This is chapter 4 of my story. I highly suggest reading the previous chapters first.

This story is fiction. It is an incest romance that goes through various relationships and experiences. Also this is my first time trying to write so please be nice. This is a learning process though so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Thank-you and I hope you enjoy.


It was Monday morning and I woke up as my brother moved his arm from me. I felt a cold chill as the body heat from our warm embrace dissipated. My thighs were sticking together because of the dried cum left over from the night before. I was not going to be able to get back to sleep after Kayla and Dylan got out of bed to get ready for work. I felt empty and alone again.

I had been living with my brother Dylan and his girlfriend Kayla for a few weeks now since my breakup with Richard. We had all gotten closer and things were going well…Well things were better than they were before. Kayla at first just shared my brother’s cock but after some time she also let me share their bed. It was winter now and the couch had become a cold place to sleep. It was a good arrangement though. Some nights he would cuddle with me and some night with Kayla or we would both fall asleep on my brother’s chest together. It was so safe and comfortable.

“Bye Linds, have a good day,” my brother said as he and Kayla left the apartment.

Being with them was a good distraction but when they were gone my thoughts immediately drifted to my father. We were talking again but not like we use to. Mostly it would just be texts if either of us needed something from the other. We still hadn’t talked about that night on the couch…

It needed to be resolved because I can’t live without my dad anymore. Even if I don’t get the same love I want from him, I at least needed the love I used to get back. My father was living at home again with my mother. They had tried working things out but he ended up catching my mother cheating again. They decided to get a divorce and sell the house. Neither of them would leave the house though. My mother would still bring men over with complete disregard for how it would make my father feel. It was a horrible situation so we all decided it was best that I live with my brother. It was like being stuck in limbo. I had no idea where I would end up or what I would do. There was no rush though. My brother said I could stay with him as long as I wanted.

I was lying in bed daydreaming about life with dad again. I had my phone in my hand trying to build up the courage to call him. My phone started ringing and almost as if destiny was showing me a sign, the call was from my dad.

“Hello,” I said still sounding groggy.

“Good morning sweetheart, I didn’t wake you up did I?” dad replied.

“Nah, I was up but I haven’t had coffee yet sooooo…”

“Ahh I see. Well go get some coffee then.”

“Yaaa, I’m working on it but I need to get outta bed first,” I said actually trying to get out of bed, “So what’s up dad?”

He was silent for a moment before he spoke, “So I was thinking we could go for lunch today. I have some things I want to discuss with you.”

What could he want to discuss? Was he really ready to discuss everything now? So many questions ran through my head. What if this and what if that…?

“Lindsay?” he questioned. I guess I was thinking too long.

“Ya of course dad, when and where?”

He picked a nice restaurant that was downtown near his work. I had been there once before; it was a beautiful high end modern French bistro with really good food. We ended our call and I went and hopped into the shower. It was still early but I wanted to look my best so I had better start now.

It was winter so I wasn’t able to dress super sexy. I’m a wuss when it comes to the cold. I put on a tight white tank top that had a couple buttons that I would always leave open to show off more of my cleavage. I put on a little black cropped jacket with some skin tight black pants and high heel boots. I was looking pretty good, not to toot my own horn but it was something I knew dad would like.

I arrived at the restaurant a little late. Dad was already there and the hostess brought me to his table. He stood up as soon as he saw me and I ran over to him wrapping my arms around him and burying my face into his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and I almost started crying. I couldn’t let go and tightened my embrace.

“I missed you so much daddy,” I said squeezing him even tighter.

“I missed you too princess,” he replied, kissing my head, “Why don’t we take a seat?”

“But I don’t want to let go!” I said peeking around him and noticing the hostess just staring at us, “Ok fineeeeee.”

We sat down and placed our orders. We started just by catching up; discussing life and home and living with my brother. I left the part about us fucking out though. We talked about his work and the promotion he just got and then the time came…Or so I thought…

“So Linds, the real reason I wanted to see you is to figure out what you want to do?”

“Do about what?” I was confused. I wasn’t sure what he was getting bakırköy escort at.

“Well you know mom and I are selling the house and you can’t stay with your brother forever…So that means you’ll need to decide if you’d rather live with me or your mother?”

“Well I think the answer to that is pretty obvious dad,” I said in a sarcastic tone.

