I am a middle-aged man who just a few years ago discovered the pleasure of sucking another man’s cock and getting fucked in the ass. I don’t know if that makes me gay and don’t really care if it does. I like sexual pleasure and I take it when and where I can. A local nudist beach is one place I occasionally find it. I go there once a week or so hoping to hook up with someone and yesterday I found Frank.

It was mid-morning and mildy warm. I walked the length of the beach but passed only one other person, a man about my age laying back from the water near the sand dunes. Even from a distance I could see that he was moderately slim and attractive. Finding no one else, I returned to him.

I didn’t think the man had noticed me when I first passed by so I slipped my shorts back on as a pretense and approached him.

“Hi,” I said. “I just wanted to make sure that nudity was okay on this beach, but now I can clearly see that it it.”

He sat up and crossed his legs, nominally covering himself, but I already saw he had a nice thick dick. I introduced myself and commented on his tan. Frank introduced himself and told me came to the beach every week to work on his all-over-tan. He said he was married but his wife wasn’t into suntanning so he usually came alone.

I pushed my shorts down and kicked them off. I felt Frank’s eyes quickly look me up and down which caused blood to flow to my dick.

As we talked I kept glancing down at his groin, trying to glimpse his dick. After a few minutes Frank leaned back on his hands and stretched his legs out, completely exposing himself to me. I don’t know if he was purposely exposing himself or simply became more at ease as our conversation continued, but I made no pretense about not checking out his equipment. Although soft, Frank’s cock looked significantly longer and thicker than my modest six inches.

We continued to chat and I began casually stroking myself. canlı bahis şirketleri Frank showed no signs of being repulsed; in fact he kept glancing down at my dick and his own cock began to swell. The sight of his lengthening member soon made mine fully erect. While I’m often shy and withdrawn around people but I can be very bold and direct when I am horny and my ass is craving a hard cock so I decided to be frank with Frank.

“You have a really nice dick,” I said. It had grown to at least seven inches. “Can I touch it?”

Frank was surprised by my boldness. He stammered, “Oh…um…well…I guess so.”

I dropped to my knees and pushed his legs apart. I took his cock in my right hand. It was hard but soft and smooth, too. I gently pulled up and down on the shaft, stretching the head tight. After only a few tugs a drop of clear pre-cum formed at the tip. Frank drew a sharp breath when I spread the slippery pearl around his head with my thumb.

As a man, I know how much we like to hear our cock’s admired and praised, so after several minutes of stroking Frank I spread my thumb and forefinger alongside it as if gaging it’s size.

“Wow. You must be eight inches long.”

“Seven and a half,” Frank said between deep breaths.

“Well, maybe I can make it grow another half inch!”

With that I grabbed his member at the base, leaned over and slowly slid the tip into my mouth.

“Oh, my god!” Frank exclaimed in surprise. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

I swirled my tongue across the tip of his cock several times before sliding my mouth further down on the shaft. It was salty from sea water and I could smell Frank’s coconut oil sun lotion. Within moments I had most of him in my mouth. Despite repeated practice, I have never been able to deep throat a long cock, so I was still an inch or so from Frank’s pubic hair. Just as slowly I withdrew. As I pulled my mouth away a string of saliva canlı kaçak iddaa and pre-cum stretched from the tip to my mouth.

“Your cock tastes wonderful, Frank.”

I playfully tugged on the shaft a few times before re-inserting it in my mouth. Before long I was fucking Frank’s cock with my mouth while stroking the shaft with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. He thrust his hips up, forcing his cock into my mouth, gently at first but more forcefully as I continued to suck him.

“Oh, god, that feels so good,” he moaned. “You really know how to suck a cock!”

“I also know how to fuck a cock, Frank,” I said. His look of incomprehension was priceless.

I reached over to my shorts and retrieved a condom and tube of lube. I unwrapped the rubber and slid it over his cock and squirted lube on the tip. Then I straddled his hips, reached behind and rubbed his cock back and forth between my ass cheeks.

“Frank, I want to fuck your big cock.”

Frank’s response was more guttural than verbal. Something like, “Oooh…guuuu…”

I directed Frank’s cock at my anal opening and I gently settled back. Slowly his head penetrated my hole. Once it slipped past my sphincter I rocked back and forth, taking more and more of him in my ass. Within moments I was sitting back fully on his hips with his cock planted deeply inside me, taking that last inch my mouth could not accommodate. It filled me completely, like I had been penetrated by a telephone pole.

“Your cock fills good, Frank! It’s so big, stretching my little asshole.”

“Oooh…guuu…” Frank had become completely non-verbal.

Within a minute or two my ass relaxed and became accustomed to Frank’s length and girth and I began rocking back and forth. Soon I was in a rythym, pulling off his cock completely and then plunging down on it. Up and down. Back and forth.

Frank must have come out of his shock because he began canlı kaçak bahis thrusting his hips up to drive deeper into me. His response further fueled my lusts. I squirted some lube onto my throbbing cock and stroked it to the rythym of Frank’s cock going in and out of my ass.

I tried to prolong our intercourse, moderating the rate of our fucking but after a few minutes Frank’s thrusts became wilder, more frantic.

“Oh, shit…I’m gonna cum,” he exclaimed.

“Cum for me, Frank! Shoot your cum in my ass!”

I leaned forward so Frank could fuck my ass at his own pace. I, too, abandoned control and stroked my cock rapidly, hoping to cum at the same time.

“Fuck, your cock feels so good, Frank! Fuck me. Fuck my ass! Cum in my ass!”

He did, arching his hips up, forcing his cock as deep in my ass as possible. I felt him throbbing as he released each spurt of his load. I only wished we could have dispensed with the condom so I could feel his slippery ejaculate filling my bowels like an enema.

Then I came, too, shooting four or five thick white ropes of cum onto Frank’s belly and chest. While my ass clenched his cock.

When he finished depositing his cum in my ass, Frank stopped thrusting into me. We were both breathing heavily. I sat atop him for several moments while my heart rate slowed and I regained my breath. When I was finally breathing normally I lifted myself off Frank. His slowly softening cock slip out of my ass and we both laid back in the sand for several minutes.

“That was amazing,” he said. “I’ve never fucked man before.”

“Thank you Frank. You have a beautiful cock.” I leaned over, pulled the condom off his dick and squeezed his cum out of the slack rubber onto my hairless chest and rubbed it across my nipples. Frank looked down at the globs of my cum on his own chest and belly.

“I guess I should wash you off before I go home to my wife!” he said.

Frank walked down to the water and splashed the cold water on himself, rinsing off the evidence of our tryst. I decided to make a quick get away while his back was turned, but not before leaving him a message in the sand – “See you next week!”



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