362 Life`s a dad loss…but (2)It was next day, they had slept like babes, awoken with the sound of geese as the formation flew over , noisily on there way to feed, She went off to the toilet, he to the kitchen morning wood neatly hidden, to make toast and tea, he peed in the downstairs loo, returning with the tray which he set on the bed, to her call of come here please Terry, I need you, I can`t use the paper… unabashed he did what was necessary then flushing, then returned to the marital bed.In silence they ate and drank, till Dora said I was wrong last night, letting myself go like that lad, I should have had more self-control, its i****t, and I am your mother after all…” he finished the mouthful then with a lot of deliberation he said, “you showed me your body mum, its saved us embarrassment, especially me, your lovely mum, we live a quarter of a mile from any neighbours, I wont say anything , and I`m sure you won`t, so who`s to know we… just need one another, you would do it for me…no contest!”She gulped, overcome by his manly approach, then she said, “but I let you fetch me to an orgasm, it was wrong lad, I should have had more control…” he smiled, then kissed her and said “ I was glad to be of service mum, you needed it , needed something to lift your spirits, and I can`t say I did not enjoy it, it was ace mum, though I was frightened at the time, I thought you were fitting or something, I shall know next time…!”She looked deep in his eyes, questioning, “next time…? You think I will let you do that again me laddo?” he grinned, “oh I do hope so mum, I am the man of the house now, you said so yourself!” and he kissed her again…This time she laughed, “cheeky young sod, perhaps I will take a lover…” He grinned then said, “Look mum, you are not old, you are not past it, not bad looking or fat, or grumpy or an old widow woman, dad would have hated you never being happy ever again, so you have two choices, be a miserable crabby old widow-woman or take a lover, and I personally want it to be me, then I won`t get some pillock of a step dad, l want to live with the nicest woman on the marsh, and one who knows me best, and is a fab cook…no contest….”She kissed him laughed and unable to answer for laughing kissed him again! Then still illegal bahis chuckling she said, “I see you have it all worked out then!” grinning he replied “yep I had lots of time of an evening at Mrs Tarts place while you were languishing in your hospital bed, their telly is crap, so I went to bed and dreamed of having you to myself… I would rather dad was here,” he looked distant, “but he ain`t and a man`s got to be realistic… an` he said not to ever miss an opportunity!”“Let`s get up before you get carried away and marry me…” she laughed, swung her legs out and said, “now your going to have to dress me, a strip in reverse…”Dressing a woman is not as easy as a lad would expect, settling her tits in the bra for the first time for instance needs a fully trained octopus and don’t mention stockings, they ladder like fun if you don’t know how to deal with them… but after a while the job got done, with much laughter it must be said.He cooked dinner, his mother telling him how and when he never having done a lot of cooking.The afternoon was spent with Patty, at the hospital, in Ashford, Mr Tart taking them and going on to take his wife to the shops, returning at four for the return trip. They had had to break the news to patty that her dad was dead and buried, it was not a fun afternoon. They arrived home at 5.15, the Tarts wandering off almost as soon as they had got indoors. Toileted once more, Terry made tea, and they sat quietly contemplating the day. The doctors had said that Patty would be home before the months end, so there was light at the end of the family tunnel.Neither being capable of driving, even if they had a car now, the lad being too young and mum incapable, Mr Tart offered to take them every other day, as long as they paid the fuel.They ate, watched telly then bedtime loomed, he locked up and together they went up the wooden hill.Again, he stripped her, tucked her in, then slid in beside her, both naked, neither mentioning sex or love at all, laying quietly together, arms round one another, switching out the light, they lay each with their own thoughts. Outside from the big bay window at the foot of the bed, the flat marshland lay dotted with sheep, contentedly laying as sheep do grey heaps in the moonlight with illegal bahis siteleri the moon silver on the grass looked magical Dora quietly said that “it was his father`s favourite view, that he would never close the curtains, saying that if folk wanted to see them that much, their sex lives needed a boost anyway!”They laughed, then kissed, both knew in their heart of hearts that they would soon be committing the one sexual sin between parent and sibling that was so taboo, they couldn’t help themselves it was inevitable, fate, call it what you will…They kissed again, no words could express those feelings, his hand found her tummy, slid south, to the course haired mons, Just loving having this intimate contact as never before she held his head in both hands ensuring his lips did not slip from her greedy grasping lips, his hand slid into the soft folds of her by now dampening labia, searching for the nub he had had so much success with before, knowing all the time, that while her hands were on his head she could not…in fact would not, stop him or deny she was enjoying the sensation.For a while they just enjoyed the wet warmth of her sex, his errection as never before, ramrod stiff, rigid, hot, she suddenly broke off the kiss, first to moan, that contented moan only a woman can make when she needs more but doesn’t have the words to express herself her hands fell from his face as she lay back to absorb these fantastic feelings. Her left hand, the nearest to him falling to his tool, and gripping the rigid hot penis with love and excitement. He groaned, it was the first time any other person had ever held him, it was too much… she felt the meaty rod pulse and hot jism, pumping onto her hip, as he groaned. His faced flushed he apologised, but she said it was a compliment and she loved it and him, and as he was still stiff, if he wanted to, he could put it into her, properly! All his birthdays had come at once, in a frenzy of movement he clambered between her knees, the wet hip forgotten, he stabbed himself at her body, hopefully, she in turn took his tool and gently guided it into her, the full 7” was soon entrenched, clasped in this warm wet wonderland, He being taller of the two bent his head to lick her ear nuzzle her neck, canlı bahis siteleri kiss those hot lips, it was all instinctive stuff, his hands on the pillows either side of her shoulders supporting his top, reliving her of his 10 stone weighs, allowing her freedom to breath, she hissed “oooh,” as for the first time the lad moved his hips, like a steam engine starting from rest he began slowly, gently, each stroke getting more speed, more energy, thump, thump, thump his hips slamming against hers, the tool deep into her body, it had been many a long year since she had been taken with such enthusiasm, James had always been gentle, slightly bigger than the lad,, but gentler slower, more measured, the effects began to permeate her body and brain, suddenly the feelings of her orgasm overtook her, her back arched she was groaning continuously now, her breathing hard eyes rolling bells ringing a voice she thought was hers shouting YES< YESS< YESSSS but still that steam engine thundered on jamming its piston deep up into her more than willing body, she felt euphoric, ,for a short second or two then felt his seed, her sons hot and live seed pumping itself deep into her belly, his face above her red and excited, then after a moment, finding them both laying together he slumped on her ample body, perhaps she had passed out, she had no way of knowing. He rolled off, lying beside her and he slept his face innocent in the moonlight, proud of what he had achieved.She lay beside him, disgusted with herself, her husband hardly settled in his grave, and her son in his place…in her bed…. she knew she should have been stronger, resisted the temptations of the flesh…. Then the thought just for a millisecond that she may be pregnant…. Then with relief, remembering the hysterectomy after he was born, and the realisation that it couldn’t happen, that at least was a blessing, But …she knew, in reality that she would have still let him have her, even if she had been fertile, though it had never crossed her mind … not once…she had ridden the horse of lust, and it had been tremendous! She had felt alive, young again, excited by lust and her own sexuality, though she knew it was wrong., her mind reeled where would this lead, She knew it would happen again, pandora was out of her box , the genie from his bottle, She knew she couldn’t resist now…And what about her daughter, she would be home soon, what would she say to her.It was a long, long time before sleep finally took her away from her thoughts.



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