The shock on my face reflected in the mirror behind Vanya’s head as I tried to comprehend what I had just heard.

“You’ve never had an orgasm before?” She blushed prettily and looked down at the floor, too bashful to repeat what she had just told me. My hands still held the red sweater I was folding when she first started asking me questions about sex. I thought her earlier questions were a bit strange, but now I see she had been leading up to this. What started out as two co-workers straightening up the store after close had now turned into a full blown sex talk.

“Do you enjoy sex?” I inquired, deciding to start with the basics. She answered me in her thick Romanian accent that she did, it was very nice. Nice? She had a lot to learn. I continued folding the table of sweaters in front of me, casually asking her questions about her love life with her husband and giving suggestions. Although I was only a few years older and hadn’t been married as long as she, Vanya made me feel worldly as she eagerly pumped me for knowledge.

We continued our closing work side by side, me asking her questions about what they have tried, she blushing furiously at my interrogation but never refusing to answer. We were just about to clock out when Vanya asked me her final question.

“What does an orgasm feel like?”

I stumbled to explain something that is so difficult to pinpoint. Every time I tried to put the sensation into words I felt like it wasn’t good enough. Each description I gave was met with a quick nodding of her head and a happy smile like she understood, but I knew she really didn’t. I closed my eyes and tried one more time.

“It starts out easy and feels really good,” I began. “Then it builds and builds until it gets to be too much and then it feels like the dam breaks as your muscles start contracting and pleasure washes all over your body.” I opened my eyes, pleased with my description and a little aroused from imagining an orgasm. Vanya smiled and nodded.

“Sounds pleasant,” she declared, but from her bland smile I could tell she didn’t truly understand me. I punched in my employee number on the computer to clock out for the night when the idea began to percolate. I watched her as she clocked out too, and bent down to grab her purse. She wasn’t my usual type. I had never been with another girl before, but the women I tended to find attractive were the pinup type — long flowing hair, huge breasts and sexy as hell. In contrast, Vanya was tall but thin like a runway model. She had dark hair that just skimmed her shoulders, and although she was very pretty hers was more of an innocent beauty rather than sultriness. I didn’t realize at the time, but the very fact that she seemed uncorrupted was a huge turn on for me. She looked back, apparently puzzled that I wasn’t following her to the front of the store güvenilir bahis so we could leave. I gave her one long look and told her to follow me.

I turned and walked towards the back of the store, my heels clicking on the wood floor as I heard hers following me. Stopping in front of the electrical panel, I turned off all the lights before heading towards the dressing rooms. I had already locked the door when the last customer left; to anyone passing by it would look like we had left for the night. I walked into the hallway where the dressing rooms are, still dimly lit by the emergency lights at the end of the hallway. Vanya was following me, which pleased me but also made me nervous.

I spun around to face her. She stopped in front of me, still looking puzzled but unafraid. I stepped closer to her and was thrilled when she didn’t back away. I really wanted this, but had to make sure she was on board. I didn’t want to do anything to scare her. I was so aroused I never even contemplated that I could lose my job if we were caught. But I had to ask her permission to begin.

“Can I show you what an orgasm feels like?” I practically held my breath waiting for her answer.

Her pretty face lit up as she smiled wide. “Oh, yes!” she exclaimed, as if I had offered her a gift.

“I’ll have to touch you, is that ok?” I wanted to make sure she realized what I was about to do. Her shy smile and slight blush was all the answer I needed.

I took her by the hand and led her into one of the rooms, just in case anyone passing by could see into the hallway. I closed the curtain out of habit. When I turned to face Vanya, she was standing right behind me. Our chests were touching and she was breathing a little harder. Her slightly open mouth looked enticing, and I softly touched my lips to hers.

Her kiss was sweet and shy, much like herself. Her soft lips made me want to feel her tongue on mine, so I parted her lips further and explored her mouth. The quiet sigh that escaped from her chest caused me to kiss her deeper as her tongue caressed my own. Somehow I found my arms around her waist, so I grabbed her ass and pulled her entire body into mine. Doing so pulled her off balance and she had to grab my shoulders to steady herself. I ground my pelvis into hers and the sensation made her pull her head back to look at me. I started to ask if she was ok, but before I could get the words out of my mouth she bent her head down to kiss my neck.

The heat from her lips was driving me crazy, so I roughly pushed her away in order to compose myself. The hurt look on her face changed to excitement when I pulled my sweater off over my head and stood before her in my red lace bra. She quickly pulled off her top, her enthusiasm making me chuckle. I stopped when I saw her standing in front of me wearing just a sheer black türkçe bahis bra, her nipples showing through the gossamer fabric. I reached out with my right hand and lightly scraped her left nipple, watching Vanya’s face as her nipple pebbled. Her pleasure was unmistakable. I pinched her other nipple too, although it wasn’t necessary because it was already hard. She moaned and moved her body closer to me, begging for more.

