Summary: Virgin sister becomes obsessed with twin brother’s big cock.

Note 1: This is a Summer 2017 Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, Hey All, thor_pf and Wayne for editing.

Note 3: I have attempted to use as many phrases as possible from the timeframe. So ‘cum’ isn’t used but other terms are.

50’s Family: A Sister’s Virginity

“Please, Dad,” I begged.

“I already told you,” my father insisted in his infuriating old school way. “The answer is no, you cannot. Not unless you double date with Adam and Tiffany.”

“But you let him go to the drive-in by himself,” I pointed out, feeling like a whiney teenager, which I guess at the moment was accurate.

“He’s a boy,” Dad replied not at all aware of how sexist that statement was, sounding like a broken record. “And he’s older.”

“By nine whole minutes,” I pointed out, sounding like another.

Dad had illogically used those damn nine minutes against me my whole life… even stressing when I protested that Adam was born before Eve in the Bible too. ‘Adam is your big brother’, which was usually followed with, ‘You are his baby sister and God put him here to protect you.’ It was never quite spoken, but the message that always came across loud and clear was this: Adam, the big brother, was the take-charge competent male figure. Eve, the widdle sister, was the helpless widdle girl, and I needed to be protected at all times from the dangers of an evil world! It was like I’d stepped out of a Bible story as nothing more than my brother Adam’s blankety-blank rib! It had pissed me off for years. God, being twins sucked.

“And, well dear, I know it’s a double standard, but I’m not worried about what he and Tiffany might do, my worries are about what some slime of a guy may try to do with you.”

See what I mean?

I sighed heavily. My whole life this condescending double standard had been a constant theme used against me every time I wanted to do anything even remotely independent. It was the 1950s and girls were supposed to be wholesome sweethearts, while guys got to play in the pig-wallow. “Dad, you’ve met Simon, and you know he’s not slime.”

“Still,” he said, “conversation done.”

I knew he meant just that, he wasn’t going to change his mind. Have I mentioned the other Great Burden of my life? The one where I’m just a girl, and girls weren’t created to be debated with; just to do what we’re told?

“Fine!” I said, and stormed out with tears in my eyes. Tonight was supposed to be my first-ever drive-in date, and now if I wanted to go at all, I had to go with my twin brother and his vapid cheerleader girlfriend. I bet my ‘competent big brother’ didn’t even know the word vapid.

Adam was equally unhappy, but he too knew there was no reasoning with our father once he’d made a decision.

Even Mom couldn’t move the stubborn church minister… who was protecting me like I was the last living virgin… which, based on the rumours at school, I probably was.

That said, I wasn’t going to the drive-in to lose my virginity. I was saving myself for marriage, really I was, but a little making out would have been nice. I’d never even been kissed except by three nerds at band camp last year during spin the bottle, and even that was a letdown since they’d just kissed me quickly, then jumped away averting their eyes as if I was disgusting. I was disappointed when I didn’t get seven minutes in heaven (and also thankful, because it would be gross). Simon was the first boy I really liked, and sometimes we held hands when nobody was looking.

Simon was sweet, funny, and had many similar interests as me. He was also the first boy ever to actually ask me out… so that helped.

And me… I probably sound pathetic at the moment, but I’m not… not really, although I do know I’m still whining right now. I’m simply a kind of bookish, super smart, awkward, shy daughter of an ultra-conservative church minister. A minister who lectures fire and brimstone every Sunday for two hours and usually focuses on today’s youth and their unholy rock music, their inappropriate fashion (he actually calls the poodle skirt the devil’s skirt), and rants on that today’s teens need to be protected from themselves. So even if boys were interested in asking me out, their fear of a vividly described eternal hell, and even worse, having to come up my front step and talk to my actual father had always stopped any potential suitors in their tracks.

Now, I’m not cheerleader hot, you know the kind with blonde hair and blue eyes and a bitchy attitude, but I was cute in the girl next door sort of way.

I was a brunette, with green eyes, and large (but well hidden), 38D breasts. I wore loose fitting unflattering sweaters every day to hide them… at the insistence of my father who didn’t want me to tempt teen boys with the ‘sins of the flesh’… his actual words.

But in the illegal bahis decade where Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield set the standards for beauty, everyone saw me as plain.

Mix in my insecurity and shyness, and I was eighteen years old and had never been on a date.

Even though Adam and I had turned eighteen already, we were only starting our senior year in the fall, since our family had spent a year on a mission to Africa when Adam and I were five, so we started school a year late.

