*Exactly what the title suggests, a brief fantasy between a man and a woman. Romantic depending on your definition of the term, though a little rough in places. Everyone is over the age of majority. No one real is portrayed – it’s a fantasy people. – And in the 1st person, which is a bit different for me. Positive Comments appreciated, negative ones deleted. *


You let me in with a knowing smile, you know exactly why I’m here – or at least you hope you do. I turn to lock the door as you lead me to the living room. I follow, taking the time to admire you as you walk away from me. Closing the distance, I move up quickly behind you, my arm encircling your shoulders and pulling you into my embrace, you lean into me, your head tilting to expose your neck as I nuzzle against you – my warm breath sending shivers through your body. My free hand roams across your stomach sliding beneath your top as it does, my rough hands caress across the silky softness of your skin. My hand slides up towards your breasts, bare beneath your top I cup your naked flesh and gently squeeze and knead your full mounds.

You moan softly as you lean back against me, letting me support your weight. My fingers trace small circles around your sensitive areola, your nipple hardens at my teasing eventually rising to meet the rough caress of my palm. I tease and torment and every now and again I let my fingers pinch the hardening nub.

“Beautiful,” I whisper breathily into your ear before my teeth find your lobe and nip. Your purr is a wonderful response.

I lead you to the couch nearby and push you forward across the plush arm, bending you at the waist, your sensual bottom pressing against my hardening cock as you do so. My fingers find the waist of your pants and I slowly sink down behind you exposing your bare cheeks as I slip your aliağa escort pants to the floor. You try to stand, try to turn, but my firm hand on your back pushes you back down.

“Give me your hands,” I command and you comply. I place them on your bare cheeks and you spread them for me, exposing yourself so lewdly to my hungry gaze.

“Beautiful,” I say again before you feel my breath along your sex, feel my tongue take its first languid taste of your pussy. You gasp and shudder as I begin to lap at your vagina, my tongue sliding beneath the folds of your labia as I quest to taste your wetness. I start by tasting the whole length of you – from clit to ass I explore you with my tongue. Again and again I taste you, your wetness begins the trickle from your lips.

I move up to explore your tight little sphincter, my inquisitive tongue pushes and teases as my rimming becomes more intrusive and the tip of my tongue presses further inside. Your breath catches at the sensations as I continue to explore. Then down I go, that tongue of mine plunging deep into your vagina, it probes deep into your pussy, licking out your wetness as a starving man at his last meal. You gasp and groan as I probe and swallow all you produce. You’re leaning heavily on the couch now, your breath coming ragged and quick. And down I go, even further, my tongue finding your aroused clit. I suck that nub between my lips and your cry out with pleasure. I flick and tease, then suck and nip, your climax is building – I can feel the tension inside you.

I feel you begin to stiffen and my hands put a light pressure on your hips to keep you in place, before I suck you deeply into my mouth. Suck and release, suck and release, flicker of my tongue, then sucking again. My attack on your pussy is relentless, the intensity aliağa escort bayan increasing as I feel your arousal mounting. Harder and deeper. Torment and tease. I push you to your climax.

It hits you hard! Your orgasm comes screaming through your body. You scream into the cushion even as I lock my mouth around your clit and suck hard. Your body stiffens as I send shock after shock through your body. Your juices pour down my chin as your orgasm finally crests and your body collapses against the couch.

One last, long lick along your beautiful slit sends a last shiver through your body and I slowly get to my feet, unzipping my pants and pulling out my hard cock as I do.

Barely aware you feel me behind you, feel the head of my cock pressing hard against your soaked pussy – still so sensitive even the barest touch sends shivers again. My hands find your hips and I hold you as you try to slide away from me. I pull your roughly back as I thrust deep into you. You cry out as my shaft spreads your lips and I fill you up. I hold you, my fingers bruising as I use your pussy as my own personal toy. Harder and deeper I thrust. Pounding hard against you, my balls slapping against your over-stimulated clit. You moan and writhe, but I keep plunging into you. Your second climax hits you by surprise and your back arches up as your vagina clamps against my cock. I grab your hair and roughly pull you up as I ride you like a bitch in heat. Your breasts swing with each thrust and your breath catches. You ride out that second orgasm while I continue to fuck you.

When I finally pull out, you suddenly feel hallow and empty, exhaustion nearly overwhelming you and leaving you senseless. But that changes the moment you feel the thick head of my cock against your ass.

“Mmmm,” you groan escort aliağa in worry and try once more to slip away. A hard slap to your bare ass echoes through the room and you stop your scrambling with a ‘yelp’ and a whimper. The head of my cock presses against the tight rosebud of your ass and I feel you tense up beneath me. I push forward and you fight me for the briefest of moments before my cock spreads your hole and it stretches to fit me.


You do your best to comply as I slide slowly into you. I stretch you, filling you and you whimper every inch of the way, until finally I’m pressed against you. You inhale deeply and will yourself to relax as I give you time to acclimatize. I feel the resistance weaken and know you’re adjusting to the sensation. I slowly pull back, till only my head is still inside and pause a moment before pushing back in. My entire length in one smooth thrust filling you. Again I pause, then pull back and repeat. With each new thrust you’re becoming more comfortable. I hear you gasping in pleasure as I fill you with each thrust, no longer struggling against me. I pick up my rhythm and thrust harder and faster. You moan and writhe against my impaling cock as I work my way toward my own climax.

The tightness of your hole and the foreplay that went before, conspire against me and soon I’m thrusting harder and faster as I lose track of your comfort and seek only my own pleasure. I fuck you with intensity, feeling my orgasm rising, pushing toward that edge. You seem to know how close I’m getting, you tighten your ass to meet each of my strokes and the sensations are too much. I plunge into you one last time and explode my cum deep inside you. You clench and unclench, taking control and milking my shaft. You drain all the cum from my balls and leave me exhausted and wrecked.

When my moment passes, I step back, my shrinking cock slipping from your battered ass a trickle of cum running down your leg, to join the puddle your juices have already left on your legs and floor. I move to sit on the couch and your curl up in my lap, your head on my shoulder while we recover our energies.



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