I unzipped my pants, letting them fall into a pool on the floor while I stepped out of them and my shoes. “Pretty lingerie,” Vanya murmured as she started to take off her skirt. I stopped her, and then smiled as I sank down in front of her to my knees. Slowly I pulled her skirt down over her tiny hips, revealing her matching sheer black panties. I had her step out of the skirt, but told her to keep her heels on. The extra height caused her puss to be right at my head level.

Peering at her panties, I saw the sheerness left nothing to the imagination. “You shave,” I commented, surprised that someone so reserved would do something like that. “My husband prefers it,” she answered. Her last word was more of a gasp as I pressed my mouth right over the sheer fabric. I didn’t move my lips as I heard her breathing rapidly increase. I could smell her muskiness as her arousal grew and I desperately wanted to taste it. But first, I wanted to show her how to give herself an orgasm since her husband wouldn’t.

I quickly stood up and took her bra off. Her breasts were small but perfectly shaped and before I knew it I was suckling one. Her breaths came faster and faster with little cries escaping her lips. I took her entire little tit into my mouth and sucked it like it was a cock. She cried out in pleasure as I kneaded the other one. I pulled my mouth off her. Vanya gasped out “Was that orgasm?” I laughed, and told her she would know when she had one.

Pulling her panties off her, I undressed myself as she watched me. She reached out and touched my breasts, feeling the weight of them with her hand. Although I enjoyed her hands on me, I sat down on the bench in the corner and spread my legs. “Come here,” I told her. I patted the part of the seat between my legs, and she sat in front of me. I leaned her back against me so she could feel my bare breasts on her back. Kissing and biting her neck, I grabbed her right hand with mine and guided it down between her legs. “I’m going to teach you to masturbate.”

With my fingers on hers, we explored her bare pussy. We caressed between her folds, paying attention to what areas caused a sharp intake of breath. I pushed her fingers inside herself, showing her just how wet she could get. I brought her fingers up to her mouth. “Taste yourself,” I commanded. “Taste good?”

Vanya just nodded as I sucked on her middle finger. “You do taste good.” I put her hand back between güvenilir bahis siteleri her legs and found her clit. I rubbed it using her fingers as she choked out a moan. “This is your clit,” I instructed. “Rubbing it will make you come.”

Her head fell back against my shoulder as we rubbed her together. I started her slow, building momentum as the intensity grew. The dressing room mirror was directly across from us. Seeing her tan, lean body reclining against mine was arousing. My pale hand was over her darker one, both exploring her for the first time. I used my left hand to rub her breasts as her moans grew louder. Together we rubbed her clit fast and hard, and I could tell she was climbing; not only from her reflection in the mirror but also because she was writing in my lap. I kissed and sucked her ear, coaxing her through the peak as she let out one long moan. I slowed the rubbing as she came down, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

“That was orgasm.” This time is wasn’t a question from her but a statement.

I laughed and kissed her neck, telling her to open her eyes. She was like a ragdoll, all relaxed and limp. I was glad she finally had an orgasm, but wasn’t through with her yet. I moved her so she was lying on the bench with her legs hanging off of it. I knelt in front of her my face right at her pussy. Vanya’s eyes were still closed, but they flew open when she felt me blowing air on her.

“You’re so hot I need to cool you off,” I cracked a lame joke as an attempt to explain myself. She squirmed from this new sensation on her already sensitive area. Remembering the taste of her on her fingers, I licked her puss all the way from her the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit. Any protest she was about to have melted into a moan. I avoided her swollen clit at first, and pushed my tongue inside her. She tasted sweet and tangy. Her muscles tightened around my tongue, signaling me to push further in. I pushed in and out of her, like a little cock. I desperately wanted her to come again so I grabbed her hand and put it on her clit. This time she didn’t need my help as she masturbated while I tongue fucked her pussy. My own hand found its way to my clit, and I quickly found my own orgasm mounting. The vibrations from my moans were too much for Vanya ; her legs quivered as she found herself having a second orgasm that night. Hearing her scream as she went up and over brought me to the edge as I came, my own screams muffled in her pussy. I pulled her down to the floor with me as I stroked and kissed her, the taste of her still on my lips.

As we got dressed and ready to leave for the night, she looked at me shyly. I was afraid she would regret what we did, so I told her when she goes home she can try her new skill with her husband. She smiled and asked when we work together next. I looked at the schedule and saw it was the following day. “We close?” she asked. I nodded. “Good,” she says. “Tomorrow night I give you orgasm.” She practically skips ahead of me to the locked door, looks back and sees I am standing there dumbfounded. “You come?”



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