The pulsations from my body send you over the edge, and you yell out my name, while you cum over and over, grasping my hips and holding me tightly and firmly on your pulsing cock.

We collapse, and, you tell me, “Jeez, thank you, Baby.”

I tell you, “No, thank you. I think we may have to go to the movies more often.”



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