A Friend’s Mom Part 2Quick note: There is no need to read part one, this one is all inclusive so anyone can jump right in and hopefully enjoy it.To have a person become your obsession is a terrible thing. As the days dragged into weeks since my last meeting with her, my friend’s mom had become my obsession. Just for reference, I will most assuredly refer to this woman only as “my friend’s mom”. “Why?” you may ask and my answer can be divided into two. The first reason is because before the events of that night, she was but my own deep seated fantasy. She was (and still is) that woman I would look at and think “That’s my friend’s beautiful mom, if only..” Of course the “If only” part trailed off into many categories from sexually explicit to wishing she hadn’t been my friend’s mom so that she could be a woman I could pursue openly. The second reason for it, my evil writer reason, is so this woman can be easily related to any man who had a fantasy of a friend’s mother, a teacher maybe, or any older woman that haunted your dreams and perhaps vice versa. Now, back on topic, my mind in those cruelly long weeks without even a hint of seeing her was a mixture of stunned stupor, a constant replaying of the events of that night and a near desperate desire to see her again if only to confirm that our encounter wasn’t some phantom of my imagination or alcohol induced. Also, in between those thoughts and emotions, there was of course the ever so horny young man inside of me (to that point in a moment). Despite what my mind may have wanted to prove differently, I knew it had really happened, I remembered it well. I would often dwell to that night and find that I remember the little things most vividly. Yes, the blow job had been fantastic yet her silky blonde hair touching the tip of my penis smashing me with the anticipation of her soft lips coming down on me is just as strongly burned into me as the act itself. Remembering it usually brought me to a full erection and often times find my hand to be a cold comfort compared to the real thing. She was my obsession and to settle for anything less is out of the question. My hand would have to suffice until I worked my problem out. To a young man like myself, she was instantly placed as a sex goddess, untamed by the likes of this mortal man. A bit melodramatic I do admit but I was lost in that time.In order to relieve this lost/horny/desperation I would find comfort in working a lot and go to the gym in between work and sleep. It was a way to avoid thoughts and get away from everything. The treadmill was a great stress reliever and cleared my mind while on the machine. Of all the places to see her again, it was least expected here, at this sweaty male infested gym. She came up from behind me, catching me completely unaware and nearly falling off the stupid machine. She smiled at me and went on to discuss how the elliptical machine was a better choice so as not to impact the knees and other such small talk. In my head I was yearning for her to mention our night together, anything at all, a subtle nod, how my fingers felt inside her. Anything. She never did mention it, she only beamed at me with her beautiful smile and never faltered on her stance for the elliptical machine until I got off the treadmill and went to the other machine. She said her good byes and see you arounds and walked off to the woman’s section of the gym. bahis siteleri I spent the next forty five minutes on the elliptical just to make her happy and because I was too confused to do much else. Being startled by her had managed to stop my erection from happening for some time but when my mind started clearing, I was immediately reminded of her amazing gray yoga pants (man’s greatest invention) and tight white tank top made out of the weird swishy sweat proof stuff. The tank top while not too revealing was tight and showed the curves of her amble breasts and made her mild tan that much more contrasting with the bright white of it. That coupled with her hair done up in a ponytail, just begging to be let loose and splayed down around her shoulders brought my old friend out of his confusion and began to rise to a much delayed occasion. I decided to just go home and forget the hour long routine today. I took a hot shower when I got home. Remembering her, I could feel myself stiffening at each thought. Almost instinctively, my hand reached for the soap and began lubing up. I brought my hand down and started caressing my balls and shaft. I grew harder. I began stroking in the shower, fragments clouded my mind, her yoga pants, her perfume from the first night, feeling her breast and playing with the nipple, her trimmed and soft bush on my hand. My fingers inside of her, nipping my ear lope before kissing me, her ponytail in the gym. I stroked harder and faster with each fragment my mind conjured on me. I was throbbing in my hand with each stroke. I tried to reenact her hand job motions but couldn’t seem to master it. It required a woman’s touch I suppose. I returned to my tried and true method. Each stroke of my hand had me yearning for her even more. Her scent, her hair, her curves, I felt the climax coming. I squeezed harder and pulled faster. I came with a powerful intensity, sending shivers down my body. My cum shot into the bath wall and over my hand. I washed off and got out of the shower, mind still clouded but for now my sex drive was sated. In the following month, I had lost all hope of ever reconnecting with my friend’s mom, she had eventually found a boyfriend in her age bracket, a jock type from the gym and our talks and meetings were more and more impersonal with each passing week. I was ready to move on, discouraged and tired. I had lost hope even on the day that my friend Ben began moving out of her house and to his own place out of state. He had collected a few of my things that he found around his house (books and games mostly) and had put them in a box for me to collect. He told me his mom should be home all day but he would be bringing another car full of stuff to his apartment and staying there so hanging out was out of the question. I told him I would be there around seven at night after I got out of work. He would pass on that message to his mom for me.That night, I got out of work, pit stopped to change and a quick shower, since my house was closer to my job than his. I had no intention of trying anything with her this night, I fully expected her boyfriend to be with her and I would just walk in, grab my stuff and hightail to a bar or something and try and get back in the swing of things. When she answered the door, I was still lost in her beauty, flowing blonde hair down past her shoulders, big hazel eyes, her flirtatious smile. canlı bahis Her figure perfectly shown through her tight blue jeans and green shirt. She was wearing black and white checkered open toe shoes which showed her bright red painted toenails, matching perfectly with her hands. I did the obligatory “How are you, how have your been, lovely weather for this year ain’t it? Could be less breezy for my taste. How’s Ben? Talked on the phone but haven’t seen him in person.” and so forth. I saw that she was alone in the house but paid no attention. I got my things and began to head for the door, she said something that stopped me dead in my tracks.