147. A Butcher`s maid.147. A Butcher`s maid.Mildred, a lady of middle years, tidy but no great beauty and well shaped for her age though she would be the first to tell you no hourglass! She had been married for 15 years 10 of them loveless to a sexual nomad, that now slept with whatever woman he had a fancy for, regardless of any vows or her feelings. They had no k**dies so that was a blessing and 2 years ago she had in frustration taken a lover, a chap she met at the local park with his large dog. The dog took a fancy to her as she sat in the sun and they began chatting. it went from there. Perhaps it was a ploy to see if husband Kenny had any cares for her left, even jealousy! Sadly when he had found out, and god knows she left enough clues, he had shown no emotion just laughing and asking “if the chap, (a local master butcher named Sylvester) had a big enough cock!”Sadly Sylvester did have just such an appendage, but unbeknown to her he also had a secret dungeon, an excessively sadistic streak and he was grooming her to be one his victim`s for a particularly painful type of video. Sylvester and a friend made videos for a very discerning clientele, a very wealthy but secretive bunch that had very sadistic tastes, but would pay dearly for the films. Of course Mildred was not privy to that information but she did now know he was on the edge of the porn business in a film making and supply capacity as a sideline to his butchers shop. She had found out by chance, one afternoon in his flat over the shop shortly after they had met, when he had been hurriedly called away to answer the shop phone, and she had come across a stash of films with lurid names on a shelf where he left her in his parlour. She tackled him about it on his return and he admitted porn was his hobby and that he had quite a number of films. She asked to watch one with him, she not having watched a porn film since her high school days. He was apparently a little reluctant but she prevailed on him and eventually he did show a rather vanilla film he selected from the line up. It was all part of his plan! And so this is the story of her trip down the slippery slope from housewife to porn slutThat first film had the desired effect of such films it stirred something deep in her mind and they had a marvellous afternoon of wild vanilla sex together.On her next visit it was her that asked for another film and again she was shown a slightly stronger but just as vanilla film which they both enjoyed in the same way once more.On the third visit it was she once more who asked if he had any other than vanilla films as she had read some of the labels and they had seemed more lurid than the films he had so far shown. He said he did but didn’t want to have embarrassed himself or frighten her off by admitting that vanilla was not his real interest and he had not wanted to cause offence. She was intrigued and between kisses asked him what he liked to watch particularly.Reluctantly or so he made it seem, he explained that he loved inflicting a little pain. Now Mildred had never even contemplated pain as an aphrodisiac, in fact she had never considered pain full stop, but she was besotted with the bold Sylvester, so she asked to see one or two of the videos, so she could decide for herself if it was for her or not, saying “you never know I may grow to enjoy these sort of films as you do!”[Out of the mouths of babes and suckling’s…]She stood unknowingly at the top of a very slippery slope. The film he chose was of a woman in her 30s, trim and tidy, named ‘Kate’ dressed in a thin dress being secured and whipped till the dress hung in ribbons and her flesh was marked and bruised. She was then taken by a young stud that soon made her forget all her pain. Mildred found that “most invigorating, even exciting in a strange way!”, She asked for another which they watched while she was impaled on the tool of the bold Sylvester reverse cowgirl fashion as he viewing from behind her at an angle to the screen, carefully set up on the wall so he of course could watch too, he just knew where to lay as he had walked this path before!This one was even more bloodthirsty, a period drama, another cumley wench begging to be fucked and the master promising to so do but only if he could have his man take his whip to her while so engaged, it being his lifelong wish! Again dressed in only a thin but period dress she agreed and once the master had laid down and she had hitched up the dress till she was able to allow him into her body, a servant appeared, the master then held her wrists while the servant was bid to use a short cat of nine tails to chastise the wench on her breasts and who fucked like a bunny and screamed throughout the whole whipping.Sylvester knew that as Mildred`s cunt gripped him with every stroke he was ‘on a winner’ as she was either loving it or was clenching from fear but she was reacting and it was fantastic for him! Soon both had a massive orgasm and Sylvester knew as she lay in his strong arms that she was hooked.They were due to meet again on the Friday night, her hubby being otherwise engaged ‘at a conference’ for the weekend yet again.So on the evening of Friday they met in the park as was their usual and the dog ‘Charlie’ ran off excess energy as dogs do. She remarked that the great shaggy black a****l was “as fit as a butcher`s dog” then they laughed as she realised what she had said, and he replied that ‘Charlie’ was a great guard-dog samsun escort and a