Mary found herself hesitating as she watched Julie and Adriana embrace and kiss. God, it was so arousing, seeing them enjoying each other like that. She dragged herself away, knowing that she shouldn’t stay, knowing that she’d only end up doing something she shouldn’t.

Adriana and Julie continued to entwine and dance their tongues about each other.

“Damn, I thought she was going to stay for a second there,” Julie said, as they broke apart.

“Me too. Of course, we don’t have to go to bed yet,” Adriana said to her, a glint in her eye.

“Of course not, feel like a skinny dip?”

“I feel like a lot more than that!” Adriana said.

“Well, let’s just start there, it will clean me up for when you get to lick my pussy,” Julie said, pulling her clothing off and then leaping into the pool.

Mary had only made it as far as the kitchen, figuring that she needed water before she went to bed in the state that she was in. When she heard the splash, she was drawn back to look, justifying to herself that she needed to be sure that it was a deliberate splash and not an accident.

As she stood in the doorway that led outside, she saw Adriana slowly peel her clothes off, standing on the side of the pool, swaying seductively, obviously for the audience of one, Julie who was in the water. She continued to watch as Adriana dove into the pool, over the top of Julie.

She knew that she should have left then, but when Adriana surfaced, the two girls kissed again and she found it too seductive, too arousing, to simply turn around and leave. Her fingers found their way between her legs and she was fingering her pussy as she watched her daughter and niece kissing. She found herself hesitating further, even when the girls stopped kissing and began swimming around. She realised what she was really waiting for was the chance to see Julie naked. She remembered what her sister Olivia had looked like when they were younger and wanted to see how Julie compared. Given the way she filled out her swimsuit, it was bound to be lovely.

She found herself thinking back to the very first time that she’d touched Oliva’s breasts. They’d developed quicker than her own and in a curious bit of exploration had asked her what the felt like. Soon she’d had them in her hands, then her mouth. It had all rolled from there.

Her fingers continued to work on her clitoris and she was about to give it up and go find somewhere quiet to masturbate when Julie climbed out of the pool.

Mary’s knees went weak as the goddess-like body of her niece emerged from the water. Droplets ran down her perfect skin, cascaded from her erect nipples. Nipples that capped what could quite possibly be the most beautiful breasts she’d seen. Her eyes couldn’t’ stop though. There was more to see, the curve of her hips that were fuller than her own daughter’s. Her legs were beautiful, less muscular than Adriana, but gorgeously proportioned. And between her legs, she was bald. All Mary could tell from this distance was that there was no hair. She now really wanted to go out there and get a closer look.

Julie took a drink and then returned to the edge of the pool, sitting down with her legs dangling in the water. Adriana moved over to her and Julie spread her legs, pulling her feet from the water and splaying them either side of her to give Adriana clear access to her pleasure centre.

Adriana pulled on Julie’s breasts and then ran her fingers over her wet nakedness before moving with her tongue to begin feasting upon her pussy.

Dave stood at the windowsill, looking down at what was occurring in the pool. He’d heard splashing and had awoken. He moved quietly to the window, not wanting to wake Olivia. He looked to see what was happening and saw Julie and Adriana swimming in the pool. He was about to get back into bed when he realised that the two girls weren’t just swimming, but were kissing! He stood, mesmerised by the scene below him and then, as he watched, took his cock from the boxers he was wearing and started to stroke his rapidly hardening erection. When Julie sat on the edge and Adriana started to lick her, he started to daydream about going down and joining in.

He’d fucked Julie and Adriana had the sort of body that any red-blooded male would want a piece of. He’d watched her grow up into a stunning athlete and now was seeing her in a light he’d not even thought to dream about. He’d let John fuck Julie; he wondered whether Adriana would be willing to repay the family debt.

Mary thought back to Julie’s goodnight kiss. She’d slipped her tongue in. And she’d seemed intent on Mary staying. Mary had had sex with Adriana and she too had slipped her tongue into her mother’s mouth whilst saying goodnight. Did they really want her to join in?

Mary was so horny now that she was prepared to take the chance. She stepped quietly outside, pausing after a couple of paces, her fingers still stimulating herself. She got about half way before Julie heard her and istanbul escort turned her head.

Julie glanced at her aunt, pleased to see her standing there. Even more pleased to note the lust that was clearly scrawled across her face.

