Double Penetration

4 Hands Massage with Sunny and RoseIf you haven’t read my first two stories about my first Asian Massage Parlor visit with Lucy or my second AMP and prostate experience with Sunny, please do. My prostate massage experience with Sunny had been on my mind all week. I called the massage parlor where she works and made an appointment with her for later that afternoon. When I arrived, Sunny greeted me and walked me back to the room. As we were walking, I noticed a girl coming out of the back room. Sunny, as I described before, was attractive but thicker than my normal type. The girl walking out was petite with a tight body and perky B cup breasts that were being pushed up out of the low cut black mini dress she was wearing. I asked Sunny “who is she?” Sunny frowned a bit and said “you want Rose instead?” She smiled when I replied “No, I want Rose too!” She told me the 4 hands massage would be $90 for the hour. I let them know that I only had $150 total up front and they were ok with the $30 tip each. Sunny and Rose had a brief conversation in Chinese which I deduced was Sunny assuring Rose I was not law enforcement. Knowing I was safe, they helped me undress when we got in the room. Rose pulled my t-shirt up over my head while Sunny grabbed my stiffening cock through my jeans. Rose undid the button on my jeans while Sunny unzipped my fly. Rose slid my jeans off while Sunny massaged my now hard cock through my boxer briefs. Sunny’s hand moved down gripping the base of my cock and cupping my balls and Rose ran her hand along the bulging outline of my shaft. They dropped my boxer briefs to my ankles and Rose looked at Sunny and said “mm it is nice and big” while wrapping both of her hands around my engorged cock. I already knew this was going to be an unforgettable day. Face down on the table with my cock pointed down between my legs, Rose moved to the head of the table and began a soothing back rub. I reached my hands out and began rubbing the back of her legs inching my way up under her dress and cupping her ass. Sunny wasted no time starting in on a light tease of my inner thighs and cheeks. As I spread my legs for her, I felt the first drop of warm oil land on the underside of my cock just beneath the head. The drops of oil continued up the underside of my shaft, and then onto my balls, and then into my crack. Rose was now gently rubbing oil on both of my cheeks while Sunny was now using one finger to lightly stroke the underside of my cock while slowly working a finger from her other hand into my asshole. As her finger from one hand slipped into my ass, she lightly rubbed the palm of her other hand on my balls while making circles with her fingertips underneath the head of my cock. That coupled with Rose’s light touch of my ass while I was massaging her tight firm ass with both hands was the most erotic feeling I had bahis siteleri ever experienced…until 5 minutes later. Rose hiked her dress up to her waist and dropped her thong to the floor exposing her bald pussy. She moved around to the side of the table and slid her arms under my stomach lifting me up off the table and onto my hands and knees. They exchanged some more words in Chinese and then Sunny moved to the side of the table while Rose moved behind me. Rose reached under and began sliding her finger down from the tip of my cock, down to my balls, and then up into my crack where she began lightly pressing against the entry. Sunny now had one hand wrapped around the base of my cock and was lightly rubbing it with the other. Sunny used her pinky to lift up my ball sack and I felt Rose’s tongue lick my perineum up to my ball sack where she gave each one of my balls 3 gentle sucks while sliding her finger all the way into my ass. Sunny was now stroking my oiled up cock with both hands. Rose was finger fucking my ass with her right hand, massaging my balls with her left, and licking the area in between with her tongue. They were stroking and fucking me in perfect rhythm for about 2 minutes before my entire body began to shake. Rose pulled her finger out of my ass and immediately replaced it with her tongue. While she was massaging my balls and rimming my asshole, Sunny was pulling every last drop of cum out of my cock with continuous rhythmic strokes. THAT was the most erotic moment of my life. My head collapsed onto my arms in front of me and Sunny said “wow that’s even more than last time” as I looked back at the enormous puddle of cum I had left on the table. I was telling the I was exhausted when Rose cut me off saying “we still have 45 more minutes baby”. I stared at the clock in disbelief that it had only been 15 minutes. I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive another 45 minutes but I sure wasn’t going to quit either. I rolled over on my back and Rose began to clean up the mess from round 1. Sunny had ditched her shirt and bra and leaned over to let me suck on her giant titties. I reached out and pulled Sunny’s pants down to the floor. Rose moved in closer and I pulled the shoulders of her dress down as she stepped out of it. I looked at both of these women who were seemingly on a mission to do nothing but bring me an hour of mind blowing pleasure and they couldn’t have been sexier to me in the moment but completely different. Sunny is about 5’5″ and around 140 pounds. She’s not fat but she’s thick with her huge natural 38D’s, puffy eraser tip nipples with large darker areolas, a soft round ass, and a little cushion in the midsection before you get to her hairy but trimmed bush. Rose is about 5’1 96 pounds with perky little 32B’s, small light areolas, little nipples that seem to always be hard, a firm canlı bahis tight little ass and a kitty that was waxed smooth as the day she was born. As I admired them for