290 Family pain and joy pt 3It took a fort-night for the wound to heal, the inside ones another week and then with much care, walking that first week was hard but she`s a game girl and persevered, saying she asked for it and every step reminded her of that tremendous orgasm, to which Terry said “I must say I do understand, mainly as it had got me that way too. I hadn’t expected to enjoy seeing my wife hurt, but I was surprised, as not only did I enjoy watching it immensely, I came like a train even and with no stiffee!Terry had been intrigued with her comment that night about nails, but they were both tight lipped and it took a week of badgering before Kevin cracked and lent him the diary ..The thing was in one, of the three-page bits, lurid, crude but as erotic as hell. He had said basically that he wished to nail her tits to a block of wood then taken her out round the block still secured! She must be joking he thought, surely, she does not really want to endure that?But it was something that had turned her on or she would not have mentioned it at all!He spent a few hours going through the lad`s diary, he had done his research, needles in lips and tits, pins in a tape in bras and panties, hot wax, live worm`s introduced into the body, simple anal sex, deep throat, hanging, wooden pony rides, it was all their, each now with one tick or two from mother, not one item not annotated by her own fair hand. I decided we needed to talk.At tea that night he suggested they needed a long discussion, so after the meal and Kevin`s homework they sat in the lounge in their usual armchairs and had a pow-wow. Terry having called the meeting voiced his concerns. “look!” he started, “I`m worried, I don’t want mum to overstretch herself, and be incapacitated for ages or disfigured or whatever!” yes, I know she`s a game sort and enjoys pain but I don’t want to overdo itThis thing about nails, I`ve read it, and it needs modifying, if she wants nails she can have them, but no way is she going around the block in handcuffs and topless with her tits nailed to a block, if I remember right I said it all stays in this house.” He paused and then went on, “We all know next door upstairs is storerooms, so were safe that way after closing time, and the other way we are on the end, we are not overlooked so this place is fairly safe, but no way can we take this outside.”They both saw his logic and Miriam said that, “they needed to think things through, not go at it bull at a gate that she loved the orgasms, and now and again a real adventure, of pain, but the getting well after was, literally a pain!” Kevin suggested they invested in proper cuffs, and a gag, though his pocket money was not that stretchy, [they say god loves a tryer], but Terry saw his point, saying the knicker trick was good, but a ball gag would have been safer, although Miriam said she “found that foul and degrading, but it had added to the situation. for that trip!” So Terry promised to get a catalogue from a mail order sex kit site, and they should see.Miriam said that she was happy to be used in lesser ways for them all, but it was just sometimes that she had this deep itch to be harmed, degraded, and used, most times just sex of one sort and another would keep them all happy, so the monkeys were best to be used just for those times when she needed something extreme. And to take their que from her. they all agreed to that Terry saying, “if it was too often they ran the risk of it becoming same- same!”That being agreed he asked Miriam to “go through the scenario frame by frame, saying that “they should have used their video camera on that first time, then they could all have enjoyed it time and again”That was agreed, and Miriam began; she said that before they told him about their wishes, while having her, Kevin had talked about wishing to whip her, so between them they had run through the whole scenario, and she had been so turned on that she had not only agreed she had set out the way it should have been done and that he was to do it exactly as he had if you agreed and were involved.”Terry asked “what would have happened if the cut of cards had been red? Or a smaller number, or indeed larger?”She smiled, saying “the number of strokes was set by the cards, two would have been lucky, and 13 unlucky, depending on your point of view, but if it had come up red my arse would have copped the lot, struck from the head end my backside held open with some of that gaffer tape stuff .and the final ignominy of Kevin ramming it up my back passage! That’s why I was so nervous, as to the cards, it could have meant even more pain. As it was it was bad enough, 12 strokes and Kevin told to lay it on hard. Those first six were bad enough but the next three, my lord they did sting, and then to know it was coming around again … ooh.Having to tell him to finish the job with those last three, wow, that was hard I can tell you, but the orgasm wow, what a feeling, then I lay there, knowing what was coming and waiting