“Ok that’s what I figured. So now I need to know if you decided where you want to go for college. I remember you saying that you’re considering doing a business course and there are plenty of schools in the city that offer that,” dad said.

“Ok. That’s probably the direction I’m going to want to go, why?” I asked.

“Well I was thinking that you and I could get a condo in the city? It would be close for both of us and perhaps you could even come to work with me for experience?”

My eyes began tearing up with happiness. I dabbed them with my napkin so I wouldn’t mess up my make up.

“Are you ok princess?” dad asked in a concerned tone.

I looked at him with a huge smile and chuckled, “Yes dad! I’m more than ok! I’m so incredibly happy right now, you have no idea.”

He reached his hand out over the table and rested it on mine. He looked at me as if he was staring right into my soul and smiled, “I love you so much Lindsay.”

“I love you too dad.”

We spent the rest of lunch discussing Realtors and jobs I would like to do. The topic of us fucking never came up. I tried to bring it up a couple times but I lost my nerve. Our lunch was going so well and I didn’t want to ruin it. More questions filled my head though. I have a bad habit of over thinking things.

That night back at my brother’s place I was laying on the couch in my underwear watching movies as I always did, waiting for my brother to come home and fuck me. It became a regular ritual and we never missed a day. Normally I would run over to the door as soon as he entered and drop to my knees, instantly sucking his cock but today was different. I was too wrapped up in thoughts of living with dad again and I didn’t even notice Dylan come in the door.

“Hey Linds, what’s up?” he said lifting my legs before sitting and resting my legs on his lap. His left hand landed on my stomach gently tracing lines with his fingers.

“I had lunch with dad today,” I said enjoying his touch.

Dylan stopped moving and looked at me, “You did? What did you guys talk about?”

“After they sell the house, he and I are going to get a condo together,” I said while reaching for his hand to prompt him to continue caressing my stomach.

“Oh,” he sounded slightly disappointed. He returned moving his hand on his own, tracing his fingers ever lower on my abdomen. “Did you talk about…? You know…The couch…?”

I closed my eyes and lay back enjoying his touch, “No, it didn’t come up. It just wasn’t the right time but I’m sure we’ll talk about it soon.”

“You know that’s probably the first discussion you should be…” Dylan was interrupted by my ringing phone.

I reached for my phone and answered it, “Hello?”

“Hi Lindsay,” said my mother, “We need to talk.”

“Oh hi MOM,” emphasizing the mom part. I looked at Dylan as he rolled his eyes. He knew that every time mom called it would be a half hour lecture about what we were doing wrong or what someone else was doing wrong. It was kind of ironic really…

Mom began to lecture me about how moving in with my father is a bad idea. I just said as little as I possibly could.



“I don’t care.”


Dylan manoeuvred his way behind me on the couch while I was on the phone. He spooned me, slipping his hand into my panties and began rubbing my clit.

“What are you doing?” I whispered sharply.

“Shhhhhhh,” was all he said, sliding his other arm under my neck and around me to reach into my bra and gently pinching my nipple.

I was getting excited but I was still able to maintain my composure while talking with my mom. Dylan was an expert with his hands, working his magic on my wet pussy.

“Ya mom I know, this is what I want and it’s not up to you!” I said, my body getting hot and excited.

I could feel my brother fiddling with his pants, sliding them down and kicking them off. He moved down a little and pulled my panties to the side giving him access to my pussy. I felt the head on his cock rubbing on my wet sex, getting lubricated with my juices.

“No mom it’s not your choiiiiiiiiice!” I squealed feeling my brothers cock pushed inside me.

“What was that? Are you ok?” my mom asked.

“Ya Dylan just poked me,” I said chuckling. My chuckle turned into a soft moan as his cock went deeper.

“Oh,” she replied.

This phone conversation was getting more difficult now and I tried ending it but my mother just wouldn’t let it go. I tried staying quiet but I couldn’t help making soft noises as my brother’s cock worked in and out of me. His thrusts getting longer and stronger while his right hand continued rubbing my clit and his left hand played with my nipple. I was getting so hot I couldn’t take it beşiktaş escort anymore. My brother pressed into me again and I felt my orgasm build.

