As the first few rays of sunlight pierced through the blinds I began to wake up by myself in one of the guest rooms. It took a few seconds for me to remember where I was but only a moment later to remember what had happened the night before. After years of fantasizing about Beth, we had finally succumbed to our carnal desires. And it wasn’t just a momentary lapse in judgement. Rather it was a thoughtful, fun evening of flirting that advanced to us losing our clothes and culminating with Beth riding me reverse cowgirl in the family room. Without much thought I noticed I already had a hardon. However that was tempered by the dread I felt about our morning interaction without the distracting buzz of alcohol.

So it came as a relief when I made my way downstairs and found a note from Beth indicating she had already left for her furniture appointments and was hoping I’d wait and meet her at the trailhead. I had previously discussed heading up to Crawford Notch to hike Mt. Tom and Mt. Field so I decided to send her a text message – ‘Meet at Highland Center, 10am.’ I felt a little weird not acknowledging the events of the previous night and wondered if I was being a little too casual. So I was relieved when moments later she replied with a thumbs up and hiking boots emoji.

20 minutes later my pack was ready and I was out the door. I was still feeling a bit hungover from the night before and stopped at the local quickee mart for some snacks and several Gatorades. I pulled into the Highland Center parking lot a little before 10am and decided to park myself in the main room at the lodge. I figured a public place might make it less likely for either of us to make a scene. Not that I anticipated anything of the sort but I just wasn’t sure how we’d react to seeing each other after having had adulterous sex the night before. I plopped down on the couch, poked around on my phone and more or less checked out. I was surprised when on the dot of 11am someone dropped their pack right next to me. Somewhat startled I looked up to see Beth, looking perky and ready to roll as ever. We both stared at each other for a moment then instantly began laughing. What else was there to do? We couldn’t undo what had happened and frankly I wouldn’t want to. I knew I would be replaying our adventure for years to come.

“Well? Ready to roll?”

“Yeah, let’s hit it. I gotta say you look a little healthier than I feel, that’s for sure.”

“Well I made sure I had a lot of water before I dozed off last night. But I bet you’ll perk up after we get going.”

And with that we grabbed our packs and headed out the door. The trail started on the other side of the parking lot, about five minutes away.

There was no way to not talk about what had happened so I sheepishly started in, “So about last night…”

“Well you beat me fair and square at darts. At least that’s what I recall.” Beth turned and smiled. We both knew what we had done was wrong in the eyes of most but we were consenting adults and would each deal with it in our own way.

“Yes, a friendly game of darts – that’s exactly how I would describe it…” And with little fanfare we had dissolved whatever tension was remaining. Almost instantly I began to feel that Gatorade kick in and I began to think about the trail ahead. The early morning fog was beginning to burn off and it looked like we were headed for bluebird conditions.

Truth be told the day’s hike was not going to be too challenging. I had done this exact hike years earlier and recalled that the A-Z trail starts off quite reasonably. It only took us about 45 minutes to get to the intersection where we were to turn north and head up Mt. Tom.

Although it was only approaching noon, we passed two different pairs of hikers coming down. Both reassured us that the views were great and we’d have the summit to ourselves. I’d be lying if that didn’t catch my ear as I immediately began to wonder if something might happen. Then again we were both clear headed and there was no dart board available.

About a half mile from the intersection is where the real hiking begins. I could tell my breathing was increasing and I was definitely starting to sweat. Beth too seemed to be slowing her pace down a bit but we were in no rush. At this rate I figured we’d be at the top by 1pm. Until then I would enjoy hiking from behind and watching her beautiful ass.

As we continued I began to notice my left boot was getting loose. Beth was a few yards ahead so I called out, “Hey, I’m gonna stop and fix my boot.”

“Perfect timing. I gotta lose a layer anyway. I’m getting pretty hot.” bakırköy escort What a perfect unintentional pun.

I fixed my boot and looked back up to see that Beth had removed her long sleeve shirt and was down to her sports bra and a pair of shorts. Many women hike like that but of course not many have a body like Beth.

I caught up and was more than happy to take a break to rummage through my pack for a bottle of water.

“Definitely, getting a little, steamy here.” I spoke through deep breaths.

“Yeah I didn’t think it was gonna be this warm.” Beth had also taken out a water bottle. It was hard not to stare as she tilted her head back to take a nice long swig, her breasts more visible now.

“Ya’ know I think that second group might be right about us having the place to ourselves.” I was genuinely commenting on the lack of a crowd but Beth took it as me suggesting something else.

” Oh, really. Just what are you getting at?” Beth asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Hah! No seriously, I’m just saying I’m surprised we haven’t seen anyone for a bit. But it’s so nice out I’m sure there are folks behind us.”

“Well we best get going then if we want to get there before the crowds.” And with that we put our packs back on and continued uphill. But, yes – I had let my mind begin to think about what might happen if we were truly alone in the woods. I stumbled several times as I was absolutely paying more attention to her long legs and mostly bare back. Her skin was glistening with sweat. It reminded me of our bodies sliding off one another not 24 hours before. I wondered what she was thinking about.

