502 IAN THE HOLIDAY PT6502 IAN THE HOLIDAY PT6 It was after Llangollen on the A5 road that they stopped at a little chocolate café at Pentrefoelas, over coffee and buns the sat in warm sunshine by the brook, chatting and enjoying the mountain air, Ian explain that, “As they couldn’t take over the cottage till three, he had come this way so they could see the scenery, and not have to hurry” he added that for him he couldn’t wait, “though tonight Wendy will be suffering for keeping him waiting!” She laughed, and said that, “don’t forget, she too had had to wait!” They bought homemade chocolates, then set off once again towards Betws-y-coed, munching the delicious chocolates, for Jim not having ever been this way, it was all new and wonderful stuff. Bethesda, with its massive quarry, the Menia bridge, Beaumaris where they ate on the seafront to pass away that last hour and then finally the lanes until they drew up at a small farm, knocking, the elderly Welshman greeted them, “you will be the nudists then,” he eyed the two ladies up and down, said, “that the place he hoped would be secluded enough for them,” then told them the way, said his wife was their cleaning, and sold them fresh eggs. They and in just three or four minutes turning up a cart track for the last hundred yards and arriving at a grey stone cottage on a low cliff overlooking red-warfe bay. Not a pretty cottage it must be said but it had a stunning view that made up for its loneliness and its austerity, the distance from the next house being easily 200 tree-filled yards, the chimney being just visible! It was perfect, inside they met the wife, a jolly little biddy, named Megan, who handed them the keys, showed them the hidden track to the beach, told them where the nearest shops were, told them they wouldn’t be disturbed here and to call if anything was wrong, wishing them a good holiday though the forecast was mixed, (which in welsh means; it`s going to rain!) Then she bustled away in her little fiat.Suddenly they were alone, four folk like a special family, here, isolated from the world. The men unloaded the car, the women sorted out the kitchen and generally unpacked, two rooms upstairs both side by side facing out over the sea, a modern bathroom with bath shower and toilet upstairs, and downstairs a separate toilet, a large kitchen and a sitting room. It was as Jim said, “just great!” Coffee made they sat out on the patio, gulls wheeled overhead, folk on the sands, folk swimming or walking dogs, ships at sea, Jim with binoculars scanning the horizon. May rounded on Ian, “what`s all this nudist bit then?” he blushed, then explained that, “he had felt it was a good idea at the time, checking that they would be left alone…!”She called him ‘A pillock’ explained that now, “every welsh perve for miles will now adana escort have his glasses trained on the place!” he laughed, then said, “Well so what you like being an exhibitionist!” luckily they all laughed, then Wendy said, “after you then gents and if you do, we shall make a rule… no clothes indoors or out while we are here, for the whole week!” Laughing the men were soon naked, leaving the ladies no choice but to follow suit, it set the tone for the whole holiday.“in view of the landladies forecast I feel we may need to make the most of the sun today” Ian remarked, then added “its been a long week, lets recharge our batteries till this evening…ok?” they all agreed. They relaxed naked on the loungers out in the sunshine for the next few hours, Jim reading allowed bits from a guidebook he found in the living room, May and Wendy dozing in the sun and Ian definitely sleeping, it was idyllic. The ladies prepared a salad and Jim went down for a swim, putting on his costume before he went. They awoke Ian and he set the bar-b-q going, and on Jim`s return, they ate. Steaks from home, good wine, crusty welsh bread… Magic!The sun began to set, it got cool, the bbq out they went indoors, the big L shaped couch holding them all comfortably, the tv news telling of this and of that, all miserable depressing stuff, so slowly the pairs settled, arms around one another, lips entwined. Softly and gently they began to make love, Jim with May sliding down to the carpet to make more space, Wendy herself laying along the leather sofa and Ian gently entering her in a way that said he was in charge tonight, and would be gentle, it was not what she had expected, but it was oh so right, beside the sofa the boy banging May as if his life depended on it, Wendy`s arm trailing to her friend, the two women holding hands as if they were sisters, the world for them was at peace, no matter whatever the news said.Eventually they wandered off to bed, still in their chosen couples, for more gentle sex, and love until sleep overtook them all. tomorrow they knew would be another day. It was James who heard the rain on the windows first, the wind having freshened, the sea a mill race of waves white and creamy breakers on the sand washing away yesterdays rubbish, the footprints of holiday makers, dogs and folk alike. He sat on the bed looking out his companion May, still asleep, and next door his mother snoring, her lover sprawled over her, breast in hand, also driving home the bacon fit to rattle windows. He grinned, life had led him luckily to these wonderful folks, and he was happy. He leant to Mays breast latching on, suckling at her for some seconds before she stirred, then smiled at the lad, they kissed, she saying that, “that was as finer way of him calling her as she could wish, but that she needed adana escort bayan to pee,” he asked, “if he could come and watch, she smiled, then took his hand, putting her