Chapter 6: Time Passes

The next day I spent with Rene. As soon as we could even get out of bed long enough without fondling each other, we told Ally and Elisa, both understanding and happy for us. The four of us ate breakfast before deciding to do something. A few of our oldest friends stopped by, wanting to hang out before school the next day. This was our group, now back together. They all sensed the change in Rene and me, Elisa happily telling them all about it. Surprisingly, they all patted us on the back for finally recognizing what was between us.

So, until a little after noon, we all hung out. It didn’t take long for Rene and I to get comfortable, cuddling together. Ally eventually suggested going to the mall, but I worried about the two of us not being able to do anything if people saw us. When she suggested a mall out of the area, up in Hartford, we agreed.

Up in Hartford, the group roamed the mall. As we had a nice distribution of girls to guys with Ally now becoming entrenched in our clique, all of us paired off going to the mall. Liking the idea of being Rene’s boyfriend publicly, the two of us kept ourselves busy while our friend Alec drove us in his truck, Elisa sitting next to him. It took Elisa’s tickling of Rene to get the two of us to stop paying attention to each other. It was love, without question, the way we just kept holding one another, kissing, hugging, expressing our love in cute words.

Hanging out at the mall, the girls dragged us guys to this store or that. While they tried on one outfit or another, even getting bored myself at first, us guys would wait for the next model. After a lot of complaining, the girls let us loose, a bad move, as we went through every store with any sign of sports or videogames. We had a routine where we’d tie up all the clerks in a store all at once with questions, and we knew what questions to ask too, to keep the clerks from actually making a sale.

When we caught up with the girls, or maybe it was the other way around, Rene and I just melted into each other’s arms. With a lot of sweet talking, she dragged me off down the mall away from our friends towards one of the lingerie shops. Inside the store, she pulled me to one rack or the next, a smile as I felt a tingling sensation looking at the panties or bras, even the sheer silk nighties, imaging them on her body. She knew the effect on me, arousing herself in the process. We decided on several items, practically a whole new wardrobe of under garments.

Now, our parents weren’t really rich, but they did have enough money coming in that Rene and I always got a rather large allowance. Most of mine went to dating, some ending up in a box under my bed, waiting for the moment I had enough for a car. Rene didn’t want to get a car, happy with trying to persuade our father to buy her one. As much as she had him wrapped around her little finger, she still hadn’t gotten it out of him. Dad worked as a lawyer for a firm based in Hartford with a branch office in town, while Mom worked for the town, earning quite a bit. They could’ve afforded to get us both a car, but I respected their decision, giving us the opportunity to learn some values.

With all her money almost spent, we found our friends in the food court. I got Rene something to eat along with something to fill my grumbling stomach. All of us talked with freedom that comes with youth, not caring who might overhear. Rene didn’t let me pull my arm from her once, snuggling as close as possible when she wanted. Not once did I complain, though, actually enjoying the close rapport we’d already developed in a few days.

We left the mall later that afternoon, returning home. All of us decided to call it a day, leaving me with my lover alone in the farmhouse. Once we’d eaten dinner, we took to watching a movie in our parents’ bed, lying naked against each other.

During one boring part (we liked the parts with people making out more than the story) I talked with about an idea I had. Now, our parents’ wanted us to trust us, so we usually were left to our privacy, even in our barn. With it being connected to the house, it occurred to me that I might convince dad to let me move out there, to the top floor. It had everything I could need, a bathroom complete with shower, and room on the second floor for a bedroom.

At first, the idea didn’t appeal to her, until I let her see the beauty of it. Out there, we could talk, play, even make love, without our parents knowing. It wasn’t far from the house, maybe a ten foot causeway connecting the barn to it. The first floor had been converted from a kids room to a rec room, with an old couch and a couple chairs gathered around an entertainment center. From time to time, we’d go out there to study, being quiet in the barn.

