148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.The door opened and Sylvester came in, he looked tired, his apron bloody, and he accepted the tea gratefully, dumping a bag of meat and a crusty loaf on the table and sinking into the armchair and saying “he was sorry to have had to leave her to her own devices all day but ‘Oliver’ had been off unwell!” She realised from that that ‘Oliver’ was an employee as well as a well hung stud in the films. The tea brightened him somewhat and he said he would shower and dress if she would throw a rump of steak in the pan for them bothShe happily did as she was bid two large steaks with fried onions and fresh bread, landing on the table just as he returned still damp from his shower. He wore a thin red shirt and light slacks and wolfed the meat down as if unfed for days. Basking in the afterglow while waiting for her to finish he asked what she had done all day. She explained she had started late, and watched a video or two glancing at the couch where the pile of used videos lay. He stretched and retrieved the films glancing at the titles and commenting on her choices.She coloured up a little and asked about ‘Cathy’, why she loved the pain so much and what the dungeon was all about, was it a place you hired or some secret location? Questions tumbled out of the woman there being so much she wanted to find out about this love of pain and control. He suggested they walk off the steak and that the dog needed a trip out, while they walked he would explain as best he could. They were soon in the park, ‘Charlie’ bounding about glad as she was to be free and outside. They sat on a remote bench, the dog scurrying about playing with his ball. He started first about the bdsm club that he belonged to locally. Here is where he had met each of the women, all he said were either subservient like ‘Kate’ or ‘Mary’ or straight masochists such as ‘‘Cathy’ who had felt guilty about something and had wished to be chastised for it, Mildred picked up on the word had, and he explained that she was no longer with us, though he didn’t or wouldn`t elaborate.She asked about ‘Ann’, and he said that she was a strange mix, you never knew with ‘Ann’, wanting to be used one day and to use others another, she had suffered well but she was a she devil if she was doing the chastising. They sat a while then she asked about the dungeon, He explained that the club had no real facilities’, it meeting in the back of a local pub in the games room being hardly conducive, so he had set up his own private dungeon at home.Only a few had been to visit it and he was secretive about it to say the least. It was in the old slaughter house at the back of ‘Charlie’s’ run, they no longer killed at the place but it was quiet, solidly built and fitted the job well his late dad having last killed there a good ten years since and the place being as near as dammit sound proof! She asked if he would show her and he said “one day if she realy wanted to see it, but she would have to try it out as a victim or he wouldn’t otherwise.” She replied that “she was thinking about it!” and he laughed. They stood and arm in arm as the light was fading they strolled towards home the dog at his heel.Back at the shop, they went up to the flat, as they past the old slaughter house at the yard end, she couldn’t help but look at its gaunt exterior, kağıthane escort and he laughed once more, at her inquisitive look.The dog followed them up the stairs, surprisingly not even glancing at the cutting room or shop and flopping itself down beside the fire in a black shaggy bundle.He fetched a bottle of wine from the fridge, and they sat together closely, sipping the cool liquid.He suggested perhaps another video, but she said she wanted to still talk first, asking about the red ones on the top shelf. He said that “she would not understand yet, but that though he could quite simply on occasions been one, he was no murderer no serial killer or mass murderer, he just liked to watch what to some would be horror films, of a sexual nature.” She looked very relieved, saying that “it had been a worry as he had said snuff films!” he smiled, and said “well wether she liked it or not that`s what they were. He personally had not done the deed but that it had happened and each of the ones he had collected had been fully consensual, in each case the lady concerned had asked to be the ‘star of the show’ most choosing their own way out and each had been highly paid for her services, one had left the cash to finance a disabled sons life, another to bail out a husband from his debts, most had been already terminally ill, and wanted to leave some for loved ones. He said that the folk that he knew provided a service in reality and that one day he would perhaps show her.”Her jaw was open once more, her face a picture of surprise and perhaps shock, she asked about how did they dispose of the remains without upsetting authority, and he laughed saying he would tell her one day “but there were ways and means.” He then asked if “she was still interested in that k9 stuff still or had she the wish to see the back of this dirty minded old butcher? He kissed her again and her questions melted as it had on previous occasions when he had kissed her.She stroked the shaggy head of the ever attentive ‘Charlie’, whispering to the dog “would you like to make love to me?” the dog proffered a paw in a friendly way so she looked back at Sylvester and gently nodded her eyes shining with excitement.He said “perhaps she should get undressed then and put on a shirt of his”, a thick one he said “that would protect her back.” she looked a little surprised but she stood and began unbuttoning her blouse, he fetched the thick shirt as she removed her bra, her breasts sagged and Sylvester tweaked the stiffening nipples as she released the waist of her skirt, it fell to her ankles, she stepped out of the thing and then dropped her knickers stepping out of them in the same dainty fashion. She had on no stockings so she was now naked, the dog sniffing the air as she slid her arms through the shirt.He laid an old and well stained carpet down, saying she would understand later. Then he briefed her, telling her “that once the knot was engaged, she was stuck with the a****l as his bitch until he was finished with her,” he told her that his seed would be screamingly hot and she would feel fuller than she had ever felt before, then he told her he was down for seconds. He then kissed her again and asked her if she was ready, she nodded, not able to find the words as he finished buttoning the shirt bakırköy escort for her, he had her kneel, kissed her again and pushed her gently down onto all fours.She waited apprehensively; the a****l was called by Sylvester