I wanted to do this story a little different and create two sides; the father’s side and Tashia’s side. As I started writing the story I realized I was left wondering how the other was feeling. When writing the father’s perspective everything began centering on Tashia and I wanted to expand more on her. I hope you all enjoy this story. It was an EXTREMELY erotic experience writing this and much of the story is based on my interaction and inspiration with a friend of mine who was VERY inspiring for this story. While much of this is fantasy, a good deal is based on our mutual thoughts, desires, fantasies, and interaction with each other … thank you Tashia!!!



As I sat at my desk sifting through different acceptance letters I didn’t want to believe it, but soon she would be gone. Not out of my life mind you, but off to college and her first time being away from home. Reluctantly I would have to cut the proverbial “apron strings”, officially releasing my daughter Tashia to the world. Granted I knew this day was coming but it was still hard to bear. She was the typical “Daddy’s girl” through and through; sheltered, innocent, curious. The fact that she melted me in a heartbeat was the biggest of my worries. If she had that effect on me, how would the boys at school react to her?

She always had the uncanny ability to make me drop what I was doing and tend to her every whim. Not that she took advantage of it mind you, her requests were always genuine, but it was due to the fact that I raised her on my own since she was very young. In short, her mother left us to pursue career opportunities in Europe and felt having a family would be too much of a strain on her. At first she made return trips home to see Tashia but soon those became more infrequent, leaving me to play the role of Mom and Dad. At first it was hard on both of us but soon the bond became evident and almost inseparable.

Watching her grow up through the school years had been a blessing in disguise and my life revolved around her. As the years went by, she changed from a quirky adolescent to grown woman with a level head on her shoulders. She was everything a proud father could ever want in a daughter; incredibly beautiful, smart, determined, adventurous … did I mention beautiful? She definitely took after her mother when it came to genetics.

Her mother was part Asian and blessed with subtle exotic features, long dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, flawless skin, captivating smile, and a dynamic although flirtatious personality. We met in college and our sex life was always beyond incredible. She was always very spontaneous and adventurous and her sexual appetite seemingly never satisfied. I, of course, benefited from it until her career became more important and our time together grew shorter.

To say Tashia was an exact image of her mother would be an understatement. If you were to hold a picture of my 18 year old daughter and her mother when we met in college, you would think they were twins. At times, I’ll admit, I had to realize it was my daughter I was looking at and not my ex-wife. I could rationalize it in my mind but trying to convince my cock was an entirely different matter.

I sighed once more but had to smile in spite of myself. Although the time for letting her go was approaching at least I knew she wanted to spend the rest of the summer with me before she left. I was also glad she decided she wanted to stay in state and go to the University of Oregon; a duck. I laughed to myself, “She’ll look cute in green in yellow.”

A “ping” from my computer speakers brought me back to reality as I glanced up at the screen; a Skype video from Tashia blinked. It was amazing how quickly my face lit up whenever she called, messaged, or came into a room.

“Hey Daddy!” she said excitedly.

Instinctively I activated my Skype video, “Hey baby! How’s my little girl doing?”

“I’m good Daddy. I was just in the mall doing some shopping and thought I’d message you.”

Off to the side of her I could see a mountain of shopping bags already. Not that I minded of course. I tended to spoil her and it made me happy to do so; on the other hand, she spoiled me by being a wonderful daughter and taking care of things around our home.

“I can tell you’ve already done quite a bit of shopping already,” I laughed.

She glanced over to the bags and smiled shyly, looking up at me underneath her big brown eyes, “I hope you’re not mad Daddy. There were a lot of sales going on and I tried to bargain shop.”

Sensing her regret I quickly replied. “It’s ok baby. Daddy’s fine with that.” I didn’t want her to think I was upset. “I know you need a lot of things before you take off for college. I think Daddy tends to spoil you.”

A broad smile etched into her face, “You do Daddy but I love you for that! You take such good care of me.” Subconsciously she hooked pendik escort a long strand of hair behind her ear.

“So tell me princess, how much damage did you do?” I asked playfully.

