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Business conferences are always a surreal experience. You’re living out of a suitcase in a hotel, working from your laptop in a city far from home.

This time around, my boss Danny had attended the conference as well. He wasn’t supposed to attend, another colleague had been scheduled, but due to the newest merger talks, Danny ended up filling the vacant space.

Danny is a very attractive man, 5 foot 11, dark brown hair, baby blue eyes. Even though many of my female colleagues in the company thought he was attractive, it was his intelligence and wit that really did it for me.

Day one of the conference had come and gone uneventfully and the day’s workshops had adjourned at 4:30. Danny walked with me to my room; he stopped and waited until I had unlocked the door. “Pick you up at 5:30 for dinner.”

I got in my room, kicked off my heels and checked my email. I called home to check on my husband and kids and jumped in the shower. Put on my blouse and slacks and did my hair.

At 5:45 there was a knock on the door. Danny was standing there in his standard casual-Friday attire; corporate logo denim shirt, and a pair of khaki pants.

Danny had already called the desk for a cab and make reservations at a local seafood restaurant. We didn’t say much on the cab ride there. We had already seen more of each other the in the past 48 hours bahis firmaları than we usually see each other all year.

Dinner was non-eventful, we ordered coffee and dessert. Somewhere between the key-lime pie and the Irish coffee the tension started to build. We had both felt it in the past, but we saw each other so rarely because we worked in different offices it was nothing more than a fleeting nudge. However, this time, the conversation became more intimate, and personal.

We soon hailed a cab and headed back to the hotel. As we walked through the lobby, Danny asked me if I wanted to go to the lounge and get a drink. As we headed into the lounge, we saw several familiar faces of fellow conference attendees. We gave a nod and headed toward the back of the bar. We ordered our drinks and slowly began an awkward conversation, this whole time my face was flushed and my pussy wet. I could see that same look in Danny’s face and knew he had a raging hard on under those khakis.

The dampness between my legs grew with each conversation and each round of drinks. We both hoped this night would turn into a long one. A few drinks later, it was last call; we reluctantly headed towards our rooms. When we arrived at my room Danny leaned over and asked to come in. He planted a hungry passionate kiss on my mouth. His mouth was warm and moist.

I went kaçak iddaa into the bathroom to brush my teeth and change. When I exited, a tray of snacks and wine had arrived from room service. After another drink, he walked over to my and began unbuttoning my blouse.

His hands were gentle but firm. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth. His mouth then moved to my neck and down to my now exposed breasts. My nipples were erect with anticipation, and his agile fingers and tongue were making my pussy dripping wet.

We lay down on the bed stripping our clothes off in the process. He put his head down between my legs. I let out a moan as his tongue lapped up my liquid. He licked and sucked until I was bucking my hips in approval as I came.

He then got to his knees and I took his dick in my mouth. He muttered, “Holy Shit Marty, you’ve got the whole thing in your mouth.” He fucked my mouth and I eagerly kept up with the frantic rhythm. When Danny came he shot a huge load and I happily drank it all.

He then lay down on the bed hoping for a brief respite. I had other ideas as I figured this would be the only time I was the boss. I lowered my dripping pussy onto is dick. I rode his member sliding my hard aching clit against his dick with each stroke. I felt myself come, but I didn’t stop riding his dick. I could tell he was trying to hold back, kaçak bahis but after what seemed like hours he couldn’t contain his molten come from exploding into me. I screamed in approval as he came.

I got off and walked over to the room service tray still sitting there. I had a few nibbles of cheese and topped off our wine glasses. When I climbed back under the covers Danny rolled me over and pulled me up onto my hands and knees. He knelt behind me and rammed his rock hard cock into my still wet cunt. With each stroke he pumped harder and faster than before. He reached around and began working my clit with his left hand and pulling me into his cock with his right.

My pussy was getting wetter with each flick on his fingers on my clit. He repeatedly called out “Fuck me you dirty bitch.”

I must admit, as when he said this, his total release of self-control and caution turned me on.

I screamed with pleasure as I came and he blew yet another huge load of come into my dripping, gaping hole.

As soon as he came, he rolled me on his back and threw my quivering legs over his shoulders. He rammed his still throbbing cock in me again.

As he fucked me he let me know how long he had wanted me, “I knew you were going to be a great fuck.” This time he pulled out and blew a wad of come all over my tits.

He then asked if I wanted him to leave. Not only did I invite him to stay the rest of the night, but to be my roommate for the remainder of the week.

It was now the best conference I had ever attended, and knew it was going to get even better.



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