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As Stacy Michaels stands in front of her bathroom mirror, she can not avoid admiring herself in the bathroom mirror as she dries herself off. Stacy has always considered herself an attractive woman, with her well tanned body, extremely physically fit shape, since she has been working out nearly six days a week for the last 3 months.

“Not bad. ” says Stacy to herself as she heads into the bedroom to get dressed for her night out with her new friend Serena.

Stacy drops the towel to the floor and opens her lingerie drawer. Stacy grabs a black cotton thong panty, which she pulls up her shapely long legs and over her firm and luscious ass. Stacy then grabbed the matching black cotton bra. Then Stacy grabbed a pair of black sheer stockings. Stacy sits down on the bed and sticks out her right leg. Slowly, Stacy rolls the stocking down over her calf, then unto her thigh. Stacy then repeats the action for her left leg. Stacy gets up and looks at herself in her full length bedroom mirror and just smile. Stacy loves to wear her sexy lingerie as much as possible but since this rocky stage in here marriage she has not been feeling overly sexy.

Stacy was excited with anticipation. She was going to allow herself a night of enjoyment, since her life over the last few months had been lacking fun.

Stacy then heads into her closet to find an outfit for their “night of fun” as Serena put it over the phone. Stacy spent many minutes trying on different outfits. Finally, Stacy came upon an outfit deemed wearable. It consisted of a black mini-skirt and a black sweater top which Stacy thought showed off her 34b breasts nicely. Stacy then topped the outfit off with a pair of her favorite black high heels. All Stacy had to do was apply her make-up and she was ready for her night on the town. Stacy make-up application consisted on applying a dark shade of red lipstick to her lush pouty lips and a like hint of eyeshadow, and a couple of sprays of her favorite perfume, which was a floral scent.

As Stacy headed down her stairs, she hears the roar of a car pull into her driveway. Stacy hears the car door slam as she reaches the front door. Stacy opens the door to greet Serena, and is welcomed with the view of the gorgeous blonde wearing a short black leather mini-skirt and a black crop top which showed off Serena’s large firm breasts and was short enough to show off Serena’s taut stomach. Serena was wearing a gold waist chain and two thin gold bracelets on her right arm. Serena’s make-up is far more extensively applied Then Stacy’s but it is done with class.

“Wow, Serena, you look amazing. ” replied Stacy.

“Thanks Stacy, you are looking very sexy yourself tonight. ” said Serena.

Stacy was glad to hear someone call her beautiful, Stacy could not remember the last time Alex had given her a complement. As the two young gorgeous blondes chatted at Stacy’s front door.

Serena asked “You ready to have some real fun tonight?”

Stacy replied “I’m ready for anything. ” with one of her lovely glowing smiles.

“I’m going to hold you to that statement. ” said Serena.

Stacy grabbed her purse and house keys.

As Stacy locked her front door, Serena asked “Stacy, when was the last time you went out with friends for a night of fun?”

Stacy replied hesitantly “Over a year at least. ”

“Damn girl, I really have to make this night unforgettable. ” laughed Serena.

“Wow Serena, is this your car!” exclaimed Stacy as she saw Serena’s black Porsche 911.

“Yes this is my car” replies Serena coyly.

“Serena, your acting career must pay well. ” stated Stacy.

“Well it allows for me to have all the toys I want. ” said Serena.

“To have a car like this be called a toy, you must be a good actor. ” said Stacy.

“Well I like to think I’m the best at what I do. ” flatly said Serena.

“Get in Stacy, it’s time to have some fun. ” said Serena with enthusiasm.

Stacy open the Porsche’s passenger door and slides gracefully into the plush leather seat.

“Where did Alex go tonight Stacy?”, asked Serena to her new friend. Serena could see Stacy’s face show anger at the mention of her husband’s name.

“I love Alex dearly, but sometime, well sometimes he can be such an asshole. ” said Stacy.

“Why, what happened tonight. ” asked Serena with true concern.

“Oh, I don’t want to be a party pooper. ” said Stacy as if trying to change the subject.

“Come on Stacy, that’s what I’m here for. ” Serena told Stacy. illegal bahis

“Tonight Alex and I were to go over to my sister’s and her husband’s place for dinner, we had planned this for a week, but Alex told me that he was not going over my sister’s but out with his buddies. I have no problem with him going out with the guys, but not when we have plans with my sister. God, can he be so frustrating sometimes. ” explained Stacy.

