I was sitting on the couch, it was late and the kids were all in bed sleeping, I was remembering how things use to be with us and I realized they had changed drastically. Never really knowing what had happened to make them I sat there sad. Missing the sound of your voice when you told me you loved me or the way you would laugh when I said something funny. I wish things could go back to “normal” with us but I wonder if the reason things had changed was because we were living through a long distance relationship.

My friends would tell me all the time LDR’s never work out yada yada. I guess maybe they were right? Who knows I thought to myself, all I knew was that I missed you and I was very tired of being lonely. I was looking at the phone thinking about calling you but then I gave up the idea because the few times I have tried you didn’t answer because you were either sleeping or out. I know you said your hours changed at work and it sucks because my hours are way different then yours now so we never get to even see each other online like we use to.

I must have fallen asleep on the couch because before I knew it the kids were waking me up wanting breakfast. I slowly got my lazy butt up off the couch and went into the kitchen, While making the boys breakfast I thought, “Man, we need a vacation.” It was coming up on spring break and how great it would be to just get out of here for weeks. I laughed at the idea at just packing up some cloths and going.

I decided to check my email later on in the day and noticed you were online. I messaged you and we started chatting, it was pitiful, it was like we were strangers, I felt such an ache in my heart and believe it or not in another area of my body. I wondered to myself if you still felt the same way about me as I did about you. I was so afraid to just ask so I let it go. You told me you had to get to bed because you worked long hours again last night so we said our usual goodbyes.

I heard the kids in the background fighting over the Xbox so I decided right then we all needed a change of pace before we kill each other. I started looking online at different luxury vacation spots and decided something else. I had a moment of clarity and decided we were going to go see you.

It was something I should have done along time ago instead of waiting and waiting for the right minute, with our busy lives there was never going to be a right minute.

I bit the bullet and made some calls and some plans. I would not get to your house for about 2 days maybe 3 depending on driving with the kids. I called to the boys and told them to pack some cloths, both winter and spring because I had no idea what the weather was going to be like when we got there.

Feeling overwhelmed all of a sudden I almost changed my mind but the thought of you touching me finally gave me strength. I was hoping to God once I got there you were happy to see me, After all I didn’t even know if you might have a girlfriend. I thought back and don’t ever remember you even mentioning one so I was going on the idea of you being single like me waiting.

As I was packing up the rest of thing cloths and such I got really excited about seeing you for the first time. I know things wouldn’t be like we always talked about because I had the kids with me, but I was hoping after they would go to sleep you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off me.

I loaded up the car, strapped the kids in and off we went on our journey to meet you.

Right away it started raining and I loathed driving in the rain I had all to do but to say screw it and turn around but I was determined, we kept driving for hours. The kids eventually all fell asleep in the back of the car. We were somewhere in Virginia now and I noticed we had made excellent time once the rain cleared. I had to stop for gas soon and get some snacks and stuff for the kids and I figured I would call you to see what you had planned for the following 2 days., I figured at the rate we were traveling we might be there he day after tomorrow. Probably early morning,

I got off the next exit and pulled in, I parked the car and got the phone out and I dialed your number. I got really nervous all of a sudden and wondered if you would be able to tell if I did get to talk to you. The phone rang twice and I was starting to think you were sleeping or not at home.

You finally answered… I said,” hello.” You answered me back and we started talking. I had asked you what you were doing and what was your plans for the weekend and you told me you had to work so you would be home sleeping.

Ha, I thought that was perfect, we would be getting to your house probably just as you were getting home from work. This was getting to be a better idea every minute. I had asked about the weather and you said it was finally getting nice outside which made me sigh a sigh of relief.

We hung up a few minutes and I woke the kids up to go stretch their legs and stuff. We got snacks and gas and headed on our way. pendik escort I was determined to get to your house as fast as I possibly could, so we drove until the wee hours of the morning when I just couldn’t drive anymore. We pulled into some hotel and I got a room big enough for us all with a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom.

The kids all had baths something to eat and fell fast sleep. I decided I was going to relax in a nice hot bubble bath so I got it all ready and climbed in. I brought the cell with me so I could call my mom and let her know I was okay, before I dialed the cell rang. It startled me because my cell never rang. I kept it for emergencies only basically. Looking to see who was calling, I could not tell it came up private. I could not imagine who it was so I answered.

“Hello?” I asked. Then I heard hello back. It was your voice. I was in shock to say the least. It had been months since you called me. You started talking right away. I was listening to you explain how you had a feeling something was wrong with me and you called the house but no one answered and I was pretty much always home or one of the kids were to answer the phone. I laughed to myself when you asked where I was. I didn’t know what to tell you so I just said I am some where in PA. You said PA? I said yes Pennsylvania. You said what the fuck you are doing there. I explained that I was taking the kids on vacation for spring break. You asked where I was headed and I said well… That’s the thing. I was hesitant to tell you so I didn’t. I got worried you would be pissed or maybe upset so I avoided it. You stopped talking for a second and asked what that noise was. I laughed and said oh I am in the Jacuzzi bathtub relaxing after the long drive we had done already. I heard your voice get raspy and far away as if you drifted to some other place. I asked if you were okay and you said fine. While I was listening to you I let the water run down my chest and it was hot so I took a deep breath and I heard you moan out. Like you were in pain. I asked you what was wrong and you barely whispered… It has been so long.

