A brief history of my BBC obsessionI’m a cumdumpster for black cock. That’s not even a slutty thing I’m trying to say, it’s just blatant fact right now. Let me show you. Precursor, I took 7 years to graduate college because I pretty regularly chose getting dicked down over studying and failed some classes.December 2009- Suck and fuck my first black cocks. I’d been getting gangbanged by my friends and well hung math teacher for the past 4 years but I finally take the step into the world of big black cocks.Early 2010- Keep fucking black cocks on the weekend and buy some large dildos to train with during the week.June 2010- Graduate high school and start fucking black cocks almost every day. I tell my parents I got a job at a high school in Compton as a janitor during summer school so I have an excuse to be out of the house every day so I can go get gangbanged whenever I want. From this point till now I haven’t been fucked antalya escort by anything that wasn’t a black cock or a dildo/strapon.September 2010-December 2013 Community college while working my “janitor job”. I had at least one black cock in my guts pretty much every day during that span. One semester I had classes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I said I had classes noon-4pm every day and then had to work till 10pm every day so that on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I could get gangbanged all day, sometimes 10am-10pm. No, I’m not joking.January 2014-May 2017 I moved into university about 10 minutes from where I was getting fucked. I regularly stayed the night at the different guy’s houses and would get up, get fucked, go to class, come back, get fucked. I don’t even remember 1 of my college roommate’s names because I was there so rarely.The last 2 semesters of college I took a serious dip in my cock intake escort antalya because I had to get an internship so I could get a real job after college. I worked extremely hard, not because I wanted the job, but because I wanted to be done with my work so I could get fucked more. I was basing my class and work schedules around how to maximize my holes getting stuffed with big black cock.August 2017- I’d been job hunting for the last 3 months since graduation, which basically means going to one interview a week and fucking black guys in the free time. Some people go to Europe for a couple months after graduation, I chose to get triple penetrated by black guys for 3 months. I got a pretty high ranking job once I actually started looking for one because of my internship letters of recommendation.September 2017-October 2018 I had the same mindset at my job that I did at my internship: finish work as fast as possible antalya escort bayan so I can go get fucked my black cock. October 2018-present My “hard work” pays off by the CEO calling me into his office and telling me he’s moving me to the head of another department. I got a raise and most importantly, I get to work from home 99% of the time. This was an over seer position so as long as everyone under me was doing their job, I literally had no work to do. So the first hour of my day is spent making calls to my employees to check in on them and make sure they’re working hard, and then from about 10am-8pm most days I’m getting spitroasted by BBC. Weekends sometimes run to the early hours and even all nighters. Some people have the fantasy for being a cumdumpster for black cock, I actually have that. I work hard at everything I do, and that includes pleasuring black men with my ass and mouth. For the past decade there have probably been less than 100 days I haven’t been fucked by a black man, and I’ve been gangbanged by 10+ more than those days. I’m getting paid to make sure people are on task and then I spend the rest of my day as a dirty cumslut for black cock.



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