There she was again, trapped in a daze with her elbow rested on the table, chin in palm and mouth slightly open. You’d swear her eyes would soon turn into hearts and she would start to drool if she dared to look any longer. The rest of the world was nonexistent, all sounds and movements didn’t occur to her as she stared deeply at her huge crush from way across the room. He was working on the computer as she attempted to finish her homework, until of course she was distracted when she noticed him in the room.

She started to envision moments in her head as she continued to look at him: ‘Oh the way his lips would feel on mine, taking me out and having a good time with me, introducing him to my parents, having… sex with me! Yes, I can totally picture it, yes it would be amazing. Right in my bedroom, just me and him… yes I-‘

Suddenly she was reminded for the umpteenth time by her mind that he had a girlfriend, he was far from single and she probably had no chance with him. They didn’t look like they were going to break up any time soon, their connection seemed strong and they looked happy. Thinking about it pained her so much that it would make her eyes well with tears and create a shooting pain to rip across her chest.

Tessa’s had a massive crush on Edward since last spring. He’s a year older and one of those popular guys yet he didn’t let it get to his head. He played football and lacrosse, was very involved with the school and enjoyed what he did. The two of them had never exactly talked, unless you include Tessa dropping her books countless times by Edward’s locker because she was so caught up in him as she walked by. He would kindly pick them up each time, followed by a smile and a ‘here you go.’ It wouldn’t be considered a regular conversation, or a normal one, because Tessa would be so stunned every time that she wouldn’t be able to speak. While they’ve never really talked, she was completely taken away from his sweet personality, his very attractive looks, and his involvement with the school.

He was tall and very built due to all the hard work he dedicated to sport practices. His hair was curly but still short, with sparkling hazel eyes and a dimple in his cheek when he smiled. Tessa was maybe as you expected, a bit on the dorky and nerdy side, very smart and a straight A student. She was always reading a book, studying hard and achieving her educational goals. She was a very tall girl with a narrow body, hair always up in a pony tail and wore black framed glasses. She was innocent when it came to dating boys, and never had a boyfriend. The farthest she’s gone with a boy goes back to her first year of secondary school at a dance. They were slow dancing when he suddenly and abruptly placed a sloppy kiss on her mouth; the typical teenage dating nightmare. Needless to say, it didn’t work out between them, and she made a rule to herself that she would strictly focus on school. But then she started noticing Edward more, and she fell head over heels.

The gymnasium was on her way to many of her classes, and she always couldn’t help but peek her head in the gym to see Edward working out hard, be it sprinting back and forth, lifting weights, or doing jumping jacks. Her stomach twisted each time he came in sight of her, and it only excited her even more to see a sweaty, huffing and puffing Edward who was oblivious to her spying on him. After her classes, she would purposely walk by the gym once again to see if he was in there still, and if he wasn’t, she knew he was in the change room showering.

She felt extremely lucky to have seen him shirtless, which only happened once. When she was walking back to her locker one day, the change room door was open halfway, and the sight of him completely shirtless and in his boxers filled her vision and it stopped her instantly in her tracks. Her jaw nearly dropped to the ground and she thought her eyes would never recover from such an intense and beautiful sight to her. It took everything in her to not run into the change room and pounce him.

A few months ago her heart completely tore into pieces when she heard around the school that the one and only Edward was now dating Lili in her grade. She was in complete denial of the news until she started seeing them holding hands after his sport games, kissing in the halls, talking at lunch… it was real, and they soon became a couple, which only demolished her heart even more.

Although her heart was broken, it didn’t stop her from wanting to see Edward and she still was crazy about him, and would take every opportunity she had to see him in between classes, even if Lili was with him. She couldn’t understand why he would go for a girl like Lili. Maybe she was biased because of her crush on Edward, but they seemed like complete opposites. Lili was also a popular girl, however, it did get to her head at times. But it was undeniable that she was in fact very pretty, always having nice makeup done on her face which was framed canlı bahis with bouncy and curly dirty blonde hair. Her face was chiseled, she had a large chest with a slim waist and had a wide bottom. Even though Lili and Tessa were in the same grade, they were basically strangers, and only had a few classes together over the years and may have spoken briefly once or twice. Lili often would get in trouble for talking back to authority and would find herself having to stay behind after classes to be punished for it. She was on the cheerleading team, and was definitely the lead of it. This is why it confused Tessa why they were dating, because while Edward was also popular, he was sweet and good in school, while Lili didn’t seem to be those ways at all. Tessa couldn’t help but think how much better she could treat Edward than Lili, but she knew it was very unlikely it would happen.