“Well it’s a good thing you called me Stacy, tonight I’m going to make sure you forget your troubles. “, said Serena.

“Yeah I need this. ” said Stacy

The two young women chatted, while Serena zoomed down the road. “By the way Serena, where are we going?” asked Stacy of her guide to a night of fun.

“There is this club I have to take you to, you are going yo love it. “, said Serena.

“What’s it called?” asked Stacy.

“It’s called Manic. ” said Serena.

As soon as Stacy heard the name she realized she and her new friend would be going to one of the hottest clubs in the LA area, which was often frequented by celebrities, stars of the music industry, and sport stars.

“Won’t we have trouble getting into such hot club?’ asked Stacy.

“No we won’t for two simple reasons. One we are both extremely hot women that a bouncer couldn’t resist and two I know the owner well. ” said Serena smiling a wide grin at her friend. Stacy smiled back at her friend.

During the ride to the club, Stacy for some reason could not help but steal glances at the breathtakingly gorgeous women in front of her eyes. Stacy would steal glances at Serena’s long bronze legs. Stacy would steal glances at Serena’s unnaturally large and firm breasts as they moved up and down as Serena took a breath. Stacy even found herself trying to look upon Serena’s face as the two chatted the trip away. Stacy was even finding Serena’s perfume intoxicating, it was a very unique sweet scent which reminded Stacy of roses. Stacy soon became aware of these actions and began to become more involved in the conversation to not bring attention to herself.

During the conversation, Stacy was very unaware that Serena was looking over Stacy’s sexy form. Serena could not help look over Stacy. Serena just loved Stacy’s long sexy legs. “There is nothing like a hot blonde in high heels. ” thought Serena to herself. Unbeknownst to Stacy, she was Serena’s type.

“We’re here” said Serena as she pointed to Manic.

“Great, I can’t wait. ” replied Stacy.

Serena pulled into the parking lot across from the club.

“Stacy, were going to have tons of fun here. “, said Serena as the two blondes got out of the car.

The two young blondes get to the front of the club to see a huge line, with a lot of people waiting to get their chance into the club. Serena grabs Stacy by the hand and tells her, “Follow me slow poke. ” Serena escorts Stacy to the front of the line past all the waiting club goers.

“Hey, Serena great to see you, come right in and who’s your beautiful friend. ” said the well built and rather handsome bouncer/greeter.

“Thanks, Mike, Her name is Stacy, We met at the gym. ” replied Serena.

Serena pulled Stacy into the club. Stacy thought the music was loud outside the building, but it was really booming inside the club. Multi-colored lighted strobed in the club. Serena pulled Stacy to the bar.

Serena asked “What do you want to drink?”

Stacy thought for a second, “Just some water. ” replied Stacy.

“Come on Stacy, be bold have a real drink. ” teased Serena.

“Ok, fine, I’ll have what your having. ” said Stacy. Stacy turned her back to her friend to watch the people in the club, chatting, dancing, and just having great times.

“God, I missed this. ” thought Stacy smiling to herself.

Serena tapped Stacy on her shoulder, Stacy turned around to see Serena with both their drinks.

“Here. ” said Serena as she handed Stacy her drink. “Let’s toast to our night on the town. “, said Serena.

Then the two women tapped their drinks and Stacy brought the drink to her lips. She slowly took a sip as Serena drank her drink down smoothly.

“Come on Stace, drink it down. “, said Serena with encouragement. Stacy closed her eyes and drank down the harsh drink as quick as she could. “There you go Stacy, how about another one. “, said Serena.

Stacy said, “Sure, sounds good. “, said Stacy not wanting to be a wet blanket.

If this was going to be a fun night then she was going to let her hair down.

Stacy could not help watch Serena walk away. For the first time in her 22 years on the earth, Stacy found herself checking out the ass of another woman and Serena’s ass was picturesque, tight with a nice sexy bounce to it. Serena turned around to catch Stacy’s view and just looked back at the young blonde newlywed with a knowing smile. This caused Stacy to turn her view suddenly away from Serena. Stacy once again turn to the civilized riot of excitement of the club goers. Stacy even began to bounce to the hypnotic beat of the music.

As Stacy was bouncing and illegal bahis siteleri swaying with the music, Serena came up behind her and whispered, “I think you have an amazing ass too. “, and gave Stacy ass a light pat and squeeze on the right cheek.

Stacy’s eyes widened as she immediately stopped her swaying. Stacy then turned around to look at Serena,who had this sly, extremely sexy smile on her face.