My mind went back and forth between feelings of guilt to being completely turned on by my hiking partner. So it came as a surprise when I looked up to see a cairn barely 20 yards ahead indicating the summit.

“Hey, look-ee here!” I picked up the pace and used a burst of energy to catch up to and eventually pass Beth. “Last one there’s a sore loser!” I cheered as I passed Beth and claimed the summit first.

“Okay, smart pants. Very funny. So that’s twice you’ve beat me.”

“Indeed! What do I win this time?” Again something I said before giving it much thought.

“Hah! Well you’ll just have to wait and see.” And with that my odds of another sexcapade began to seem more likely.

After touching the cairn to make it official we both sat down and reached into our packs to find a little snack. It was actually the first time we’d had enough of a silence too long to ignore. I started in with a casual, “So…”

“So what?”

” So that was something last night, huh?”

“Uh, yeah you might say it was something. I’d probably say it was more than something.” Beth paused to collect her thoughts. “I suppose the weird thing is I feel like I should feel guilty but I kinda don’t, ya know?”

“Yeah, I kind of agree. Probably not normal behavior for either of us but we’re both adults and at least for me it was completely consensual.”

“Uh, yeah. It’s gonna be hard to convince a jury of my peers that telling you to ‘fuck me’ doesn’t demonstrate at least a little interest…”

“Counselor, I would object if I could… But seriously that was pretty wild. I’m not sure what came over me. Heh… I guess the sight of a super hot chick naked in front of me is hard to resist.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.” Beth seem to get a little serious. “You may think I’m joking but I’m not sure I’ve ever been so turned on in my life. It’s so funny cuz thinking back I thought, ‘Okay so we’re naked. That’s pretty wild but that’s it!…’ But then we ended up upstairs and giving you a blow job I thought, ‘Okay but nothing more…’ Then like in less than a minute I’m riding you cowgirl… That’s quite the escalation.”

“Honestly, that’s probably the sexiest evening I’ve ever had. And I know I said it but I’ve definitely fantasized about that more times than I can count. Well not exactly that but just wondering what it would be like to be with you…”

We both got a little quiet, starting at the ground each thinking about how long the night before had been in the making. But it wasn’t uncomfortable. In fact it almost served as a pause to let us both acknowledge we might be having an affair.

I decided to break the silence. “Well we might as well snap a few photos as proof we made it to the top. Why don’t you stand next to the cairn?”

Beth hopped up and skipped over to the official summit. As she turned to face me I enjoyed the way her sports bra had become wet with sweat. “You look great. Now beşiktaş escort look tired so everyone thinks this was tougher than it was…”

“Like this?” Beth asked, leaning over to put her hands on her knees.

“Perfect. Now let’s see a little flex.”

Beth raised her arms over her head and put on a goofy expression as she made muscles.

“Fabulous! Now, uh… Heh… Alrighty… Why don’t you uh, lose your top there?”

Beth paused but only for a moment before reaching down and peeling her spandex top up and over her head, revealing her perfect tits. “I never thought you’d ask! Ta-da!” She tossed her top to me and began posing, at first kinda playfully but then with an ever increasing sexy attitude. My hands were shaking as I snapped photo after photo, praying that my phone would not run out of battery.

“That is so fucking hot.”

Beth placed her hands on her breasts and stuck her chest out as far as she could without falling over.

“Why don’t you turn around?”

Beth turned her back to me and placed her hands on her hips. My fingers kept clicking away. Looking over her shoulder at me she began to tug ever so slightly at her waistband.

“You are so bad… Can I help you with those?”

Switching the camera to video, I propped it up on my trekking pole, clicked ‘record’ and walked over to my hiking partner.

Beth turned to face me as I grabbed her at the waist. “Ya know I’m not sure how long we’ll have this place to ourselves…”

I leaned in and our tongues met as she easily peeled my t-shirt over my head. And there we were, standing skin on skin in the great outdoors.

“You are so fucking hot.” Raising my left hand I grabbed her right breast and leaned over to kiss her left. As she arched her back, I reached around and gave her hair a little tug. She had revealed her naughty side and I knew she’d enjoy it. Moving from one nipple to the other she let out quiet sounds of pleasure.

“Mmm… That feels so nice…” As I continued enjoying her 34Bs I felt her starting to undo my shorts. I put up no fight and happily let them fall to my ankles. Stepping out I was able to stand comfortably and enjoy being completely naked. Well I guess I still had on my boots…

Beth eased back and began to crouch down. I knew what she was doing and guided her head down to my raging hard on. She eagerly took the head of my cock into her mouth. It was just as warm as the night before. Coupled with the sun on my back I was in heaven. Beth knew the perfect pace to keep me just on the edge of cumming. Never before had I been so vulnerable. At first I looked back to see if anyone was approaching but after a moment I didn’t care. Beth took me in and out of her mouth, looking up into my eyes every few seconds. She began to purposely move her head back and leave a thin bridge of saliva from her mouth to the tip of my cock and then dive back in for more.

I wanted Beth to receive a little please so I reached down and placing my hands on her tits, began to guide her back up. Our mouths met again once again, our tongues exploring with wild abandon.