Casting her eyes down she bit her lip then looked back up, “Promise you won’t be mad?”

“She always melts me when she does that,” I thought to myself. “Of course princess, Daddy won’t be mad.

“I spent about $325 Daddy.”

I was pleasantly surprised, “That’s all?”

Her eyes brightened as she excitedly replied, “Does that mean I can buy more stuff?”

I held up my hands in feigned surrender and laughed, “No no baby, that’s good enough for now as long as you bought what you needed.”

She pouted her lip, “Ok Daddy. There was just one more little thing though.”

“Uh oh here we go. What is it?”

“I think I might need a new laptop.” Her expression changed to that of a child waiting for a scolding.

I leaned forward and rubbed my chin lightly, thinking. “What’s wrong with the one you have?”

“I think there’s something wrong with it,” she replied. “It’s not running right.”

I knew she had taken computer classes before but there were some things even the younger generation needed help with. “I’ll check it for you baby.”

She smiled brightly, “Thank you Daddy! I love my laptop and I’ll need it for school.”

“How much longer until you start heading home?”

“I’m heading home in a little while Daddy is that ok?”

“Ok baby. Just give me a call if anything comes up. I’ll start looking at your computer and fix it for you before you get home.”

She playfully kissed at the camera, “I love you Daddy!”

My heart smiled in return, “I love you too babygirl.”

After closing Skype I logged of the computer and headed down the hallway to Tashia’s room. Walking into her room I smiled to myself; I loved how tidy she was. Everything had its place and purpose … something she definitely picked up from me.

I made my way across her room and noticed her pink laptop sitting on the nightstand and sat down on her bed. Opening it up I was relieved to see she was still logged in Windows. I opened up her browser and decided to go to a website I frequented to clean up my browser. As I started typing, the internet history began displaying cookies automatically for “Literotica”.

“That’s odd,” I thought to myself.

My curiosity got the best of me as I clicked on the link and noticed she was still logged in to her Literotica account … DaddysLittleSlut. A familiar tingle wound its way through my cock as I clicked on the name to read her profile as my chest began to rise up and down rapidly. I laid there in shock as I read her profile:

I love reading and writing Incest, Dom/sub, and Bi/Lesbian stories.

I love Daddy/daughter role play and love to please my Daddy in any

way I can 😉

All of my stories are a combination of reality, fantasy, and fiction.

I only write stories where I portray myself as the main character.

It makes it more exciting to me, not to mention keeping my pussy

wet 😉

I couldn’t believe what I read. I glanced down to her “member since” date; apparently she’d had this account for almost two years now and hearing the words she was using caused my cock to rapidly grow and pulsate in my shorts.

“I love Daddy/daughter role play and love to please my Daddy in any way I can ;).” The words echoed in my head over and over. My heart pounded in my chest as my image of Tashia started to unravel. My emotions conflicted as the father in me was crushed while the man in me awakened with lust. Part of me wanted to shut the laptop and forget I ever saw anything while my desire wanted to know more … and as usual, sexual desire won.

I looked over her profile and saw numerous titles of stories she submitted; 22 in all. I knew my daughter was a gifted writer but never imagined in a million years that she would write erotica. As I looked over the categories of her submissions, almost half of them were “incest” stories dealing with Daddy/daughter relationships. The more layers I peeled back, the more I discovered. Being a Literotica member myself I wanted to see if she frequented the message boards and clicked on her topics. A number of posts and replies came up on the screen as I began clicking through each topic; Daddy Role Play, Your Biggest Fantasy, Girls Who Love Their Daddies, Would You Sleep With a Relative?, Incest Fantasies, Webcam Sex, Dirty Diaries, and more.

My jaw hung open as I read each thread, pouring over my little girls responses and shocked she actually initiated some of the topics. The more I read the more I realized she fantasized a lot about me. I’ll admit her responses quickly had my aching cock completely hard:

On a reply to, “Would you have sex with a relative” she replied:

I kartal escort would fuck my Daddy in a heartbeat! I’ve been fantasizing about this for some time now 😉

I know he’d never make a move on me so I’ll have to entice him little by little. That should be easy since I look exactly like my mother when she was 18 lol.