“Hi Aunt Mary, have you changed your mind about staying?” Prompting Adriana to stop what she was doing and glance past her cousin’s body to where her mother had stopped, frozen.

“I … I …” Mary started, not knowing what to say, even though she had now acknowledged what she wanted.

Julie stood from the side of the pool and walked over to her aunt. Mary’s eyes danced over Julie as she approached, marvelling in the perfection. Julie took her Aunt in her arms and slid her tongue across her lips, which parted, allowing her tongue in turn to dance within Julie’s mouth.

As they stood kissing, Adriana climbed from the pool and Julie started to remove her Aunt’s clothing. Adriana moved in behind her mother and helped Julie to discard her clothing.

Mary half turned between the two young girls and kissed one and then the other as they wrapped their arms around her, their naked bodies fused in a tight embrace. She felt the girls’ hands on her back, caressing her buttocks, welcoming her to their illicit union.

“I want to eat you Aunt Mary, and I want you to eat me too,” Julie announced while she was sharing a kiss with her daughter.

“I want that too,” Mary admitted, her breath husky with desire. Julie broke apart from the three-way embrace and led her Aunt to a sun-lounge, now lit with a searing splash of light from the full moon that hung overhead, presiding over proceedings.

Dave decided. Whether he’d get to fuck either of the girls or not, he was going to get close enough to get a better look. Just the thought of the two gorgeous girls tangled together was enough to get him close to blowing his load, but getting closer would be better!

Adriana knelt alongside her mother as Julie got down between her legs. She kissed her mother, their tongues twisting together and then lowered her mouth to her breast, sucking and pulling at the nipple.

Julie’s tongue traced each delicate fold of her Aunt’s engorged lips, enjoying the way she wriggled and squirmed under the touch. As she glanced up past her bald mound she saw Adriana pulling her head away from her mother’s breast, her nipple stretched and elongated, caught between her teeth. Julie ground her thighs together and resumed exploring the pussy before her.

Mary reached with her hand and pulled upon Adriana’s nipple before sliding her hand over her stomach, Adriana moved so that her mother had access to her pussy and was rewarded when she felt herself spread by Mary’s fingers as they found their way inside her now slick hole.

Mary worked her fingers around her daughter’s pussy but concentrated on the glorious pleasure that she could feel through her own thanks to the ministrations of Julie’s tongue, feeling the pressure building as its every flick and caress took her closer and closer to the pinnacle of her pleasure.

Dave detoured via the toilet, some of the evening’s drinking catching up with him. Once he was done there, he crept downstairs, like a five year old at Christmas he thought to himself. He made his way into the kitchen where he knew he’d be able to see through the window.

As he peered through, his hand already stroking his cock, which he’d released through the fly in his boxers, he froze. There were three people out there! Clearly Adriana was kneeling alongside the third person, it was evident from the size of her breasts, which due to their small size were hard to make out in the shadows of the moonlight, even in profile. He knew the top of Julie’s head because he’d seen it in similar action on himself (not to mention that he knew his own daughter anyway!).

Clearly the third was a woman, because he could see the shape of her hips. He couldn’t see her face though as it was shielded by the back of the sun lounge. He knew it wasn’t Olivia, which only left Alexis and Mary in the house. It clicked then. The body had to be Mary’s as Alexis was smaller. The realisation that his daughter and niece were busy sexually pleasuring their aunt and mother sent his cock back to instant full erection.

He watched, stroking himself but became frustrated with the sunlounge and decided to move out to where he could get a better angle.

Mary thrust her fingers deep inside Adriana’s pussy as she realised that she was going to cum. With her thumb pressed firmly upon her daughter’s bald mound she had a grip on her with one hand whilst the other held tight to the sun lounge. Julie ran her tongue over her clit again and again and Mary found her back arching and spasming as she was tipped over the precipice of pleasure. Her pussy exploded with her orgasm. Her fingers slipped from Adriana’s pussy and she lay quietly convulsing.

Adriana and Julie avcılar escort got off their knees, embraced and kissed.

“Now its my turn,” Julie said eagerly.

“Awww,”: Adriana said, her pussy on fire from her mother’s fingering and desiring release.

