Editor’s Note: story contains nonconsent/reluctance themes.

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Tia – Mom

Jay – Dad

Amanda – Youngest Daughter (age 19)

Emily – Oldest Daughter (age 20)

Tia was cleaning her daughter Amanda’s room with a vacuum when it happened. She hit something under her bed and when she leans over to find out what it was she discovered a small box on the floor. She picked it up to discover there is a diary inside along with another box. What she reads will change the family forever.

Opening the pages she started to read, “Dear diary, I know it’s not right but I can’t help it. I am thinking about sex a lot lately. I have only had it once and it wasn’t what I imagined. I just seem to enjoy the thought of it more. I guess I’m bad for thinking about it but I get so horny. I think maybe the best way to deal with it is to write about what I imagine. Right now I am thinking about our neighbor. He is so cute and I just watched him from my window doing some work in the yard. I think I will use the new toy I got today…Love Amanda.”

The entry sparks her curiosity and Tia opens the second box and gasps at the site of a smooth pink vibrator. She turns it on and feels the intense power of her daughters toy. Tia can’t help but think about how she is touching something her daughter has used on herself to cum. The thought is strangely arousing and she can’t help but feel her clit begin to swell as warm moister builds between her legs.

Tia goes back to the book flipping page by page. With each new entry she feels herself become more and more aroused. Then turning her eyes to the vibrator Tia can’t help but think of using it. The thought of using something her own daughter has used drives her into a frenzy. So she lifts her dress and begins to use Amanda’s toy on her own clit.

The thought and feeling of using her little girls toy makes her moan as she rubs it harder and harder. She bites her bottom lip just before she cums. She feels it building and then before she can have her orgasm the door swings open with her curious husband standing there wondering what the noises were.

With a slight amount of shock he questions her, “What’s going on?!” Tia suddenly stops masturbating and slowly sits up off their daughters bed.

She gets a sly look and cheesy smile as she comes closer saying, “Oh my god! Our little girl is such a horny little thing! Did you know she has a vibrator?!”

Even more curious Jay asks. “That’s hers? Why are you using our daughters vibrator?!”

Tia begins to rub Jay’s chest and says, “Don’t you think it’s sexy? I mean I’m basically putting our daughters clit against mine.”

Jay gulps as she begins to massage the outside of his pants. His wife looks at him seductively while building his blood flow to his soft but hardening cock.

Tia says, “Let me ask you, have you ever thought of Amanda sexually? I never have but after reading her diary I can imagine she must make,” she squeezes his cock, “things HARD on you?”

Jay says, “I can’t believe your making me think about our daughter like that!”

Tia says while rubbing up and down his bulge, “You would like to fuck her wouldn’t you! You want to push your hard cock inside our daughters tight, wet, pink little hole…don’t you?”

Jay gasps, “Tia…”

Tia says, “Well why not make it happen?”

Jay says in confusion, “what are you talking about?”

Tia says with a giggle, “I am talking about you and me fucking our little girl when she gets home from collage today.”

Jay laughs, “Yeah, you’re out of your mind.”

Tia says with a smile, “She doesn’t have to agree to it silly. She wouldn’t do that…not willingly anyway. But I really think she would enjoy it if we didn’t give her a choice. Look…here on page 52 she says she has a fantasy about being raped. Maybe we should make it come true. I know you both would love it…even mobilbahis güvenilir mi if she does put up a fight. Besides, I think I would be so turned on watching it happen.”

Jay says, “She wrote about THAT?!”

Tia says, “Yep” as she continues to talk Amanda’s dad into fucking their little girl.

Later that day, Tia and Jay lay naked on the couch waiting for Amanda. Tia gets excited when she sees her pull in the drive and tells Jay, “SHE’S HERE!”

The door handle turns and Amanda opens the door. She walks in not noticing her parents naked on the couch and shuts the door. But when she turns around she squeals in shock when she sees her naked mom and dad on the couch.

Amanda shouts, “OH MY GOD! WHATS GOING ON?!” and begins to run to the stairs.

Tia shouts at her escaping daughter, “Hang on a second! Wait right there!” as they quickly rush over to her. Amanda stops and tries to avoid eye contact as her parents walk closer to her.

Jay says, “You’re not going to your room. Your going to stay right here.”

Tia says, “That’s right, you’re about to get a spanking!”

Amanda is so confused and asks, “What?!”

Tia says, “We found that little hidden vibrator of yours.” as Jay grabs Amanda roughly by the arm.

Jay says, “You know we don’t keep secrets here!” as he pulls her by the arm to the back of the couch and bends her forcefully over the top of it. Her plump ass is presented to her mom and dad…ready for anything they wanted to do.

Amanda says in fear, “I’m sorry! I didn’t think I had to tell you!” as she sees the vibrator and diary laying on the couch in front of her. Thoughts race through her mind about what is really happening. Suddenly she understands that she is getting more than a spanking.

