Before reading this story, please read ‘A Crazy Summer Day’ and both parts of ‘A Crazy Voyage’. For the fans of those three submissions, here is the continuation you were waiting for.


Irked with anger I slapped the cellphone shut and tossed it onto the bed in the corner. With scorn all over my face I slumped in the chair beside the bed and pouted. “Bitch,” I said to no one in the room.

Just then the door opened and Kristen came in with her backpack hanging loosely off her shoulder. She could immediately spot the frustration on my face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked with a look of concern.

“Oh, just my mom again. The woman is hell-bent on ruining my life,” I said in disgust.

“What did she do now?” Kristen asked.

“She said I can’t go out with my dad this weekend because she needs me to work,” I said still upset and angry.

“What?” Kristen said looking annoyed now too. “She can’t do that to you, you requested off weeks ago!”

“Yeah I know, well apparently Janine got sick and can’t work this one and she has no other replacement.”

“Tell her you have a class on Friday and you can’t go!” Kristen shouted.

“She knows I don’t have classes on Friday. It’s the reason she gave me the job.”

Two months ago my mother offered me a part-time position as a waitress on the cruise ship she works on. I was in desperate need of a job at the time and the thought of spending a few weekends in the Bahamas on 3 day cruises enticed me. She pulled some strings to get me hired with my restrictions of working only the 3 day sailings. It was a very part-time job, but it was a job neverthelesss, and one that would introduce me to the cruise industry. Something my mother was hoping I would get into.

Despite my constant problems with my mother, I was grateful that she had helped me get the position. Kristen was hoping to get one as well, and has been unsuccessful so far. My mother refuses to do anything to help Kristen out, since she never liked her much.

Half a year has passed since the New Year’s cruise we had been on with my father. A cruise that had changed our lives for the better, and had helped my father truly understand that he did not belong with my mother. Three weeks after the cruise, my father filed for divorce from my mom, and I thought our secret affair would finally become the fulltime relationship I had envisioned. Unfortunately, he only learned my mother wasn’t the one for him that wonderful week at sea. He hasn’t yet realized that I’m the woman for him; actually, that Kristen and I are the women for him.

After the cruise where my father let his morals die and made love to Kristen and I for the first time since the previous summer, our affair continued on select nights at home. Kristen would come over on nights my mother was away, and we’d spend the night having a wonderful threesome in my parents bedroom. On nights that Kristen couldn’t make it, my dad and I made love alone. Everything was wonderful.

My father filed for divorce just as Kristen and I were going back to school for our Spring semester. I promised my father I would be home on weekends to be with him, but things never remained the same. Free of my tirant work-aholic mother, my father found some free time, and met a woman.

After seeing her a few times, he had a long talk with me about our situation. I had always feared this conversation. It was similar to the talk we had the previous summer after our romp in the pool and in the Jacuzzi. My father told me he loved Kristen and I very much, but he knows how our relationship would not work in the normal world. He told me all about Renee, the girl he had met, and how he really liked her.

He wanted to cut off our games before things got ‘out of hand’ and told me I would find a nice guy. I was devestated, and naturally, so was Kristen after I told her. I knew my father feared our relationship leaking to the public, but to hear him call it a game really hurt me. Is that what I was to him? Just a pawn in some game? It was the first time in my life I was truly hurt by my father. And that ended our love affair. He went on to appologize about the way he addressed it, and promised me that it was much more to him than a game, but again he explained how it wasn’t accepted in the world, and how it was best if it ended.

“That really sucks,” Kristen said, “we had this planned for a while!”

“I know!” I shot back, “and you know what? This bitch Janine pulls this shit all the time!”

“Why doesn’t she get fired then?” Kristen asked now just as upset as I was.

“Because she kisses my mom’s ass, that’s why,” I said furiously.

Janine was a 22 year old girl who had been working on the ship for the past few years. She was notorious for her attitude and wasn’t very well liked amongst the rest of the staff, but she knew how to play my mother and she got away with a lot of shit. This was the third time in a few months she had called out sick on a weekend cruise. Rumor has it she was off visiting her boyfriend in Fort Lauderdale when she was supposed to be “on her death halkalı escort bed” as she put it then to my mother. Now she was planning on playing hooky again this weekend, when I had requested off, and my mother wanted me to cover.

