9 months pregnant Asian lady9 p.m. on a Friday in January. I stepped off the train. It was bitter cold. I decided to get a drink before I made the walk to my car and the drive home. As I walked into the pub I immediately noticed two things about the young girl sitting at the bar. She was Asian. That was a rarity in itself. And she was really, really pregnant.Back to the first thing: she had long silky hair down her back and nice legs – she was wearing a navy dress that went to her knees, ugly floral maternity top with a navy jacket over it, kind of “nude” hose and dark black framed glasses. Except for her pregnant belly she had a slender body. I offered her a drink. She laughed and then I realized my mistake. To her left was an Asian guy. “I’m sorry,” I said, “is this your husband? I’ll buy him a drink too to make up for my rudeness.” She looked at him and then back at me and laughed again. “You can buy him another shot of Patron. I’m having Sprite. I’m the designated driver.”I ordered two Patrons and we sat in awkward silence. The shots came, we clicked our glasses and poured it back. She turned to look at me, and as she did her knee pressed into my thigh: “How far back is September 17?” she asked me. I thought about it. “It’s a good two-and-a-half months,” I said. “Right,” she said. “Maybe a good two-and-a-half-months for you,” she said. “Bad 10 weeks for me.”“Sorry to hear that,” I said. “How come?”“It was the last time I got laid.”“Oh,” I said to her. “Sorry.” To the bartender I said: “Two more.”“Why is that,” I asked. “Medical orders?”She shook her head. “My husband’s all freaked out about hurting the baby. After I hit the six-and-a-half month mark he won’t touch me. . . down there”“That’s crazy,” I said, sympathetically as my hand dropped to her knee. She didn’t move it. “When are you due,” I asked, trying to change the subject.“Next week,” she said. “And then the doctor says it’ll be six weeks after that before I can have sex.“So that would be like . . . .” I was trying to count in my head.“Too fucking long,” she whispered into her Sprite.“Getting him drunk then, huh?” I asked. Two more Patrons had arrived and I raised my glass at him and we drank. “Wouldn’t do any good,” she said.“Aw, damn,” I said in my most sympathetic voice. “No one should treat a beautiful girl like that. It’s not gonna hurt the baby,” I said. My hand was running up and down her upper calf now. It felt really nice.“Not that he has any problem getting head from me,” she snarled. I decided to intervene directly and looked across at him: “Dude! You hear her. Take her home and do what she wants, just be gentle.”She laughed. “Oh he’s going to. But he’s not my husband.”“Sheeeit!” I said out loud.“You want to come too?” she asked. I tried to say “yes,” “ya!” and “sure!” all at once. She got the point. She said to the two of us: “Parked out front is a mini van. Go wait inside. I’ll be out in about 20 minutes.” Right in front of the bar was a gold Honda Odyssey. The engine was running. There was a really tall black guy in the passenger seat wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. I knocked on the window and he slid it down. “Uh excuse me sir,” I said “this lady said to . . . .”“Yeah, this is it, get in.” I slid open the side door. There was another white guy in a suit and a Mexican guy in blue repair coveralls. We squeezed into the second row of the mini-van, closed the door, and waited. Five more minutes went by. Nobody said anything. Then the other white guy said: “Apparently wants to have one of each.” He had a high, whiny voice. “Shut up, bitch,” the black guy said conversationally. Five more minutes and she came out, accompanied by a tall white guy with military cut blond hair. He had her elbow, guiding her on the slick ice. He got her to the driver’s seat and then squeezed into the second row with me and the Asian guy. He said a few words in greeting and he sounded maybe Russian or Polish. She backed the van away from the pub and onto the road and we all got busy looking at her, not saying anything. The van glided to a stoplight. She said: “My husband is afraid to fuck me until I have the baby. Are you afraid to fuck me?”“No” I said, along with the other five.“Then,” she said, driving again, “we’re going to my house, and we’re all going to my bedroom and you’re going to take turns fucking me. All I care about is to get at least 10 or 15 good minutes from each of you. I want my pussy fucked raw. Do you understand?”She was gonna make a good mom. We all said “yes,” and three of us threw in a “yes ma’am.”“If any of you try getting away with a quick one, I want you others to beat the shit out of him, got it?”Again we all said we did.