A Day With RohinideleteddeleteddeletedMy queen here is Rohini (name changed). First I would like to ask her to forgive me, please, and also to you people if there is any mistake in the story!About her… she is marvelous, awesome, true goddess and beautiful. She is the true seductive….I still crave for her. She is really good at teasing. She had a massive figure to worth die for…Coming to story, this day was something which I can’t forget. It was a feedback for my previous story. We started to chat shared lots of fun, we did sex chat, we both used to masturbate whenever we did sex chat. Our condition was to lock ourselves in the room and be naked and stroking and rubbing our privates. We started to enjoy each other’s company. We became so addictive to each other that we decided to do our fantasies in real.One day I told my interest to meet her; she accepted my request and invited me to her home. I prepared myself and for the fruitful moments to be spent. I reached her home and ranged the bell, from inside a sweet voice came “coming…” I waited and after few seconds the door was opened by Rohini, the first time I saw her, she was looking gorgeous in her late 30’s too. I introduced myself as a banner, as I did, she gave a surprised smile and called me inside and locked the door and asked me to sit. I made myself comfy in the sofa and she went to bring some water we had water and was chatting about the journey and all….Later I changed the topic by asking “so, what’s the plan?” she smiled and gave an erotic look and said “what plan! Just lots of cuddling, squeezing, stroking…. Ha ha” we both laughed and she asked me to go and get fresh up till she prepared lunch for us. I went to fresh-up, as I came and look she was in the kitchen preparing food I went there and helped her with the chores, she was open minded and straight forward, she used to make lots of fun and made me laugh. Then she asked me “so, is this your first time? Being with someone physically?” I sad “yes, as my stories are just the stories.” Then illegal bahis she asked me”how do I look?” I said, “beautiful, exceptional,” she said “yeah! Do I?” and came close to me, our face was just an inch away, I was breathing heavily my hands were shivering she was coming closer to me and I went closer and gave a smooch to her just by holding her rose petals(lips) b/w my lips for few seconds… then we separated and my eyes were still close and my lips was asking more… she gave a peck on my lips patted on my cheek saying “wait may man, have entire days to explore each other” I smiled and caressed her ear and cheek and said, ” sure love, as you say!”we prepared food and kept it on the table, as it was just 11 in morning, we got ourselves comfy in sofa and was watching TV, she was tuning the channel as I was sitting close to her she kept her left hand in my right thigh and started caressing slowly, I was aroused and I kept my right hand around her shoulder and started rubbing her shoulder and neck gently as she was wearing a tight T-shirt (and a legging) I pulled her shoulder sleeve little up and started caressing. She was coming more close to me and rubbing her body with mine up and down, I hugged her more tightly and gave a kiss on her forehead, she looked at me in a submissive and seductive way that I started kissing her gently on her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks then slowly going to neck. She held me tightly and was rubbing my head and moaning slowly “ahhh mmm” then I came above and held her head with my head and looked her in the eyes for seconds and gave hard smooch on her lips even she started responding vigorously we were kissing and she was opening my shirt button and started pinching my nipples and chest.While kissing I was squeezing her big boobs gently and hardly that she started moaning hard”oh! yeahhhh mmmmm ” I lifted her t-shirt and removed it she was in her bra with massive tits waiting to be free. She held me from the head and said “let’s do it banner! I can’t wait… ” and I kissed illegal bahis siteleri her again she came above me in my lap and started biting my lips and unbuttoned me completely and was removing my pant I was in my innerwear and she was still in bra and legging.I stood up and she in her knees in sofa I came close to her and started kissing and kept my finger in her vagina above the legging and started rubbing it up and down she was becoming mad and was moaning “aghhh, fuck…. yeahhhh” she started to move her hips back and forth with my finger and was trying to rub her with my cock. She put her hand in my innerwear and took my cock out and started stroking it hard. She was in her best…. Then I inserted my hand her panty which was dripping wet I took my hand out and licked it in front of her and she said: “make me taste too…!” I put my hand again and then I put it in her mouth she was licking it like hell and then she smooched me. I removed her lowers and she was still in her bra. She came down and started to kiss my cock tip and stroking she made my upper skin lower and that was the time I saw my little brother as a” women pleaser”, she started giving me a blowjob as it was the first time I was about to cum.I said to her, she didn’t respond and I released in her mouth she took my cock out and it was dripping from her side and said to me “your cock is awesome banner… I want more” I kissed her and exchanged the cumm and she again gave me a blowjob for 15 min. I then removed her bra and gave a tit fuck.Then I made her stand kissed her again and made her lye on the sofa and parted her legs and came close to her white pussy, the smell of her pussy was brain freezing, I started smooching her thighs slowly then came close to her pussy and started fingering it slowly and started licking it… I slowly parted her pussy lips and with licking, I made her clitoris visible and started licking and sucking it slowly and gently she about died with such pleasure that she started screaming “oh aahhhh, oh yeahhh….. canlı bahis siteleri Lick it a banner, go inside” she made me suffocate by pushing me inside her pussy I licked her cum ash she orgasms so bad.Then I made her sit in doggy style and started licking her asshole and fingering, pussy like a mad dog…. She was pushing her ass and slapping me with her booty cheek. After some time she came. Then we had rest for half and hour and went to have lunch. After eating I washed all the plates and came to the room.She was sitting and calling me I went close and took her to the bedroom and pounced on her, I put a condom and she started riding me in cowgirl way and was bouncing which made her boobs bounce, what a sight was that… she also grinded me in my face by face sitting and I fucked her in many positions of our likes. She kept on stroking me when we were relaxing lying on the bed; she kept my cock rock hard. She said “ fuck banner, you’re cock is amazing it’s still hard” I said “well, you’re keep on stroking it then” she giggled and came above me and smooched me and positioned my cock in her asshole and started inserting it slowly, it was painful for me as well as for her we both were moaning hard once it went inside we kept still, she whispered “love you banner, just stay still” she slowly started pouncing on my cock, it was still paining for both of us.After some time the pain turned into pleasure we started fucking fast the turned into rough anal fuck we both were exhausted and I came in her ass. We both lay down in the bed for some time it was eve 7, we went for a shower there also we made love; we never wanted to leave each other. We hugged each other under the shower and stayed there for a moment. Then we came out dressed. I thanked her for the wonderful moment she gave, I thanked her by – I loved and cherished each moment spent with you, you were exceptional, Love you Rohini. Love to be with you again. See you soon, before going we had a deniable kissing and she was bit sad, as I was still said her bye take care… hoping to meet again.We still chat, have sex chat, and think about different fantasies…Now waiting for another chance to be together.Hope you ppl liked my story. Any comments or feedback or suggestion or to talk please feel free



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