Anri Sugihara

A friend’s dreamDedicated to BLPH75All started with some messages exchanged on Xhamster after I discover some stolen video and pics of her fascinating wife.She is one of the most sensual woman I ever seen, with her plenty and luscious ass.Maybe she’s in her forties but still in great form.Further the atmosphere of a stolen video where a lady is moving around u*********s that her intimacy will be shared with million of stranger makes me horny.So I wanna report to her husband how much she warms up me and the dream about her.Today it’s the D Day.Finally I’ll come to your home to know your wife.In about fifty messages you explain your desire to watch your wife with another man, so we set up this meeting.It is a saturday afternoon and you receive me in living room, she’s sitting on the sofa and seems nervous. She keeps her eyes low and speaks with tremolous voice.You asked her to serve us some drink so while she goes into kitchen I can appreciate her body,She wear a white cotton dress not too short, just over her knees, so sexy in its simplicity and even not so fitted it reveals the shape of her ass so many times watched online.She’s an awesome brunette, with a sweet face, fancy lips and expressive eyes.Come back with our drinks we spend a little time talking.Now she seems a little bit relaxed and it’s your turn to be nervous and keep controlled your watch.I’m not in a hurry, I like speaking with your wife about her hobbies and her life, I love her sensual voice.Suddenly she surprise both us: “Dear, I feel that is time to go”You go to your bedroom keeping the door half open, so I can see you sitting on the bed while speaking with low voices. An abat-jour is the only light .She reclines on bed and you start gently kiss her lips while caressing her neck. From my point of view I can clearly that you are halkalı escort demonstrating so much harmony that I fear you will change idea about our date.She whisper something in your ear and with a glance you invite me in bedroom.I sit on your bed with her between us, watching your soft caresses.She gives me a shy smile and I start to massage her neck and shoulders.I can see her breast going up and down slowly but I don’t feel that is excitement, only tension.I give her a first innocent kiss on her hair, then descending on her ear and neck while you are caressing her legs lifting her skirt and exposing her thighs.She lifts her face toward me in a silent request of a kiss.I feel her tongue inside my mouth initially slowly and then harder and deeper.I dear a more intimate caress and let my hand run her entire body, carefully avoiding her more intimate parts. Her breath speed up and hips keep moving a bit.I stop my hand at limit of skirt and indulge the contact with that hot leg with slow movement I lift her skirt a bit more, so I can glimpse her white satin panties. They cannot totally cover her well trimmed bush and start to be wet.I put my hand between her legs and her first reaction is to close them, blocking my hand over her pussy.I can move only one finger, I feel her clit growing up and her breath speed up.Without stop kiss I forced her legs open, shifting panties, exposing the open and wet cunt.My finger slide up and down on this marvellous slippery pussy, from clit to anus, making her moan.She put her hand on my breast moving far from her.I fear she wanna stop me, but it’s only for get off her clothes.She reclines on bed with closed eyes, exposing all her magnificent beauty.My hand go back on her body taksim escort and I fill my eyes with this beautiful vision.My cock seem exploding in my trousers.I ask her the permit to undress myself.For the first time since we are on bed I hear her voices ask to her hubby to go outside.When alone she open my trousers and my hard dick jumps up.She gently grabs it without moving, seems hesitating a little then her decision is taken, coming closer and starting to lick.After minutes I can’t resist and push her head over my dick, she gobble all shaft going up and down while massaging my balls.Losing control start moaning and soon she reclines on bed, legs open, heels on bed, and watching in my eyes tells to me “please fuck me”I take a condom from the table prepared by you, but she stops me “Don’t like rubber, I want to feel you naturally!”I put my all cock inside her boiling hot cunt in only one drive, stop a little to feels her comfortable pussy that fit me like a glove.Her mouth is open and she gasps.I don’t move leaving her feeling me.“Oh my God, I’m coming!”She had an orgasm shaking all body only with the presence of my cock inside.I start pump her, first slowly, then faster and faster.“Yes, yes,yes, don’t stop, you make me come again!” she criesReflected in the mirror I can see you on threshold, jerking.Cannot understand if sad or hungry: our agreement was would participate.So I tell her “your hubby is watching by far, maybe is better if we call him here”“I don’t care what he does, simply don’t stop fucking me!”You come nearby us and I ask you if still ok.I’m a little bit embarrassed in seeing you wanking so near to me, but my orgasm let me forget everything.I shoot five or six load directly in her womb and feeling my hot sperm inside makes her come again.Desperate şişli escort you cries “Oh, no, you don’t use a condom! I asked to use it”“you wanted me act like a bitch and as a bitch I wanted him creampie my cunt, so don’t complain, so shut up!”Seeing my sperm rolling out her pussy mixed to her abundant juice makes me horny again.I put her in doggystyle with her magnificent ass up and head buried in pillow.I open her ass cheeks and start licking are asshole that soon start opening, it seems breathing.So I put one finger into pussy and getting some juice to grease the small hole, to help insertion.I move one finger in her ass and other two in that swollen cunt, she likes so much.I put my headcock onto that small hole and immediately she starts tossing and howling “No, no, not there, I’m virgin, use my vagina but not my ass”I look at you, that stay passive till now and see a strange expression in your eyes.You jump on your wife back, open her asscheeks crying “Fuck it, break this bitch, make her cry” and other similar words.With a perverted smile I force that virgin hole. My dick is aching, but don’t stop till my ball touch her back.Staying embedded into her I watch you with an enormous erection “What are you waiting for? Screw that ass!”I immediately start to pound her that doesn’t stop crying wetting the pillow with large tears.Soon she moan aloud, “oh my God, enjoy it, don’t stop fucking my asshole!”It is to much for you that without touching your cock shot a big load on her back.A couple of drops of your sperm hit my stomach and slowly roll down.I can resist no more and immediately fill her ass with a large amount of sperm.We all three drop on bed breathless staying there in silence for minutes.She’s the first to recover herself, with a peaceful smile tells me “May you leave us alone, please?”I pick up my dress from floor and go back in the living room.You reach me and shaking my hand repeat with tears in your eyes “thank you, thank you so much, we will call you”Outside I check my clock: four hours as passes since I walked that door.Wow, great fuck date with a splendid woman, I hope that they call me for another session..



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