Chelsea smiled to herself as she glanced in the mirror for the fifteenth time that night. She was finally going to do it. Her long brown hair gleamed and her skin looked flawless even to her, which seemed unnatural as she was her own worse critic. Her brown eyes seemed to shine as she daydreamed about the night ahead. She knew that everything had to be perfect or it would never work.

She tried to shake the bad thoughts that seemed to creep in suddenly. Glancing in the mirror again, she saw herself as only she could. The fat, unwanted, unhappy girl that she has always been. Never before had she seen herself as she had just minutes before. Instead in her place, there stood the same plain-Jane she had always been. Tears formed in Chelsea’s eyes but hearing the sound of tires in the drive she quickly sucked them up. There would be other times to cry if tonight didn’t go well. But Chelsea wasn’t going to give up tonight without a fight.

She ran downstairs, the sound of her shoes making a clip-clop noise on the floor. Chelsea didn’t care… there wasn’t anyone but herself to hear the sound. The only person that she cared about was the person that would soon be coming in the door, smiling and oh so loving.

The door slammed and Chelsea heard the patter of feet moving toward the stairs. She rushed to the kitchen, not wanting to give away the surprise too soon. Her mouth smiling and her heart soaring, she checked on dinner, plating it knowing that he would be hungry and wanting to eat as soon as he came to the table.

Once dinner was on the table, Chelsea had nothing to do but wait until he returned from his shower. That was their routine: Chelsea would have dinner cooked, ready, and waiting on him while he took a shower. After they ate, they often went their separate ways. One returning to their room and the other sitting down to walk television, but not tonight. Chelsea had other plans. Plans that would hopefully come to be true.

He walked down the stairs after a long hot shower, enjoying the feeling of air on his hot skin. His mind full of the images that he had run through during the shower, made him slightly hard. He had touched himself, thinking of the young woman that worked in his office, the one that always seemed to wear almost nothing to work and seemed forever bent over, showing her breast and the fact that she rarely wore panties. However the face on this woman had not been her own, instead hair had been brown not blonde, and the eyes a lovely shade of brown almost green. Her face had been one that he had stared at for many years, only just lately seeing the beauty that was there. Her face had been his daughter’s, one that he could not seem to get out of his mind.

He dreaded the moments that he spent with her, worried that she would know that he was dreaming about her, fantasizing about doing things to her that no man, especially not her father, should be doing to her. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t stop thinking about her, naked, panting for him to fill her. Begging him to pleasure like only he could. Lately he seemed to be spending more time away from home so that he wouldn’t have to be worried that he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

He stepped into the dinning room and groaned silently at the picture before him. There she was, leaning against the counter, her skirt bakırköy escort almost showing her ass, and he wanted nothing more than to turn her slowly around, open her thighs, pull her panties aside and fuck her until she screamed. He noticed suddenly that she was dressed different from the way she normally did. Instead of the long, almost virginal skirts that she seemed to live in, one that didn’t seem to want to cover her behind had replaced it. Just looking at it, seeing the way that it groped her ass, he knew that tonight was going to be a long one.

Chelsea heard her father coming downstairs and decided that now was a time for action. She pulled herself up as if she was trying to reach something from the cabinet, knowing that Daddy would love the way her bottom was highlighted against the arch of her back. She smiled to herself almost seeing the look of lust on his face. She knew he wanted her, had known for almost a month now, but because he was so stubborn, so thick-headed he couldn’t see that she was also feeling a lust for him, one that she had battled for many, many years. She had dreamed, fantasized, about him coming to her one night, taking her to bed and loving her like no one ever would.

Chelsea finished teasing her father and they sat down to eat dinner, watching each other, thinking of the night ahead of them. Chelsea of the things she would do to him, Richard of the things that he would do to himself once she went to bed.

Once dinner was over, Richard thought that they would adjourn to their normal after dinner retreats but Chelsea had other plans.

“Daddy, will u play a game with me? It has been so long since we have talked or done anything together, that I am worried u don’t love me anymore,” Chelsea said, tears coming to her eyes letting her father know that she was actually scared about this.

Richard, not knowing that this was all a device to lure him to her, pulled Chelsea into his arms, holding her close for the first time in a long time. She snuggled into his shoulder just like she had when she was younger and she was afraid. Sometimes he forgot that she was almost grown up. She was 18 and this fall would be moving away to college. The thought of not seeing her for months, not being able to hear her laugh, feel the warmth of her smile, made him squeeze her tight to him, almost cutting off her air supply.

Finally even though she loved the feeling of being in his arms, Chelsea croaked, “Daddy, you are choking me. I can’t breathe.” She giggled as Richard mumbled, “Sorry, baby, I got a little carried away.” Chelsea thought to herself, “Well anytime you want to carry me away upstairs you can.” She smiled at that.

Chelsea felt her daddy pull her by her hand until she and he were sitting on the couch, she leaning into his arms. They talked for a while, always polite, never saying what they each wanted to say. Chelsea longed for him to take her back into his arms, holding her tightly, and press her up against his hard body.

Images entered Richard’s mind, fleeting, never standing still. Chelsea lying spread eagle on the bed, hands between her thighs, pleasuring herself. Himself, touching his cock, feeling it pulsate, knowing that in minutes, seconds, hours, it was going to be inside her. Another one of her on her knees, sucking beşiktaş escort him into her mouth, lovingly caressing his cock, as she watched him and his reaction.