“I’m in no hurry,” she continued. “I’m going to take a nice bath and get comfortable. If any of you guys need a quickie to uh . . . take the edge off, fine. But you’d better be ready later to give it to me.”Understood. “But just so you know,” the black guy said, “when I called shotgun I called shotgun for everything.” None bahis siteleri of us argued with him. We pulled into a nice subdivision, then into a big garage of a nice house, next to a black BMW M5. “He’s gonna be trading that in,” I said. “He says he’s keeping it,” she said. “He loves it more than me.”We followed her into the house, into a huge bedroom with a California king-size bed. There were two chairs. The rest of us took seats at different ends of the bed. She walked across the house and we could see her open the door to an upstairs area. “Honey, I’m back,” she called.Someone muttered something, sounding annoyed. “Gonna be up there long?” she called.Another mutter. She came back. “He’ll be up there all night,” she said. He says he’s working but I bet it’s either porn or video games. Or maybe both, who knows.” “Don’t be long,” the white guy in the suit said.“A pregnant lady has her privileges,” she remarked. “I’ll take until I’m ready.”She shut the door of the connected bathroom and we heard bathwater running. So we sat waiting, awkwardly. I let about five minutes go by and couldn’t deal with the waiting mixed with anticipation. “We should go in there,” I said.The others wanted to wait. She had them convinced to do just what she said. Only the Asian guy was with me. “Just remember I got shotgun on the pussy,” the black guy said. I tried the bathroom door knob. Just as I suspected . . . it was unlocked. The Asian guy and I walked in the bathroom. I shut the door and locked it this time.She was sitting up in the tub in a steaming bubble bath. I could just make out the tops of her swollen and dark burgundy nipples. They looked almost black against her pale skin. Her tits were probably tiny before she got pregnant but they had increased their size and had a certain pregnant glow to them. “Need anything washed?” I asked her.She lifted out a violet flower-shaped sponge coated with soap suds and leaned forward, pulling her hair over her neck for me to scrub her back. She looked at the Asian guy: “Are you here to wash too?”“Just watching,” he said. “Watching what?” she asked.“Um, just more fun than waiting in there,” he said, looking embarrassed. I saw a spare sponge on the bathroom counter and pointed at it. “Wash her feet why don’t you.” She shook one foot out of the suds. The Asian guy sat on the edge of the tub and let it rest on his thigh as he started massaging the toes, forgetting about the sponge. I scrubbed her back and she made appreciative noises. I imitated her, and then imitated some of the guys in the other room, got her laughing as I got her loose, massaging her back and neck, my hand inches from her tits. “So . . . do this kind of thing often?” I asked her. “No,” she said. “No other men since I married my husband five years ago.”“How are things with him? I mean before he stopped?” I was sponging her shoulders now. “Not good. I think he’s having an affair. Maybe an on-line affair, but still an affair.”This was starting to get melancholy. I decided to try and get things more upbeat.“Well then I could certainly see where you’d want to have some fun tonight.”“Yes,” she said, smiling and laughing, turning on that Asian charm, that magic they use to defuse an awkward situation and brush it over, never to be revisited. In that moment I caught the first hint of an accent. Where from, I wondered? I didn’t ask.I moved the sponge down her shoulders, to the top of her breasts and she let out a slow sigh, then a smile. “Very sensitive,” she said. Her command of English was going and the accent more pronounced as I assumed she was getting turned on and losing all inhibitions. I gently massaged her breasts and she rolled her head around on her shoulders, lying back in the tub as I played with them gently. All this while the Asian guy was watching, running his hands all up and down her feet and legs. Her nipples were hard now, and very exaggeratedly long. I slid one hand down into the suds, tracing the outline of her belly finding the bush of her pussy and then the top of her clitty hood. I followed the line down to the crease and the heat of her pussy, the tip of my finger seeking the hole.She stopped me. “Thank you but . . . I only want the real thing tonight.” I decided to make a pig out of myself. “Sure,” I said. “I think I’ll take your offer to uh . . . take the edge off. I want to perform for a long time when I get the chance.” “mmm’kay,” she said agreeably. “And meanwhile I can eat your pussy,” I volunteered. “I can eat pussy for hours.”“Hmmmm,” she moaned, “maybe another time. I think it’s gonna be pretty busy down there tonight.”The Asian guy was looking at us. I said: “Oh and that guy wants one too, I bet.”“Wants one what?” she asked.“Uh, nothing,” I said, realizing what I had assumed.“A blowjob?” she asked, with pretend surprise.“Yeah, that!”“Uh, not for me,” the Asian guy said. “I want my sperm to go inside her.”“Dude, you know she’s pregnant already don’t you?” I couldn’t help asking him. I guess he had a canlı bahis thing for that. To each his own.