“Don’t worry, we won’t leave you out,” Julie assured her, her hands grasping Adriana’s buttocks and squeezing them. Mary watched the two of them, as did Dave from the shadows of the doorway, unbeknownst to them all.

He watched as Mary stood from the sun lounge. He was impressed. As Olivia had, Mary had held up well from the rigours of child birth and age and he knew that he would fuck her in a second given the chance. After a brief appreciation of his daughter’s body as she lay herself upon the chair, he cast his eye over Adriana. He could only see her from behind but he was more than happy to see her tight arse and muscular legs. If only she’d turn around so he could see her little breasts.

Mary knelt down and admired Julie’s smooth pussy, wondering at the fact that all the women in the family seemed to have shaved. It made her curious about Alexis. She knew that Adriana had slept with her, did that mean that she too had a bald pussy? Her fingers danced delicately over Julie’s pussy, tracing up and down the slick labia, swollen with pleasure. She drew a fingertip gently down her slit and then up and inside her. Then she ceased her digital appreciation and repeated it with her tongue.

Adriana played with Julie’s breasts briefly before stepping over her, putting one foot on either side of the sun lounge and telling Julie that she could lick her pussy for her as her mother pleasured Julie. Then she squatted until Julie’s tongue was elegantly flicking at her slick pussy.

Dave watched as Adriana mounted the sun lounge and was finally rewarded with a view of her chest. It was almost flat, but her breasts were still evident and even from here he could tell that she had lovely little neat, erect nipples. He felt a surge of pleasure in his cock as she revealed herself.

He shifted a foot to find a slightly more comfortable position and managed to kick over a small pot that he’d not spied in the dark, causing it to roll over the pavers for a moment, the sound seemingly like a cymbal crashing in the quiet of the night.

Mary froze. Adriana peered at the doorway to the house and Julie turned her head to peer with her.

“Who is it?” Adriana asked, no sign of fear or concern in her voice. Julie was similarly unafraid knowing that she’d fucked anyone else in the house and therefore really only curious as to who was going to join in.

Mary on the other hand had a knot in her stomach, her legs weak, she was caught, kneeling between her niece’s legs, both of them naked, her own daughter poised above Julie’s face. Please let it be Olivia she was thinking. Olivia would understand. Hell she’d probably join in. Even Steve wouldn’t be too bad, she’d had sex with him. But what if it was John or Dave? How could she explain to either of them?

Dave stepped from the dark corner, his erection preceding him. Mary gasped, thinking her worst fears had come true. Then she saw his erect cock.

“Enjoying the show Daddy?” Julie said as he closed the distance.

“Um, yes actually,” he said somewhat sheepishly and blushing as he looked down to where Mary was kneeling, fear across her features.

“Ooh, you were right Julie, it is big” Adriana said quietly as she checked out her uncle’s cock. She was about to say “almost as big as Steve’s” but stopped just in the nick of time.

Adriana’s comment drew Mary’s gaze away from Dave’s face and down to his manhood. She too had the thought pass through her mind that it was almost as big as Steve’s and also caught herself before she said anything.

As she looked on, wondering what could possibly happen next, Adriana stepped back from where she’d been straddling Julie and then took the cock in her hand. Dave smiled at her, now knowing that he would indeed get to stick his cock into her tight little pussy. If she’d done that so willingly, he doubted even anything her mother would say would change her mind.

“Come on Aunt Mary, make me cum,” Julie said, breaking her reverie. Knowing that there could be no ‘normal’ way out of the situation, Mary bent her head and resumed the devouring of her niece, her eyes watching her daughter as she stroked her uncle’s cock before taking it in her mouth.

Adriana crooned over Dave’s cock as she felt it glide over her tongue and between her lips, her hand grasping his balls and squeezing gently. She glanced across and saw Julie grin at her before tossing her head back, a reaction to Mary’s tongue working on her clitoris. She swirled her tongue around the large head of Dave’s cock, her fingers tickling at his scrotum. Dave groaned as he watched his hot young nieces mouth descend over the head of his cock and part way down his shaft. When she had all she could take, şirinevler escort he felt her suck hard upon his cock, her tongue working around and around it in her mouth.

Julie felt herself approaching the point of her orgasm and glanced down to where her Aunt’s tongue was flicking back and forth against her erect clitoris. She cried out, her body spasming as she was pushed beyond the brink.