“Uhhh, mmmm…OK I HAVE TO GO NOW!” I moaned and quickly hung up the phone. I dropped it to the floor as I clenched onto my brother’s arm. No longer trying to stay quiet, I finally released my sounds of pleasure as I came on my brother’s cock. His cock pulsed deep inside me, filling me with his seed.

“Ughhhhh fuuuuckkk!” I screamed pushed to climax.

We laid there panting and out of breath. My phone kept ringing over and over while my mom tried to call me back. I was so content and relaxed that I didn’t even notice. We stayed cuddling for the next few hours, his cock still deep inside me until Kayla got home from work.

We had dinner and talked about my situation and what I should do. Kayla was very supportive and encouraging. My brother however was much more reserved. It was almost as if he was jealous and didn’t want me to leave. I didn’t want to press the topic too much especially while Kayla was there.

A few weeks passed and the house was sold. Dad and I found a condo in the city and I was finally moving out of my brother’s place. Dad and I had still not discussed our sexual encounter yet but we were getting close again regardless. We went on a daddy daughter date at least once a week. They were very dad/daughter but there was always a hint of something extra. I can’t really describe it because it was more of a feeling than anything. I knew he had the same feeling; it was electric and pulled us together.

Dad had arranged for all of the furniture to be brought from the house so I didn’t really have to do anything. He told me to come in the evening because he wanted to surprise me with something. I was so excited that I wanted to dress up a little. Even though it was cold as hell I put on a cute little black dress with a black choker and my black high heeled boots. Under it I wore a black thong but no bra, partially because I wouldn’t be able to hide my bra straps and also because…You know…It’s sexy, right?

Dad arranged for a car to come pick me up and bring me to our new home. I said my goodbyes to Kayla and Dylan and thanked them so much for everything. Kayla was super excited for me but Dylan looked a little sad. With all our fucking and cuddling, we had become closer than we have ever been. I guess I was kinda sad to go as well but I knew I was making the best choice for me. I got into the car and headed off.

We pulled up to the building and the door man came out to help me with my bags. It was a beautiful modern building that was covered in glass. We made our way up in the elevator and walked down the hallway to our door. I could hear music coming from the other side. I knocked on the door and dad quickly answered.

“Well hello princess, welcome home,” dad said reaching out to give me a hug. He was casually dressed wearing a black t-shirt and plaid pajama pants. He still looked handsome as ever but I was clearly overdressed. Ah well…

I immediately wrapped my arms around him and buried my face into his chest. I was so happy that words could not describe. The word “home” resonated in my head filling me with comfort. It’s a feeling I haven’t really had since dad left. Living with Richard and my brother was nice but it was never really home if you know what I mean? Dad took my hand and led me inside.

“Could you please put the bags in the second room on the left?” my dad instructed the doorman still holding my bags. He proceeded to put my bags away and my dad gave him a tip before he left. I stood there looking around. I saw a pizza and a bottle of wine on the coffee table in the living room. The TV had the Netflix menu on the screen. I guess we’re having a movie night. I removed my jacket and hung it up on the coat rack.

“Lindsay! You look…so beautiful! I feel so underdressed now,” dad stated as he looked me up and down.

“Hehe, thank you. I wasn’t sure what you had planned so I figured I’d dress to impress.”

“Oh princess…We can go out for dinner if you like? I was just thinking we’d have a movie night like we use to,” dad said with a slightly nervous tone.

“No no daddy, a movie night with you sounds perfect,” I ran over and gave him another hug, “Let me just go change.”

“Ok princess. I’ll start looking for a movie.”

I proceeded to my new room and was surprised to see it was completely empty aside from a few boxes and my luggage.


My dad gasped and quickly got up and ran over to me. “Ya about that… surprise!…I got rid of all your old furniture and got you new stuff. Only problem is the delivery company messed up and sent it to the wrong place…They said it’ll be here next week unfortunately.”

“Oh…ok…Sooooo…where am I going to sleep?”

Dad nervously chuckled and began scratching his head, “Well… I was originally thinking the couch but I figured that wouldn’t be right so you can use my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch, ok?”

“No dad you don’t need to do that. I’ve beylikdüzü escort been sleeping on a couch the last few weeks so I think I’ll survive one more,” I said even though it wasn’t completely true but I wasn’t going to get into that with him.