The more I read the more my lust began to grow. With my cock straining against my shorts I unbuttoned them and slid it out of my boxers, stroking it slowly as precum instantly formed on the head and dripped slowly down the side of the tight skin. Mesmerized, I kept reading more.

When someone asked if she had ever seen her Daddy naked she replied:

I’ve only seen outlines of him in the shower and when the door to his bedroom has been left open while he’s changing … but my Daddy IS a heavy sleeper 😉

Instantly my cock jumped in my hand. Was she planning on doing something when I was sleeping? My heart was racing, coming to the realization my sweet little girl had a bad side … a very bad side it seemed. I wanted to see just how bad so I clicked on the Webcam Sex and Dirty Diaries topics:

The question: Do you masturbate on webcam?

Smiles shyly … I masturbate a lot on Skype with guys. I love teasing them and getting them hard until they beg to Skype for me. Watching them stroking their cock turns me on and I end up Skyping with them … I love watching them cum 😉

“Oh my gosh,” I said to myself. I couldn’t believe how bad she was and I never imagined my little girl behaving like this. But at the same time, I was discovering her as a woman and she was turning me on unlike any woman ever had.

Her last topic drew my attention as I continued stroking my cock, wanting so badly to cum but pacing myself so I was on edge continuously. Eagerly, I opened the Dirty Diary link.

The question: What’s the naughtiest thing you write in your diary?

I usually write about guys I webcam with, especially if they’re really cute and they have a nice cock 😉 But I also write about my fantasies of my Daddy *smiles*

I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer. As I leaned back against her pillow I heard a thump as something dropped to the floor behind her headboard. Sliding her laptop off to the side, I hopped off of the bed and knelt on the floor, looking under her bed. I saw a book leaned up against the wall and pulled it out. Glancing at the cover I realized it was her diary. Quickly I lay back down on the bed, my hand continuing to stroke my cock as I began reading her diary.

I couldn’t believe the amount of entries she had! Especially the amount of times she Skyped with guys and masturbated. It seemed it was almost a daily occurrence and some of them were my age! In graphic detail she described many of them, how bad she turned them on and once she saw them stroking their cock she couldn’t resist and cam for them. One was a 41 year old named Tim from Texas she repeatedly Skyped and emailed with that she obviously was hooked on. My eyes immediately went to more recent entries:

October 21

OMG Tim (my role play Daddy) sent me a video clip of him stroking his cock and cumming for me last night! I’ve NEVER heard or saw anything so hot in my life before! When he told me he whimpers when he cums I didn’t think anything of it, but OMG … hearing him whimper drove me crazy! He makes my pussy so wet and so easily … I swear if I didn’t want Daddy to be my first, I would tell him to fly to Oregon and be my first!

October 22

I cammed with 4 guys today *grins* … it seemed all of them were on Skype today so I was a good girl and helped them out 😉 My poor little pussy is sore lol I will say one thing though diary, Daddy was only able to email me today but he actually was turned on when I told him I help other guys cum. He said it was actually making him hard at work as I was telling him and I was getting so wet! He’s REALLY different but wow … no other guy has the same effect on me. I did end up watching his video three times today 😉

October 23

Today I Skyped with Daddy for the first time (my play Daddy of course) ….gosh his cock looks so delicious I can’t stop thinking about it. Watching him stroking his cock live on cam and seeing all that precum … hearing his whimpers when he came … and all that sweet cum pouring from his cock … it’s making my pussy throb just thinking about it again. I swear I wish he could fly out here and see me. I would suck his cock so much and fuck him like crazy!