I wasn’t sure if my mother really bought it that Janine was sick again, or if it was that she just didn’t want me going with my father this weekend, and getting to know Renee better. My father had completed his sailing certification a few weeks ago, and was planning on taking Kristen and I on a sail boat he planned on renting. This weekend was supposed to be the first few days we would spend alone with my dad in months, at least we thought it would be alone. Only a week after my dad discussed the idea with us, he surprised us with the news that Renee would be joining us on the boat. When we first heard of his plans for the trip, Kristen and I privately shared the same excitement, but that was quickly destroyed when we heard Renee would be coming along.

Although my sexual relationship with my father had come to an end, I kept hope that it would only be a while before he reconsidered and broke down again like he did with us on the New Year’s cruise. But then he met Renee, and it seemed as if any hope I had left had been vanquished. For the next few weeks I forced myself to live with his decision and his new “girlfriend”, although I didn’t have to like it. Kristen was having a very hard time dealing with it as well, but as weeks turned into months we both decided to move on with our lives, and forget our fantasy in which we thought would last forever. We no longer discussed my dad, though I know we both still thought of him.

We managed to deal with the end of our affair with my father as best we could, but we were having a more difficult time accepting Renee. It’s not that we didn’t like her, I’ll admit we were harsh to her when they first started dating, but it’s because she was the woman that stole my dad’s heart from me, from us. I could even say I resented her more than my mother at the time. Renee took our petulant behavior with class and understanding, although her assumptions were a bit miscalculated. She assumed our poor attitudes were attributed to our jealousy of her replacing our mother, but in reality she would never understand that we hated her for replacing us as his lover!

My father didn’t appreciate our nastiness toward her, and in the end we realized we were only hurting ourselves by pushing my father away from us. Renee didn’t do anything to us to deserve our ridicule, and we eventually decided to accept the fact that my dad really did have feelings for Renee, and we eased our bitterness. Without ever appologizing for our behavior, Renee was grateful that we were now being more friendly with her, and to our surprise we actually took a liking to her.

She was MUCH cooler than my mother, not to mention a bit younger. She was only 28 and could pass for 21. She was very attractive and wore clothing my mother would not approve of, clothing that Kristen and I wore often. She had shoulder length reddish brown hair with light skin and hazel eyes. Her thin physique and medium breasts were very similar to me, and she was only an inch taller than Kristen. She met my father during a school field trip his class was on. She was a teacher from another school. They spent time chatting on the trip, and kept in touch. After getting to know her, I was happy my father met her. If I couldn’t be the one for him, Renee definitely seemed to be suitable.

Without exchanging words for a moment or two, Kristen and I exchanged looks of complete dissapointment, but Kristen seemed to have more fury in her eyes than a moment prior. “So what are you doing to do about it?” she asked.

“What do you mean, ‘what are you going to do about it?'” I asked her not comprehending, “I can’t do ANYTHING about it!”

“YES, you can,” she answered with irritation in her voice. “Don’t do it!” she suggested.

“What do you mean? I HAVE to do it!” I shot back.

“NO, you don’t!” Kristen yelled, clearly upset by this more than I thought she would be. “This is what, like the third time this chick has pulled this shit and everytime she gets away with it? You should do the same damn thing!”

“What? Call out sick?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah!” Kristen said.

“Kriss, my mom will know I’m not sick.” I said.

“How will she know? She’ll be on the ship right? You call her on Saturday morning, and tell her you’re sick too,” she said. “Let her deal with it.”

The more I listened to Kristen making excuses for me, the more I realized she was right. Fuck my mother. If she let Janine slide with it all the damn time, then why couldn’t I get away with it as well? I decided to do it. I wasn’t going to lose the date with my dad on the boat, regardless if Renee would be coming along.

On Friday afternoon after my last class, Kristen and I grabbed our things and headed for my house. Since our affair with my dad ended I didn’t spend nearly as much time as I used to at home. Part of the reason was spite. şişli escort I was upset with my father for a while for his devastating decision, but the other reason was because Kristen and I had really developed an even closer bond between us on the cruise, and we enjoyed spending nights together at the dorm on campus. We had been sharing the same bed for most of the semester, and we made love every night. I didn’t want to go home to an empty bed on the weekends when I had Kristen in mine at school.