At night she would lay in bed after studying and just think of Edward. She couldn’t get his smile out of her mind, and it would make her tingle down south. One night she couldn’t fight the temptation anymore and she slid her hand in her pyjama bottoms and rubbed her clit softly to the thought of Edward having sex with her, or using his tongue on her. She found herself moaning his name as she masturbated to the thoughts, and she always came so hard. She just wanted to know what the real thing would feel like, but she knew Lili was feeling it instead, and she couldn’t help but detest her in a way because of it.

It had been months since the two started dating and it was only breaking her heart even more each time she saw them kissing or holding hands. She just wanted it to be her so bad, and she wished every night that they would break up, but she was only disappointed even more when she saw them together yet again at school. Her wishes weren’t coming true, and she still couldn’t understand why he would be with a girl like her in the first place. He deserved a good girl, not a troublemaker on the cheerleading team, Tessa would think to herself. She just wanted to know the reason why he was dating her, she wanted to know why Edward would go for Lili. It was clear to her why Lili would go for him, but she was so stuck on why him for her. Lili doesn’t deserve him, she thought. The wonder was driving her mad and making her go crazy.

It was a regular Thursday afternoon when Tessa made her way to the bathroom before her lunch. Her heart was still breaking from when she saw Edward and Lili kissing in the morning, and she kept replaying the hurtful memory in her mind, wishing it could have been her instead. She exited the quiet halls and opened the bathroom door. Seconds later, she stopped in her tracks when she was met with only Lili in the bathroom who was leaning against the sink on her tip toes, looking in the mirror and applying lipstick. Tessa watched Lili for a few moments before Lili noticed and turned from the sink, looking at Tessa with a strange look.

‘Can I help you?’ Lili asked with attitude, scoffing and facing the mirror again to continue applying lipstick. Tessa examined Lili from head to toe. Why did she have to be so pretty, have such a nice body yet the ugliest personality, Tessa thought to herself. Maybe if her attitude and act weren’t so bad, Tessa would see why Edward would be dating her, but it was still a puzzle she couldn’t put together. He was so sweet, how could he be with… with a bitch?

‘Um- no, sorry-‘ Tessa said, coming out of her thought and walking over to the sink.

‘Nerds, they’re always so strange,’ Lili said shaking her head, smacking her lips together to evenly distribute the lipstick and flipping her hair. She couldn’t take her eyes off herself as she looked in the mirror, constantly posing and checking herself out. Tessa was raging with jealously and anger, and the emotions she had of Lili dating Edward that had been boiling inside of her for the past few months seemed to burst at this moment.

‘Why the hell would Edward go for you? It makes no fucking sense,’ Tessa blurted, shocked at her words and suddenly realizing that she spoke aloud. Lili immediately scoffed, turning from the mirror and facing Tessa.

‘Excuse me? Who asked for your opinion?’ Lili said with disgust, her brows furrowed with confusion. Tessa was speechless, but she desperately wanted to know why he would go for this bitchy cheerleader, when she knew she could be so much more nicer to Edward than Lili probably is.

‘I don’t know… He’s a nice person, and you- well, you’re-‘

‘Are you saying I’m not nice? Please, you don’t know me then honey,’ Lili interrupted, flipping her curly hair once again. ‘I make him very happy,’ she added, giving Tessa a dirty look.

Tessa could feel her teeth tightening in her mouth. She could envision Lili giving Edward the same horrible attitude, talking back to him, treating him poorly. She has in fact witnessed them disagreeing in the halls, and the way Lili would talk to him would bahis siteleri be so harsh. How could he put up with that? How could she do that to such a sweet guy?

‘I’m.. I’m sure you do.. but-‘

‘But what? Do I sense some jealously, Theresa? Do you like him or something?’ Lili spat her words at Tessa, walking towards her, crossing her arms over her chest and cocking a hip to the side.