October 25

Gosh I’m so horny today. I Skyped with 3 guys already and they came so hard watching me. The younger guys cum fast but there’s so much of it! It’s incredibly hot seeing it spurting out that it drives me crazy! I just keep imagining sucking and licking at when it comes or feeling it shoot all over me. I don’t know how much longer maltepe escort I can last before I have to find out for real diary but I’m trying to be a good girl and hope my Daddy takes care of this for me. Although I will say if Tim would do it first, I would completely have him. Just thinking about his whimpers again … I need to watch his video again lol

October 26

It’s getting close to Halloween and I’m thinking I’m going to dress up as a school girl for this party I was invited to. I’m hoping it entices Daddy … I’m going to the mall this weekend to go shopping and I’m going to pick up some things there. Daddy gave me his credit card to use … he spoils me SO much! I can’t believe how much I love him but also how much I want him *smile*

Ok back diary … Daddy (Tim) has been mailing me all day from work with stories he’s writing about us on lit. OMG they are so incredibly hot … he had my pussy soaked all day! I begged him to stroke his cock at work for me and he came for me. Gosh I love how he makes me feel and I told him I wanted him to Skype with me tonight and we did. He had me on edge so much all day that I came within a few minutes. He must have been turned on too because I haven’t seen him cum that fast yet, but mmmm I WANT HIS COCK!

I needed to cum. I had reached my endurance and couldn’t hold out any longer. Hearing Tashia’s words were driving me crazy as I stroked my cock harder and faster. Fumbling for her laptop I opened up her “My Pictures” folder and saw numerous pictures but my vision locked on to one with her blowing a kiss to the camera. Before I realized, my orgasm slammed into me as my hips raised up and cum raced through my shaft and exploded as wave after wave of cum shot from the head and splattered against my stomach and chest. My eyes were locked on to hers as my fist kept stroking faster and faster, my toes curling against her bedspread as my mouth hung open and whimpers escaped my lips. My head slammed back against her pillow as I let the sensation take over, my hips rising and falling, and my cock fucking my hand furiously.

Gradually the last remnants of cum left my spent cock. With labored breathing my orgasm finally began to subside as my hips lowered and the pace on my cock slowed, stroking it idly as cum glistened along the tight skin.

I tried to remember the last time I came that hard; I couldn’t. Once I looked into Tashia’s eyes I was hooked; she had me under her thumb. I loved my little girl more than anything but now I was craving her as a young woman. I tried to hold on to the little bit of restraint I had left as a father and didn’t know how much longer I’d be able to maintain that hold.

Quickly I set her laptop to the side and slid her diary back under her pillow as I grabbed a towel from her bedpost and cleaned myself quickly, tossing it into her laundry basket. Quietly I left her room and closed the door and made my way to the bathroom across from her room. I wanted to shower before she actually came home, thinking that maybe that would wash away some of the guilt I felt.



Guilt started to come over me. I already spent $325 of my Daddy’s money and didn’t want to make him think I was greedy. Besides, I wanted to get home so I could spend some time with him before retreating to my room and hopefully Skyping with my other Daddy. “Damn, my pussy is already starting to tingle just thinking about it,” I said to myself. I also wanted to get on Literotica and check the message boards. I loved going on there. It still amazed me how many guys loved the Daddy’s girl role I played.

I guess it wasn’t really a role; I truly was a Daddy’s girl. I loved my Daddy more than anything in the world. Some may have thought it was an act but it truly wasn’t. Ever since our mother left I grew closer to him. I hated seeing his heart broken and despised my mother even more for leaving like she did. I guess I became possessive of my Daddy after that. I never really liked the women he tried to date and I probably didn’t make things easy for him. He had no trouble having women fawn over him; he was still in his early 40’s, very handsome, tall, and kept himself in good shape. But the way I saw it, no one was good enough for him except me. To say I had a crush on him would be an understatement; it was justifiable.

To begin, my bad side led me down this road you could say. Being the studious type, I loved writing and was very good at it. My search for writing inspiration developed a darker side when I discovered a site called Literotica. Intrigued, I searched the site and realized it was an adult story site. Curiosity got the best of me and soon I was a regular reader, and later, a member; especially in the message board forums. Innocently enough I chose the name DaddysLittleGirl and popped in to different message rooms. I frequented the Fetish and Sexuality message board and was shocked at some of the topics, but also intrigued. Initially I responded to certain topics but once guys and girls saw my name, I received messages constantly. Apparently, Daddy/daughter role play was a big taboo topic and before long, I became enamored with it.



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