fantastic lady lover. Naive as ever Mildred laughed and said “oh did he use ‘Charlie’ for stud?”She blushed and her jaw dropped as he replied that “he meant as a lady-lover for the films we make!” just then ‘Charlie’ returned with his ball and the moment passed though not without having stirred something deep in her brain.They returned to the shop, Sylvester carrying her small bag of overnight kit in a gentlemanly fashion. The dog they placed in his run out back, before they entered through the rear door, the three staff had long gone home, the shop cold uninviting and as you would expect immaculately clean. They passed through the cutting room and on up the stairs to the flat, where together and alone at last they kissed, before at his insistence they sat and after he had served it from his slow cooker, they ate an evening meal he had carefully prepared, afterwards, together retiring to his couch to sit in comfort and allow the meal to digest a little, basking in the joy of their companionship and cuddling contentedly like young lovers.She asked about the comment about ‘Charlie’, and he said that “that dog was a star performer with the ladies who would allow him to use them, he said once a lady had been ‘had’ by a big k9 like ‘Charlie’ she never looked back” and explained that “the films sold in droves!”Inevitably it was a case of; “if he had one could she watch one” and his apparent reluctance, but on her insistent request agreeing. He fetched a few videos and allowed her to select one, which he fed into the machine. This time they sat side by side on the sofa still fully dressed and both full of the meal so sex as such was out of the question as they watched the film Sylvester avidly hoping it would lead to more.‘Charlie’ appeared on screen and the setting was the very room they now occupied, the dog was loose and at no time did either Sylvester, or his black cameraman cum assistant, (named ‘Oliver’ incidentally,) appear though the cumley lass from the first film she had watched was the star! She appeared in a tweed suit and the dog soon sniffed at her body, she began by pushing him away, but he was oh so insistent. The girl checked the clock muttered something about “having an hour” and “what the hell” then began to strip, the strip alone was sensual, and by the time the knicker were removed Mildred was getting quite damp herself. The a****l meanwhile, dancing round the room agitatedly, his tool was just beginning to show from its furry sheath. Sylvester by now his arm round her shoulders, his other hand on her knee.The girl, she later found her to be called ‘Kate’ and was to feature in many of the films, went down on all fours and Charlie knowing his job mounted her back easily and with speed. His body arched and the girl gasped, he began to strike into her body hard and fast. Sylvester could feel Mildred beginning to squirm on the couch; he knew the film was giving her a lot of good vibes and the hand slid from the knee upwards under the smooth if matronly blue skirt, there was no resistance, her eyes fixed on the screen as the knot filled the girl and caused her to begin to scream.Motion near ceased as the a****l filled the younger woman with his hot seed, she watched fascinated as the girl swelled, the seed filling her belly stretching the skin taught. Minutes past, together ‘Charlie’ and ‘Kate’ were one, her arms tiring, the great dog collapsed on her back, her voice by now a continuous begging plea for relief, the dog suddenly turning in her body, stepping over her back, and then tugging himself free. There was a flood of mixed fluids, a mini waterfall, as the girl collapsed forward completely spent.The film vanished and Mildred returned to this world her jaw slack her eyes shining and her partner she found had his hand deep into her wet pussy till then she had not so far noticed his advances.She kissed him, her lips hot and willing, she gasped “Wow” and after another bout of deep kisses…”that was awesome!”He laughed, “‘Charlie’ is a good old boy aint he!” then he chuckled “I will let you try him yourself one day!”She coloured up a little and quietly nodded, “oh yes, Sylvester, yes please”They now made urgent love, vanilla, sexual and sensual love but hurried, he not wishing to over egg the pudding and push her too far too soon and she just glad of the male attention and the climax, which was a huge one.They lay in that post sexual c*** that a big climax brings, she still nearly dressed, her blouse undone, tits free, her bra across her chest, her skirt rucked up around her waist, her knickers missing and her stockings laddered.They laughed, like two teenagers who had been naughty for the first time; they kissed once more and together rose and shed the clothes. Naked now in front of the gas fire they settled and nestled on the old and soft sofa. She explained that she found the films fascinating and erotic, he said “he could see that, and she could go and choose some more but not any with red labels!” she asked “why not those?” Already on her feet and on her way to the shelves, his answer was “she was not ready for those yet, but one day he would show her.” she just accepted that happy to see what he wanted her to enjoy if it meant more climaxes like the last. After a few minutes she returned with a handful of the neat cardboard boxes. He laughed, read all antalya escort the labels and from them quietly began to plot her future, placing in the machine the first, from the top and flinging the rest