Anyway, that’s how I ended up in the back seat of my dad’s car on my first real date, with my brother and his girlfriend in the front… and no one in the car happy with the situation.

Adam joked, once we got back from getting popcorn and sodas, “Now I don’t want to see any hanky panky back there, you two.”

I shot back with venom in my voice, hating his condescending attitude toward me, “Then you better keep your eyes forward.” Rebelliously, I took Simon’s hand.

Tiffany laughed, “Eve, you’re a riot.”

“Don’t encourage her,” Adam rebuked.

“Good to see some spunk in your sister. She usually acts like the Virgin Mary,” Tiffany insisted.

I knew she was trying to be supportive, but that was actually insulting. Still, I joked, trying to bond with someone popular, “I’m surprised dad named me Eve, who sinned, instead of Mary.”

Adam laughed, “Yeah, you’re definitely not Eve the Temptress.”

“Whatever,” I said, annoyed that he always could, in a few words, deflate me like a leaky tire.

The movie started, and for an hour and a half there wasn’t much talking between us. Although Tiffany leaned over to rest her head on my brother and they did a lot of whispering to each other, Simon watched the terrible sci/fi movie with focused attention… not looking my way once. He wasn’t even holding my hand anymore.

I felt invisible. Like I did at school most days.

God, did I want to be the original Eve and tempt someone. Yet every time I thought of leaning over to cuddle Simon, my shyness took over and instead I sat there like a statue: frozen and paralyzed.

When the first movie ended, Tiffany turned and said, “Come for a walk with me, Eve.”

“Um, okay,” I agreed, happy to be seen with a cheerleader, even though I’d called her vapid… although that was only in my head.

“Get me a root beer and some fresh popcorn with extra butter,” Tiffany ordered my brother.

Trying to sound in control, but definitely not wanting any more popcorn – I’d eaten way too much during the first movie – I ordered Simon, trying to imitate Tiffany’s cool, “Get me some twizzles and a root beer.”

Simon nodded, surprised by my bossiness. That wasn’t like me.

As we walked to the washroom, Tiffany joked, “Always make sure you get all you can from your guy if you’re going to be pumping or sucking him.”

I breathed some spit and started coughing, I was so surprised by her words. “What?”

“Oh right, this is your first drive-in date,” she said. “The price of admission for the girls is always male ejaculation.”

“What?” I repeated, hearing her words but thinking they were ludicrous and impossible to fit anywhere into the real world.

“Nothing is free, Eve, even your daddy’s Bible thumping rampages say that,” she explained. “The guys pay for the date, and they expect to be repaid in one of three ways.”

“Three ways?” I asked, not feeling at all smart.

“On first dates a hand job will usually suffice, and with a guy like Simon, that likely will be good enough for a while.”

“A guy like Simon?” I objected with a bit of tone. I hate stereotypes and being stereotyped.

She smiled, “Don’t get your girdle in a bunch, Myrtle, I was just saying I don’t think he’s very experienced.”

“Oh,” I said, assuming she was right. He was awkward, focused much more on the movie than on me.

“Unlike your brother, who has some pretty high expectations,” she added.

“Gross,” I said, as we reached the washroom.

“The admission price goes up based on the popularity of the guy or every once in a while, on the car he’s driving.”

“That’s so shallow,” I pointed out.

“Agreed,” she nodded, “but society is shallow.”

We reached the line, where Tiffany bumped into some other cheerleaders and I was back to wallflower mode… until Tiffany announced to the girls, “Eve here is on her first drive-in date.”

“Does she know the rules?” Amber asked, looking at me with a look of complete dismissal, and confident that I didn’t.

I responded, both to fit in and to shock, so sick of being judged by bitches like Amber, “First date hand job, unless you’re a skank then you blow him and probably take his jizz all over your face. If you’re a real tramp you fuck him and if you’re the ultimate tramp you let him pound your asshole.”

I rattled the whole thing off as if I’d said it a hundred times, even though I was just winging it and had no idea what I was talking about.

“Holy shit,” Amber gasped, impressed. “The Virgin illegal bahis siteleri Mary has a little devil inside. She’s gonna give birth to the wrong baby and God’s gonna be pissed!”

I don’t know why I said it, but I quipped back, “A little devil isn’t what I want inside me at the moment.”

“The sweet ones are always the biggest sluts,” Jennifer opined loftily.

