3 Stop’s & Start’s for 7 sessions (CIn 2002 and 2003 when I was 23-24 years old, I decided to do a series of interesting masturbation challenges and I made detailed notes of the results. Here are the notes from one of those challenges:Challenge #3 – 3 Stop’s & Start’s per session for 7 sessions.———————————————————————————-DATES: September 19, 2002 – October 7, 2002 LENGTH: 18 Days, 13 Hours, 19 MinutesChallenge: To use the “Stop and go” method (Bring myself close to ejaculation, then stop stimulating for a bit, then start again) three times per session for seven consecutive sessions.Expected Difficulty: Moderate (Simple, Moderate, Difficult, Challenging)Actual Difficulty: SimpleRequirements / Restrictions:- May not ejaculate until the fourth time I feel close to ejaculation per session.Allowances:- Any kind of stimulation.Dates:Session 1 – Thur. Sept. 19 2:26pm – 28 min – ExcellentSession 2 – Sat. Sept. 21 1:38pm – 20 min – ExcellentSession 3 – Tues. Sept. 24 1:57am – 32 min – ExcellentSession 4 – Fri. Sept. 27 1:17am – 38 min – ExcellentSession 5 – Weds. Oct. 2 1:21am – 31 min – AwesomeSession 6 – Sat. Oct. 5 1:06pm – 87 min – AwesomeSession 7 – Mon. Oct. 7 6:45pm – 43 min – AwesomeSession ratings (Highest to lowest): Awesome, Excellent, Very Good and GoodTotal Time of Challenge: Sept. 19 – Oct. 7 – 2.57 Weeks (18 Days, 5 Hours, 2 Minutes)Observations:When I thought of trying this challenge, I thought that it would be a little difficult to stimulate myself almost to orgasm and then to stop three times let alone one time, and in the first three or four sessions it was a bit tedious but bakırköy escort not too bad. I found I had to actually stop all stimulation for a moment or two once I felt the warm sensation of my semen moving close to the inside base of my shaft. All of the sessions were above average, rated at least “Excellent” because of the extended pleasure I felt bobbing near the edge of orgasm for so long. In the last three sessions I was really able to get into it and the intensity increased. I found I was not only starting and stopping three times per session, but six or ten times or more per session for the last three sessions. I even stopped counting because I was so enveloped in ecstasy it was absolutely incredible. In all of my years of masturbating I had no idea at all that holding off by starting and stopping a few times in a session even to the point of ceasing stimulation for a few moments would result in such a powerfully amazing session. This is also known as “edging”. I noticed that I had a lot more pre-cum than usual, I could see many drops forming on my meatus and then drizzling down the front of my glans ever so slowly. I tasted my pre-cum in one of these sessions and it tasted alright, kind of sweet and sticky.In session six, the longest session I was “edging” for a long time, I found that after a while my cock was aching a bit both from holding off from ejaculating for so long and for so many times but also the skin was a bit sore from all of the stimulation without lubrication. In session seven, I used some K-Y personal lubricant and I found that to be even more amazing. After a short time the lubricant beşiktaş escort isn’t so slippery anymore but is very sticky, feels more like Vaseline and is even sticky on my hands. In this session, I was lying on my bed with my pants and underwear down and my shirt pulled up, it was dusk and the gentle light from outside was fading and I loved this. Just like some of the last few sessions, I would grasp my penis with my left fist, and would rub up and down brushing the head of my cock at the front and back and twisting my fist gently. I used a fairly slow stroke and it felt incredible, after ten or so strokes I would have to stop, take my hand away for a bit to prevent ejaculating. I would do it with my right fist too.In session seven, the only session I used lubrication, I found I was able to dance on the edge of ecstasy for a long time. I didn’t want it to end. I was lost in this world of incredible feelings. I would close my eyes and moan gently and I almost forgot where I was. I was in a very amazing place and I didn’t want to leave. I found that I really wanted to moan gently in many of these sessions, and I did, with each breath I took. Most of the orgasms didn’t feel “over the top” but some of them seemed to last a bit longer, with more spasms inside my body after the initial ejaculation/orgasm. A couple of times it felt almost like a mini-seizure inside my groin area. It was amazing. The amount of semen seemed to be a bit more than usual too.Conclusions:I found I was able to extend my masturbatory pleasure almost infinitely. As long as I want. I could savour and greatly extend the pleasure that comes beylikdüzü escort right before orgasm. The more I did it, the more I was able to integrate it well into my sessions and the more natural it seemed. Some of my orgasms were slightly longer with more twitching inside my groin especially right near the end of my ejaculation/orgasm. I make a lot more pre-cum during my session and I think I had bit more semen when I finally ejaculated. After doing this a while, I found I wanted to keep “edging” more than three times, even to the point where I lost track of how many times. Lubrication seems to help with these longer sessions due to the amount of stimulation to the skin and it also provides new sensations that are more intense the way my hand and fingers glide along the skin and the heat generated, etc. These sessions were rated either “Excellent” or “Awesome” because they were so intense. The last three sessions were rated “Awesome” due to the length of the sessions, the incredible sensations and because “edging” seemed more natural due to all the practice I had in the first few sessions. All in all, this technique taught me a lot of self-control which I believe will greatly enhance not only my masturbation sessions but my sex life in the future as well. It will help me to go longer and ejaculate when I want to and when I’m ready to.Would you do it again? Recommendations:Definitely!! I plan on using this method in all of my masturbation experiences to some degree. To be able to extend a session and prolong the incredible sensations felt just before orgasm for as long as I want is an amazing ability and I wished I had discovered it a long time ago!I recommend using lubrication whenever possible to reduce friction on the skin of the penis and to give added wonderful sensations.Challenge Status: COMPLETED, EXCEEDED CHALLENGE REQUIREMENTS ++(Was able to “Stop & Start” more than 3 times in more than half of the sessions)



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