“You sure princess?”

“Yes daddy now go pick a movie!” I said, rummaging through my suitcase for something to wear. I put on some pink fluffy pajama pants and a very tight white tank top that made my nipples quite visible and showed off my midriff. I still didn’t know what to expect from tonight. Were we going to have our discussion? It didn’t seem like that was going to happen though, and my surprise was not clearly what I had expected either…Ah well…A movie night with dad still sounded wonderful. I was so excited for cuddles.

I went back out and plopped onto the couch beside dad and grabbed a piece of pizza. Dad picked a movie but we didn’t end up watching it much. We spent most of the time talking about everything from living with my brother, Dad trying to get me a position at his work and even the future of my education. It was nice and I really missed nights like this. The first movie ended and I picked another one. My movie pick was better so we actually paid attention this time. Dad sat back on the couch and I rested my back on him with his arm wrapped around me. I was so tempted to move his hand someplace less innocent but I stopped myself. I wasn’t about to make that mistake again.

About half way through the movie I must have drifted off. I woke up and the ending credits were rolling on the screen. My dad had gently settled me down on the couch and wrapped a blanket around me. He kissed me on the head and went to his room. I had trouble getting back to sleep. I immediately felt cold and started overthinking things as I usually do. I was never going to get back to sleep like this.

I got up and headed to dad’s room. The door was slightly open so I just went in. Dad was laying on his back so I crawled under the covers as gently as I could and rested my head and arm on his chest while my leg draped over his.

“Linds? What are you doing?” he asked in a confused tone.

“I got cold and lonely on the couch. Please can I sleep with you? Pretty please?”

My dad chuckled and wrapped his arm around me, pulling me in tighter. “Of course princess,” he said before kissing my head.

I drifted off to sleep happier than I’ve been in a long time. The next morning I awoke to the sound of my dad’s alarm going off. We were spooning and his hand was cupping my breast. I didn’t say anything and just hugged his arm tighter. We stayed like this for a minute until dad’s alarm became too much to handle. He rolled over to shut it off and got out of bed. I pretended to fall back asleep but actually I peeked at him as he got ready for work. His body was glistening wet after he’d gotten out of the shower causing my hand to do strange things as I noticed it playing around in my pants. Dad was finally dressed and came over and rested his hand on my waist.

“I’m off to work princess, have a good day ok?” he said leaning down to give me a kiss. I turned my head to receive his kiss and our lips met. It didn’t seem shocking or weird this time. It felt natural; almost as if we did it every day. Our kiss lingered a little longer than a conventional peck but I wasn’t complaining.

Our lips finally pulled apart, “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too princess,” he said before giving me one more quick kiss on the lips.

I guess he didn’t mind that either since he did it twice. Dad left and I started playing with myself thinking of all the things that could have been that morning, imagining my dad coming out of the shower naked and climbing on top of me. My best orgasms are and always have been when I think of him.

I spent the day not doing too much of anything. Mostly chatting or lounging around the condo. I was bored so I decided to wander around our new building. Everything was brand new and beautiful. It had a full gym and a basketball court and even a movie theater. I went wandering around the indoor pool and then made my way up to the lobby.

“Exploring the building miss?” a voice from behind me questioned.

I turned around to see the door man that helped me yesterday with my bags.

“Yup,” I said chuckling, “Figured it’d be good to see what my new home has to offer.”

“It’s a beautiful building miss, have you been up to the 27th floor yet?”

“No not yet, why what’s up there?”

“Just go take a look,” he said with a smile.

I nodded and headed for the elevator. I was so curious trying to figure out what it could be. I got to the 27th floor and there was a long hallway with a door on either end. I decided to try the door to the left first. I walked on and it was a beautiful party room. It was pretty but it wasn’t that amazing. I walked over to the other end of the hall to check out the other door. I went through and saw changing rooms so I proceeded through the women’s room to see what could be on the other side. Maybe another pool? I opened the door to a beautiful garden. Tall palm trees and tropical flowers were everywhere. I proceed along the path to the middle of the garden where there was a giant stone hot tub. It looked big enough to be a pool. The view over looked the lake and the city making for a breathtaking scene. I could only imagine how pretty this would be at night. I had to bring my dad here; I was so excited to show it to him.



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