‘It’s Tessa… and well- I mean- no, but, yes- I mean…’

‘Right, Tessa, whatever it is,’ Lili waved her hand carelessly. ‘Have you ever thought maybe he’s with me because he finds me attractive? Ever thought about that?’ Lili asked, still with the same attitude and raising a brow. Tessa did however think about it, but Edward didn’t seem like that.

Tessa was speechless. She couldn’t believe she was voicing her thoughts to the very last person she ever thought it would happen with, and she couldn’t even believe that she was talking to someone who sleeps with Edward, sees him naked, kisses him… all the things that she wishes she could be doing to him. The anger she had only seemed to grow, and she felt she had so much to express but had no idea how to word it without sounding like she had the biggest crush on Edward.

‘Whatever… I’m glad you make him happy…’ Tessa whispered, her heart breaking as she said the words and her voice trembling.

‘Aww, it’s okay sweetie,’ Lili said sarcastically, rubbing down Tessa’s arm. ‘Not like he would ever go for, well, you know- a nerd like you. I do take it that you like him, so don’t get yourself too upset that it’s not going to happen,’ Lili said, resting a hand on Tessa’s shoulder then starting for the door. Tessa clenched her fists as a surge of power and energy came over her, and she allowed Lili to walk a few steps before Tessa pulled her back and forcibly shoved her in the nearest bathroom stall, getting them both inside the stall before she locked it behind her.

‘What the actual fuck! What the hell are you do-‘

Tessa pressed Lili against the wall and covered her mouth with her hand, looking in her eyes. Lili’s eyes widened from the shock as Tessa pressed her back deep into the wall of the bathroom stall. Tessa scanned Lili’s face, noticing how surprised and shocked she was but ignoring her expression, and continued to examine her features, trying to piece the puzzle in her mind together.

‘Yeah- you’re pretty, but how could he be with you? How? He seems… so nice.. Why?’ Tessa said, removing her hand from Lili’s mouth, and Lili caught a breath, exhaling harshly and attempting to nudge Tessa away from her body, but Tessa wasn’t budging, she was rooted to the ground and very focused on her mission.

‘Fuck, get off of me! This is fucking weird!’ Lili shouted and tried to squirm away, but Tessa kept her body hard against her, trapping her to the wall. Tessa persisted, grabbing Lili’s face and tracing her cheeks with her fingers, looking deeply in her eyes.

‘Is it the way you look at him?’ Tessa asked, continuing to voice her thoughts aloud, scamming Lili’s eyes deeply this time. But she was having a hard time doing so as Lili was squirming and desperately trying to escape Tessa’s grip, but she was making little progress.

‘Get off, Tessa! Seriously, you’re fucking weir-‘

‘Is it the way you kiss him?’ Tessa interrupted, inching closer to Lili’s face.

Tessa surprisingly was able to press her lips to Lili’s, kissing her harshly and deeply despite Lili’s constant movement. She kept her hands on Lili’s face as she kissed her, moving her lips against hers. Lili groaned and pulled back seconds later, pressing her hands deep into Tessa’s shoulders, looking at her in disgust.

‘What the fuck are you doing! Get me the hell out of here, you fucking-‘

‘Is it your breasts?’ Tessa interrupted again, blocking Lili’s attempt to unlock the door with her elbow. She began unbuttoning Lili’s shirt and opening it up, bending her back and kissing down to Lili’s breasts, cupping them and touching them softly. She pulled the soft fabric of Lili’s bra down and exposed her large breasts, and she instantly placed her mouth to them, kissing them and running her tongue along them.

Through the cuss words and the constant tries to escape, the action Tessa was performing on her breasts caused Lili’s head to jerk back, and she quickly started to lose focus of the situation happening before her as arousing sensations coursed through her body and caught her off guard. She was still trying to reject, but her movements of escaping slowly weakened and her voice lowered as Tessa licked and kissed her breasts. She looked down with an unfocused mind, trying to figure out how it got to this point.

‘Honestly… Tessa… what’s going on? What- what are you doing?’ Lili asked breathlessly, looking down at Tessa who was still licking and kissing her breasts. Tessa looked up with big eyes, pulling away and placing another kiss to Lili’s lips, holding bahis şirketleri her face. She suddenly remembered that the lips she was kissing have also kissed Edward’s, and she took advantage of it and kissed Lili hard. But she had other tasks that needed to be completed and she continued on with them.