Hearing you say that made me quiver and ache all over. I started getting flushed and I was hoping to hell you would continue this because you right it has been way to long.

You asked me what I was doing again and I said sitting here soaking and thinking about you and everything that has changed. You got pretty quiet after I said that and then you whispered you were sorry.

I told you it hurt me and I missed you and that I still hoped and dreamed we would be together and you just breathed in. You always had a problem with letting your feelings and emotions show so I just took that with a grain of salt. I started listening to your breathing and I was getting excited I could not help it. You always could turn me on just with a breath, I started rubbing my hands up and down my chest and I knew I was getting wet under the hot bathwater.

My breathing was changing and you could tell and you asked me if I was getting hot, I laughed and said you always been when I was being bad. You just made a laugh sound and I wondered if you were getting turned on as well.

I was going to ask but I chose not to incase I ruined the mood at hand. I let my fingers run all over my body and my legs lifted like they were being pulled by a string and the spread open. Before I knew it my fingers were tracing over my pussy. I was gasping now and you knew what I was doing.

I could hear your breathing get sporadic and I moaned out little and you followed in suit with one of your own. You whispered god, it has been way to long and that pretty much sent me over the edge right there. I moved my hand and pushed my fingers deep inside my pussy. I was not waiting any longer… I couldn’t. I started to drive my fingers into my pussy hard and fast and I could feel an orgasm building. You stopped breathing almost to hear what I was doing.

In a breathy voice you asked me what I was doing and I replied with some moans of awe because it felt so good. My fingers 2 of them were planted deep inside my now soaked from the inside out pussy and I was holding the phone up to my ear with my shoulder. I had my legs spread and propped up on the side of the tub and as soon as I heard you moan out again I completely lost the little control I had.

I wanted you so bad I could taste it and it was making me go crazy, my fingers were not doing the trick anymore I needed to feel your dick slammed inside of me. I looked outside of the tub and remembered I had my bag in the bathroom with out you knowing I moved over and took my fingers out of my pussy and reached for my toy in my bag, I took it out and in no time I had it slammed into me and I was fucking myself with it. I was trying to be quiet so as not to let you know I had gotten it but I wanted you to know I was doing something.

I whispered to you and asked what you were doing and instead of you answering me you moaned kartal escort out which let me know exactly what you were doing; you had your hands around the cock I wanted so badly. I listened with patience and waited until you were getting close and I let go with everything I had. I started slamming the toy inside my pussy till it ached. I was splashing the tub water around me and I was getting ready to explode.

I called out your name as I was using my toy and I heard you get louder which is something you normally didn’t do and when I heard that I had all to do but scream out loud. I swear I could feel you. I must have lost time because I closed my eyes and you were in the tub with me slamming your rock hard dick into my pussy and I was cumming all over it. I was soaking the tub, I opened my eyes and blinked and realized my hands were soaked from more then just the hot tub water. They were sticky sweet.

You were breathing heavily and told me to taste myself so I did; I brought the toy up to my mouth and started sucking on the head of it just as if it were your dick. How I wished it was. I loved the taste of myself and could not wait till I could suck my juices off your dick.

After awhile we started to calm down and talk rationally again and you ask again where I am going and I just say I don’t know and we leave it at that. I am not going to tell you now because I am really worried of what you might say. You tell me I should get some sleep and I figure you are right because I know I still have a very long drive ahead of me tomorrow. I get out of the tub with you still on the phone and I dry off, I throw some shorts and a t-shirt and head to the bed. You tell me good night and I swear I heard you whisper, “I love you.”

You hung-up with out giving me a chance to say anything. Laying there with a confused feeling I drifted off to sleep.

What seemed like minutes flew into hours and before I knew it the kids were jumping on my bed to wake up. I woke up with the same confused feeling I went to bed with. I got up anyway and started the day off with packing up our things and heading out for breakfast.

We were sitting in a McDonalds when my phone rang again, with out even looking to see who it was I answered. I was shocked as hell to hear your voice so soon. You wished me good morning and said you were going to go shopping to buy parts to finally fix your shower. That made me laugh because we use to joke about how I would end up coming to fix it for you so I could take a hot steamy shower for more then 5 minutes.

You said you had to go and I agreed that I should get back out on the road because I had along drive, you asked one more time where I was headed like you might have known in the back of your head but I said I was not sure, just that I was taking the kids some place fun. You laughed and said your goodbyes and hung up.

That phone call left me feeling happy for some reason, I am not sure why. My mind started to drift into my dreams as it always did and I thought about having you lift me up against the wall and fucking me hard the first time we met. My thoughts were interrupted by the kids telling me to hurry up.

We kept on driving now and I decided we would drive straight there unless one of the kids had to have a bathroom break. All the way to your house I had a feeling of nervousness and excitement all at the same time.

I was thinking of what would happen if anything at all between us and would you be happy I was there.