It took us a while to have eyes for other men again. After my father, all the guys at school seemed so immature. I guess I can say we went through a lesbian phase. Kristen broke up our ban on men when she finally decided to see a guy in one of her classes. In a way it was good timing, because rumors were beginning to spread that Kristen and I were more than friends, and although they were very true, we didn’t want our secret to come out. So after a while I started seeing this guy Kyle I had Economics with. He was a nice guy, and treated me well, but I just couldn’t help thinking of my dad everytime I was with him. We dated for a few weeks until one night I accidentally called him “Daddy” while we were having sex, and it weirded him out. I tried to play it off as a roleplaying game, but for some reason he wasn’t into it. We had a mutual break up a week later, and remained friends. Now for the first time in four months, Kristen and I were spending the night at my house, in my bed, under the same roof as my dad.

When we got there it didn’t surprise us that Renee’s white Acura was in the driveway. She practically lived at my house lately, something I had gotten used to. My father was happy with her, and I had come to realize that was the most important thing. He had much more energy and life in him than he ever did with mom, and I loved Renee for making him that happy.

“Hi Daddy!” I said as I walked in the front door and planted a kiss on his lips. I was able to get away with the smooch because in Renee’s eyes it wasn’t unusual for a daughter to kiss her father on the lips. Kristen on the other hand, couldn’t pass with the same privledge.

“Hi Rich,” she said with a smile as they exchanged pecks on the cheek. We both exchanged a cheek kiss with Renee as well.

“So are you girls ready?” my dad said with excitement.

We decided the night before not to even mention the situation with my mom. I didn’t want to get him involved since I knew it would only put him in a bad mood, and worse, he could tell me I couldn’t do what I was planning on doing to mom, and send me to work. My only fear was that my mother would call my dad before we got a chance to leave. If she called him to verify that I wasn’t lieing, it could also ruin the trip. That’s why I decided to make the call from the boat, where I know my father wouldn’t be available to take a call, since he doesn’t have a cellphone. He never saw the point in it if he never needed one before. That’s one thing I loved about him, his simplicity.

“ARE WE EVER!” Kristen shout out with a huge grin. “This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!” she yelled again anxiously.

“Well, you girls better get a good night’s sleep tonight, no fooling around!” he joked with us. “We need to be on the boat at 7 AM.”

We both giggled when he said “no fooling around” because we both knew that he was very well aware of exactly what kind of “fooling around” we would do. Most likely not the type Renee would expect, though she laughed nevertheless.

A few minutes later after moving our bags up to my room we settled in the kitchen for dinner. During our meal we talked about how school had been, and asked them questions about anything new, nothing too exciting. Then my dad said, “Melis I’d prefer if you could take your shower tonight instead of in the morning, because I know how long you take in there.”

I just smiled and said, “OK Daddy,” as Kristen giggled a bit. “WHAT?” I said looking at Kristen with a smile on my face and food in my mouth.

“What are you doing in the shower that takes you so long Melissa?” she joked with a flirty look.

“Umm…washing myself,”I said with a guilty smile.

To my surprise, Renee found this funny and laughed along with Kristen.

“How long do you take?” Renee asked with a smile.

“Not too…” I started before being interupted by my father.

“She can be a half hour, maybe more at times,” my dad said with a smirk.

“DAMN Melis! My dad would kill me!” Kristen said in happy shock. “He HATES having a cold shower,” Kristen explained to my dad and Renee.

Then to my shock, Kristen said, “What if I share it with you? I can make sure you don’t take that long.”

I was stunned Kristen would say such a thing in front of Renee. It wasn’t unusual to my father’s ears though, since he not only knew we liked to shower together, he had shared showers with us. Perhaps Kristen’s suggestion was just a ploy to tease my father into imagining it. Or remembering it. If so, it was still a bold thing to say sarıyer escort with our company.

“That won’t be necessary Kriss,” he smiled wryly.

Again, Renee just giggled at Kristen’s suggestion. I knew my mother would have flipped had Kristen said something like that at our dinner table. My mother was extremely old fashioned, and would have found the comment extremely inappropriate. Worse, later on that night I would have to hear how Kristen was a whore. My mother’s favorite description of her.