just a second, I felt the blood begin to flow back down to my cock. The girls noticed and figured break time was over. Rose put a pillow down under my head and moved to the side of the table and began lightly applying running her oiled hands over my pecs, down my abs, and down to my groin bumping my dick and balls along the way but not grabbing on. Sunny moved to the head of the table to allow me to continue sucking on her tits. With my right hand, I gently slid a finger into Rose’s tight little wet pussy. This prompted her to grab hold of my cock that was now rock hard and standing straight in the air. I reached back behind my head with my left hand and Sunny spread her legs allowing me to slide 2 fingers into her already dripping cunt. Both girls were beginning to moan with pleasure to the point where mamasan actually knocked on the door to tell us to keep it down. Sunny pulled both of her knees up onto the table so she was squatting over my face. No invitation was needed and I immediately went to town licking up her pussy juice like it was the last drops of water in the Sahara. She moved into a 69 position and gripped my cock with one hand, reached down to slip her finger in my ass with the other and was licking the precum off my cock. Rose moved to the foot of the bed and moved one of her hands onto my cock and was stroking with Sunny while gently rolling one of my balls in between her index finger and thumb and sucking on the other. They kept me on edge for what felt like hours while I slid 2 fingers from one hand back into her cunt and started working her big fat clit with my tongue. I could tell she was barely keeping herself from cumming so I reached around with my other hand and slipped my index finger into her asshole. 5 pumps of that finger in her ass and she was dripping cum all over my face. Sunny stood back up at the head of the table and told Rose to take my place on her back. In a move straight out of a cheerleading competition, Sunny had me position myself in a V with my hands and feet on the edges of the table where I could eat Rose’s pussy from a 69 type position. She then moved back positioning her dripping cunt over Rose’s face. I had my face buried in Rose’s pussy, who had her face buried in Sunny’s snatch. Rose reached up and started working my cock with both hands while Sunny was alternating between rimming me, finger fucking my ass, and sucking my balls. I could feel Rose’s body tense up and so I slipped a finger into her tight pussy and finger fucked her until I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers before releasing a wave of cum. That put me over the top and I shot a rope of cum across Sunny’s tits, a second rope hit Rose güvenilir bahis in the chin before she angled my cock down letting my cum drip onto her tits. Without warning, the door opened and mamasan walked into the room. I was afraid we were all in trouble. Sunny was standing there naked with a streak of cum glistening across her tits. I was propped up naked with my semi-hard dick hanging in Rose’s face with her naked on her back under me with a wad of cum on her chin and her breasts covered in more. Mamasan said something to Sunny and she looked annoyed. She half-assed wiping my cum off her tits, pulled her yoga pants and t-shirt back on and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said sorry she had to go. Mamasan explained to me that a VIP customer that “helps them stay open” came in and demanded to see Sunny. She offered to refund half of the money I paid up front since there was still 20 minutes left in my session but I told her it was ok. Mamasan isn’t bad looking for someone old enough to be my mom and my dick started to grow in her hand as she was helping to clean me up. She looked down and gave my cock a few strokes before playfully saying “you want mama to help take care of you big boy?” She laughed, gave my cock one last squeeze and then wrapped a towel around me for Rose to take me to the table shower. I was disappointed that it was going to be 1 on 1 now but it actually might have worked out for the better. Apparently Rose had an appointment right after me and not wanting to go covered in sweat, my cum, Sunny’s pussy juice, and her own cum, she surprised by stripping out of her dress and joining me on the table shower. She started soapy body slides and scissor slides rinsing the evidence of our activities away. I was rock hard by the time she had me turn over and she mounted me and began sliding her spread pussy lips up and down the underside of my cock. We both came at the same time and she aimed the tip of my cock so that her pussy lips were covered with my baby batter. She kept her legs spread there for a moment with both of us gazing at the mixture of both of our cum glistening over her smooth pussy. We rinsed off and headed back to the room to get dressed. We were surprised as Sunny met us outside once we were dressed to tell us that their “VIP” had busted his load after a few strokes and he was already gone. She had this wicked grin as she told me how he kissed her when she went in the room and almost tore her shirt off to suck on her tits. I wonder if that guy liked tasting my ass and licking up my cum off her tits? I’ve got plenty more massage stories to tell but I think the next one story I’ll go back to my younger years a bit. There was the time I punched the v-card of my best friend’s girlfriend, when I popped the anal cherry of one of my friend’s little sisters, or the hot little Korean that has fucked me during every relationship she’s had over the last 12 years. If anyone has a preference, leave a comment, otherwise I’ll just pick one and run with it. Hope you enjoyed! Please comment and like if you did! Thanks!



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