She liked the idea, but made it clear we needed to ensure a way to get her out there too. Being in the house alone would drive her crazy, she swore, if I wasn’t at least in the next room. It would take some doing, but we decided to play up to our parents’ view of things. I’d make the suggestion güvenilir bahis about moving in there, with our parents and Rene in the room. She’d chime in, whining that if I got to move out there, she should be allowed to do the same. There’d be a mock fight, as real to our parents though as it needed to be, finally getting our parents to intervene, saying we’d remain in the house. The beauty of the plan would be the sudden “compromise”, with both of us agreeing to share the barn.

Over the next week, we spent the time not in school going about a very different route. Rene decided to go looking for a job when I worked, but when I had a day off, the two of us couldn’t get enough of each other. Our friends would stop by on occasion, hanging out for awhile before leaving.

It had to end sometime, our little honeymoon period, and when mom called saying they were taking a flight on Friday night instead, Rene and I spent our last day preparing for their return, getting as much from each other as we could before going to pick them up. Once we got home, Rene and I began our mock fight, but before we could really get into it, mom announced she was pregnant, stunning the two of us completely. It took no time to get our wish, mom wanting Rene’s room for the baby anyway. Fighting between us about who’d move out to the barn, dad fell for it, stopping us before our compromise and settling the issue the way we wanted.

Dad and I did the work together with a few friends of his, creating two separate rooms from practically nothing. During the weeks, Rene and I tried to continue on, only making things more tense, but somehow we managed to survive it without getting physical. Our codes worked as they did before as kids. When we could manage to, we’d catch kisses from one another, letting each other know we still meant business. Then the day came for us to move to our new bedrooms.

What mom and dad didn’t know was that I’d managed to connect the two bedrooms with a secret wall, letting us pass between the rooms easily. Mom went out and got us each a new, full-sized bed, but dad insisted on a waterbed for my room, trying to hint at me getting a girl alone in there. I couldn’t tell him about the girl I’d have in there soon enough.

Every night, we’d spend it in each other’s arms, making love before and during the night. Those Friday nights, when I didn’t work, the two of us would come up with some excuse to go out, though never with each other to our parents eyes. And our “dates” were friends of ours from childhood, those we’d entrusted with the secret affair.

Things did get screwed up, though. A few months after the orgy, Ally found out she’d gotten pregnant, and it didn’t take much to get the idea the only possible father was me. But, the mother-to-be just smiled, saying her boyfriend, Ben, one of my longtime friends, would claim the baby as his. Though none too pleased about the turn of events, Rene eventually accepted it.

Mom gave birth to Kaitlyn a month before Ally did, but when the time came, though it hurt me to know, Ben stood there by her. Part of me wanted to claim the little girl that came out of that one night as mine, but even Ally had to convince me doing so would only upset Rene more. That night, Rene comforted me, trying to help me through it. Ben, a year older than me, did keep his promise, even marrying Ally just before he entered the navy. The two of them were very much in love, and she proved to be a great mother to Beth from the first moment, devoting herself to that baby.

When Rene found out she’d been accepted to UConn, I still hadn’t heard from any schools. Things looked bad, like I might not get into the same school. By the time the letter came, I’d managed to save enough money to get a car with dad’s help. As a reward for sticking it out, dad even put the car under his insurance policy, paying for it himself.

The day the letter came, I drove up to the mailbox to check, finding the envelope from UConn, just like the one she’d gotten weeks earlier. Opening it quickly, I found the acceptance letter, almost whooping for joy. I raced to the little convenience store Rene worked at. She saw me through the crowd of customers, bored completely and being hit on by this much older guy. Her face brightened with seeing me, and after she got another girl to cover the counter a moment, she took me in back to hear the news.

Her arms flew around me once I told her. “Oh, that’s great!” she exclaimed. I lifted her up and twirled her happily while she deeply kissed me. “This just couldn’t get any better. It’s happening, everything we wanted.”

Despite her enthusiasm, I did have to say something. “Baby, this is just one small part, remember? For four years, we’ll have more freedom, but there’s still so much before we can have it all.”

It took a second for me to understand she was hiding something, the feeling in my head, the way she bit her lower lip. “There’s something we need to talk about,” she said. Something inside knew what it was, but wouldn’t come out. Her hands found mine and, as she türkçe bahis lovingly smiled at me, guided them to her stomach, only then the thought forming. “We’re going to have a baby, Rick.”