Tia comes in front of the couch and grabs Amanda by her wrists stretching her body forward over the front of the couch as Jay stays behind their daughter.

Tia says, “We don’t keep anything from each other!” As Jay begins to feel Amanda’s body through her clothing. Her soft tits and round ass excite him into an erection.

Amanda is in shock and fear as her daddy grabs the fabric of her skirt at her hips. Amanda moans in fear feeling his hands grab hold of her skirt after the groping she just got from him.

Tia looks at Jay with a nod of approval and a smile and continues to tell Amanda, “ANYTHING!”

Jay suddenly pulls her skirt down to the floor. Her white cotton panties show off her skin so well. Tia drops her mouth in ecstasy seeing their daughter with her skirt off and her ass in the air in front of Jay with his hard cock pointing at it.

Amanda squirms and moans from the cold hitting her now exposed thighs. She doesn’t know what to think. On one hand she is afraid but on the other she is becoming aroused by the site of her naked mother and father. But even more than that she is becoming unwillingly aroused by what they are doing.

Amanda says, “Daddy, what are you doing?!”

Amanda squeals a little as he touches her panties and begins to massage her pink pussy through the outside of her panties. The feeling is intense and having her mother hold her down by the wrists makes it even stronger.

Jay says, “You’re going to get what all bad girls get. A hard spanking…and then…I’m going to fuck you and your mom is going to watch.”

Amanda begins to resist and struggle but Tia is holding her too tight.

Amanda feels her dads hand leave her now wet pussy and suddenly feels the hard slap of his hand spanking her. They watch her flesh jiggle with every slap.

Amanda cries out, “PLEASE DADDY NO!” and feels another slap.

Amanda cries out in pain and begs, “PLEASE! DON’T! MOMMY, DADDY PLEASE DON’T! STOP!”

Tia tells Amanda, “I think you like having your butt spanked! Know what else I think you’re going to like?”

Amanda continues to beg. Her clit is now swollen and throbbing.

Tia says, “I think you are going to like your daddy fucking you.”

Jay begins to pull Amanda’s panties down around her knees. Her white meaty ass mobilbahis has chill bumps as the cold rushes over it. She feels embarrassed and helpless with her body showing.


Jay begins to caress Amanda’s butt and moves his hand over her pussy slowly rubbing it back and forward. Amanda breaths heavily and lets out little yelps. She squirms as he touches her hot swollen pussy.

Jay tells Tia, “I think our little girl is getting turned on. Her pussy is getting more wet by the second.”

Tia says, “I wonder how she would like getting her clit rubbed? Maybe with her little toy?

Tia looks at Amanda and says, “Would you like that honey?”

Amanda begs them not to as Tia hands the vibrator to Jay. She hears him turn it on and begins to brace herself. Then she feels it touch her outside pussy lips. She doesn’t know what to think with her daddy now vibrating her pussy.

Jay spreads her pussy lips and touches the toy to her little pink clit.

Amanda groans, “OH GOD! PLEASE DADDY! DON’T!”

Her pleading slowly turns into simply heavy breathing as he massages it on her clit for a little while.

Tia says, “That’s right…just enjoy your daddy making your pussy feel good.”

Jay says, “God you’re so tight! I bet it’s going to be hard to put my cock in your little pussy.”

Tia says, “Maybe you need to get it lubed up first? Why don’t you two go over to the stairs while I watch her lube your cock with her mouth. I’m going to have some fun with her little toy while I watch.”

Amanda begins to beg again, “No daddy…please don’t make me!” as Jay throws her onto the stairs. He walks over and rips open her button down shirt. Amanda’s breasts jump as they are forced on display.

Amanda looks at her mother as she begins to play with herself. Then she looks at her dad placing his hard cock in front of her face.

Jay orders her, “Put it in your mouth.”

Amanda moans a little as she tightens up her lips.

Tia tells her, “Come on honey, you know he is going to make you suck it anyway. Why not just enjoy the taste?”

Tia begins to moan in the background as she enjoys the vibrations on her clit. She loves watching her husband and daughter like this.

Jay puts his hand on the back of Amanda’s head and grabs her by the hair.

Amanda grimaces and says, “OUCH!”

Jay pushes her mouth into his cock and begins rubbing his pre cum on her shut lips.

Jay tells her, “Open your mouth!”

Tia puts the vibrator down and walks to them. Her hips sway seductively as she comes near.

Tia says, “You’re going to do it whether you want to or not!”

Tia begins to slap Amanda’s tits over and over. She watches her daughters nipples tighten more with each slap.

Tia says, “You want me to stop? You’re going to have to suck your daddy’s cock! You got him hard like that anyway!”

Amanda moans and slowly opens her mouth. She begins to slowly take the head of her dads dick into it.