finger to her lips for silence as together they walked quietly to the bathroom. Softly they closed the door, they kissed, then he whispered, “let`s do it together stood in the shower, I want to feel your hot pee on my dick as I fill you May, is that too horrible for you?” she kissed him gently, “for you my young lover this week you can ask to do anything you wish, with any one, anything!” she stepped into the big shower, turned and awaited him. To her surprise he knelt and kissed her vulva muttering, “may I taste you first please!” she lifted his chin to make eye contact, then said, “I said anything and I meant it Jim, but once I start its difficult to stop, so once you’ve tasted it get it into me quickly before I run out, but hurry, I am getting desperate…!” He replaced his lips back to her sex and she began her stream straight into his mouth, for a second he filled his mouth, then stood and slid himself into her, the hot pee engulfing him as he slid deeper home, the boys mouth full he kissed her spewing her own water into her mouth and swallowing what hadn’t transferred, the kiss hardened as the stream dried, but her face as his own stream began was a picture. She could feel his hot water deep inside her, it was beyond her imagination, her mouth tasting of her own piss, her body full of his and her legs wet with the stuff. Her traitorous body began to climax, it was an automatic reaction so she came to the conclusion it must be what she subconsciously wanted, and she knew she would walk this path again.They showered…together of course, dried on their biggest, fluffiest, towels then crept downstairs. They probably needed to talk, but above the kitchen they could hear the bed rocking, her husband, and the lads mother waking, as lovers, to the wet grey day. They laughed, then kissed, it was going to be perfect, regardless of the weather.Breakfast over and the relentless rain still battering the cottage, again they sat on the sofa mugs in hand, Ian as the alpha male said, “let`s make up some rules to live by this week, nakedness is the first one, but who can think of some more?” May smiled glanced at Jim and said, “well I suggest here that as we are all equal, I suggest that as we all have had one another, that no one may refuse another all this week, not anything, and I mean anything, on dry days we can swim or sight-see, but after tea each day is a different thing each day a different person can lead with that persons choice!” They all agreed, deciding the downstairs toilet was the only place for privacy and was only to be used to crap in, no-one wishing to have anything to do with s**t, but escort adana that anything else would go until Friday night. They drew for dominance on which days, the dominant party to choose his or her partner at tea, the other couple being free to watch, or play apart at their own discression. Thus, Ian got Monday, May Tuesday, Jim on Wednesday, and Wendy Thursday. Today Sunday they would stay in and watch videos, oh and open those four unopened parcels. All that agreed May and Wendy dressed, and drove to the village shop, for something for tea, the men setting up the video player, and the camcorder, then brewing coffee to welcome home the women.An hour passed before the girls returned, having missed a turning on the way back, the clothing was quickly shed as the boys put away the shopping. Finally, they sat in front of the TV coffee in hand as Ian passed out the parcels, none were individually labelled so it was pot luck, as each in turn opened one, the actual person who had ordered the item claiming it. It led to much mirth and not a little wonder. From Wendy`s parcel the torn paper revealed two butt plugs, both jewelled and neat, those were claimed by Jim, with a smile. Saying “that they were presents for his two ladies who would be wearing them for him on a knicker-less outing and each would be asked to flash them at least twice for Ian`s camera while they were out! Laughing May opened the second parcel, a soft leather whip slid to the floor, May, laughing and saying, “Not me!” Wendy admitting it was her choice, saying, “she thought perhaps Ian would want to get his own back for us making him wait!” Jim`s parcel, which was from May, was a set of bondage cuffs, complete with a hood.And Ian had spent out on a sybian, saying, “he had wanted to watch one of you lovely women using one of these for some time!” it had been like christmas, opening parcels. Their attention turned to the video, May, selecting a few which she put in order playing the first marked February 2015 May explained that it was a friend, a big black, and that this first one was with a hand held camera and she nodded at Ian, “he wanked and got it into a shake”The scene opened with the door opening and Lenny entering. He turned to May, pointed at her then to the bed, which she quickly got on flat on her back, her legs wide open, he nodded, then he climbed on and without foreplay he slipped himself into her, not far it is true but it was still a huge tool, Wendy gasping as the thing slid into her friends body with hardly a cry.May watching it again and giving comments like, “Bloody hell I`ve never felt so stretched”, and or, “that was good,” the black hand was now the manipulating her breasts, she saying, “God that was painful I think he instinctively knew I wanted some pain, and it hurt like hell, I was bruised, but it all added to the wonder of this first adventure!” The shaky video finished, Jim asking if, “that big black figured in anymore!” Ian while changing the tape said, “yes but luckily only a few, it was just for her fantasy!”



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