for him to mount me, unable to stop it if I wanted too, oh now that was something else, and he certainly went for it didn’t he?” looking at Terry she said, “you must be proud of him!”Terry grinned and said “if mine had still worked you would have had two loads my sweet regardless of what you wanted.By now they were all fairly turned on, so Kevin asked if he could have some vanilla time with his mother, and Miriam seeing Terry`s face said, “how about doggy fashion and I can blow your dad as you are going for it?”She stood dropped her knickers knelt and in no time flat Kevin had thrown her dress forward, was in and hammering away as she worked her magic on her husband`s tool. Suffice to say she near drowned on his copious cum, and the lad filled her at the same precise second, which brought her to a very acceptable climax before they retired to their separate beds.It was a few days later Terry was on night duty, luckily that only came up once in eight weeks and he hated it, he dragged himself out at 3, and was sat with a pot of tea when Miriam returned from the shops, the lad was at school and when he poured and pushed a cup of tea towards her as she sat in her chair enjoying a few moments with her husband. She maltepe escort said, “how glad she was that they had found a way of all enjoying themselves, despite his problems, and to every-one`s satisfaction.” He sat looking at her for a few moments, then asked, “if she was really happy or was she, sacrificing herself, doing it just to keep the family together?” It was a serious question and it had been running around in his head since the whipping. She contemplated the whole thing for a moment, then replied, “Terry I don’t understand it in reality myself, it`s true I don’t want to have Kevin end up in nick like my dad, and I don’t want to lose you either, our marriage is strong, all bar our sex lives, up till your problem, there was no problem, so perhaps there is an element of that, but it’s just a tiny bit of it, strangely I love it, being sacrificed, being used, being …well, hurt I `spose. Most folk would say I am a nut job, but even you found it erotic, watching me submit to that whipping, now don’t say you didn`t as I did the laundry!” they exchanged grins“We have something unique, unusual, we have one another, and as long as we don’t do it too often, though the odd screw like the other night, will do no harm, that’s if you don’t mind, but big games, like that whipping, take planning and the terror of the run up is all part of that, the adrenaline, the surrendering, it all adds up. And I must say its tremendous, the mental terror, the anticipation… the discomfort after is not so good, but it has its own way of adding to the mix.” He found himself nodding, then he said, “Do you really want your tits nailed?” she grinned and said “would you? But don’t you see it`s all part of the game, it`s all part of it, surrendering yourself, giving your body to something that you know will hurt you, cause you intense pain, degrade you, or whatever!”“ there is all sorts on that lads list, and though I am terrified of some of them, I need to try them all, some I will love some I will hate, some turn me on just the thought, imagining the pain that is enough!” she paused, “ A simple example is that sometimes just watching the telly here in my comfy chair, I wish one of you would spontaneously make me naked and tie me up in some form of bondage, so its uncomfortable just to watch tv, a little thing but, that can`t be as intense as a big game but fun just the same without marks or fallout, I want to be your plaything again, just like when we were first married, you, and now with Kevin too, ” That clock chimed once more, and Terry knew he had to get ready for work, so he said, “he would think about it all and this week she could sleep with Kevin if they wanted, as he was away each night but vanilla only,” she thanked him and said “he should tell Kevin, as that is what they had agreed, total openness” then she rose and went to cut his sandwiches, with a broad grin.Kevin bounced in from school glad to be home, as every 15year old does, Terry having eaten early was dressing to leave, so he said, “Son, I`m off again in a minute, but I have decided, that when I am on nights you and your mum should share our bed, but no kinky stuff mind, OK?” that was greeted by a fierce nod, and a broad grin, “thanks dad I will look after her for you,” it was Terry `s turn to grin.The night shift on a parcel bank is a long grind, over his sandwiches he suddenly had a vision of his son, bouncing about on his lovely wife, it was just a brief image and it brought a smile to his tired face, His turn on nights finished on that Sunday, and always his sleep pattern caused him some problems as he changed to late shift, 2 to 10, which he was never keen on, but by mid-week he was fighting fit again though Miriam had been down with her periods since the previous Saturday and had been irritable and snappy. The Bdsm catalogue had