Before Stacy could explain her earlier actions, Serena cut her off and said, “Lets dance Stacy. “, and she grabbed Stacy by the hand and lead her to the dance floor.

As soon as Serena was on the dance floor she was dancing rymically with the beat on the music and the club. Stacy on the other hand was nervous and her dancing showed it, as she barely was moving

“Come on Stacy! I seen you dancing before. Let it go girl and just have fun for Christ’s sake. ” Exclaimed Serena. Stacy smiled and relaxed a bit and began to dance to the music.

Soon Serena and Stacy were dancing with one another. The two keeping eye contact with one another, the two smiling, the two laughing, the two having fun. Soon Serena was dancing very close to Stacy and at first Stacy was hesitant but soon she too was dancing closer to Serena. Though the two young women were unaware of the sight of two extremely, sexy young women dancing together in a club, some of their fellow dancers took notice. Especially the men.

As the two young blonde newlywed and her gorgeous blonde friend danced, Serena out of the corner of her eye say two young handsome men approaching them. “Hey looks like we’re getting company. ” said Serena to Stacy as he pointed out the two men coming their way.

“Oh, great What do we do?” asked Stacy. “Just tell them your married silly. “, said Serena. When the two men approached, she did just that and men left deflated.

The two women continued to dance and the men in the club kept asking to either cut in or buy them a drink. Stacy was flattered by all the attention her and Serena were receiving but they declined everyone of the men’s advances.

This is the kind of encouragement Stacy needed. Serena could see deep down that her newlywed friend loved the attention she was getting while on the dance floor.

Most of the men easily took no, but there were this two young cocky men who just wouldn’t. One was 6’2 had a muscular build with blonde spiky hair, while the other one was about 6’1, had an athletic build, and a buzzcut haircut. Both men would be considered handsome. They would go away for a few minutes but then come back and hit on the two young blondes. Stacy and Serena would declined their offers nicely.

As Stacy and Serena thought the two men were going to leave them alone, Stacy could see the two young men approaching again. “Damn here they come again don’t they take a hint. ” is what Stacy said and no sooner did she finish her last word when Kevin and his buddy were once again standing in front of Stacy and Serena.

Kevin asked “Ted and I were wondering, how come you two have been declining our generous offer all night?” asked Kevin. Then added jokingly, “Are you two lesbians?. “

As Stacy was about to answer Kevin with a sharp NO!. Serena gave Stacy a devilish smile and leaned in and whispered to her friend “If we kiss, these two asses will leave us alone. ” Noticing Stacy hesitating, Serena said “Come on Stacy, it’ll be fun, please we can laugh about it later. ” explained Serena.

“OK. ” said Stacy with hesitation even though deep down she has wanted to kiss her friend again.

Serena places her right hand on Stacy’s left cheek and then places her right hand on Stacy’s right side and leans in. Stacy seeing Serena move in for the kiss closes her eyes, with in seconds of closing her eyes, Serena’s lips are pressing against Stacy. At first Serena kisses Stacy’s lips softly, gently. Serena open her mouth a bit and allows her tongue to slip across Stacy’s lip. At first Stacy is frightened by Serena’s forwardness but as Serena’s tongue pries against Stacy’s lips and the fact that her gorgeous friend is kissing her causes a warm feeling to sweep over the young newlywed’s body. As the kiss continues, Stacy pussy becomes wet and aroused. Stacy wonders if the kiss is having the same effect on Serena. Stacy is both excited and frighten by these new feeling her gorgeous blonde friend is bringing out of her, by this point, Stacy’s will is turned to mush.

Stacy opens her mouth to allow Serena’s tongue entry. As Serena’s tongue explores Stacy’s hungary mouth, Stacy then begins to suck on Serena’s tongue. This causes Serena to kiss Stacy with more passion. Soon Stacy is now sliding her tongue into Serena’s mouth and against one another’s tongue.

Stacy now was a willing partner in the kiss. As the two young blondes with on the dance floor sharing a passion and lust filled tongue twinning kiss that left both young men slacked jawed as they walked away. As each moment passed, the kiss between the blondes became hungrier as the two explored one another’s mouth. Serena began to run her hands over Stacy’s luscious form, canlı bahis siteleri up and down the sides of Stacy, slowly down Stacy’s back to come to rest as the small of her back. Stacy too was doing her own exploration, Stacy ran her hands down Stacy’s small of her back.

