a couple old guysI was still working at the hotel while out of town and was enjoying the little pathway next to the hotel. In the evening I could walk around in my nylons and garter belt and heels and maybe a baby doll nighty or something sexy and find lots of cocks around that would fuck my ass and mouth without any problems. It was one of these nights that I was walking around in the little secluded area I had found that I found Joe. He was an older guy and he did not know anything about this area but was just walking around to get some air. He happened to walk by and see me dressed in a nice red garter belt nylons high heel sandals and an open cup bra and I was sucking someone’s hard cock. He stopped and slowly checked me out and I could see him while I sucked the guy but did not care, after I finished with the guy and he filled my mouth with a nice load of cum I swallowed it down and looked at him and smiled and motioned him over to me. He walked over and I smiled and said hello so what brings you over to this area? He seemed a little surprised and asked what is this area? I told him well as you can see it is an area for almost anything goes. I said so would you like me to suck your cock? He looked at me and smiled and said damn I have not had my cock sucked in a long time that is the problem with us old guys. He explained that he was on vacation with his wife and some friends and they just never had sex anymore and he just had excepted it but still would like some occasionally. I told him well if you need a blow job or even bakırköy escort want to fuck me in the ass just let me know I am always ready for a nice hard cock. He said well it sure is tempting but not outside I might get caught so I said well tell you what come to my room you can fuck me or get a blowjob anytime. I gave him my room number and he asked if he could bring his friends they never got any and would really like it and I said sure I love cocks. I put on my cloths over my stuff and got in elevator and went up to my room and then stripped again and put on my heels and sat and had a drink and watched some television. I soon heard a knock at the door and went and checked from the peephole and I saw that it was Joe from outside and a couple friends. I opened the door and invited them inside and the came in and they started to check me out. I smiled and asked them if they would like a drink and they all just looked at me and finally said no thanks. Joe said well these are my friend Dan and Jim and I told them about you and they had to check it out. I smiled and said well what would you three like and they all smiled and said damn everything. I quickly said okay lets see and they all took down their pants and they all had nice cocks about 7” and hard so I got down on my knees and started to play with all three at same time. I took turns sucking one and jacking the others and then switched from cock to cock. soon I said okay and pulled my panties aside and said I need a cock in my ass who is beşiktaş escort first and Joe came over and got behind me and slowly stuck his cock in my ass and started to fuck me. the other guys moved around so I could still play with their cocks while Joe fucked me. Joe was fucking me nice and slow and I told him hammer my ass put it deep and fill me with your load and soon he started to hammer me and then he let go with a nice load of cum that flooded my ass with a big load of cum. He kept fucking me and finally fell out and moved over to the chair and smiled and said damn that was the best and one of his friends got behind me and stuck his cock in my ass and he started to fuck me deep and hard. Soon he exploded and filled me with a nice load and then the third guy did the same and filled me with the third load of the night. I sat up and pulled my panties up to keep the load in my ass for a while and sat on the chair and said well are you all happy now? They all sat still with their pants down around their ankles and smiled and said that is the best ass I have had in a long time. I said well I will be around for a few more days if you need it again stop on over my ass and mouth are always ready for more nice loads of cum. They smiled and said well give us a few and we might want more. I checked them out and they were starting to rise again so I got down on my knees in front of them and started to suck on them one then the other then the other. I could tell they liked it and I had an idea so I moved beylikdüzü escort around and took off my heels and started to play with their cocks with my nylon feet. It was then that they saw my red toes and they smiled and said damn love the red toes it is a great touch. I smiled and said thanks and kept stroking their cocks. Joe said I would really love to use your toes if you do not mind and I said sure so I got up and walked into the bathroom and stood in the shower and said all yours. They all followed me and stood outside the shower and started to jack off and I would reach over from time to time and help them and finally Joe moaned and leaned in and shot a nice load that landed on my feet and toes then Dan and Jim both had a nice little orgasm and shot some all over my feet and toes. They all smiled and said damn that was great but now I have to pee so I said okay piss all over my feet toes and nylon legs I love that also so they all stood in front of the shower and let go with a nice stream of pee that went all over my toes and feet. I do love cum but also love pee so that was a nice touch. They finally thanked me and said they had to get back or the wife’s would wonder what happened to them. I told them thanks for the nice presents and they got dressed and took off. I bent down and rubbed the cum and pee into my nylons red toes and feet and then took a quick shower I got dressed again put on my heels and walked out to the main room and sat on the chair and started to stroke my cock thru my panties. I was getting really hot so I jacked off into a cup and swallowed it all down like a good sissy. I finally watched a little TV and then went to sleep in my stuff. The next morning, I got up and undressed and then dressed for work and went to work and that night started all over again with the little pathway.



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