come, so without consulting one another each of them had ticked the things that they felt were most needed, Terry filled in the form and wrote a check then on his way to the car slipped it into the post boxSo, it being his weekend off, he determined to have some fun, and make up for lost time come Saturday. Dutifully he turned his monkey, he grinned when he saw Kevin`s was already facing the wall, it more or less lived that way round nowadays the randy young pup. She of course was out at her job two mornings a week, and Terry spent his time pottering in his shed out back building some things in wood. Though it was a relived Terry that came home on the Friday to see her monkey had turned its back on the world!Sadly, the parcel of ordered items had not arrived yet, so Miriam and Kevin being out shopping for new trainers, he lugged the two pieces of woodwork up the outside step`s and tucked them into the broom cupboard,The evening meal over, they sat absorbed in a movie till suddenly and without warning in an advert break Terry gave the boy some rope and told his son to bind his mother`s wrists behind her as he fetched the first piece of woodwork and set it up facing the television, it consisted of two stout stands connected by a triangular cross bar.Miriam eyed it suspiciously, but he said nothing, and now secured went back to the film. Like all tv movies after a while another advert break began, he had her stand, and Kevin remove all her lower clothes, then he had her straddle the cross bar of the wooden apparatus, carefully opening her sex to accommodate the wooden bar, which on tiptoe was perfectly adjusted for height. Terry having deviously pre-calculated the necessary measurements from the inside leg of her jeans hung on the line drying in the garden.!The men sat watching unconcerned till the conclusion of the film leaving her on tip toe, straddling the triangular bar. By now her legs were tired, after standing on tip toe for ten long minutes, with her hands secured behind her back while trying desperately not to put her full weight on the sharp edge of bar, which was caressing her softest body parts and still keeping her balance too. Safe in the knowledge that it would hurt big time if her legs relaxed. for even a second.Her eyes were wild as she had the first of the tiny cramp spasms to the arch of her right foot not that her men-folk knew of course, escort maltepe their eyes were on the news, and that dammed clock was striking the hour once again.For fifteen long minutes she endured it, by now begging and pleading pitifully to be released, odd twinges of cramp forced her to rest her clitorise on the intrusive bar, which was agony on both the clit or her anal ring, dependant if she leant forward or back. she was crying, and begging alternately for release, offering to do anything, to suffer any indignity, but to be let off, less she be damaged permanently. Finally, they relented, strong arms lifting her from her bar, though not releasing her wrists.She stood pain still ebbing through her body from her crutch area stamping her feet on the floor in the hope of easing muscles that she had forgotten that she had…until now.Kevin at his father`s request began fingering his standing mother, asking” if she had meant her offer to endure anything, rather than return to riding that bar?” her eager nodding said it all. Terry laughed and said, “he would have to plane the point down a bit, but it was the first he had ever built!” Kevin then had his mother kneel and lay across the low footstool, he flipped up her shirt then lined himself with here sore arse and with a grunt he forced his way into her back passage in a hard and brutal single stroke. Her mouth opened as if to scream the pain was so intense, but Terry reacted quickly by cramming his ever-soft tool into her open mouth, then working as a team they began shuttling her body back and forth as each man thrust himself into the receptive body, the pair now built themselves up till first Kevin then Terry climaxed. Miriam as they withdrew collapsing from her lack of oxygen, Terrys tool having cut off her air supply. `s the whole performance only luckily having taken a matter of minutes.They sat her, still secure, in her chair, she looked pale, but they knew she had climaxed. They sat and watched the next program leaving her to regain her wits and partaking of a cold beer each.Finally, Kevin fetched her some bottled water, and held it while she drank thirstily, saying to his father that they could do with some hooks in the ceiling somewhere so that they could hang mother up as they do on the porn channel. Terry agreed, asking his wife if she fancied being hung, so that she could watch tv in discomfort, but she just grunted non commitally, then said something about a lack of oxygen and her orgasm having been fairly intense. Kevin brightened at that, saying he” had read about that, it was called restricted breathing and it may be something worth giving a try sometime. Perhaps make her wear