I couldn’t help but laugh about the situation. “I’ll try to keep it short Daddy,” I said. I was going to add, “If I don’t, you can come in and get me,” but I didn’t want to push it further. I didn’t know how much Renee would find humourous.

After dinner Kristen and I went upstairs and laughed about what happened at dinner. I began undressing in my bedroom as I usually do before my shower at home lately, when Kristen dared me to let her jump in with me anyway. Despite how badly I would have loved that, I didn’t think it was wise. So I took Kristen’s cute face in my hands and kissed her lips and told her, “Wait until later sexy.”

“Oooo,” she smiled sinfully.

Then I thought of a question, “Hey, do you think Renee really thinks we shower together?”

“I don’t know, but she didn’t seem to mind the thought of it,” Kristen laughed.

“Yeah, but she probably thought you were joking,” I said back.

“Let’s show her we’re not joking,” she said as she crept closer to me and pulled my shirt over my head exposing my white bra.

“I’d love to Kriss, but it’s probably not a good idea,” I smiled as we kissed again, this time as Kristen slipped a little tongue in my mouth.

“CONTROL YOURSELF GIRL!” I laughed as I removed her hand from my breast. Kristen laughed too and gave a naughty smile biting her tongue between her teeth. She was so sexy, and she was ready to attack me.

“STAY!” I shouted and pointed at her as if she were a horny puppy as I removed my bra.

“Grrrr, rrrrow rrrrow!” she play barked at me as if ready to strike with a wide smile as she admired my breasts.

“I’ll be back soon,” I said as I slipped my panties off leaving me completely naked before her.

She stopped playing around for a minute and said, “You’re gonna walk out naked?” she asked almost in shock.

“Sure, why not? They’re downstairs,” I said as I opened the door.

I felt extremely naughty walking through the hallway in nothing but my birthday suit, knowing that my dad and his girlfriend were probably in the living room at the base of the stairs. I contemplated walking down the stairs slowly to spy on them, but didn’t want to risk being seen. It would take a lot of explaining to Renee that I had pretty much been a home nudist for the past few months.

I never really walked around the house naked, but after my father had seen me sunbathing nude by the poolside the previous summer, I never saw the point in wearing anything into the bathroom. I usually showered in the morning, and since my mother was usually out of the house by then and I slept naked anyway, I would simply stay that way until I finished my shower. My father would see me sometimes on my walk to the bathroom, and I just loved the tease it gave him. It’s also what usually caused me to masterbate in the shower afterwards. Another reason I took so long.

Instead of venturing down the stairs, I just stood at the top of it for a minute almost daring them to look up the stairs at me. The feeling sent shivers through my body and I knew I needed to get to my shower so I could get to Kristen who was waiting for me. That’s when I heard a noise come from behind me. It was my father’s voice! It was coming from his bedroom on the other side of the hallway. Then I heard Renee’s!! They weren’t in the living room, they were in his bedroom!! I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but it was probably something about the trip the next morning.

His door was wide open and I had passed it completely naked without realizing they were in the room! I doubted they saw me because I would have seen one of them in my peripheral vision. Plus, had Renee seen me, I’m sure she wouldn’t be talking naturally in the room with my dad. Anyway, I got myself into the bathroom as fast as I could and closed the door.

After starting the shower I let the warm water fall on my face and my body for a few moments, thinking about Kristen, and my dad. Then I thought about how I just did something even riskier than walking down the stairs. I passed in front of the door. The thought of being seen made me even hotter than I was, and I began touching myself.

As my fingers played with the tiny amount of public hair I had, I rubbed my tits with my other hand. My eyes were closed and I was thinking about my dad, Kristen, and to my surprise, Renee. Renee was a cute girl, and she had a great body. The most I had ever seen of it was one day by the pool. She was wearing a hot little pink bikini with triangle tops, similar to ours. Her body was definitely smoking and flawless, and it was no wonder why my dad was attracted to her. I kept my bikini on that day for obvious reasons, the first time I had kept it all on in quite a while. Much like Kristen, whenever I sunbathed, I usually went at least without my top. I didn’t risk it that day. I wonder if Kristen would have if she had been there.



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