We both wanted me to be inside her so I grabbed her by the waist and motioned towards a small pine tree barely ten feet away. I took her hands and placed them on the trunk. Then pulling her hips towards me, I began to pull down her shorts. With minimal effort her panties came off too. Beth spread her feet allowing me to reach down and feel how wet her pussy already was from behind. I pulled up my finger and placed it on her lips, letting her taste her own self.

I positioned myself behind her, my dick bouncing on her tight ass. I used my left hand to place my shaft right at the top of her crack then smacked it a little. Reaching around I placed my right hand across her firm chest and then with my left, reached for my cock. It was already slick from her mouth and my precum and easily nestled right at the entrance to her aching sex.

“You are unfucking believable…” was all I could think of as I moved ever so slightly into my friend. Beth let out a sigh of delight. Letting go I placed my left hand on her hips and entered her completely. At first we stood still but with even the slightest of movement, our pleasure intensified. In no time we were in full on fucking mode, with no regard for our surroundings. At first we tried to remain quiet but as she began taking the lead in thrusting herself onto me, she became more vocal.

“Oh my god… I am so wet… That feels so fucking good…” Beth’s ass moved in perfect sync to my hips. And I beylikdüzü escort took the opportunity to begin slapping her ass just enough to make it exciting and make a little noise.

All the while my camera kept filming, capturing our mutual love of the outdoors. Not wanting it to end I began to pace myself to again keep myself just on the edge. I could tell Beth got close to cunmming but held back as well. I’m never good with time but we continued this way, me behind my lover, for a few more minutes. It was only between deep breaths that we were startled by approaching voices.

As hard as it was, we both stopped. I covered her mouth. “Holy shit!”

We were both completely naked with little room to get dressed so I reached down and grabbed both of our shorts as Beth scampered off deeper into the wooded summit area. I didn’t have enough time to grab my phone or her sports bra. I moved in right behind Beth as we both did our best to conceal ourselves from the couple who quickly approached the summit cairn. We remained as still as possible and were close enough to hear our visitors discuss the camera, still recording. The girl called to her companion and gestured towards Beth’s misplaced garment. They both giggled. We knew the jig was up but were in no position to come out and claim it.

The couple looked around but not seeing us sat down to have a snack. We knew we were stuck where we were for at least a few minutes so I decided to ramp up the danger by reaching around with my left hand to fondle Beth’s perfect titties once again. Without hesitation she presented her ass to me and I easily entered her pussy once again. We could not have been more than 40 feet away so it was imperative we kept our voices absolutely quiet even as our fucking continued. I reached around again this time with my right hand and began to rub her clit. It was as hard as a diamond. It took less than a minute to reach the levels of excitement as before. Her breathing became shallow and I could tell she was approaching orgasm. I continued to pound my sexy little mistress from behind as I too got within inches of cumming.

I could feel Beth begin to tense up as her rhythm changed pace. And with that her wet vagina clamped down on my cock. She let out just a peep as I too climaxed deep inside my lover’s cunt. Our orgasms continued longer than usual most likely due to restraint we required of ourselves. I leaned heavily on Beth and loved feeling her sweaty back across my chest. Our bodies eventually slowed to a halt and I was able to take my cock back out. I looked down and immediately realized I’d left Beth with a messy creampie. As a tease, I reached down and captured some of my cum on my index finger then reached around and placed it on her lips. Beth looked back over her shoulder with the biggest shit eating grin ever when she was done.

Our impromptu love making had come to an end but we still had to get dressed. We were both able to get our shorts back on in relative silence but her bra and, as I soon realized, my shirt were still out in the clearing. Our unannounced visitors had opened up their guidebook and appeared to be in little rush to get moving. I would not draw too much attention by emerging from the woods without a shirt but Beth certainly would. So imagine my surprise when Beth whispered, “Well here goes…” and began leaving our hideaway.

Confidence is everything and Beth has it in spades. Walking back into the clearing Beth barely offered up an attempt to cover her bare chest and instead tried to make light of the situation.

“Well you caught us…”

Both of our visitors looked up and laughed. “Heh… Hey that’s no problem. I hope we didn’t cut you guys short.”

“Absolutely not!” Beth cheerfully exclaimed as she reached down and picked up her sports bra. I was not quite as comfortable with the situation but still had to laugh as I reached for my shirt. “Ah, I knew I left this somewhere…”

Much to my delight, Beth stood right out in the open as she unfolded her top and pulled it back over her head. It made me realize what an exhibitionist streak she must have in her.

“Hope you two got some good footage…” joked the girl.

“Me too!” replied Beth. “I’d send you a link but I’m pretty sure it’s not quite appropriate for posting. Anyway thanks for giving us a few minutes.”

“Seriously, thanks” I continued. “I’m just happy we were able to check off another four thousand footer!”

All four of us laughed knowing that the situation was perfectly normal among fun loving people. I grabbed my camera which was still recording. Beth grabbed our packs and off we went, heading back down the trail from which we came. As we left the summit clearing Beth turned around and smiled, “I’m really glad you waited for me to go hiking…”

“I gotta say it’s the most fun I’ve ever had hiking. We should do it again sometime.”

“Oh, Joel. You know we will…”



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