3-some Bangkok part 23-some in Bangkok 2nd DayAfter a good night rest woke up about 7 pm in the morning, went to the bathroom to take a shower. Under the shower was thinking what happened last night with the 2 guys. Thinking about it gave me a hardon, wow I had a very good time with them. Being single is not always easy, but sometimes you get surprises, and this was not the 1st time on one of my holidays. After shower I shaved and dressed up to go to the breakfast downstairs in the hotel.Arriving there I saw Dang and Robert having breakfast, so went to them to say hallo. They both were happy to see me. I sat down with them and ordered my breakfast. Dang was a little bit more shy, but Robert started talking to me. He told me he liked what we done last night, never he could guess how it would be a 3-some. I told him I don’t wana break up their relation, just have some hot fun together, on this he agreed also. Then Robert became serious, have to ask you something special he said to me. We don’t have any homemade vid from us, could you film us while we doing it, we tried to make one, but in fact need a 3rd guy to handle the cam. Ok I said I can try to do it, but when? I had made home vid from myself, not easy alone but film someone doing it I never did, no problems I will try to do it must not be so difficult. Today we go out on trip, tonight is ok for you Robert asked me. Ok just tell me what time, and also have to talk about what and how to film I answered. We talk about that this evening before you start filming us. They had to go now, a mini buss was taking them on a daytrip in town. The whole day I was walking around in Bangkok, while thinking how to do that tonight. I also not have seen his camera, have to see how it works, but is sure not so difficult. I came back in the hotel about 6 pm, I ask the staff if Mr. Robert was already back also, and they said yes. On this I went upstairs took 1st a shower and then went to their room and knocked on the door. It was Dang opening the door, he smiled to me and let me go in. Robert came to say hallo to me, I saw he had put things ready on the table already. Dang made me a wiskey coke, while I was talking with Robert what he wanted me to film. After about 10 min talk we agreed how to do it, now he had to explain a little bit to his boyfriend Dang. So ok we were set to do it now. Here down I tell you the release and how we done it.I was inside, Robert and Dang opened the door and came in. after closing the door they started kissing very deeply and holding each other close body2body. Robert was putting his hands down towards Dang his bulge and rubbing it. Dang started to gaziemir escort moan a little bit. Robert took Dang more inside the room and let him fall on the bed. Both lay down next to each other kissing deeply and hands on each other bulge. Robert opened the pants from Dang and went with his hand inside looking to grip Dang his dick, who was getting hard I saw. Robert went out of bed and pulled down the trouser from Dang. Dang lay down there with his undie on. Robert spread the legs from Dang open and putted his face on his bulge, starting to lick the undie. Slowly he pulled down the undie and licked his dick and balls, in the meantime Dang had taken of his T-shirt and was laying down fully naked, on this Robert also took down his pants and undid his T-shirt, only his undie still on. Filming this gave me a hardon, sure when close up with cam, I told them not to look into the cam. Robert started to suck Dang his dick, 1st a little part of it then really deepthroat, Dang started moaning harder. Robert pulled up Dang his legs to start playing with his ass, rimming it slowly then put his tongue deeper into it, really eating Dang his ass. Meantime I saw that Robert had a very hard dick in his undie and Dang wanted to take care of it. They rolled over, Dang pulled of Robert his undie and started sucking that big dick. Was not easy to film it from some distance and sometimes close u. Dang can suck dick very good, playing with Robert his balls, licking and sucking deepthroat. Robert took Dang his head between his 2 hands and started fucking Dang his mouth very hard and deep, Dang loved it I saw. Robert rolled Dang over on his back and spread his legs, and started again to rim that ass, fingering it with some gel, meantime Dang sniffed some poppers. Robert put some gel on his dick and was ready to fuck his boyfriend. Robert slowly pushed his big dick in and started fucking his boyfriend bareback, first slow then very fast and deep, Dang was moaning hard. This was not easy to film but I managed. After a few minutes Robert shot his juice inside Dang’s ass, pulled out his dick full of cream, some running out of Dang his ass. This was very hot for me, because had to film it close up. Now Robert started to suck Dang his dick very hard, Dang sniffed some more poppers and pushed fucking his dick deeper in his boyfriend mouth and he cummed with loud moaning. Robert his mouth full with cum swallowed it up and licked up the rest on his boyfriend dick. And now the lay both flat on the bed. So that was it for me, I stopped filming. I went to the fridge and 1st made me a wiskey coke. Dang was the 1st to gaziemir escort bayan join me, I made him also a wiskey coke. He suddenly was not shy anymore, ask me how it was. Don’t know yet, let me put