Just then Chelsea woke her father out of the state of bliss that he was in. “Daddy, are u ok? You look really red and you are breathing funny. You aren’t having a heart attack are you?”

Richard smiled to himself, thinking that if he ever got her into bed he probably would have a heart attack or die trying anyway.

Chelsea knew that soon she would lose her father’s attention so it was time to jump into action. She leaned into kiss him, almost on the cheek but not quite, he turned and the kiss ended up lip to lip. She moaned because success had been achieved. She was going to be his.

Richard started at the feeling of her lips. They were so soft, silky, and oh so unknowledgeable about kissing…he could tell this was her first. Tonight was going to be a night of firsts.

The kiss continued as the passion rolled heavily through the air. It was almost as if there was electricity pushing them together. Chelsea moaned as her father’s tongue entered her mouth, much like his cock would later enter her sweet virgin pussy. Soon her mouth was not the only thing that was in contact with him. She pushed and prodded until she was straddling him, her thighs surrounding him. She could feel his cock through his sweat pants and the knowledge that she had made him hard almost made her cum. Just the thought of him, wanting her, needing her the same way that she needed him was more than enough to make her wet.

Pulling her mouth from his, she leaned back until her hips came in full contact with the bulge in his pants. She watched him as she rubbed him between her thighs, her hips working as if she was already riding him. The look of pleasure was overwhelming. Not one to be left out, Richard placed his hands on her breast through her dress. He could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra and the thought excited him. He knew now that she had planned this the whole time.

He ran his fingers slowly over her nipples, hearing her draw in her breath. He smiled and thought oh I get to seduce you now, baby… you are all mine. He grasped the bottom of her dress watching her reaction knowing that at anything if she wanted to stop he would. Seeing no hesitation, he continue pulling over her hips, her small waistline, seeing her breast come into view and then finally over her head. Richard stared at her, she was breathtakingly beautiful. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned and the areolas a light pink. Her nipples were rock hard and the size of a dime. His mouth water and he could not contain himself. Leaning in, he pulled her nipple into his mouth. The other he took into his hand.

Chelsea groaned and arched her back allowing him to pull more of her into his mouth. She tasted so sweet, smelt like vanilla ice-cream and made him dream of long days in bed. She made the cutest little moans almost as if she were unable to talk but suddenly she said just as if she were a dream, “Daddy, please please fuck me. I have wanted you inside me for so long.”

Richard smiled but continued to lightly suck her nipple, as his hand tortured her other one. His free hand made a journey to the juncture of her thighs. He discovered beylikdüzü escort something he had not noticed until then. She was panty-less. He pulled away from her, grinning at her groan and looked down at the sight of her pussy. Just skin stared at him. She shaves her pussy, he thought to himself and the thought sent him over the edge.

Pulling her head back, he ravaged her throat, leaving marks for everyone to see. He grabbed her waist and stood up, allowing her to wrap her legs around his hips. She yelped almost afraid she had angered him but one look at his face and she knew that now she was going to get the fucking that she had always wanted. He turned and then lowered her to the couch where he had been sitting but this time she lay. He watched her as he pulled his pants down revealing a cock hard and purple from its abuse. Coming to his senses for a few minutes he took in the picture that she made as she lounged legs spread and breasts red from his sucking.

He followed her down on the couch and taking the time to stop and think he asked, “Are you sure you want to do this, baby? I don’t want to hurt you, and I want to make sure that this is what u want to do.”

Chelsea looked at her father with all the love that over the years had become a different kind than was the norm for daughters and daddies. He saw the answer in her eyes, but decided to wait until the words came from her. Chelsea pulled him closer to her, until he was supporting himself over her with his elbows and whispered, “Yes, Daddy, please make love to me.”

Not wasting anytime, Richard lowered himself until he was aligned with her. He leaned in and kissed her, trying to make sure that her mind was not on the feeling of pain between her legs. His tongue twined with hers as he quickly made her a woman.

Chelsea felt the pain but was too caught up in the kiss that she was experiencing to care. The pain disappeared and was replaced with a feeling of being full. Never before had she felt that good. It was better than the feelings her finger gave her right before her orgasms. Her father broke the kiss and leaned up on his elbows to look down at her. She smiled showing him that she was really enjoying herself. Just then he went deep inside her, causing her to arch her back to allow him better access. The look on her face was one of extreme joy.

“Oh, Daddy, you feel so good inside me, I am going to cum soon,” Chelsea cried hearing herself begging but not caring. The sound of Chelsea’s moaning and groaning, not to mention the feeling of her tight, wet, virgin pussy wrapped around his cock had Richard about ready to cum.

“Yes, baby, cum on daddy’s cock. Let Daddy feel you cum on his cock. When we are done baby, I am going to suck my cum out of your tight pussy. Oh, yeah baby!”

At his words of encouragement, Chelsea creamed even more. The dirty talk was nothing like she had ever experienced before and she came hard around his cock. She screamed, “Yes, daddy, fuck me, fuuuccckkk mmeeeee!”

Richard watched Chelsea’s face as she came. It was a breath-taking site. He felt the feeling of her pussy clenching around his cock and he came, shooting deep inside her, knowing that he shouldn’t have, but not caring at the time. As Chelsea felt the hot feeling of her father’s sperm enter her cunt, she came again.

Slowly the two lovers came back to earth, cuddling and cooing at the feel of the other’s naked flesh against theirs. Chelsea wondered if perhaps now that everything was over, that the moment had past, maybe her father would feel guilt, but one look at his face and she knew…he loved her as much as she loved him.



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