Then suddenly Serena pulls back form the kiss and as she does that she gives Stacy’s lips a final sensual lick. The kiss leaves Stacy’s breathless and frozen for a second. Serena leans in and whispers to Stacy, “I loved kissing you too. ” and then leans in to kiss Stacy again.

This time Stacy gives into her new found passion and lust for Serena. The two young sexy blondes are once again sharing a lust filled tongue twinning kiss that has the two women devouring one another’s lips. The two women continue to kiss passionately for several minutes, when Serena brakes the kiss.

“I think we better stop Stacy. ” said Serena. Serena seeing the disappointment in Stacy eye’s explains, “Were causing a scene. “, laughs Serena. Stacy looks around to see many of the surrounding club goers have stopped dancing and were watching the two gorgeous blondes sharing a passionate kiss. As Stacy saw this she too laughed.

Serena takes Stacy by the hand and says “How about we get out of her, it’s getting a bit crowded. ” Stacy just nods her head in agreement.

As they two women leave the club a young man yells out “Hey guys look it’s Serena St. James. ” Then many of the men and a few of the women who recognized Serena started to yell out “Serena!” or hoot, and even holler.

Serena turned around with a huge smile and waved to the people. Stacy looked at Serena and before Stacy could ask a question, Serena said, “Those are some of my adoring fans. ” All Stacy could say was “wow. ” When Stacy and Serena arrived at Serena’s car Stacy looked at her watch to see the time was 10:30 PM.

“It’s getting late, I think we better call it a night. ” said Stacy. Even though a part of her wanted to continue the night with Serena after the passionate kisses they had shared minutes earlier, Stacy’s proper side just could not allow her to do so.

Serena said “Stacy, this is the first night in a long time you’ve been out, let’s make it a good one, who knows when you’ll be able to do this again. “

Stacy thought for a moment and said, “Your right. ” as the two hot blondes got into Serena’s Porsche.

The two women headed to another club. This time Stacy really got into dancing with Serena and seeing all the attention that these two sexy blondes were getting.

As the two the two blondes were chatting at the bar, taking a few songs off, a young man with his girlfriend slowly dragging behind him asked “I’m James and this is my girlfriend Lisa and we are huge fans of your, could you give us your autograph?” The young man’s beautiful girlfriend waved slightly at Serena upon his question.

“I’d love to give you my autograph. ” replied Serena.

Serena took the pen from the young man and signed a napkin “Kevin and Lisa, I hope you have a naughty time, Always…Serena St. James. ” The young man and his girlfriend thanked Serena and went back to their table.

Stacy just looked on with awe as she noticed that every place they had gone tonight people had recognized Serena.

Serena looked over at Stacy and pointed to her watch, it now said 12:30 AM. Serena then said, “I’m not tired but how about we get out of this noisy place?”

Stacy then asked, “Where could we go?”

“How about my place, the fun doesn’t have to end. ” stated Serena.

Stacy looked at her new friend and said, “Sounds good to me. ”

When Stacy and Serena had gotten into Serena’s vehicle and the two were chatting with one another on the way to Serena’s.

At one of the stop lights Serena turned to Stacy and said, “I have been wanting to kiss you again since I kissed you at the gym and I just had to kiss you at the club. ” Stacy had wondered when this would come up. But as the light turned green, Serena leaned in and Stacy leaned in and their lips met once more. Soon both of the sexy blondes’ tongues were swirling against one another as they both moaned against one others’ mouth. The two women continued to kiss in the car, luckily no car was behind them as the light changed to yellow, then back to red.

Serena broke the kiss as the two young women smiled at one another. As Serena pulled away from the stoplight, taking her right hand, she placed it on Stacy’s knee. As Serena drove to her place, she began to move her hand up past Stacy’s knee. When she did not receive an objection by Stacy, Serena then moved her hand up Stacy’s inner thigh, gently rubbing Stacy’s flesh. Stacy again did not object, so Serena moved her hand farther up Stacy’s thigh. Stacy even found herself scooted forward in the seat to accommodate Serena’s exploration.

Serena’s hand moved farther and farther up Stacy’s well tanned firm thigh until Serena’s hand was mere inches from Stacy’s panty covered sex. Serena using her long fingernailed finger tips strokes Stacy’s panty enclosed sex, causing Stacy to stop breathing for a second at the realization another woman is touching her for the first time in her life. Seeing Stacy reaction, Serena taking her fingers flatly on Stacy’s panty covered pussy and begins to rub her fingers over Stacy’s pussy lips.



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