Before I knew it, we were pulling up to your driveway, it was around 5am and your house was locked up tight. The kids were all sleeping in the backseats and I was hoping things would go well when I finally got up to your door.

I let the kids sleep a little while as I got the nerve to knock on your door. I looked quick in the rear view mirror and realized I looked like hell. My hair was all over the place and I was looking kind of ragged. I shrugged it off and opened the car door.

I walked up to your front door and knocked once, nothing. I knocked again and still nothing. Then I remembered you said you slept pretty hard and usually didn’t wake up for anything which made me giggle a little remembering me telling you how I would wake you up one day. Looks like I might get that chance after all.

Wondering for a second what I would do because you were not answering and I was very tired and didn’t feel like driving anymore till you woke up. I stood there for a minute and decided to check the door to see if it was locked, of course it was, and then I remembered you telling me one of side windows didn’t lock and you needed to fix it. I was hoping it was still broke.

I went to check the side windows and found the one that didn’t lock. I was happy about that. I took out the screen and lifted up the window hoping none of your neighbors decided to call the cops, that would surely wake you up and not in the way I had planned.

I jumped up and climbed maltepe escort through thinking to myself I am getting to old for this shit, I got in your house found my way to the front door and unlocked it and walked back out. I would close the window after. I got the kids up and in and laid them down on their blankets on the floor in what seemed to be the living room, I brought in some bags and locked up the car until later when we could unload the rest.

I walked back over the window and closed it. I would fix the screen later too.

The house was quiet and pretty dark there was little light. So it was hard to see where I was going. The only light was coming from the computer screen in one room and some light from the outside that was getting in through the windows. I saw your cat watching me move around and he came over to see who I was. I squatted down to pet him and he rubbed up against my leg, I guess I passed his test. He moved into the living room and walked around the kids sleeping on the floor.

Making my way into the back of the house looking for you I tried to be as quiet as possible so I didn’t wake you. I bumped my leg on your end table and had all to do but to say ouch out loud. I moved around some more and finally found what I was looking for, you laying in bed dead asleep.

I got very excited and nervous, could I really go through with this I thought to myself.

I walked in closer to your bed and watched you sleep for awhile, you looked so peaceful. You started moving and I was hoping you didn’t feel me staring at you in your sleep. You turned over on your back and put your arms above your head and the blanket moved down past your waist.

I had the most perfect view of your chest and part of your thighs. I saw your nipple rings and I started to feel myself getting hot. I was getting super turned on by watching you like this.

I kicked off my shoes and I walked closer to the bed, I slid my shorts off and just left on my panties and I slid my bra off through my shirt so all that I had on was my panties and shirt. My tits were swelling up and my nipples were already hard, maybe from being turned on and nervous. I got to the edge of the bed and leaned down and when I did this you made a moaning noise and I backed away waiting to see what you did. Which was nothing, you didn’t move so I had to lean down again.

I was kneeling at the foot of your bed and I slowly pulled the blankets down from your body some more and I stopped pulling them when I saw your cock come uncovered, I had seen it so many times before but only in pictures and on camera when you let me have small glimpses. I was in awe, you looked so sexy laying there naked and sleeping. As the air hit your dick you became semi hard and I got wet watching it grow. I wanted to feel you and I was not going to stop now until I did just that.

I leaned down from my kneeling position and I started to blow over your dick watching it grow harder as my breath traveled around you. I waited until you were fully erect before I did anything else and it did not take long with my breathing on it. You became fully erect and I leaned down just a little more with out touching any part of you so as to not wake you up.

Once I was positioned right I opened my mouth and took your head in sucking hard. I figured you might wake up with me doing this so I was nervous, you never woke though you just moaned out which drove me wild. I kept on sucking your head and I felt it swell in my mouth which made me want to do more. I licked little circles around it and then I finally slid my mouth all the way down your shaft. You were so thick I could hardly open my mouth to fit you all in.

I could taste your precum now and I loved it, my fantasies were coming true. I started to move my mouth up and down faster and I felt myself starting to soak my panties just from me sucking your cock. I slowly wrapped my hand around your shaft and I was stroking you as my mouth moved up and down.

I looked up as I was still working on your dick to see if you had woken up and you didn’t or so I thought anyway. I watched your face for a few minutes and I could see you were enjoying my mouth wrapped around your dick while you slept, you were moaning out and I could swear you were grinding up into my mouth to get your dick in deeper.

When I felt that I started to slam my mouth down around you hard and I was sucking as hard as I could and I then felt your hands grab the back of my head and push my head down hard, your dick went all the way into the back of my throat. You grabbed my hair and lifted my head up and I looked and saw you were awake now. You didn’t say anything to me you just had a look on your face that sent an electric shock right down to my pussy and it ached.

Watching me you raised your hips up and pushed my head down and I automatically opened my mouth so your cock slid right in. Once my mouth was on your head you slammed your dick down my throat hard and I could hear your breathing change. I reached down and grabbed your balls and squeezed them. You were still holding my hair and started to fuck my mouth hard. I was planting my mouth down at the base of your cock with each thrust you made. All of a sudden you stopped moving and pulled my head off your cock.



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