Tia says, “That’s a good girl. Go ahead and taste that cock.” as Jay pushes Amanda’s mouth back and forward over it.

Amanda starts to moan with pleasure but tries not to. She is mixed with excitement, arousal, and embarrassment.

Jay says to Tia, “You know baby, our little daughter is so tight she may need her pussy lubed up too.”

Tia says, “Alright, but if I’m going to be sucking on her clit I think I deserve to get mine done too.”

They both pick up Amanda and walk her to the couch. They sit her down and Jay pushes his cock over her mouth again. This time she opens more easily and doesn’t fight so much…she only moans a very little in spite of herself.

Tia spreads Amanda’s legs and the touch of her tongue to her clit suddenly makes Amanda moan loudly. Amanda feels the powerful strokes of her mothers warm and wet tongue. The sound of her saliva and tongue slapping at her pussy rings in her ears.

Jay says, “Get it good and wet baby. I’ll return the favor while I fuck her!”

Amanda moans while giving a blow job to mobilbahis giriş her dad and having her mom lick and suck on her pussy. The salty taste of pre-cum and the texture of the head and shaft of his cock are exciting to say the least.

Tia masturbates her own clit with her fingers and moans into Tia’s hips.

After a while Jay says, “I think that’s enough.”

Amanda remembers that she isn’t supposed to enjoy this and says, “Daddy…please don’t put it in me! I’ll do anything! Just please don’t put your dick in me!”

Tia gets up and moves to the back of the couch bringing their daughter with her and holds Amanda by the wrists again. Amanda now sits exposed and blushing on the couch in front of the window. She see’s outside through the sheer curtains and feels the warmth of the sun. Then her view is blocked as her dad moves in front of her. His big cock glistens with her own saliva.

Tia tells Jay, “I think she wants it…go ahead and fuck your daughter.”

Jay pushes his cock in slowly while Amanda moans at the sensation. First the ridged tip and then Amanda gasps as the ridge of his penis pushes into her hole. She feels her pussy snap down over the shaft with his head now fully inside her. She lets out a moan as he pushes deeper into her hot. wet body. Jay slowly begins to fuck her.

Tia says to Amanda, “Does your daddy’s cock feel good?”

Amanda says, “No! PLEASE STOP!” While moaning uncontrollably. Even though she secretly can’t help but to enjoy it.

Tia says, “I think I would rather have you suck on my clit instead of your daddy.”

Tia pulls her away from her dad to the arm of the chair and leans her head back. Jay repositions and begins to fuck her again. Tia moves her pussy over Amanda and pulls her head and mouth into it. The tangy moist taste brushes Amanda’s lips.

Tia says, “Go ahead honey, you don’t have to pretend. I know you like what you feel. Go ahead and admit it.”

Amanda says, “No…I…I…can’t.” and continues to moan. She is bouncing up and down from her dads cock now moving quickly in and out of her sweet little cunt.

Tia says, “You don’t have to say it right now…just suck my clit if it feels good to get your pussy fucked.”

Amanda groans because of the conflict in her. Then slowly sticks her tongue out and touches her mothers wet pussy.

Tia says, “That’s right honey, I know it feels good. It feels good watching it too. You have a really sexy body. It makes mommies pussy very hot. Go ahead and just relax. You don’t have to pretend. If you like it then just let go and suck on my clit like I know you want to.”

Amanda feels her body tighten. Her pussy uncontrollably begins to squeeze her dads erection and she begins to feel what she only felt with her toy. She lets out a loud moan as she begins to cum. Her mouth opens and she quickly presses into her mothers pussy. Amanda is overcome with her orgasm and moans uncontrollably. While feverishly sucking and licking Tia’s clit.


Jay is so turned on watching his daughter tongue her mothers pussy that he can’t take it anymore. He says, “I’m going to cum!” as he feels Amanda having multiple orgasms that squeeze his cock. Her hips grind back and forward helping him go deeper. His daughter is now thrusting her pussy onto his cock herself.


Jay moans as he cums and Tia tells Amanda, “TAKE IT! TAKE ALL THAT HOT DIRTY CUM IN YOUR PUSSY!”

Amanda screams with her last orgasm while sucking her mothers clit. The vibration drives Tia over the edge and she moans loud with her own orgasm.

Just like that it’s over. They stand over Amanda as she lays on the couch in shock. Her body still feels the aftereffects of her orgasms and her dads cum feels strange as it seeps out of her and runs down her thighs.

Tia asks Amanda, “Did you enjoy that honey? From how you were eating my pussy and squirming on your daddy’s cock I think you did!”

Amanda answers saying, “It felt REALLY good! I liked it…maybe it isn’t so bad. I would love to have you guys fuck me again!”

Jay says, “If it felt good then you should be happy. We’ll talk about it later.”

Tia says, “Right now go upstairs and get cleaned up…your big sister Emily is going to be home soon.”



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