I stepped onto the verandah quietly. I did not wish to disturb my lord Amenhotep. He had removed the concerns of his status, and was clothed in a simple linen kilt, much the same as mine. His only adornment was a bracelet that circled his left arm, a golden figure of the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet upon it. He noticed my approach, however, and as he bound a hunting falcon to his wrist, he turned to me. I bowed deeply.

“He is a fine bird,” the Pharaoh said to me. “What do you think, Hanhreheb?”

“Indeed a fine bird, My Lord,” I replied. The falcon fluttered his wings, then settled down. His head turned from side to side, as if he was listening to both of us.

“My Lord,” I said, “I have written the last words of your judgments of the day.”

Amenhotep III nodded his head. “And you wish to go home,” he stated for me.

I bowed my head. “If it pleases you, my king.”

The Pharaoh smiled. “Then I will ask that you return once AmenRa has sailed again.”

“Yes, My Lord,” I said, bowing again. I continued the bow until I had departed the presence of the Pharaoh. Once from there, I made my way from the upper chambers of the palace.

I left the palace somewhat reluctantly. I had a garden at home, which I should tend, and I had neglected it for three days now. Yet I did not want to leave the company of people. I looked up and noticed that Ra had nearly finished sailing his Barge of a Thousand Years across the sky. It would be night soon, and the insects would be out. I still had to walk home, as I had not the luxury of camel or ass. Still, to be a scribe within the Pharaoh’s palace was more than I could have hoped. All of this, yet I was lonely. No man should be alone, I knew, as I had heard my father, who was himself a scribe, say this many times.

As I had done many times while walking home, I said a small prayer to Isis, the fertile mother, to ease my loneliness and fulfill my heart. Too many times had I seen the people of the city walking about, man and woman, their arms intertwined. Once, even, I saw the mighty Amenhotep bedding a concubine. The sounds of their passion reached me, and haunted me.

Home was my manor. It was a small one, with a small courtyard in the rear and my own room to sleep. A peasant woman, part of the fellahin, came daily, and cleaned. I know not why she did this, for I was hardly ever there. I spent most of my time in the company of the Pharaoh. Around people, I felt comfortable.

Solitude had found me the day my beloved Sahsaset died. It was an accident, and I knew that Osiris had determined that bakırköy escort it was her time. I am without doubt that she was judged evenly by Anubis, and her heart was as light as his feather of truth. She rests in eternity now, where one day I will meet her again.

Upon entering the house, I placed my rolls of papyrus on a table inside the house. I made my way out the back, to the small courtyard. I had constructed a small garden there, protected by high mud walls, with herbs and fruits that occasionally grew. In the center of the courtyard was a small pool I had dug. I filled it with water from the Nile, and water flowers grew inside of it.

Tonight, however, there seemed to be something different growing in the pool. The moonlight illuminated a figure in my little pond. It was a woman. She was without clothes. She had her back to me. Her hair was long and black. I could just see the ends of it disappear under the water. The water rippled at her waist while she bathed.

I stepped closer, trying to be quiet, not wishing to frighten her away. Perhaps she was some fellahin girl that simply wanted to bathe. She turned at my approach, however.

Her face was magnificent. I know now that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had small, delicate features, but her eyes showed strength and wisdom. Her slender neck was decorated with a chain of gold, upon which hung a gold Ankh, the symbol of eternal life. Her breasts were full, accented by dark nipples. I could just make out the hint of black hair at the bottom of her long stomach.

“Did I frighten you?” she asked me.

I had no idea what to say to her. “No,” I lied. “Although it is not usual for me to come home to a stranger bathing in my garden.”

She stepped from the pool, her long legs gliding effortlessly across the ground. The moonlight made the water on her body glisten. She seemed to shimmer as she walked towards me.

“Who are you?” I asked. She smiled as she stepped up to me. I felt her wet body press against mine as her arms encircled me. She pulled my mouth down, close to her own.

“Someone that listens,” she told me. Then she kissed me. Her small mouth felt incredible next to mine. I felt her open, then her tongue lightly caress my lips. My lips opened of their own accord, as my tongue sought hers. Our mouths were suddenly pressed together in a kiss of divine passion. I kissed her for what seemed like an eternity, our passion flaming as my hands began to caress her body.