a collar perhaps tighter than normal would do it.They sat, her naked from the waist down and still secure, both men open flied, but clothed watching a show on the television. Occasionally one or the other would slip a hand under Miriam to feel her wet sex, slipping a finger in her till she was showing the first signs of arousal then leaving her high and dry. Her frustration point was fast approaching, both men knew that, and they were determined soon to reach it.Terry fetched out his other creation, a long two-piece board, hinged and with a lock to secure it complete, with three holes in it along the seam, the centre one the larger, its purpose obvious. They released her hands then, sliding off her remaining clothing placed the board with her neck and her wrists arranged through it before Terry, ,, locked it securely. The key he placed on the mantle-shelf, smiling and saying, “midnight Sunday” then he went off to his bed, leaving his wife to the tender mercies of his son, with a chuckle and the stern instruction, “Vanilla only!”Next morning Miriam looked tired, the board had not allowed her much sleep and Kevin even less, Terry did breakfast, Miriam having no hands to use, so Kevin had to feed her like a c***d, then the two men discussed the next adventure, the nails thing, Kevin saying that they needed long nails that were boiled for sterility, his father saying he had hoped that the parcel would have arrived, as it contained a number of sterile needles, as well as a gag, some leather restraints, cuffs and a hollow strap on, specially for folk like him. Kevin took a tape measure, measured the nipple to nipple distance of her breasts then told his mother that she would be receiving her new bra after dinner, perhaps at two o`clock as by then they should be ready it would be wooden, and it would be fitted for a couple of hours. A look of horror crossed her face and he laughed, then went with the shed key to cut a piece of 2”x 2” wood of the right length.Terry took his desperate wife to the toilet, then sat her to watch their preparations, The lad soon reappeared with the block of wood, 2”x 2” by a length of a little over 2feet, and a two off cuts of just 3” holding it under her bust to check its length, which did little for her nerves. then came the nails, carefully selected from the big pickle-jar Terry had found so convenient for odd nails, and each studiously measured against the thickness of her breasts, then put in a pan to simmer and boil for a while, along she noted with a few shorter wire nails of perhaps of perhaps 2!” lastly, he went and fetched up his father`s biggest claw-hammer and a workmate.He set up the workmate then had her kneel to check the height to it under her breasts, that proved perfect and she was allowed to sit and watch as the block was placed in the jaws. Terry talked it over with Kevin and it was decided that they would release her from the board, but only if she promised to present herself properly come two o`clock. Miriam nodded, though by now she was looking a little pale, just as the chimes for twelve sounded, they sent her to make sandwiches.The next hour and three quarters were taken with eating, letting her shower and drinking tea, the old clock ticked and tocked, and every 15 minutes the chime counting down time till she knew her pain would be being inflicted, it was not a happy time for her. Her eyes flickering to the clock every time those terrible bells rang out, a feeling of dread running through her as never before. At 5 before the hour She took her place, maltepe escort bayan kneeling, then with trembling hands lifting her soft bust and placing each one into its place carefully, resting each on the block just below her nipples like cherished sacrifices. Then finally taking hold of each side of the workmate to keep herself precisely in her in place and to steady her nerves, her knuckles white with the effort.They all waited for the chime, the first note sounded, crisp and mellow as always and the big nail appeared in Kevin`s hand, the tip placed on the soft skin to the left if the nipple of the right breast, her eyes were riveted to that sharp point waiting that all important last note of the chime, then the hour struck, they all counted in their heads, as the note echoed round the room bong…ONE,… bong TWO, with a BANG like thunder, the hammer fell, the nail point shot down into the meaty breast, pain roared through her and she screamed, loudly… BANG the second strike and the nail was home, embedded in the block, right down through the meat, she was secured, tears falling like rain, her knuckles whiter her grip fierce desperately trying to keep her place to save her breast from tearing.Terry took the hammer pressed the second nail into the right breast, then without more adoo… BANG, the hit quickly followed before her next scream assailed their eardrums. By the second hit which landed with a solid BANG, she was fixed to the block on both sides. The pain was strange and invasive, her brain