it on the stick and we check it on tv. Robert was still on the bed, waiting till me could check it on tv. Put the tv on and started the homevid. Wow was not bad, sound ok and image also good. Robert and Dang looked carefully the movie, both still naked. Nice gay movie I replied. It is better than we had thought Robert said, but private for us. Wow said Dang I never saw my ass so close up, and I saw his dick woke up little bit seeing him being fucked by his boyfriend. He sat next to me and started kissing me.We have to thank him for filming us Robert said to Dang. On this Dang zipped open my pants and reached for my dick which was getting hard. He pulled out my whole packet and started licking my balls and sucking my dick. Robert joined pulled down my pants and lick my balls while Dang sucked my dick. Robert pulled me over and rimmed my ass, while Dang still sucking my dick. Dang whispered to me, wana fuck me? Sure I said. He went to the bed took gel, condom and poppers and waited for me in doggy style. Robert saw it and asked me quickly, can I film it. Ok I said but not my face. He took the cam and I started fingering with some gel Dang his ass, 1st 1 finger then 2 fingers, Dang was sniffing poppers a lot and moaning very hard. I pulled the condom over my hard dick put some gel on it and pushed it deep in Dang his ass and start fucking him. Robert was all filming naked and I saw his dick was also hard. Fuck me also he said. I pulled out of Dang, Robert gave the came to dang so he could film it. Robert had put already gel in his ass, so I could penetrate him easy. He went also very hard on sniffing poppers, and came very horny. Cum inside me he shouted a few times. With a loud scream I shot my load in him, pulled out my dick with condom, which was full of cum. On this Dang stopped filming. They were both very high and horny from sniffing a load of poppers. What else you like I asked them while they were so high and I was so horny. MMMM Robert said, difficult to say, some like it some don’t. Tell me what I said, so I can say yes or no. Hesitating he said golden shower, and looked at my face how I react. Active or passive I asked. Me and Dang start passive he answered, Dang never had it, I did with my ex boyfriend once. Ok I said, but 1st I have to drink a lot of beer, the best thing for that. Let look what we filmed last while I drink some beers. I took some beers out while Dang putted escort gaziemir the film on tv. All 3 naked we watched the new release, in meantime I asked Robert how far in golden shower he wana go. MMMMM he said thinking, he far you go he ask me. Ok I tell him what I like in it, simple all active, on body face in mouth on ass and dick, passive on body face dick and ass. Good for me, but Dang never had it we can try and see how far we go he replied. Dang was looking our last vid and meantime sniffing some Rush. Very hot he said to Robert, Rob has fucked us both, I like seeing you fucked by another guy. Time to do some more Robert saidOn this we went to the bathroom, Dang and Robert sat down in the bathtub, I stood in front. Pee on my chest first Robert asked me, Dang look he said. I started peeing on his chest, but soon he moved his head down and opened his mouth. He took all my pee in his mouth, Dang was looking how we did it, he never had that. Dang stand up he said, and also pee on me now in my mouth. Dang stood up and started peeing also, I saw he did not mind. Slowly Robert took Dang his head towards his mouth and he said tast it and he kissed Dang with mouth full of pee. Dang pee on me Robert shouted again, Dang peed on his boyfriend face first, then in his open mouth together with me. Meantime Robert was peeing on himself laying down in the bathtub. I finished peeing and started jerking my dick towards Robert. Dang was still peeing on Robert his face, and saw me jerking and did same. Dang and me, nearly together shot some cum on Robert his face. MMMM wow I love it he shouted and jerked also some cum on his belly. I sat down on the edge of the bathtub, Robert laid down and Dang stood up in the bathtub, he smiled sure he liked it. Let’s take shower I said, opened the water and I joined in the tub. Robert stood up and all 3 we took shower together. WoW not a bad experience I found. After 10 minutes we finished shower sat together in the room drinking another beer. I started talking and asked Dang what he thought about it. Mmmmm he said, I thought I was more dirty but not bad, made me horny seeing some peeing, I never saw it close by like now. I laughed, pitty we not filmed it I replied, Yes Robert said also, should have filmed it, maybe next time I said. We all laughed with it. Talking to Dang I told him, there are many thing can do together, but have to be open for it, I like many things like toys, poppers, games, but then all must agree to do them. Sex does not always have to be the simple boring way of fucking and sucking. Robert reacted to Dang, yes we have to try more things in the future then we have done now, let us look the vids we made today again. On this I get dressed and whished them a good night and went to my room.In my room I was still horny about the things I have done there with the couple, was good I liked it and sure they liked it also. Went to bed and had a good night rest.



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