“Takes four to know one,” I shot back, looking at all four of them.

“Only three,” Allie said, “I’m a good girl.”

“Says the girl who lets Brian come on her face,” Tiffany shot.

“So do you,” Allie countered.

“I do not let Brian come on my face,” Tiffany joked.

“You know what I mean,” Allie laughed, realizing her miscommunication.

“I prefer it sliding down my throat,” Amber said.

“Or up my pussy,” Jennifer added.

“Or up my ass,” I added, trying to one up everybody.

All four looked at me with shock on their face and then roared!

Tiffany giggled, “That is definitely a date ten plus, and he better be driving a Thunderbird.”

“Or be at least eight inches,” Amber added.

“And thick,” Jennifer interjected.

“And rich,” Allie described.

“And smart,” I said.

“Who cares if he’s smart?” Amber objected. “I don’t want to talk Shakespeare with him, I just want his spear shaking in me.”

“You Renaissance slut,” Tiffany said, laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes.

“Yep, I’m a slut alright,” Amber agreed, “which is why I’m here with a college guy in a Corvette.”

I couldn’t help it, I tossed off, “Well you better get your axle grease ready, he’s going to expect a little parking in the rear.”

“Oh my God!” Amber gasped.

“I’m sure you’ll be screaming exactly that when he sodomizes your ass,” I continued, revelling in my first time fitting in with the popular girls… and my first time talking dirty.

“Eve,” Adam said from behind my rear, his tone firm.

I turned around and saw Adam and a couple other football players looking at me with the most shocked expressions you ever saw.

I quickly scurried past him and his friends and back to the car… feeling humiliated, but also horny… my vagina was liquid fire.

As I walked to the car I wondered how a vagina filled with wet fire could be a good thing. Was I being tempted by Satan? Daddy would sure say so!

I had definitely sinned more in the past five minutes than I had my entire life.

Yet, I wasn’t being struck down by lightning.

The only fire and brimstone was between my legs.

And no, I didn’t feel any guilt… just exhilaration at allowing myself to let go for the first time ever. Just a rush coursing through me because for once I was more than just the smart girl!

I reached the car and saw Simon leaning against the side… trying to look casual, but actually looking awkward.

I asked, “Miss me?”

“Yeah,” he nodded, so when I reached him, I kissed him.

He was shocked, but after a moment of me being the only one doing the kissing, he kissed me back.

It lasted a whopping five seconds, way longer than any of the pecks in spin the bottle, until Adam, again behind me, again his voice firm, said, “Eve, come here.”

Simon broke the kiss, even pushing me away from him slightly, as he stammered to my brother, “S-s-sorry, Adam.”

“What are you sorry for?” I demanded, instantly hurt.

“Eve, come here,” he repeated. When I turned and glared, he added, softer, “Please.”

“Fine!” I said, going to him, but at the same time glaring at him with the rage of a woman possessed.

“What are you doing?” he asked, looking embarrassed.

“Kissing my date,” I answered, before adding for shock value, “But I haven’t even shoved my tongue down his throat yet.”


“Adam!” I mocked back.

“We’re in public,” he pointed out. “People are everywhere!”

“So should I only play tonsil hockey in the car?” I asked, enjoying the chance to make my ‘capable big brother’ uncomfortable.

“Jesus, Eve,” he said, shocked.

“You shouldn’t use the Lord’s name in vain,” I pointed out, really enjoying standing up to my brother.

“What’s gotten into you?” he asked.

“Not Simon,” I retorted with a smirk.

“Eve,” he said, his tone suddenly authoritarian, sounding just like dad, “I’m responsible for you and I will not have you wrecking your reputation.”

I scoffed, “And what reputation is that? Prude church girl? Prim Virgin Mary? Those ones would be devastating to shatter.”

He noticed we were beginning to get an audience so he ordered, “Get in the car.”

“And what about your reputation?!” I asked, my feet not budging.

“What about it?” he asked, unsure what I was going to say next.

Truthfully, I had heard a lot of rumours about my brother, with the girl’s bathroom being the truth serum for girls. One day I was in the bathroom back when Adam was dating another cheerleader, Ashley. She was giving everyone the vivid details of their canlı bahis siteleri night at Make-out Point.

I don’t recall every word, but I did learn a lot about my twin brother and his sexual prowess.

1. He had the biggest dick in the school. Ashley swore it was over eight inches long, and thick like the skinny Tammy’s wrist (Ashley’s words, not mine).