into the armchair.The credits came up and the film started, it was named ‘Charlie, Oliver and Mary; Secure love.’This time the scene was in the cutting room downstairs, she recognised it instantly, an older woman, tall, blond and about 50, vaguely familiar dressed in a black skirt and white blouse which was well filled and a grey raincoat which she was removing, which suggested she had just arrived. She smiled at the camera, a motherly smile, of a content woman happy to give herself to whatever was to happen to her. A black male hand appeared at the bottom of the screen and snapped the fingers as if in a command. Without a word she began to undo the buttons of her blouse. Off it came, a white full bra held up a delightfully heavy pair of tits, which at another click of the as yet anonymous fingers, she removed. The breasts as you would expect in a 50 plus lady fell a lot, and the hand caressed them lovingly while she stood passively for the hands owner to appraise them. She smiled as he took each nipple and squeezed it, and then rolled each tightly between the thumb and fingers; she smiled, obviously enjoying the slight pain sensation.Mildred By now was finding Sylvester`s fingers mirroring the action on the screen his arm around her in a comfortable cuddle as she leant her back to his chest. As he nuzzled her neck and kissed her ear her eyes never once leaving the on screen action but he knew from her squirming, that she was enjoying his caresses.On the screen the still unseen male spoke for the first time. His voice deep and authoritive he explained to the victim, presumably Mary from the title, that he was going to have her in bondage, he would give her some pain and then allow the dog to have her sexually as his bitch before he had her himself. “Was she prepared to allow that or did she wish to leave now?”‘Mary’s’ eyes Mildred could see were glazed and she was in the sexual zone by now as she speedily agreed to anything ‘Oliver’ wished to do to her, saying she “was his to use as he wished as long as she could have him in her soon!” Now our Mildred, had never before seen someone so turned on sexually that they would allow themselves to be someone else`s plaything, she had watched those films of whipping but assumed that the actresses used as they had, had been paid to be filmed and someone clearly offering to allow herself to be used by both dog and man as a plaything, in a position of being unable to resist and with pain promised to be involved, but she still was willing just to achieve, well what, she asked herself? She asked Sylvester “why would a woman allow a man to do that, to secure her, to use her, even hurt her?” It would have to be a pretty spectacular climax for me to allow him that freedom! She didn’t understand the mindset. He paused the film turned her head to face him and quietly said that “he was sure that soon she would understand, as she herself had that streak, deep down, all women had it a little, some more than others,” he belived though didn’t say so, that she would be offering herself to him in that same way soon! She surveyed his face for a hint that he was joking. She could find none, she was confused. He passed her the remote, saying that he “had met women who would have endured far worse than this film for sexual pleasure, caning, whipping, clamping, even branding, just for the excitement and the massive climax it gave them to give them-selves to be used.” He went on that “to a few the ultimate was to give themselves to be used to death, literally, and that is the truth, but it is exceptional and she was not as yet ready to see that sort of stuff, that is why he wouldn’t allow her to watch those few films he had marked in red up on the top shelf.” She regarded him in horror, “you mean to tell me women would willingly come to you to be slaughtered! For sex! I don’t belive you, what sort of monster are you?” her voice however did not have that heavy a conviction and he knew she was intriguedHe laughed, then said; “I didn’t say to me did I, the films are snuff movies, but I didn’t say they were our films did I, that part of my collection is from elsewhere, you have just tonight picked a few that Oliver, Charlie and I have made locally, but if you want to watch one off the top shelf, sometime I will show you one but not till you are sure and ask for one!” She shuddered, he kissed her, and he knew she wanted to sweep all that into a back corner of her mind, she was enjoying what she had, raw sex, huge climaxes, more fun than she had ever before had but she knew in some perverse corner of her mind he was right and she would enjoy just being used she loved being dominated, ordered about, controlled, it was a big step though, and she wondered if it was the way to go she needed desperately to think. Before she could do so she flipped on the telly again and the image was reinforced, she could see ‘Mary’ doing just that in this movie giving the control to ‘Oliver’.Fascinated she watched ‘Oliver’ secure the woman over a cutting block in the centre of the room, he removed her skirt and knickers then took a whip to her pale arse, when it was red raw, he stopped and released her telling her to kneel on all fours, face to the floor, ankara escort ‘Charlie’ was fetched and into the lady he was soon cramming his tool, it didn’t last long, then the knot filled her painfully and ‘Charlie’ stepped over her to stand back to back while his seed filled the poor woman. Ten long minutes past, then with