At some point, we entered the house. beşiktaş escort My bed immediately found itself beneath us. She sat upon me, slowly taking off my linen wrap shirt. She removed my kilted skirt, then my sandals. She smiled sweetly as she licked up my right leg. Her tongue was incredible. I had only hoped that she would take the course I wanted. And she did, licking across my groin, once, then twice. I jerked bodily from the bed each time her tongue touched my penis. She then moved her head over it, taking it in her hand, and forcing the tip between her lips. She had made her lips tight, perhaps to let me understand what it would feel like between her legs. Once she had taken me inside her mouth about half way, she began to suckle me. Her head moved rhythmically up and down on me, her lips pulling, and her cheeks hollowing as she sucked. I moaned, grabbing her hair, indicating that she should stop. She paid me no heed, removing my hand from her hair and intertwining her fingers around mine. I felt myself tightening, then a quiet burning as I emptied my semen into her mouth. She kept sucking until it became unbearable. I pulled her face away from my softening penis. She smiled sweetly at me.

Surely this was a dream. I must have eaten mandrake with my last meal. The woman straddled me, climbing with her knees over my chest. When her thighs were aside my head, she lowered herself. I licked earnestly between the folds of her sex, tasting the wetness I found there. She was like honey. Oh, the sweetness of her! My lips made haste as I fastened them to her pouting lips. I wanted to suck all of her nectar from her. My tongue found her little nubbin, and I teased it, played with it, and sucked it. She rocked back and forth upon my face, squirming her precious nether region against my tongue. I looked up from my feasting to find her with her head back. Her hands were grasping her breasts, her fingers rolling her nipples between them. I snaked my hands around her body, my fingers finding hers, and then joining her in their play.

She soon began to rock violently, her muted moans turning into strong screams as she gave voice to her orgasm. I felt her clinch her thighs against my head, and her vulva began to tighten against my tongue. Her body jerked a bit, then she removed her legs from the resting place beside my head. We kissed again, our tongues dancing. As we kissed, she rubbed her hands against my semi-erect member, quickly bringing it to full hardness.

She straddled my hips again, rocking back and forth upon me. I beylikdüzü escort could feel her wetness against me, my hardened penis sliding smoothly between the folds of her labia. She rode me like this for some time, until finally, she had another orgasm. It was a small one, and she clinged to me, her dark eyes smiling.

I reached between us, searching for myself, and once finding it, placed the head at her opening. She raised up, allowing me to enter. Then she lowered herself onto me, engulfing me in her tightness, wetness, and warmness. Her rhythm began slowly, undulating her hips against mine, grinding her pubis into me. She leaned forward, causing her breasts to sway towards my mouth. I fastened my lips onto her nipples, first one, then the other. I suckled her as a newborn would, pulling her nipples between my teeth and biting gently. She moaned her pleasure, running her fingers atop my shaven head and across my chest.

I could not help myself for thrusting into her. Her incredibly warm sheath coaxed me. I felt her muscles pull me each time I moved, demanding me deeper inside of her. I placed my hands against her hips and began to make love to this woman, this stranger who had seduced me.

Our passion rose. The undulating of her hips increased, and this dance of copulation that we performed increased its tempo. She was raising herself off me and then slamming down onto me. I met her each time she came down, pushing deep into her. Each time she moaned, and I grunted like some animal. I felt myself pushing harder and faster into her. Finally, my body went rigid as I thrust one last time, pushing deep into her and pumping my semen into her body.

I cradled her against me. She kissed me tenderly and whispered into my ear. “Many nights I have heard you,” she said. “And each time my heart went out to you. I did this not out of pity, but for your love. And your loyalty. It is seldom that a man speaks to me.”

I could not believe what I had heard. “Isis?” I asked. Surely this was not the goddess Isis, or Aset as she is sometimes called.

She smiled in the dark. I asked no more, accepting what had been offered. We drifted to sleep.

Morning came as AmenRa began his journey across the sky. His rays of light filtered through my bedroom. I awoke and stretched. I remembered the passion of the night, and I looked in my bed for her. I was alone. Although I was naked, and could still see the remains of our passion on me, I felt that this surely had been a dream. I rose and dressed, stepping into the garden to water my herbs and fruits before I returned to Amenhotep’s palace.

I noticed the pool. It was still and silent, preparing for the heat of the day. On a sitting rock beside it, something glimmered in the morning light. I went over to it. Lying upon the rock was a chain of gold. There was a pendant attached to it, a golden Ankh, the symbol of eternal life.



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