The sudden news sent me reeling for a moment, but once the initial shock wore off, joy overwhelming my senses. I kissed her happily, hugged her with all my effort. I spun her around, making her slightly sick in the process. She had to sit a moment on a stack of cans a moment, while I suddenly felt bad, despite her reassurances. “But, what about the pills?”

Soon after we’d gotten together, Rene had talked our mother into getting birth control pills. Mom was great about it, though she worried about her daughter not having a boyfriend, feeling relieved Rene was being somewhat responsible about sex. It took a little time for her to get used to taking them, and she made sure I knew they weren’t foolproof, but sitting in the back room, that didn’t occur to me.

“They don’t always work,” she explained in mock severity. “We were careful enough with condoms and everything, but maybe my cycle’s not as regular as I thought. All I know is I’m pregnant, about maybe two months or so along.”

Truth be told, after Ally had given birth, I knew I was ready to be a father, but in only a month, we’d be graduating and two months after heading off to college. The timing stunk, yes, but both of us still felt enormously happy about the turn of events. I bent down before her while looking in her eyes. A moment of silence passed between us as we just delighted in the news. Things were shaken up but neither of us cared. Once we spoke, we discussed how she’d tell our parents, keeping secret the father. She’d say she still intended to go to school, but she wanted to raise the baby herself. It could work, we knew. She’d always been independent of support in a lot of ways, except for me, of course, and had a strong spirit and will, two of the things that made me fall in love with her.

“Pick me up here at eight, okay, honey? I’ll call home later and tell them I’m staying over a friend’s for the night. You do the same and we’ll go somewhere special to celebrate everything,” she said as we were getting ready to leave the back room. The flood of customers inside the store made a racket, but I managed to give her a long kiss before we opened the door enough.

Before I left her, I looked around and said very purposefully, “Eight o’clock, got it. See you then, sis.”

I called out to work for that night, finding out they’d just have sent me home as slow as things were, and then set out to setting up an arrangement for me to be out all night. It was a Friday, and my parents were used to both of their kids coming home on Saturdays, sometimes even Sundays. So I thought it through, giving key friends a call to let them know not to call. When I told dad I’d be home late, he just grinned and nodded, even telling me not to come home until morning if I didn’t need to.

When she got off, I picked my sister up. Of course, she’d called and asked me for to bring a few things with me, clothes for the night and tomorrow, not as if we’d really need them later on. I’d brought a shirt and pants, few other things too, so whatever we did, it’d be okay. We decided to drive to New Haven to take in a nice dinner before getting a room someplace. We were old enough and figured if anyone asked, we could just say we were a newly married couple on our honeymoon. She’d taken to using our mother’s maiden name for her last name, even investigating ways to establish it as a newer, separate identity. Things looked set for a romantic evening alone.

By the time we arrived in the outskirts of the city, we settled on dinner at a Chili’s, even getting a table in a quieter area. Throughout dinner, we talked and touched, keeping each other happy. A few plans were made, especially after she mentioned about the freshmen dorm requirement at UConn. Now, according to the requirements at the college, freshmen had to live in the dorms for the first year, unless there were certain circumstances. One was marriage, but without a way to make it a reality, we knew I’d at least have to stick it out in the dorms. The thought didn’t appeal to either of us. But the thought of a baby on the way, it did give us some hope.

After dinner, following our other needs, we checked into a little motel in a little town north of the city. While she called our parents to let them know she wouldn’t be home that night, I considered what to do about the dorms. Hanging up the phone, she came up to me, laying a soft, lingering kiss on my lips, then walked happily into the bathroom. It left me with a few minutes to think, even as I undressed and climbed into the bed. I wondered, since she used mom’s maiden surname on the college application, if we could get married under that. The thought of marriage still turned most of the guys I knew into jelly with fear, except Ben, but it didn’t have the same effect on me. Thinking about it, we’d already been courting since before we were even born, and I didn’t exactly have a good güvenilir bahis siteleri idea how to even propose to her. The whole “on bended knee” approach felt romantic enough to me, but something doubted she’d accept a proposal, despite all we’d planned over two years time. Actually marrying my secret lover now, it felt right somehow, and I felt a resolve well up in me to find a way to actually do it.