receiving messages that screamed “invader,” Then, Kevin, on Terry`s say so releasing the workmate jaws, the pain doubled as he made her stand, she stood, trembling, the weight now dangling from the nails and her stretched tits, the pain was immense. Terry carefully explaining that “they were going to use four nails, but we have relented!” He showed her the 3” block, “Now sweetness, this is going into the space twix your fanny lips, if you drop it before that clock chimes four, we will nail it in place, so be warned, now, open those legs, and don’t use your hands on either block. Your going to do some housework!” she looked horrified, but dutifully squatted to open herself to allow the eager Kevin to place the block long-wise as far up into her lips as she could bear. As she moved each step now had to be precise, as instructed she fetched the hoover, determined to show these sadistic men of hers that she could take the pain, she began in the kitchen, with tiny steps, following the noisy machine, every movement of her upper body a misery of sharp pain`s. The men sat, watching her every move, amused by every shake, every tremor of pain that crossed her drawn face, as she concentrating desperately, trying not to drop that wretched block, those two nails being well and truly enough in her body today.Her legs tight shut on the block, the edge rubbing on either labia, and the flat top irritating her tender clitoris. She knew if she orgasmed she might drop the little terror, and so she was beside herself keeping herself from what would normally be her aim, her ultimate destination, an orgasm. The ting of the quarter chime told her it had been just 30 minutes, of the two hours, a lifetime, she hoovered the living room, and then the hall and the bedrooms, slowly, playing for time, normally a whish round with the hoover, 20 minutes at maximum for everywhere, an hour had passed, when Kevin reminded her of the stairs to the main door, six steps down from the hallway,… Steps… oh god no, steps, that block might displace on steps it had taken her over an hour so far, but, how the hell could she negotiate those steps. She turned, to see two sets of eyes smiling, smugly waiting, hoping the block would need pinning in place waiting to enjoy putting those smaller nails through those tenderest of lips.Defiantly she sat down, suddenly, shaking her breasts and receiving a wave of sudden discomfort, but forcing the block right back into its original place, untouched by her hands, she grinned, as they looked crestfallen, then she hoovered the two steps she could reach. Shuffled herself forward, moved her feet down on the next step, then her clenched buttocks followed, twice she did that trick, two steps each time. She hoovered the tiny hall behind the main door, then began the return trip, sitting for a second on each step, dragging that damned hoover up behind her, till she stood once more in the hallway.Her breasts felt bruised, a little of her blood stained the block, as she shuffled with the hoover to its cupboard, she could see herself in the hall mirror, the clock read 3.30, half of that last hour to go, sweat showed on her brow, as she shuffled to the sink then began to wash up the dinner thingsHer breasts jiggled the breast block momentarily forgotten as she scrubbed at a marked plate, desperately trying to act normally, but till the red-hot pain of the movement reminded her of her unique wooden jewellery, and she knew she was desperate for those last moments to pass. The quarter struck, she filled and put on the kettle, it being to hand and not needing much movement, knowing she would soon need some restorative tea, the soon singing kettle comforting in a strange way, and it brought her back to her senses, she turned, and her menfolk stood watching and waiting, Terry with his hammer and another wooden block prominently held in his fingers. Her mind reeled as she thought ‘now what!’, what other fiendish hoop would they have her jump through, the clock, that dreadful old clock began to chime and without a word Kevin took hold of the breast block steadying it so that by using the spare block as a packing Terry could allow the claw to pull out the nail without pinching her flesh, it took strength, his physical, hers mental as the nail moved and shuddered it way loose, she screamed as the metal slid through her flesh then she was suddenly partly free, but bleeding, again a moments tugging and pain and the second nail was gone, she was free once more, she bent her knees and the block fell wetly from her body to clatter on the floor, it was a real relief. They made tea, for her, Kevin dabbing her wounds with a stinging antiseptic, iodine, a final tiny blip of burning pain while she sat exhausted but smiling, proudly holding her sore mutilated breasts. It was over this adventure was done, the itch scratched, and she knew it would be a while till she next had that weird desire to be in pain once more.



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