Mary ran her hands gently over Julie’s thighs as she watched her pussy quietly convulsing with the results of her achievements. Then she turned to where Adriana was continuing to suck on her uncle’s cock.

“Geez, Dave, Liv told me that your cock was big when she first met you. Lucky she never told me exactly how big or I might have done something about seeing it ages ago.”

“Well, who knows where that may have lead,” he laughed in response.

“I want you to fuck me Uncle Dave,” Adriana said, pulling her mouth off of his cock. She stood and turned around, her hands resting on the top of the sun lounge that Julie was lying on. Dave eyed off her tight arse and stepped towards her, his massive stiff cock homing in like a missile.

“Damn, Adriana, your arse is gorgeous. All that cycling seems to be keeping you in perfect trim!”

Adriana blushed at the compliment and then groaned as she felt the pressure of her uncle’s cock against her bald pussy lips. “Well you never know Uncle Dave, I might even let you fuck my arse if you play your cards right.”

Mary gasped audibly when Adriana suggested that she might allow such a thing to happen.

“What’s wrong Aunt Mary, haven’t you ever let someone stick their cock in your bum?” Julie asked.

“Um, well, yes actually, I just didn’t think that Adriana would have done it, or you from that matter. Am I right in assuming that you’ve had a cock there?”

“Oh yes, in fact, I’ve had that cock in my arse and I love it!” As she said it, she reached up to where Adriana’s breasts were hanging from her chest, the nipples tight and erect and pulled on them, running her fingertips over the breasts and down over Adriana’s abdomen. “And I’ll tell you something else you probably didn’t know, I was there when Adriana’s bum was first fucked.”

“Julie!” Adriana grunted, objecting to such a free sharing of information.

“Oh don’t be such a prude, you’ve got my dad’s cock in your pussy for crying out loud!” laughed Julie, pulling hard on her nipples. Adriana giggled sheepishly before moaning as Dave thrust his cock hard inside her as if to remind her.

“God, I think I need to get some action with that cock,” Mary said, moving over to watch as her daughter was impaled on Dave’ cock.

“Well I think you should suck it for me then,” Dave said, pulling his cock from Adriana’s pussy. Mary leant over and took his cock in her mouth, sucking her daughter’s juices from it as he pushed it into her mouth. He slid his cock back and forth within her mouth a few times before sliding it back into Adriana’s pussy. Adriana was now kissing Julie and using her hands to play with her breasts and pussy as her own pussy was penetrated.

Steve was sleeping on the couch and woke, thirsty. He wondered whether to bother going to the kitchen for a drink or whether to simply continue to try and sleep. He had just managed to get to the point that he thought that he should get some water to re-hydrate when he heard moaning that appeared to be coming from outside. There was no mistaking the sort of activity that caused it either. Someone was having sex outside. He quickly tumbled off the couch in his boxers to go and quietly investigate who it was that was having the fun, hoping that he’d be able to join in.

When he got to the door of the patio, like his father before him, he paused and crept close enough to see who it was before daring to make his presence known.

When he did peer around the corner, the scene before him stunned him. He’d honestly been expecting Julie and one of his cousins or maybe even his mum and dad, but the combination here blew his mind. As he watched, his father withdrew his cock from Adriana’s pussy and presented it to his Aunt to suck, which she willingly did. Steve felt his cock growing as he surveyed the scene, as always having his eyes drawn to where Adriana and Julie were wrapping their tongues together.

Steve knew that there was no way that he could continue to watch the scene play out and not join in and so shedding his boxers, walked out to where everyone was fucking.

“It would seem to me, that there’s a shortage of cock out here,” he said quietly, causing all the participants to start with fright and spin around.

“Steve!” Dave hissed in shock as his son walked out. He didn’t know what to say, he had his cock in his niece’s pussyl

“Mm, bring that over here Steve, Dad’s got Adie and Aunt Mary to please at the moment, but I could use that nice fat cock of yours in my pussy.

Dave wanted to protest, but found himself simply watching as his son strode past him around to the sun lounge and knelt down along side it. Julie spun herself so that her legs straddled his hips and he slid his cock into her slippery snatch.

“They look so good fucking together, don’t they?” Adriana asked of her mother and uncle as she pushed herself back against her uncle’s cock.



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