“So what are you waiting for, take your cock out,” she said.I won’t make a hero of myself. I had been hard pretty much since I was playing with her leg in the bar. I lasted all of 30 seconds. She raised her hands up and pulled me down for a kiss after I had finished. She opened her lips wide and spat my cum back into my mouth.Then she laughed: “Any guy who gets head from me before he fucks me gets snowballed! That’s a new rule!” She was still laughing as we left her in the bathroom. “I’m glad I didn’t get that,” the Asian guy said.“It was worth it,” I replied.The Asian guy gave an account to the other four of what happened. He left out the part about the snowball rule. By the time he was done with his story the door opened. She had her hair pulled back in a pony tail, a white lace and silk night gown that fell to just past her hips, showing white lace panties underneath, the dark nipples showing through the silk. She didn’t move that fast, being that pregnant. We all stood and very gentleman-like helped her to the bed. She lay down in the middle and we crawled onto our knees in a semi circle around her. She took the Mexican guy’s hands and laid them on her breasts, over the silk. The Asian guy resumed playing with her leg and I took one too. I love legs. The suit and the Polish guy (we had time to talk about it – he was from Krakow and didn’t like it when the suit asked him if he was Russian) they knelt on each side of her as she began to stroke their cocks through their pants. Meanwhile the black guy, true to his word, got between her legs and slowly slid the panties off.Her pussy was still small and looked like it was normally tight, very short up and down compared to most. Late pregnancy had made the lips puffy, enough that the clit peeked out of the hod, the slit of her labie parted open and the vagina deliciously accessible. She was very wet.The black guy knelt over her and rubbed his cock along her pussy lips. As he poked the tip inside she let out a sharp cry and tilted her hips down, pointing her pussy toward him, urging him deeper. He obliged, working his cock halfway in as she gasped with each thrust, her eyes squeezed shut. The Mexican guy was licking and stroking her nipples, which were pointed at the ceiling like spires. The suit came in about the same time as it took me, and she snowballed him. He winced but didn’t say anything and she laughed briefly before a thrust from the black guy chocked it off. Then she turned to the Polish guy and finished him. But he was more astute and pulled back to cum onto her lips and chin and neck. I dutifully went to the bathroom and got her a towel. I wanted to be her favorite for some reason. I liked her. By now I was getting hard again, but it looked like a long wait. I decided to just be the nice guy meanwhile. I stroked her hair and the non-cummy side of her face. She wrested her foot away from the Asian guy and wrapped both legs around the black guy’s ass as he banged her hard and she came. That furious fucking continued for several more minutes and her cumming got louder and louder. The slapping of balls against her ass filled the room. It got hot in there, even though it was a large space. “Inside?” the black guy asked and she nodded confirming it. He ripped off a long orgasm, grabbing his hips and pounding her pussy hard, thrusting full in and out of her, his cock like a sword, until he pulled back leaving a huge cream pie, white cum leaking out of her pussy and down the back of her ass. The black guy gently dabbed between her legs with the towel and got a legitimate, grateful, non-cummy kiss from her afterwards.Her negligee had slip up over her belly and we could see the dark line over her pregnant bump. Then the Asian guy slid in for the sloppy seconds. I felt bad for him because it was over fast. “You owe me longer,” she panted, as the Mexican guy climbed out of his coveralls and quickly slid inside her. She came over his cock at least twice as he gave her a marathon fuck and then also came inside her. The Polish guy lasted a full half hour, pounding her as she moaned, eyes closed, in a state of heavenly bliss. Halfway through the Polish guy’s session, as he was slamming his hips hard against hers, we heard footsteps coming down the wooden stairs. Her husband. The door was shut so we couldn’t tell if he was headed to the bedroom. “Hey ________,” he called, “are you gonna be able to take the dog to the vet tomorrow? I have a 7 a.m. tee time.”“Can I talk to you later,” she called. “There are six guys in here and they are taking turns fucking me.”“You crack me up,” he said. “So you’ll do it?”“Yeah,” she said.“Okay thanks,” we heard him call, going back upstairs, the Polish guy already continuing to fuck her.The Polish guy got off, and then the suit put in five minutes before he came. “You owe me longer,” she told him, too. It was my turn, but she was looking tired. güvenilir bahis I kept with the nice guy act. But then hey, I was a nice guy. