With both of us home from work, we spent our morning hibernating like bears, and making out like bunnies on Friday night.

While we were running errands earlier in the evening, we drove over to our favorite toy store and purchased a new toy. It is a rabbit vibrator with a pair of flexible ears that wiggle when the vibrator is on. This toy is great because it is mini and waterproof.

When we got home, I jumped into the shower first, Tony emptied the contents of both nightstands to take inventory of all of our toys, replacing batteries that needed replacing. When I finished my shower, Tony jumped in to get cleaned up. I snuck into our office to read a quick story online. I wanted to be wet and ready before we got started.

After his shower, Tony lit all of the candles in our room, and turned out the lights. I didn’t stay too long at the computer, and eagerly met him in bed. He was lying naked on his back. His hard cock rocking slightly in the candlelight.

I crawled up on the bed, and licked his throbbing cock, then sucking and taking all of his shaft into my mouth. That was only a tease, and he knew he would have to wait for more.

He produced the new rabbit vibrator for testing. I turned it on and placed it between his cock and balls and let it vibrate. I asked Tony if he liked it. He was dazed, but answered wearily that it was nice. illegal bahis I let the vibrator lay in place, and vibrate while I sucked on his dick. I sucked first slowly, and gradually began to suck harder and stroke faster, until his load was exploding into my mouth.

Tony sat up, and helped me onto my back. He began to tease my nipples with the still humming toy. He ran the rabbit along my chest, and down my stomach to my clit. He teased my clit with the ears of the rabbit and let me squirm, begging for more. Tony placed himself between my legs. He pressed on my thighs, encouraging me to open my legs. He rested comfortably between my legs to watch the show. He loves to look at my pussy, watching it throb, as he is playing. He alternated between sending the humming rabbit into my slit, and withdrawing it and rubbing it all over my throbbing clit. He also teased my ass with the toy as well. I let him know that I did not want to go there tonight, by squeezing my ass cheeks tight. Maybe the rabbit can hop up the bunny trail another night.

As he continued to alternate between my clit, and my wet pussy, he could tell I was getting close to orgasm. With my climax near, he shoved the rabbit deep into my hole, and grabbed my clit with his teeth. He flicked his hard tongue over my clit. He continued to grasp my clit between his teeth, and sucking my clit like illegal bahis siteleri a piece of candy. This sent me into a ripple of orgasms. We were not done playing.

Tony knows that I am not fully satisfied until I his manhood has filled my throbbing hole. He gets up on his knees, while I lie on my back. He pushes my feet up in the air, pressing on the back of my thighs, pushing down on me firmly. I can barely breathe, but this position gives me the pleasure of having all of his shaft inside of me. He begins pumping slowly at first, but with my expressions, and my moaning, and the grip that I have on his forearms, he can sense the urgency. I am begging him to give me more. He thrusts faster, and faster, and furiously. I am moaning louder now. The pleasure is astounding. He is pumping so fiercly and fastly, yet I feel like I need more. He continues, pumping until I am screaming with pleasure. Tony follows immediatley with a climax. He is still pumping his juices into me. Now slowing his pumping motion, and we are together in euphoria. He falls next to me on the bed, sweat dripping from his face, and I kiss his salty lips. We fall asleep snuggled together.

Saturday morning came only a few hours later. We were up early. Tony had a surprise waiting for me. His rock hard erection was knocking on my back door. I woke up and turned over to see his canlı bahis siteleri happy face. He was eager to play again. We began teasing each other. I was cold, so my nipples were immediately erect. Easy targets for his teeth and tongue. As he flicked his tongue over my nipples, I reached down and grabbed his cock and began stroking. We continued to touch and tease each other.

Finally, Tony got up on his knees, and teased me by thrusting his dick into my eager hole. He immediately noticed that I was not wet for him, so he moved down and began sucking on my lips. He licked and sucked, and fingered me silly. I was a happy bunny. Now it was my turn. I got up on my knees and pushed him over on his back. I took him into my mouth. I could taste the sweetness of my nectar remaining on his cock from his earlier teasing. I started bobbing up and down taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth. He was grabbing at me, but I wanted for him to be still and let me do all of the work.

I moved around in front of him and got between his legs. With his legs spread open wide, I teased his ass briefly with a finger. I played with his balls. With my other hand, I was stroking and sucking his cock. As he was nearing an orgasm, I really began sucking harder. I was moaning with pleasure, knowing he was getting close. I stroked faster with my lips firmly pressed around his cock. Licking and sucking, and stroking until he was over the edge. He exploded. His load shot straight down my throat with ease. I crawled up his chest and lay on top of him, and kissed him softly. We both quickly got out of bed to get ready to begin our day.



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