and he came to her face licked her then walked around her as if appraising her suitability as his bitch. She felt his tongue on her butt, his wet and cold nose on her rosebud; she knew it was to be soon.Instead he walked round her once more, arrogantly strutting telling the world he was about to take another eager bitch. His lipstick appearing purple and stiff as he passed by her vision, her eyes fixed on the livid threatening appendage as he past, her face pale and expectant, her stance still rigid and abjectly determined.Her mind went back to the videos, had ‘Mary’ or ‘Kate’ had these butterflies the first time, her instinct told her to get up and run, but she knew she would never have the balls to do this again, it was now or never, she forced herself to remain passively awaiting rather than return to housewifely drudge and the ‘what if’ question if she didn’t have the mental strength to have this large and swaggering a****ls pleasure.The cold nose struck once more making her jump just a little, the tongue slurped her juices which till then she didn’t realise she was releasing, god his tongue was fantastic, more , more her mind roared.With a lunge ‘Charlie’ leapt on her back, his claws scrabbling at either side of her chest, she was glad of the shirt, as the scratches felt stinging even with its protection, half his weight and hers were on her arms. The tip of the lipstick was stabbing about around her sex, it was as rigid and sharp as a pointed stick, and it was uncomfortable as hell. She groaned; more of a semi-scream really, wriggling her body that he would find her target more easily. Suddenly it was in. The huge dogs prick was in her sexual cavity, she could not believe it, his hair, like hog bristle round his prick base adding to the strange sensation of his coupling and her thoughts were reeling. Whatever were they making such a fuss about, true it was moving and attached to a huge dog but she had used larger things to satisfy her sexual hunger many times when Kenny had left her high and dry, or had been as usual absent, her trusty vibrator, cucumbers though they were not so rigid, all manner of bottles, even her rolling pin. ‘Charlie’ began his dance, fast hip movements driving home his spike, now this, she thought is more like it, he hammered at her, the spike driving ever deeper at every stroke, she felt a thickening and the knot pushed at her lips, she was opening to allow entry to a smooth ball of slippery meat, god will it fit, it was fully inside her love tunnel now, this was fantastic his hips were still thrusting the pointed spike still deeper in her gut and the ball sealing her stretched tunnel swelling slowly.She suddenly felt his hot seed boiling deep in her body small spurts, more with each thrust, the knot still swelling, her hips seemed so full she began again to moan as the thing reached its full size and stretched her capacity to its limit, it was painful it was oh so painful but it was oh so wonderful as well, she had never felt so full, the scalding seed still filling her, her belly began to distend, surely şişli escort she would burst like a k**s balloon, how much more was she expected to take, her mind recalled his words to her that until the dog dismounted there was nothing anyone could do to stop him, GOD, help me let him stop soon, please oh please. Her arms ached thrusting had stopped but the seed still came and stretched parts no man could ever reach.The a****l was slobbering down the left side of her head, his breath hot in her ear, his forelegs embracing her chest her shirt covered breasts rubbing against the claws of her four legged lover. It was awesome, painful and the most exciting thing she had ever encountered.She glanced around; Sylvester had his trousers open his uncut tool in his hand his eyes shining like diamonds, watching her fill and bloat, the dog she knew from the films would step over her soon and stand back to back with her, it was his way. Minutes passed, long arm aching minutes, her belly now tight and full, the first rush of seed having past, the squirts of cum now small and just adding to her wonderful discomfort, she had climaxed numerous times, never had she cum as well or as hard, and she knew Sylvester would be adding to the flood as soon as ‘Charlie’ had finished with her. The dog suddenly released her chest, placed a huge paw on her back and swung his body over her rump, the knot rotated as he turned; his left hind foot scrabbled at her back as he swung himself round. His huge tail brushed her back and she was relieved of his weight. Still connected they stood backside to backside, shaggy coat to pink skin, waiting for nature his big feet trampling on her lower legs.Moments passed, minutes perhaps hours she had lost all thoughts of time, he stepped away, or at least he would have had she not still been connected by that blessed knot, he easily dragged her backwards a pace, suddenly and with no warning the knot shrank a little. The a****l sensing the change stepped away again and the deeply embedded tool tore free, releasing a flood of his jism, and more pain in its passing. He walked to the corner of the room and collapsed to clean the still livid coloured tool having no further use for her now she had been serviced. His master knelt in his stead and thrust his own tool into the waterfall that was her sex. Well appointed Sylvester may have been but she hardly felt him in her violated orifice, he thrust wildly but nothing could compare with the a****ls urgent thrusting, with a groan he could hold back no longer and his own seed filled her once more. Together they collapsed forward to lie coupled as his life probe shrank and their breathing returned to normal. She staggered to the bathroom holding what she could in herself to save the carpet and dumped herself exhausted on the toilet, here she sat contemplating the experience, the released mixed juices dripping noisily into the water below her, as she shook her head and smiled, now she understood, it had been incredible.She would go home in the morning to her cretin of a husband, but her eyes had been opened, she knew she would soon be back and soon, this butcher had widened her horizons in such a short time and she was eager now to explore.They slept the night entwined, not for them the eager coupling of youth, but the romantic slow enjoyment of the more mature, they woke at intervals, during the dark hours, hands fondling her breasts or her used sex, hers finding his stiff tool, neither able to understand this feeling of finding one another, the meeting of minds, not love, not passion even but they both knew she was his to use and do with whatever his perverted mind commanded.She would be back.



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