‘Is it your pussy? Is it the way it tastes?’ Tessa asked, bending her knees and kneeling in front of Lili, grabbing her kilt and panties and pulling them down her legs. Lili was breathing heavily as Tessa’s actions were only escalating by the second, and she reached down to stop Tessa from removing her clothing but Tessa removed her hands, completely determined. She was trapped against Tessa and only grew more confused the more Tessa did and talked.

‘What the fuck!…’ Lili ran her hands over her face and through her hair in confusion and frustration. ‘Can we just talk about this at least? Just tell me wh-‘

Lili was interrupted once again when Tessa rammed her tongue between her folds and immediately started licking her pussy everywhere, tasting every inch and swallowing the liquids hungrily. Lili cried out, moaning aloud as she jerked her head back, grabbing a fistful of Tessa’s hair. She was breathing heavily as Tessa moved her tongue up and began licking aimlessly at her clit, making Lili give out louder moans and making one of her knees buckle.

‘Oh my God- what the fuck is going on…’ Lili whispered to herself as she was completely surprised at what was happening. She thought about Edward, and constantly thought about how this was happening when she had a boyfriend. But another part of her was enjoying the moment and she found herself becoming curious as to what else Tessa had in store. She started to buck her hips against Tessa’s mouth, finding herself enjoying the feeling and noticing the feeling of an orgasm starting to arise from the pit of her stomach.

‘Shit- yeah-‘ Lili breathed out, moving her hips quicker now. She gripped the top of the stall hard as Tessa licked her with her inexperienced tongue, seeming to hit all the right spots in order for Lili to enjoy it and to feel an orgasm impending. Tessa licked her clit with a sloppy mouth, lapping it and engulfing her lips around it followed by harsh swallows. Tessa couldn’t hear a single thing, she was entirely consumed in the moment and gave her all to figure out what had been building up for months now. She was in her own greedy little world, taking everything upon herself. Moments later, Lili found herself shaking against the stall, her legs trembling.

‘Fuck!’ Lili moaned aloud, shaking and quivering against the wall as her orgasm thrusted into her, making her vision blurry and almost losing her stance. She breathed hard as the orgasm worked through her and as she realized exactly what just happened. But she had no time to recover as Tessa was already well focused on her next task.

‘Is it how tight your pussy is?’ Tessa asked, immediately pushing two of her long fingers deep inside of Lili’s pussy, instantly thrusting them in and out with great force.

‘Oh God!’ Lili cried out, breathing heavily and gripping both sides of the stall as Tessa fucked her with her fingers repeatedly. Tessa created a steady and hard rhythm with her fingers, causing Lili’s stomach to tighten as she opened one of her legs even more, welcoming Tessa’s fingers.

‘Yeah- yes!’ Lili moaned constantly as Tessa fucked her hard and fast, knowing she was going to orgasm once again. Everything in Lili’s mind and world seemed to disappear as Tessa fucked her hard against the wall. Somehow she gained a quicker speed and rhythm, and seconds later, another orgasm took over Lili’s being and she felt the liquids seeping through Tessa’s slender fingers.

‘Shit!’ Lili quivered and shook against the wall as Tessa licked her fingers clean, then licking away at the remaining juices off of Lili’s sensitive pussy, making her jerk and whimper. After a few moments, Tessa rose and was face to face with a breathless and speechless cheerleader.

‘What… what the hell just happened?’ Lili asked out of breath, looking deeply into Tessa’s eyes. Tessa acted as if what just happened was normal, and she felt she had somewhat accomplished some of her curiosity as to why Edward was with her. Maybe she wasn’t entirely finished with her business, but she knew apart of the reason had to be Edward’s attraction to Lili’s body, despite her attitude. And maybe Tessa learned that Edward isn’t exactly who she thought he was if he was dating Lili for her body, but she was still unsure.

‘I don’t know. Maybe we can continue this another time. There’s still more I’m needing to find out,’ Tessa said before she unlocked the stall and left Lili in there breathless and half naked. Lili heard Tessa leave and she couldn’t help but lean against the wall and sigh at all that just happened as she dressed again.

‘So that’s who Tessa is…’ Lili breathed.


Hope you all enjoyed! Hope you’re all well!

‘You’re beautiful just the way you are,’ – Kate

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