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Need a rest?”She was a mess of cum and sweat. Reluctantly she agreed. She made the “Shhh” noise to us, pulling on a robe, and we followed her deep into the house, to the kitchen. In ten minutes she had hot dumplings, bacon and coffee and we were all eating as she served us. “You owe me longer,” she said to the Asian guy, her lips brushing his ear as she set a plate in front of him. “And you owe me longer,” she said to the suit, who had pulled back on everything but the tie, including his shoes. The rest of us were hanging out in our boxer shorts and t-shirts mostly. “But you can owe me if you want.” She didn’t like him any more than the rest of us did. “Maybe,” he said, “I’m pretty tired.” A few of us made remarks and coughed the word “pussy!” under our breath. “And you owe me,” she said, leaning over me to set my plate on the table, sucking my earlobe. I held her like that and kissed her back, her mouth opening to take my tongue. No cum this time. I took her right at the dining table as the other guys were eating. She got up on the chair on her knees, elbows on the table, my hands squeezing her tits and nipples as I fucked her from behind. I won’t say my thrusting was better than the others she had had, but I gave her a good fifteen minutes and she came at least twice. When I was done the Mexican guy had a second turn behind her, and then the Asian guy finished her off as we all helped with the dishes. By the time the Asian guy has finished fucking her it was 2:30 a.m. It was suddenly silent in the kitchen.“How long is your husband gonna stay upstairs,” I asked.“Maybe till he has to leave, I don’t know,” she said. “He sleeps up there sometimes. I don’t give a fuck.”I was afraid that might change later and make problems for her. I suggested: “Hey, why don’t you give us all a ride back to the station and we can drive home or get cabs from there.” In another 10 minutes we were all back where we started in the van. I was in the back row of the van and when the others slid out and said goodbye I didn’t move. She turned to look at me. “I was thinking,” I said. “How about I help you take the dog to the vet in a couple of hours.”She thought about it. “Maybe it’s good, he’s a big dog,” she said. “Can you hide in the van until he leaves?” I know who she meant and I didn’t mind spending a few hours napping in the van. We pulled back in the garage and she went inside. I was next to the M-5 and saw the guy as he came out with his clubs. He looked like a real dick. I had thought about opening the van door and making a dent in his car but she would be blamed for it and I didn’t want to get her in trouble. Half an hour later she came out and got me, freshly showered, her long black hair brushed down over her back, and dressed in a red top that hung over black tights. The tights showed off the curves of her body. I hadn’t been able to sleep much because I was thinking about getting more of her. We had time for a cup of coffee. I watched her body as she moved around the kitchen. “How’s your pussy today?” I asked.She bit her lip as she thought. She was so cute when she did that. “It’s a little sore,” she said, “but satisfied.” The dog – obviously not her idea — weighed easily 80 pounds and hyper. It took both of us to get him in the van. At the vet I was introduced as a friend from work. We stopped on the way back – her idea – and got takeaway pizza. She was a pregnant lady, and frequently got hungry. We went back to her house, sat in the kitchen eating pizza. Then she served up a slice of cherry pie for me and had two slices herself with ice cream. Even she was stuffed by then. It was time for me to leave but I didn’t want to. We both stood at once, our bodies a few inches from each other. Soon we were back in bedroom and I was pulling her tights over her hips and tossing them to the floor. I was gently showing off my pussy licking technique that I had bragged about the night before. She was moaning gently, loving my attention, and like I said, I can eat pussy for hours. After an hour though I wanted to fuck her again. Her bare foot had been grinding against my cock for a while now. I undid my pants and she whispered “yes!” and soon I was inside her again. I went a long while that time, taking it slow, enjoying her rather than trying to perform or get off. She could orgasm every couple of minutes. I felt her cunnie clench on mine each time. The last one was a flood. I’d heard of women that could come that hard over a cock but hadn’t met one yet. “My water,” she said.“Huh?” I asked, still thrusting.“Broke. Need an ambulance.”And that was how I wound up as the “Good Samaritan” that was passing by as I heard her yelling for help. I rode in the back of the ambulance and stayed with her while the baby was born. Couldn’t get her husband by phone or text. What kind of husband with a 9-month pregnant wife turns his phone off? In my opinion, a husband who is cheating, or getting a lap dance, or something like that. To hell with that guy. The baby got my middle name. She told me to text her in six weeks.



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