“You know we could never truly be together, right?”I turned to her and told her that I knew from the beginning that it was doomed but I was very grateful for our short time together and that she truly was an amazing woman.She looked at me and smiled. “You were great too, I am sorry I led you on that night though.”“You didn’t lead me, I was overjoyed to be with you, I waited there in hopes of just seeing you that night.” “Oh.” She said it with a big sexy smile, her body relaxing, looking more playful in my eyes. “So maybe you were the little instigator?” I smiled. “Could very well be, I knew what I was getting into and went for it.”“So we both know it could never be, both want each other and here we are.”I did an exaggerated hand gesture and said “All alone in a big house.” I walked over to her and she walked next to me. “Perhaps I can get a goodbye kiss?”She hesitated at first, perhaps giving one final weigh in on the pros and cons. She looked up at me, her head just at my shoulder level, and put her arms on my shoulders and drew her self up onto her toes and I leaned down and we kissed. Timidly and shy, nearly awkward at first but soon found our rhythm and we were kissing passionately, lips interlocked, our bodies pushing against each other. Our tongues met briefly and she pulled away slowly. Taking me by the hand, giggling and walking with that wonderfully teasing sway of her hips. I followed her up the stairs and to her bedroom where she turned around and sat at the foot of the bed. I knelt down next to her and continued kissing her. She lifted my shirt over my head and revealed my chest, naturally hairy but not completely unruly. I have always been a little unsure of how women will approach it but she ran her hands up my chest in full approval. I kissed her again and lifted her shirt over her, revealing a black bra which seemed full to the point of breaking. I kissed her neck, her bare shoulder, her chest, her cleavage. I pulled close to her and undid her bra and slowly drew it back. This would be my first time seeing her breasts fully exposed and I intended to enjoy the experience. They were beautiful and perky, with tiny pink nipples. I ran my hands over them, kissing each nipple until it grew hard and cupped each breast and squeezed them lightly. She was breathing heavier and running her hand through my hair. I lowered her onto her back and kissed her soft, not toned and gym hardened, stomach and unbuttoned her jeans. I kissed her navel and pulled back, hoping that her jeans would come off easily and not awkwardly and mood killing. Luckily it was nice and easy and revealed a lot of her. Her black panties, just barely hiding her trimmed bush underneath, that bush I was so eager to run my mouth over. Her legs güvenilir bahis were long and toned, each flex showed how strong they must be. I lifted her left leg and kissed her ankle, then her shin, her knee, her inner thigh, then stopping, and rubbing my hand over panties, playfully teasing her. I put a lot of pressure while rubbing her, once in a while catching a small gasp escape her. I reached over and ran my hands under her ass, feeling its wonderful curves while I found her panty line. I began to pull them down, finally seeing that little trimmed bush that I so greedily wanted. I removed her panties and quickly resumed my position between her legs. My nose just touching her soft hair of her bush. I kissed it, kissed it harder, then slowly began licking it from the bottom of her slit right to the very top. I kept repeating the slow, all tongue licking, taking as much time as I wanted. I wanted to bring her to a boil, but a slow boil. Soon I used my hand to separate her lips and began to lick her even deeper but still slow and rhythmic. I was fully erect and hard as a rock and when I thought that she was nice and wet for me, I got up, she looked up, her legs still wide open, her eyes wild and almost accusing for leaving. Then she saw what I was doing and flashed a wicked smile as I unbuttoned my belt and slowly slid my jeans down. My boxers bulging with my erected penis. Then I removed my boxers as well. She looked at my penis and then playfully caressed it with her foot. She repositioned herself on the bed slightly, legs apart and ready for me, I moved in close to her and held her waist and slowly entered her. I pushed into her fully and held it there, throbbing inside her for a few moments before slowly retracting. My hands were firmly at her waist, squeezing gently as her toned legs wrapped around my ass as I pushed harder and faster, pushing my entire length into her again, retracting less each time than pushing it right back. She pulled out and lifted herself, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me towards the bed, kissing me as I went. She laid me on my back and threw her leg over me so that she was nearly sitting on me. Each of her strong legs on my sides. She grabbed my dick and reinserted it into her and began pushing into me. She put her hand on my stomach and pushed hard and fast, Just her ass and waist seemed to be moving to the motion. My dick throbbed inside her. I grabbed her firm ass and helped her push, eventually pushing up when she pushed down. Each of us matching the others’ motion, in perfect rhythm. Soon she put both hands on my shoulders, still pushing in rhythm, her hair dr****g down onto me, her mouth inches from mine. Her breasts swaying back and for with the motion in a beautiful pattern, I began to suck on her left nipple again, kissing it, licking it with my tongue and completely randomly I applied pressure to it, not nipping it with my teeth but a lot of pressure from my lips, her nails dug into my shoulders and her legs pushed into me even tighter like a vice grip. I climaxed inside of her with three powerful spasms. I held her tightly and then relaxed as my climax came to an end. She lay atop of me for a few moments, breathing hard, kissing. She then lay beside me and I noticed the sweat coming from her, us actually. Her beautiful long hair, sticking to her bare breast, nearly hiding one of her nipples. We lay together, both of us wet and sticky from from where we were joined but not caring. Red marks were forming around my shoulders from where her hands were. We looked at each other, smiling, realizing that the night was still quite young.



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