a jerk the a****l dislodged himself. With k9 cum trickling down her legs, ‘Oliver’ dragged her to her feet and threw her over the block once more. It was now that his huge prick came into sight, 10 or 11 or more inches, thick as a coke bottle, the blacks prick was rampant and slid into her like a well oiled piston, she screamed and writhed under the onslaught. He took no notice and hammered at her like she didn`t matter, it was about him, not her, to him she didn`t matter, he battered her inside with his meat truncheon, and she screamed, her approval or her pain, mixed with her ecstasy, oh how she screamed, as his seed mixed with Charlie’s deep in her body.By the end of the film Mildred, was as drained as ‘Mary’ and had had her own unaided climax, much to Sylvester`s disgust!They wandered off to bed, to cuddle and sleep; there was much for the innocent Mildred to think about, but her tired body took her to the land of nod.She awoke to the sounds of movement down in the shop, Sylvester was gone, and a note said; get your own breakfast and I will be up after work, I left you to sleep, you seemed drained, but sadly I am needed as we are shorthanded today don’t come down the staff will talk, we close at 4. xxxSylvesterPs Don’t go on to the top shelf without me here!She showered, and then dressed, she explored his kitchen, and she breakfasted. It was leisurely liberating and just a holiday from the drudge of keeping house for the ungrateful Kenny who she knew would be breakfasting with someone else today yet again away on his ‘business meeting or conference or whatever the excuse was‘. She became aware of the distinctive smell, thought ‘blood probably’ it being a butchers shop’ then chuckling to herself; she looked out of the window over the yard at the rear, and could see the alert and ever watchful ‘Charlie’ patrolling his run, she mused on his diet he must be the best fed a****l for miles.Would Sylvester realy make him her lover? She was bored, perhaps another film she wondered, though she saw his face last night when she had ‘cum alone’, she decided he would not be up till closing at four this afternoon, so she had time to watch a film, and recover before then and it would pass the hours.The temptation was too great; she went to the shelves and looked at the titles for quite a while, realising that the plain white covers were colour coded, right at the top had a red spot, he had asked her not to watch, yellow on the next row, green below and blue at the bottom, these turned out to be mostly war and cowboy films though. She picked a green one, featuring Charlie, but then thought better of it and returned it for a yellow one, logic telling her it was nearer to the red which she had been forbidden to watch. She scanned the row, ‘Mary’ and ‘Kate’ both featured heavily as did ‘Cathy’ and ‘Ann’ so she chose one with both of these latter ladies in the title.Practical as always, she removed her knickers but kept the rest on in case a member of staff came upstairs, she then settled to watch. The first film was a lesbian romp, ‘Cathy’ a West Indian woman busty and big of rump, being controlled and dominated by a slim beauty called ‘Ann’, the setting was a well equipped dungeon and ‘Cathy’ was laughing as pretty ‘Ann’ first hung her from a lift like a side of beef, then took a strap to her hard and rapid. ‘Cathy’ laughing at her the whole while and begging for more, enraging ‘Ann’ and girding her to renew her efforts, blood flowed freely before the smile faded from ‘Cathy’s’ face to be replaced by a climax so hard she jerked about on her hook like a puppet.Mildred searched for another video, this one called “clit whip” it turned out to be one of ‘Cathy’ being whipped by ‘Oliver’ in the most tender place on a woman`s anatomy, Mildred sat with her mouth open, watching the apparent destruction of the soft tissue. Again the victim came, copiously, just as she did in the next two videos that Mildred selected, each more lurid than the last. By now Mildred herself was coming like a waterfall just by the visual effect of the films, she didn`t understand the wish for pain of such a proportion`s, but she knew she too had the desire and the wish to try the whole scene and to be used in the same if a lesser way.The video stopped and began to rewind noisily, it jerked her from the stupor she was now in, and time had slipped by. She raised herself and made a quick sandwich, and some tea, eating it while searching more of the neat ranks of videos, one stood out as well thumbed; she surmised it was his favourite. She finished the frugal snack and eagerly sat to watch once more. The video was called “as far as it goes” and featured ‘Cathy’ once more, this time goading ‘Oliver’ to use her to u*********sness, and this he happily did, the setting being the dungeon again and attended by both ‘Kate’ and ‘Mary’ who did the bondage and the suggestions as to how to misuse the dark beauty, the video lasted an hour and finished with a comatose ‘Cathy’ carried away to recover. Mildred found it awesome; she had climaxed hugely yet again and had had more climaxes in the last two days than in her whole married life time. She could hear below the back window the sounds of the three butches shop staff as they left, the dog ‘Charlie’ barking as they passed his run.Soon she heard the sound of Sylvester `s footsteps on the stair`s. She poured fresh tea, wondering where this liaison would take her.



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