Damien had always been a rude and mean man. Whenever I saw him, he was in some kind of dominant male mood. My boyfriend, Steven, was absolutely petrified of him, even though we were still in our early twenties and he was well into his late forties or even early fifties! Damien was ex-army and a massive muscle machine. He’d already threatened to break Steven’s face, so now we did everything to keep out of his way. But when Steven accidentally ran over one of the expensive ornaments in his front driveway, we knew there was gonna be hell to pay.

It was early the next morning and we were both in bed when we heard the incessant banging on the front door. We knew it was him so I opted to go down there and try to pacify him. Guys always cooled off a little with women, and I was still in my near see-though negligee, so maybe I could use some of my sexuality to cool his head. Even though he was middle aged I often saw him bringing home younger women, and the noises that we heard coming from his bedroom were wilder than anything I’d ever heard before. To be honest, more than once I had taken a sordid interest in finding out just what he was doing to them in there. For the life of me I couldn’t think what he must be doing to them to make them scream so loudly.

“Where’s your stupid ass boyfriend,” he snapped at me, as soon as I opened the door, his eyes immediately catching alight when he saw me in my near see-through negligee. I never wore any undergarments so I knew he should be able to see the shape and colour of my nipples and my pubic hair through the flimsy materiel. Maybe that would be enough to quieten him down.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, feigning surprise.

“Your dumbass boyfriend wrecked one of my ornaments. Where is he?” He demanded, not even cooling off at all. He almost looked like a wild animal who would simply rip off my negligee and have his way with me before breaking every bone in Steven’s body.

“I…” but before I could say anything he was inside the house in a rage. Stretching out his hand he simply pushed me aside, not even caring that he had grabbed onto one of my breasts in the process! Most guys would usually cum in their pants just seeing me in this skimpy nightgown. But Damien wasn’t even phased bakırköy escort that his open hand had just cupped onto one of my breasts.

In reality, I think it turned me on more than him. Seeing him like a wild man – something I’d never seen in Steven – was amazingly hot. And, to my shock and horror, I realised my pussy was starting to become lubricated for all the excitement.

“Where’s that pussy of yours,” he demanded looking around for Steven. At the mere mention of pussy, I swear I could have orgasmed.

“I don’t know where he…” I attempted before he grabbed a hold of my arm with the force of a grizzly bear, or something even stronger. Feeling his muscular power on me, my knees bent and legs quivered, not in fear, but in desperate wantonness. I couldn’t believe it was happening, but after so long with my weak and weedy boyfriend, feeling Damien’s powerful grip, finally made me feel like a real woman with a real man.

It was then that he noticed how hard my nipples had become and how much they were sticking out of my negligee. And then, to my horror, looking further down he saw the massive wet patch that had grown as my sexual juices began to flow, revealing to him how hot and turned on by his manliness I had become.

It was then that his face changed form anger to amusement.

“Well, if he’s not here then I guess you can figure out a way to repay me,” he laughed.

The look in his eyes made my understand exactly what he was thinking without the need for any words. He was gonna fuck me right here and now and make me scream like all those other woman he had taken to his house. Plus he was gonna do it all while my boyfriend listened from upstairs. Yet, more than that, he was gonna just wait to see if he Steven would pluck up the guts to come down and stop us.

Damien knew I needed to be fucked, and he knew I needed to be fucked by him. Unbuckling his massive thick black leather belt, he then unzipped his trousers, his eyes fixed on mine, perhaps waiting to hear my rebuffs, if I had any. Yet, as he pulled his thick hard cock from out of his pants, I had no complaints at all.

Stretching out a hand to mine, he placed it onto his throbbing cock and immediately I started beşiktaş escort to pleasure him. Rubbing the dripping pre-cum into the head of his cock I then flicked my hand up and down its shaft, all the while his hands grabbed at my breasts and ass, fondling me, arousing me more and more, making me wetter and wetter.

Flicking a hand up and inside my negligee, he fingered my wet vagina without a word, pleasuring me beyond control, his wild, wanton eyes staring deep into my weak yet equally wanton ones.

His rough hands groping around my ass cheeks, then into my vagina, then rushing around my breasts, darted everywhere, owning me like a whore.

Then he simply grabbed a hold of the front of my nightie and with all of his strength, he tore it open, ripping the weak fabric from top to bottom, revealing finally my totally naked body and breasts. Dragging it off my body, twisting me around in the process, his rough, massive body, controlled me, dominating me like I had never been dominated before.

Pushing me onto the black warm rug on the living room floor, he simply opened up my legs wide in the air and with one swift thrust, his hefty thick long cock was deep inside me. The loud gasp I let out as he entered me, I was sure, must have shocked Steven into coming down to see what was happening. Any second now he would be desperate to make sure that I was unharmed.

Yet, as Damien fucked me on the living room floor, harder and harder, Steven was nowhere in sight! Fucking me with all the weight of his huge body, he was like a monster inside me, using me for his pleasure. Thrilling me and filling me up with his hot thick passion.

As he banged me, harder and harder, I almost forget that Steven was in the house with us. Or perhaps I just didn’t care.

Soon, there was no way that Steven couldn’t know that Damien was fucking me. The noises I was making were so wild and loud, without a doubt he knew his girlfriend was getting fucked by our bully neighbour, and in our own house. Minutes passed as he screwed me on the floor, his hands grabbing my ass as he fucked me, then fondling and sometimes slapping my breasts as they moved with the motions.

Yet Steven was still nowhere to be seen.

“What beylikdüzü escort was he doing?” I thought.

Why hadn’t he even come to see what was going on? Surely if he really loved me he would have done something to stop his girlfriend from became such a cum-slut-whore!

As Damien banged me harder and harder, it was then that I finally saw Steven. There, out of the corner of my eye, almost hidden by the door frame, I saw him watching us, watching me, his girlfriend getting her pussy fucked by the next-door neighbour that he’d always been terrified of. Yet looking downwards, to my utter horror, I realised that his cock was in his hand, and instead of coming to help me, he was jacking himself off over his bully fucking me. A cuck in the corner, his hand was already covered in his own cum, yet he was still jerking himself off.

Then, to my utter shock, I saw that Damien, looking in the opposite direction, had also discovered him in the reflection of the mirror. And so, unbeknownst to Steven himself, we both knew that he was watching us and jerking himself off! Now he was nothing but the King of Cucks.

Now that Damien knew Steven was watching, and such a cuck, he took pleasure in shaming me even more. Sliding his hefty cock from inside of me, he rolled me over and took me from behind, slapping my ass as he pounded into me, his massive muscular ass pounding down on me. My noises getting louder and loader, and all the while my pathetic boyfriend, watched on.

And then I felt him ready to cum, his movements at their wildest, my weak woman’s body unable to take his powerful thrusts any longer, my knees collapse under his weight as I crumpled to the floor beneath him. Fucking me harder and harder his hands in my hair, gripping me like the reigns of a horse, he fucked me until I felt his hot white cum blast inside me, filling me up with his powerful seed.

Satisfied with me, he slid himself out of me again as I quivered on the floor below him, lost in my own orgasm. Then he grabbed a hold of my hair again and slapped my face with his massive cock before sliding it into my mouth and deep inside my throat. Face-fucking to get out the final drops of his cum, when he was satisfied, he pulled himself out and left me there, my body a bundle of orgasmic energy.

“Don’t think I can’t see you, you pathetic little cuck. If either of you mess me around again, next time I’ll fuck your girlfriend in her ass.” He hissed in Stevens direction before he headed straight out the front door.



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