Big Tits

A Grand PremierThe whole group, Peter’s friends, you his wife and me who had been invited by Susan, Peter’s sister, we all passed the ticket office making our way into the foyer by pressing our way through large number of people all excited about the premier. Everyone chatted like they had to make up for the time they had to be quiet once the movie started. We found a spot with more space by the wall close to a palm tree adding a little exotic to the hall. But as soon as we had made it there the herd of moving people filled up close to us. I was lucky to have been pressed up by the crowd close to you against the wall. We had to raise our voices a bit in the noisy hall to make us heard, we were discussing the actors and details we had heard from the shooting of the movie. As my hand had got caught behind you when I reached for the wall when the people behind us pushed I gave you a little friendly squeeze at your bum to call upon my need to be set free. My smile to you is met by a glance and your lips parted and closed invisible to all but me standing closest to you. And a short wiggle of your hips makes me not searching to be set free any more but instead come to peace with my position; I formed my hand as a cushion for you to the wall. Your husband were discussing with a woman if the weather would still be raining when we got out after the movie. Someone suggested we all should have dinner together at a restaurant two blocks down the street.Me myself I listen, but my mind has been taken away from both cinema and food, what is real for me now is the fabric around my finger that has now slid in between canlı bahis your cheeks. How can I get passed it without anyone noticing and will you be upset and scream to your husband to hit me in the face? Your face is not revealing our encounter hidden behind us; instead you are taking part of the choice of restaurant. Using my fingers in the tight space between you and the wall they stretch out and catch a handful of cloth at the time and pull up the skirt secretly and gain access to your skin. Your soft and generous bum is there for my hand and I caress and grip it while you seem to be ignoring me but I know different and it makes wildly excited but I have to keep a neutral face. Only a string run down between your cheeks, as I follow it up and down a few times I become familiar of the route in the valley and aware of where caves are situated. Paying a visit to the upper hole I let my finger tap dance over it. There is wrinkled skin forming and guiding to an entrance, the tip of my finger is circling and making its whereabouts when it is meeting a movement. At first I am not sure, but it is there again, now I am sure, you are opening and closing your ass hole like calling at my finger. Your face is turned half away from me but you are biting your lower lip in between conversation. I decide to go for it and with some force pull out my caught right arm. With my left hand I point out a direction over the street and ask. Have anyone tried that restaurant? It looks expensive! All in our group turn and look in that direction while I let my right hand fingers become lubricated by my saliva and squeeze it bahis siteleri back behind you before anyone has turned back again.I have tried getting into that one, your husband Peter says, and I was refused to enter so I can’t really recommend it, he says. Oh okay, I say and the conversation move away from eating while I now am back at your wrinkled opening with slippery fingers. A dry touch can be ever so sensitive but a wet finger is skin close in a different way and the encouraging pulsing of anus has now with the wetness added altered to a sucking motion. Who am I to say no to such an invitation and your husband is obviously used to being stopped at entrance. From some porn videos we learn the idea of making contact with another human being is to slam into her without mercy. Nothing could be more inappropriate in this situation, besides the risk for being noticed in the action. Taking the call from darkness seriously and heading there my tip of finger sets a noticeable but not offensive little pressure to the opening. Nothing happens more than that the muscle advances back; the rich softness of your behind is pleasure and difficulty combined. I try a few more times and it softly moves back every time. Enjoying every moment and move of how we now become acquainted I try a circling movement while retaining the pressure and is instantly rewarded. Half the nail is enclosed by the dirty hole of your behind; I try to catch your eyes because I want to have a glimpse of what is going on in your head. Your eyes are warm and dark when giving me a short look, that could have lots of meanings but with your güvenilir bahis bum hole squeezing around my finger it narrows the interpretations down a bit. Not wanting to do things in a haste I let my finger pull back and forth where I am standing at the threshold, stopping and making conversation at the door is a way to find out what position I have, how I am invited in a home. As people are getting louder around us no one finds it strange that I lean to your ear and to whisper.I love running up in your ass! You turn your head to me with a smirk and whisper back – You belong in my ass Bill! Your cheeky comment calls for a response, an action, and with increasing pressure my finger finds its way into your rectum and the sphincter slides down over my finger like a ring is set on in marriage, willingly and with mutual pleasure, looking forward to the joined relation. I investigate the further in space around my finger; it is all soft and warm. I look at you again to see what your reaction is. You are looking at Peter with a smile and exchange some words with Susan that is holding Peter’s arm. I am confused how can you keep your face under control, but I do know you are all there, with me, as you are now invisibly slow moving hips fort and back fucking my finger that has a stop when hand presses to the wall. You press that lovely roundness to the fingers up the wall but one of them, then fade away sliding over my finger joints just to have my javelin taken back again passing the squeeze area and have it tickle your interiors slow as the night waves at the ocean over and over. The door to the cinema opens and everybody start moving to it, my hand is suddenly out in the cold, and the cloth fall down covering you neatly again but I am hurrying after you, I must try to get the seat next to you…Ass play, public, secret, adultery



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