When she came out of the bathroom, wearing a black silk nightie and looking incredibly sexy, I couldn’t help but whistle. Shyly, she turned away, hiding her smile as her hands rubbed her stomach. “Oh, I’m not that beautiful,” she stated.

“But you are,” I answered with every ounce of seriousness. “Hell, I’ve never seen a woman in all the world who looks as beautiful and sexy as you!” Laying on the top of the bed, completely naked and propped up with an elbow on my side, I gave a very long look at her body, letting her know in every way I could I meant those words. “Now, are you going to argue with me? Or do you want me to get a hold of every guy from school, everyone in back in town, even all the guys who’ve you’ve served at work? I’m sure that guy hitting on you today would agree with me.”

She dropped on the bed beside me, giving me a playful slap on the arm. “You just don’t know when to quit. Thought you’d guessed by now you’d be getting lucky tonight either way.”

“Nothing in this world could ever stop me from telling you these things, and I want to say them forever. All because it’s true.” My hand found her cheek, fingers touching her baby soft skin like feathers. “I love you, Rene.”

Her body moved closer to mine until we lay there against each other on our sides, seeing only our lover. “I love you, Rick,” she whispered, her lips shifting with a loving smile, the one I couldn’t resist even if I tried.

Seeing the smile, something ran through me, as I got up on my knees on the bed, pulling her up to hers as well. While I held her hand, looking directly into her eyes, the words came out before my brain registered them even coming out, “Will you marry me?”

Tears appeared instantly in those sapphire eyes, and I found myself lying on the bed with Rene on top, her arms wrapped around my neck. Her lips kissed me hard and passionately, as if trying to convey her answer through the embrace. When she finally lifted her head, causing a groan from me at the disappointment, she wore a happy smile even as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Yes! Oh, Rick, I will!”

Unable to resist her at the moment, I brought her head down, our lips meeting in bliss. We both felt power in the kiss, making love to each other’s mouths. My hands took to her body, with such a light touch, gliding over her back slowly, letting her feel every sensation the movement created and prolonging those feelings. When they reached her shapely ass, my mouth had found its way from her lips, nuzzling on her neck, laying long kisses downwards while moving to her shoulder. One hand slid up her spine, sending shivers through her all the way up to her neck, while the other pulled one of her thighs down and closer. She moaned softly in response to how I made her feel at the moment, one hand caressing her thigh, another touching sensitive pleasure centers, my lips taking the time to show her skin how they loved it.

Lying there, she began to push her hips back, never reaching behind her for what she sought, just knowing it was there and ready. The aim was good, the hard shaft glided into her waiting mound with no effort. The warmth and wetness informed me of her readiness, but instead of rocking her hips, she stopped when her vaginal lips had sucked in the entire length, holding still while I continued my ministrations. It didn’t matter, not then, if she just let it hold up in there, no movement inside that wet canal. She let me have my way with her body, and wanting to please my future wife had taken precedence over my own enjoyment, not that I didn’t enjoy it myself.

When she began to moan ever so softly, drawing it out as long as she could, only then did she begin to rock her hips. The movement held no urgency, pulling up ever so slowly every inch of our skins suddenly tingled with the sensation from one area. Her hips drew back down even slower, sucking my cock up into her with only her slick hole a sign of her willingness. For long minutes, she kept up the slow rock on me, while I traced my tongue slowly up her windpipe to her chin. There, my lips laid a gentle kiss before returning to the lusciously full lips, wanting to taste of those and the tongue beyond.

With no sense of urgency, the night seeming to last forever during those moments. All the times we’d been together since that first week ended over a year ago, we’d always rushed more than either of us really wanted, never savoring each other enough, the fear of our parents discovering us always hanging there. Now, in the motel room, we finally did just that, making slow love to each other. An hour passed while I used my hands to touch her entire body, my tongue and lips kissing those places they could reach. Our fingers eventually interlocked as she pushed herself up in a brief pause, then slipped the silk from her body, reveling in my reaction to her. When she laid back down again, my hands returned to their happy task.



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