2. He could come three straight times in under an hour.

3. Unlike other guys, he was willing to return the favour (at the time I had no clue what that meant).

4. He was very dominant, which Ashley loved. I recall her saying he was the only guy in the world she would let give her a facial or call her his jizz-bucket.

Yet I didn’t say all that, instead I sarcastically said, “Oh nothing, you’re prince fucking charming,” using the ‘F’ word for the first time in my life except for back in the line just now when I thought there were only girls around.

I stormed back to the car, jostled past a sheepish Simon and jumped in the left-hand back door.

I saw Adam lecturing Simon briefly while he just kept nodding like a broken bobble head. I could only imagine what my brother was threatening him with.

Simon returned to the car while Adam walked back towards the canteen.

I asked, “Did Adam threaten you?”

Simon nodded, “He reminded me who your father was.”

“I’m pretty sure my dad kisses my mom,” I said.

“He was very convincing,” Simon said, looking terrified. Changing the subject, he said, “Here’s the snack you wanted, Eve.”

“Thank you, Simon,” I replied politely, even as I fumed inside.

Even at eighteen, I was still being treated like a child, and I wanted to be a woman. I leaned my boobs against his shoulder, placed my hand high onto his leg and said, “I’m sorry lover, let me thank you better than that.”

“What are you doing?” he asked, instantly nervous.

My hand moved from his leg to his crotch and I said, “Thanking my handsome date for the movie and snacks.”

“Stop that,” he said, pushing my hand away.

“What do you mean?” I asked, insulted he’d pushed my hand away.

“We can’t do anything,” he said adamantly.

“We can’t or you won’t?” I demanded angrily. When we arrived I’d had no intention of doing anything but hold hands, maybe a kiss goodnight, but since learning the rules from Tiffany and then being forbidden to follow any of them… I suddenly wanted to do more.

“It’s our first date,” he said.

Trying to be sexy, imagining what Marilyn Monroe, or better yet Jayne Mansfield, would do, I said, moving my hand back to his crotch, “I just want to inspect the merchandise.”

“Eve!” he gasped, but this time didn’t push my hand away… likely because I had a firm grip on his hard penis and he didn’t want to lose it.

“Is this because of me?” I asked coyly, feeling it was completely hard.

“Y-y-your brother is going to kill me,” Simon stammered, looking completely scared instead of enjoying the feeling of having his penis squeezed by a girl.

“Fine, whatever,” I said, pissed off and moving my hand away. “I would have sucked you.”

I’m not sure that was true, but I’d been considering it.

Tiffany returned, and seeing us sitting far apart asked, “Something wrong?”

I snapped, “He didn’t want his first date repayment.”

“Simon, you should never reject a girl’s advances,” Tiffany said, scolding Simon. “That’s very rude!”

“Your boyfriend threatened to kill me,” Simon said.

Tiffany sighed. “Protective brothers,” she lamented, nodding, looking at me with sympathy. “Thank God mine’s away in the military.”

“Mine seems to be a drill sergeant,” I said, still annoyed, but appreciating the female understanding.

“Okay, that he is,” she smiled, the innuendo obvious.

“Gross, he is my brother,” I said.

“Just saying he knows what he wants and he takes it,” she said, looking at Simon… clearly giving him good advice.

“Do you know what you want, Simon?” I asked, trying to sound sexy.

Simon’s eyes were big. He was clearly uncomfortable with the situation… and unprepared.

“I’ll keep your brother distracted if you want to play nurse resurrecting patient,” Tiffany offered, just before the door opened and Adam got back in the car.

He glanced back at both me and Simon as he said, “Ready for the second flick?”

I was. I found James Dean super sexy and was looking forward to seeing the movie everyone was raving about: ‘Rebel Without a Cause’.

“I’d leave you for James Dean in a heartbeat,” Tiffany joked to my brother as he settled back in his seat.

“As long as I have the same option for Marilyn, it’s a deal,” he joked right back.

“You two will love this film,” Adam continued, turning towards Simon and me. “It’s my third time seeing it.”

Tiffany quipped, her tone implying exactly what she meant, “Although you didn’t see much of it last time, did you?”

“Not in front of my sister,” Adam objected.

“Yes, her Virgin Mary ears can’t handle the shocking reality of whatever you were implying,” I said sardonically.

“Eve, please,” Adam sighed.

“What?” I cooed innocently. “Why didn’t you see the whole film last time, did you doze off?”



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